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  • dosbambi 6w

    For Nigerian youth all over the world, October 20th, 2021 has become a day like no other in the history of our beloved country Nigeria.

    This poem is a tribute to those heroes who paid the sacrifice...

    We will always remember.

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    365 days after, the problems have remained,
    like we never took to the street to voice out
    our displeasure of their misbehaviour and their
    wickedness against us the future of tomorrow.
    A year after, they are still denying an open secret
    known by everyone all over the world,
    they are the only one who can't see and hear what,
    the blind and deaf saw and heard.
    It's a painful reality that these people don't have
    a working heart and a conscience that's alive.
    No matter what they do, never will we forget
    20th of October, 2020: Lekki Toll-gate Massacre:
    Nigeria government killed young peaceful protesters.
    Even though they have not stopped the brutality, we are sure
    the sacrifice of our heroes past shall never be in vain.

  • rumaysah 9w

    A one-sided system,
    Corrupt weakened armed forces,
    Youth languish in persistent erosive social crimes,
    I'm still loyal and not a betrayal.

  • shorlah 51w


    I wake up each day to news that threaten my sanity! I try to stay shielded, but everywhere I turn...there is a dark cloud hovering, wanting to consume and overwhelm me. My country, Nigeria is in shambles...people are suffering. My leaders are corrupt with no shame. The system is bad, I'm just sad. We talk everyday. We protest, they kill and threaten...are we even in a democracy? Who did this to us...I've shed a tear this night...I just wanted to let out my frustrations and hope I wake up with renewed vigour and strength to face the decadence on all fronts.