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  • claralynne 12w


    I miss the way Friday used to make me feel.
    Waiting for the bell to sound. 
    Days ahead imminently amazing; happiness-bound.

    But now it doesn't matter if Friday's around.
    Or even if my feet touch the ground. 
    Floating on my cloud---round round and round.
    Looking for a meaning... a purpose... or anything profound. 
    What day is it; What time is it? 
    Is the clock even wound?
    Oh what Id do to wind back the clock. 
    To a Friday with afternoon bells and boards covered in chalk. 
    And nights with friends where'd we'd giggle and talk. 

    "Be kind, rewind" on all cassettes. 
    Simple fun and pleasure. Scrunchies and barrettes. 
    Innocent minds and souls. Too young for regrets

    But now, with Friday comes a haze. 
    Days of the week...in a daze. 
    Dazed in the days. 
    Weak at the end of the week. 
    Living in a blur. 
    Walking's a stagger. And talking's a slur. 

    If you can just make it to Friday, that's what they always say. 
    That's when it will all be okay. 
    But how is that so?
    When it's like any other day..
    When time makes no sense and is in constant disarray. 

    I mss how Fridays used to make me feel.
    When I used to laugh for real. 
    When the weekend was tomorrow, and I had nothing but time to kill. 

    The aroma of bacon would feel the air the next morning.
    But now, I'm just mourning....for Friday's that don't exist.
    In a heartbeat, I'd go back.
    I would not resist.
    To hear that Bell again. And a class be dismissed.
    Movie nights With Friends- '10 things I hate about You' and Never been kissed'
    Tart, candy braclets half-eaten on my wrist.
    Goodnight hugs from my mother---Too many things to list.
    Those are the Fridays that I have missed. 

    If I can just make it to Friday....
    For a bit longer... If I can just subsist.
    For now I'll just relish in the fog of nostalgic Friday mist. 

  • pixirose 91w


    That's the look on my face,
    The one i get when im lost in that place

    That place where it seems as if time stands still,
    Where my heart begins to race and take flight from the butterflies that I feel

    Pure ecstasy engulfs me and im then completely dazed,
    How you make me feel this way have won my heart so fast and have me loving you as much as i do
    no doubt has me amazed

    Sometimes while in this place that im lost in i realize how happy that i am that you are my man
    and that this feeling in fact no doubt is love

    Brandon i was always ment to be yours im your soulmate thats for sure,
    And everytime you touch me
    i know this may sound insane
    but i feel how much you love me too because of the pain others have made you endure,

    and yes you were right that night
    And now we dont even have to try to understand why I fit every part of you like a glove,

    And then before i,
    begin to cry
    i know i need to leave this place
    Cuz the only reason i got lost there was from looking at your face

    I dont want you to think im crying because of something you have done
    When infact it is quite the opposite why else do you think you have won

    You usually look over and ask me "what" wondering whats on my mind
    But until now those were words i could not find

    So thats the best i can describe it thats how u make me feel
    And whenever you tell me you love me just know that i know its real

    And now everytime you notice that im looking over at your face maybe you can come get lost with me in our secret special place.

  • wafflesantos 135w

    Now I’m hungry...?
    And I don’t usually eat meat.

    Epulaeryu: 7|5|7|5|5|3|1 !

    #epulaeryu #mirakee #Writersnetwork #Bacon #Breakfast #waffleSantos #FoodPoetry @mirakee #pod

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    Let griddle kiss the metal
    Strike and go ablaze
    Let the oil lick and sizzle
    Fat ‘n meat a maze
    One by one peel off
    Lay it down


  • wafflesantos 135w

    Pecksniffian Breakfast à la mode

    Ersatz coffee? Black au lait!
    Faux leather chairs and mocking pearl.
    Class A kicks or Jimmy Choos?
    British Chinaware with English Earl.

    C’est la vie! says the toast.
    The donuts sealed the Bagel.
    Vegan bacon kissed the pancake.
    Sugar glided with the maple

    Devilled then named Benedict?
    Humpty Dumpty on the run
    Where’s the spork and the knife;
    Pseudo Buttered Creamy Bun?

    Grey sunny side of morning,
    With scrambled nest of hair
    The rice to rise and fried to mix
    Garlic! Carrots! up in the air

    Good morning sunshine yolks
    Congé! Adieu, for now, The Fast
    Come on break it , let’s go bake it
    Stylish breakfast now, at last!


  • paulsweeney_ 136w

    nanas kitchen

    custard creams on a wedgewood plate.
    chillies in a bowl.
    lemons on a sideboard table,
    with plums that look like coal.

    a dozen eggs with feathers still.
    bacon in a bun.
    thin and crispy just delicious.
    ha! i never saved you none.

    apple pie and custard,
    dripping down my chin.
    nana makes us eat it all.
    waving her rolling pin.

    lemon tarts with double cream.
    sausage on a stick.
    we gulped it down oh so fast,
    it nearly made us sick

    nanas kitchen all are welcome.
    she treats us all so well.
    silver hair and pinicoat.
    with that old persons smell.
    her eyes twinkle.
    her broach stands out.
    if we step out of line though,
    wed be in for a clout.

    thats our nana cute and plump,
    its time to wash the pots.
    we all chip in to lend a hand.
    because we love her lots and lots.

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  • zigazigazigah 151w

    it's as simple as that.

    @LilXeXes 0119

  • iyns_70 160w

    Based on a Bacon and a low self-esteem holder. #grief #bacon

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    Grief Bacon

    Fry me a crisp, reach me a feast,
    Congratulate me on my non-feat.
    I'll take the leap of joy and grief
    Have been through a fire sieve.
    I have been through some cold and sharp silver triangles,
    Just a grief bacon flying into an angle.
    When the girth wind cools my golden dead hands,
    I hallelujah in a band of me.
    Welcome to the world of coal and fire,
    Where there is no way out.
    I shed no tears but had some grief.
    What all my body could suffer is under my

  • devchaitanya 193w


    His eyes blunt and blind,
    But his senses still sharp.
    His sniff still shivers many,
    But many have never aspired.
    He doesn't know.
    He got broke down today,
    Due to his childishness.
    His sniff and senses,
    Wore off today.
    And the eyes were already blind.
    So today,
    Some other took the bacon.
    And left him sniffing.
    Without sending shivers.
    Today, it changed.
    The bacon didn't cared.


  • stmoreno8 194w

    A poem on my favorite meal of the day.

    Photo credits to Michael Stern on Flickr #breakfast #nonet #feast #bacon

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    We have biscuits, sausage, eggs, french toast,
    Pancakes, bacon, hot morning roast,
    Coffee, donuts, sweet bread,jam,
    Muffins,ham, even Spam!
    Hash browns, orange juice,
    Let us begin
    Our morning