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  • beensn 3d

    Voice of kid

    If you want to stay young forever, be with your mother,
    You are always a kid for her, age never matter.
    Moms are always beautiful and cool,
    They are so wonderful and their actions are thoughtful.
    Mothers give a special feeling which cannot be bound by words,
    They are tireless, selfless and does lot of sacrifices.
    Cares, cooks, plays, teaches, enjoys, cries, pleads,
    Prays, wipes our tears, pampers, scolds and inspires.
    She is not only our mom but a friend, a sister and a partner,
    Can assure everything possible under the sun- a sweet lier!
    This day is to acknowledge and wish all that something special,
    For mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers who are incredible.
    © beensN

  • yours_fortune 1w

    ____ ❤️❤️ KANUPRIYA ❤️❤️ ___

    Kanupriya name means one who is beloved of kanha (lord Krishna), Radha ji. Her lucky number is 7. Kanupriya a girl with lot of curls, pretty smile and the purest heart. A girl who has great knowledge and the one who score good in exams and is favourite of every teacher and loved by her friends a lot. A quiet but creative person who loves to get herself involved in artistic stuff. Specific with the words and people around. She can swipe away all the negativity around her with her laughs and giggles. A strong headed girl with high dreams.

    K :- Kind words cost nothing
    A :- Appreciate what you are blessed with
    N :- No guts, no story
    U :- U are gold, u r unique
    P :- Practice the art of observing
    R :- Ready to serve in love
    I :- Innocence over whelmed
    Y :- You can totally do this
    A :- Always ready to contradict or prove her point

    Advice :- Kanupriya, you're highly emotional and has a soft heart, which often get worried and scared with the situation and people around. You need to be powerful and stable. You need to remember that you are courageous and strong.

  • mamarazor 2w

    True love

    Never knew i could know true love x2 till i gave birth to my daughter and she is my beloved twin

  • bhoomi_2309 4w

    MY MAN❤

    If my man pays for lunch, I pay for dinner. If he pays for the movie tickets, I will buy snacks. If he buys me a shoe, I'll get him a nice suit. If he's having a rough day, I'll help HIM OUT!! 50/50. Stop expecting to be treated like a queen while you are not treating him like a king

  • light_ofthe_heart 4w

    Gift Of A Daughter

    What feels better than this?
    I don't think there might be any
    No words can give meaning to what I feel
    Neither a mind that would understand how I feel
    Even my heart won't do justice to my emotions
    My eyes can't portray what exactly I concealed
    My lips might just play the tune it comes in contact with
    This genuine smile is all I have to hold

    My body tired from the reeks of labour
    Legs feeling numb from what seemed like paralysis
    Abdomen pseudo suffocated from a dreamlike reality
    Chest still beating at the thought of what I went through
    The pain still fresh in my memory
    Of what it felt like to know pain in two forms at a time
    This pain right now is full of happiness
    From the sight of my miniature self
    Happiness in my pain I am glad I endured
    This i tell you is what real joy is
    The gift of been blessed with a daughter

  • queeniedoll1924 4w


    I felt a little flutter just today. You did it again before I could say..."Touch just here! He's moving now!" My body stunned as I stood to bow. I wonder to myself just how this blessing of hope could be, that it could be a dream come true again for us, you are me. I feel your touch right through my skin. I've fought so hard for you to win. I jump again as you sway about, my heart as it pounds so loud from inside, it must be thunderous to you. I'm sorry sweet baby, I'm so excited to meet you. Dance sweet love and kick and stretch. We're almost there just a few weeks left. I'll gaze upon your lovely face I'll hold you in my warm embrace I'll sing to you sweet lullabies and bless you under moonlit skies. I'll calm your each and every cry, but today all I can focus on is the flutterbies.

  • shubham_20 4w

    Kuch bache itne rote hai ki unke khud ke parents doubt main rahate hai

  • gooddonewriter 4w

    क्या रहा होगा वो पहला ख्वाब
    जो नन्ही आँखों ने बुना होगा
    सपनों का शहर, खुशियों की लहर
    किलकारी संग मन झूम उठा होगा।।


  • bhoomi_2309 5w


    It's nice to have someone who simply asks, "how was your day?"

