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  • mrspectacular 39w


    Dennis has a big dream of being president of his country. He has had the dream since he was a four year old kid. At age 8, he told everyone to address him as President Dennis Sacrav because he believed he would be a president in the nearest future.
    Dennis has just got back from his college as a graduate of Political Science. He has been brought home by his parents' driver, Roose Fernando in their Classique Contour SUV. He loves the feel of being home after a long stint at the mercy of lecturers, books and school. Received with a hug from both parents, he is overjoyed by the concept of seeing his parents again and his royal styled abode. His parents, Chief & Lady Crenshaw are both parliamentarians and have houses in different parts of the world, he had stayed in one of the others while on his educational sojourn abroad, fully equipped with manservants and maidservants at his beck and call. He is now back home to that 'always winter' atmosphere brought on by the cooling systems that are never shut off for any reason, save maintenance. The house, a 14 room mansion is one of the best in town but everyone looks different, at least to 26-year old Dennis who had left the country when he was only seventeen to pursue his B.Sc in Political Science. It seems to have changed a bit, looking rather smaller than when he had left the country. He would not voice his reservations to them however for want of spoiling the joy of his return to the house.
    'Wow, it's been like ages here', he voiced out trying to clear the awkward silence that had spoken when they had finished with the greeting and pleasantries.
    'Yes son. We have missed your presence a lot in this house', Chief Crenshaw remarked.
    Later that night, after a well prepared and pampered dinner, the Crenshaws retire for the night. The next day and a few more would be a rollercoaster ride for the entire family.
    Dennis is asleep when he begins to dream about himself as the President of the country, standing on the podium where he is gaurded by secret service agents while giving a speech, for the first time as president, having won the election.
    Suddenly, he grabs his chest having been hit by a sniper's bullet, his orderlies all disperse in search of the sniper while one makes attempts to save his life. Jerking up, he finds his dad sitting right beside him with his hands on his shoulders having attempted to wake him up.
    'Son, what's the matter?', asked Chief Crenshaw. 'You groaned then held your chest. Are you okay?'
    He pauses for a moment then looking into his father's eyes he says,
    'Dad, I am no longer interested in pursuing politics'
    'What do you mean? How can you quit when you have not even started?', his father asks. 'I know I raised you better than that'.
    'Dad, it's not a matter of home training', Dennis says. 'My life is at stake here'
    The atmosphere becomes tense causing Sir Crenshaw to scream with a mixture of anger, fear and disappointment,
    'Don't be a coward, son', he says to Dennis. 'Your mother and I have been parliamentarians for years now. Do we look like dead people? I mean yes, we have been attacked a lot of times but are we dead? No. We pulled and are still pulling through'
    'But', Dennis tries to get a chance to strengthen his argument but is cut off.
    'But nothing Dennis', Chief Crenshaw screams. 'I don't want to hear of this again for any reason whatsoever.'
    'If that is what you want, fine!'
    'Yes... That's what I want, son', Chief Crenshaw says. 'Later this afternoon, I will be taking you on a familiarization tour. Is that clear?'
    'Yes sir'

    He wears fear almost the whole day. Minute to minute, he keeps remembering what he had seen in the dream and how it can actually happen anytime from now.
    Voicing out his concerns to both parents as he seems to be getting all the more upset by the dream, they both dismiss it as a normal feeling of cold feet which would eventually wear off after a little while but little did they know.
    'How doomed I am', he thinks to himself as he gets dressed to leave with his father for the familiarization tour. The sky at the moment seems clear but the cloud ahead is dark as can be, with blood all splattered over it.

    Arriving the venue of familiarization which is infact a campaign occasion by Chief Crenshaw's party, he is taken around. At a particular spot on the ground had been planted a large mine underground out of sight, activated and ready to be triggered with a trampling. It would taste so sweet for the opposition to see their bodies splattered all over the place. They would have a celebration afterwards having usurped the power in an easy but gravely cruelsome manner.
    The happiness from the opposition would be heard across nations as soon as someone amongst them accidentally steps on the mine.
    On the familiarization tour, proceeding to receive a handshake from one of the party member, Dennis steps on the bomb and immediately with a deafening bang, the venue goes sky high with body parts flying up into the air like the hats of graduands at their graduation. There is a quiet in the arena for a few minutes.

    The quietude is interrupted five minutes later by paramedics who rush in to evacuate the roasted bodies. Lady Crenshaw who had earlier declined being at the occasion on the grounds of ill-health is informed about the incident and invited to come over for identification of the bodies.
    Getting there, she sees them, just black, charred and crusty remains. She bursts out into tears,
    'If we had only listened to you, Dennis. I am sorry'


  • virahela 40w


    I'm almost completing
    Another impossible mission
    To let go of love
    Letting the heavy door to open
    So it can say goodbye for good
    Putting layers of wound dressing
    Upon my bleeding heart
    Wiping imprint of dried tears
    Swaying in solitude, consoling my soul
    All of it ceases
    When you decide to emerge
    And send flames of love back in a trice.

  • miss_silentlyweird 48w

    ✨1:00 am thoughts✨
    While listening to “Rocking horse" it's inspired me to write this.

    When I was young, I remember having a small rocking chair. I always enjoy sitting to that thing. It felt so much relaxing. So everytime then I usually sit in my rocking chair after coming home from school.