  • queeniedoll1924 5w

    Midnight snacks

    The sleepiness weighs so heavily in my eyes today
    I walk around but it feels as if my body gently sways, as if I'm floating through the clouds, is this a dream? I speak aloud. The tiny nudger moves inside to remind me... I should lay down. I didn't realize I'm midnight snacking, chocolate and smoothie bowls call to me at these random hours... Just a few more minutes little one; another bite of pineapple to devour. I'm led back to my soft pillow by strong and helpful rough daddy's hands. I barely feel it when my head gently, on my pillow lands. Off to dream of you once more. My miracle and my cravings make up my entire night. This part of life, has never felt so right❤️❤️❤️

  • shubham_20 5w


  • queeniedoll1924 6w

    He Can Hear Now

    Melodies form memories
    As these notes and tones are tunes beknownst to only you.
    Your tiny ears can listen now as I speak and sing harmonic views
    From which your mind can learn, that it's my heartbeat that with yours in time calmly turns. Listen tiny one to each musical beat; my song for you of dreams of love come as I pray for the day so sweet. Sleep away to my lullaby and grow through mother's song my wish is not so far away. My wait for you is growing shorter, where it used to seem so long

  • queeniedoll1924 6w


    Colors burst forth like plumes of smoke
    Brightness sways them back and forth as if they are flames stoked
    Light brings forth the life and love through greens and yellow, gold and pink... Blue and purple. The lilac color of clouds before dawn are the thoughts I think. Shimmers of silver streams shine through like facets of glitter as my fingers touch the unimaginable beauty of the breaths you breathe. Miracles before me I've been granted a gift to see. Each heartbeat sends bursts of lovely red coursing through my soul. My darling one, there is nothing more gracious and pure I will ever know

  • imaginary_realm_of_mine 8w

    So Sudden

    You looked so pretty when i met you
    Beautiful like a shining crystal
    But how would have i known?
    Behind your dress you were holding a pistol?
    I knew something was wrong
    When i saw the destructive pills
    In the drawer they meandered around
    I was certain they won't cure any kind of ills
    You'd sit in serenity
    In the haunting dark
    I wondered where you'd be
    And found you in the lonely park
    Watching what you couldn't have
    Letting the glacier melt
    Ocean of tears flowing down your cheeks
    This sad, i knew you never had felt
    If just once
    You'd tell me what you were going through
    Maybe i could have been there
    Maybe i could have helped you
    What was the reward?
    Of being so secretive
    Each day, you made me feel
    That i wasn't enough appreciative
    We could have adopted a child
    Even if it was a 'maybe'
    But why did you kill yourself?
    Just because you couldn't have a baby.

  • queeniedoll1924 8w


    14 weeks have passed and so many things have changed.
    The world and me looks different the colors, rearranged.
    I pray for wars to cease, I'm hopeful times will change
    I look around and wait for the day there is no pain.
    For you I will create a wonderous lovely light. No harm will ever come
    To you I'll protect you through each night. My tiny miracle of life... You've been given unto me I'll color your world with beauty each day for you to see. I feel your tiny body grow inside of me. My heart goes stronger still each day that passes by, oh my tiny baby....as I think of your angelic beauty all I do is cry.

  • moonstar_ 9w

    My heart beats only for you.
    Whenever I see you, I feel like bliss,
    When I come close to you my love,
    I feel the passion of your lovely kiss.
    I feel the heartbeat that grows so strong,
    and I become sure to me you belong,
    coz there is nothing more to my life.
    You are my smile and my reason to survive,
    Feels like heaven when I am with you.


    #mirakee #love #you #forever #mine #me #world #life #baby #moon #star #bond #onlyyou #weiter #poem

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  • dreamer_4 10w

    A long shitty poem about loving someone..