    I become attached and have fond it for too long.The memories are so clear that I can still feel my feelings sitting to that until now. It's like its pulling my eyes for me to sleep.Sway, sway, Repeat. Move back and forth, back and forth.

    And now it's been a long year and I don't have that rocking chair no longer. I barely remembered how years passed without it but today I felt stuck in life resembles sitting to that because my life is like the rhythmic pattern of it.

    I move back and forth like a rocking chair, back and forth for sadness, slowly losing my passion, hopelessness and doing the same routine that I felt sick and the only thing I can do is to sleep while my life been swaying. It's the feeling that it gives me something to do yet sitting to that can't take me anyplace.


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    Rocking chair

    Move back and forth.

  • thoughtengineer 78w

    Kiss My Mask

    See we got these hearts here, but its like we dont know what to do with them anymore, or what they're for.
    The explicative, off the lip is quicker than the kiss and,
    sparks are flying, but
    more from the back and forths than.
    love at, whatever sight we're supposed to be at.
    It's out of order. I know I've lost count.
    *Sigh* Just seems we wanna make points valid
    instead of love... And, I kinda sensed trouble this way come when, palm and palm became deadly, our puckers too... And when, these masks became comfy fashions...

  • _poetry_queen_ 123w


    Back and forth we wonder around this ride
    Strings barely holding up our seats
    What we have is straining to hold us both upright
    And my heart flickers with love and hate every time our eyes meet

    Around and around I find myself returning
    Where I put one token, then another and another to relive it
    Even though I could feel the turning ground below disappearing
    I am more addicted to this than I would like to admit

    The red light around us is extremely blinding
    And my hands are so tired of holding on
    Somehow this song….that is playing is manipulating
    Because I know I shouldn’t stay here for too long

    I love you but I hate spinning around
    And I can’t find the words to say farewell
    I still can’t believe the path you led me down
    I trusted you... but you took me on a carousel.

  • anthonyhanible 132w

    I'm Done

    I'm done
    Going back and forth
    I'm done
    Even though you're still trying to
    I'm done
    Playing games
    I'm done
    Being treated like a child
    I'm done
    I'm done
    I'm done
    I'm just done
    With everything
    I have jumped off the ledge
    I'm done
    Really I'm

  • aphrolighte 163w

    Wrestling with Life

    Fuck it here
    I thought my vision clear but
    This life's gotta be a vision in my rearview

    Standing near you can't hear you
    Can't tear you any longer
    Not making you stronger I'm a bother
    I'm life and I'm getting hotter

    No water in this sauna
    Outta get out now
    How's it gonna be
    When my soul's free
    With a clerpow

    Wow you'd do that so easily
    Do you know what you mean to me?
    I caress your cheek with a gentle blow
    I warm you with golden light
    I love you more than you'll ever know

    I won't go
    I'll raise my chin as you raised the mountains
    I'll bend and change like your rivers
    And build fires when I shiver

    Your mother's liver is failing
    Your father's mental health is flailing
    Your brother's claiming insanity
    Ran to my trees you did
    You're a coward and fled

    I'm a coward
    I'm a parasite
    Clouds aren't what I deserve tonight
    I belong in the scorching desert

    The sand's tint is uniquely beautiful
    No one's unique like you
    You're dutiful and smart
    You just weren't playing your part
    Here have a second start

    This fits well I'm actually glad I fell
    Truth to tell I love you too
    I never knew this feeling existed
    I'm sad I almost missed it

    You tried kissing me goodbye
    Due to some Crocodile Tears why?
    Because you're a failed pigeon who can't fly
    Why even try surviving if you're lying to everyone
    And yourself, you're too late for help

    I felt good don't take this away
    I'm just finding myself
    I'm loving and in great health
    Battling against the cards I've been dealt

    We felt you had the potential
    Now we know your mental doesn't cut it
    A runt isn't fit for this bliss
    You've pissed it away yesterday through today
    Dive into your pit that's where you'll stay

    Back and forth this dismay is playing
    With my self worth like ah astray dog
    Hurt and betrayed my mind boggled
    I'm starting to wobble again

    You're a terrible friend and daughter
    Significant others broken harder than the
    Emotional ride inside your hardened eyes
    Lies contrived behind smiles always pile high
    You've drove with sin now you're drug fried

    Maybe they'll say I tried
    Maybe they'll cry
    Maybe they'll buy flowers for my buriel site
    Maybe they'll regret not saying goodbye
    Not knowing that my tides have changed.

  • loftydreams101 177w

    Bittersweet Ebb and Flow

    Woven out of cloths of grey 
    The day sails on a dreary wind     

    The hours unreel 
    In light and shadows, 
    A two-toned path, 
    A quarrel for the mind 

    Back and forth 
    Its the ebb and flow 
    I quietly abide

    © William Wright, Jr. 2018

  • pcbrooklynerye 217w

    °• TO--RN •°

    I'm not letting you play tug of war with my heart anymore. You told me to move on let go because you have, like all the times before. Just like before it won't last but I won't be there to catch you this time.
    I had enough of feeling half loved.
    I had enough with feeling numb.
    I've cried so much I'm all dried up.
    You pulled, and I pulled
    Ripped down the middle.
    I don't know what happened to yours
    I'm questioning if it ever existed.
    You say try again, then you say no more
    Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
    Please let me finally have some peace, please no more