    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live.. every day.. just to see you smile..
    And for that smile.. I know I'd travel to the moon and back..
    Yes.. that line's a bit tacky..
    and maybe even cheesy..
    but my love.. trust me..
    you do make me want to fetch the stars for you.. travel to the moon.. and back..
    If you're ever with me..
    it will be a wonderful feeling..
    to see you beside me.. and smile..
    as we walk beneath..the moon and the stars.. under the damp street light..
    all alone.. just the two of us.. with me completely dazed..
    with your hand in mine..
    And if there's an ocean.. I find..
    I will take you there.. and run from you.. and hope you chase me.. cus baby.. I never want to run away from you..
    but to you.. into your arms..
    and hope that you catch me..
    hold on to me..
    and never let go..
    because I know I won't.
    And if you're ever mine..
    I will live every day just to see you smile..
    cherish you as flowers cherish the sun..
    as the night.. cherishes the moon..
    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday.. just to see you smile..

    Till then.. I hope you know..
    I love you..
    And I will always love you..
    Even when you fall for someone else..
    Even when someone else catches your eye..
    And makes you want to be with them more than you've ever wanted to be with me..
    I love you..
    And so then, I will let you go..
    For a person who will make you so much more happier than I ever possibly could..
    If she is the one you want.. yes.. I will let you go..
    And I will still be yours..
    Even though you may not be mine..
    The world may call me a fool..
    But I will still worship and adore you..
    And even then.. you will still be the only one I see.. in this whole wide world..
    with millions of people in it.. yes.. I will still have eyes thirsty for only you..
    Because.. I love you..
    And I will always love you.
    And every day.. I will miss you.
    wonder about you..
    And if I ever have the chance to love you.. like you're mine..
    I will.
    And like you once said, I will soak my soul in efforts to never make your heart ache too..
    Till then.. I will simply wish you stay..
    And hope that you know.. that I loved you..
    Intensely.. passionately.. madly like a loon..
    to the point my heart aches.. and almost breaks..
    I'll hope you know.. that you're the air..
    I breathe everyday.. to live..
    that darling.. you're really all I need.
    that I lived and breathed..
    just for you..
    just a glimpse of you..
    just for the want of your warmth..
    just to hold your hand..
    just to be around.. you.
    Oh.. darling.. trust me..
    you're the reason I even exist.
    you're the best thing that's ever happened to me..
    And if you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday..
    Just to see you smile..

  • robertdowneyjr 10w

    Be kind

    Be kind to water
    Like it is flow through
    Be kind to air
    You can hear speak
    Be kind to cloud
    To provide peace of mind
    Be kind to animals
    To see their cuteness
    Be kind to human
    To see theirselves.

    ©words vibe

  • kimshi 11w

    Mystery Of Love - 2

    Days Passed ..
    Still In Awe With Aaron ..
    Aaron was her senior and the king of her college is all she knew ..
    She just preserved his coat for the Mysterious moment they had

    Frnd : epudiyo sem over ini ena plans di india polama ??
    Hiya : iladi enaku avulo naal ilaye adhan ena nu yosichen ! Edha programs ku apply panalam nu irundhen !
    Frnd : ena manga solra evulo naal leave apo ?
    Hiya : just 10 days
    Frnd : serious ah va en .. oh god na book panten di enaku 25 days vanchu
    Hiya : what enamo seriously .. seri just cancel mine di it's okay u go will handle u know Nala theirnjiruchu indha place .
    Frnd : but thaniya it's been only 6 months di
    Hiya : Ada apadi ila di .. you know right even Shaz is here .. avalum edho program join panra music and dance adhu join paniduven u go and come
    Frnd : hmm seri okay !

    *Day in airport*
    Frnd : okay di take care .. Nala panu u love both music and dance though
    Hiya : haha poma po .. nanga pathukurom
    Frnd : seri varadhukula Aaron ah meet Pani therinjiko
    Hiya : odi po bye
    Frnd : hehe .. bye

    *Back to program days*
    Shaz : hey hiya !?
    Hiya : hey
    Shaz : guys this is hiya and hiya they are our team for the program this sem
    Hiya : hello guys nice meeting you
    *There he comes slow and shining*
    Shaz : well hiya this is Aaron our main vocalist and dancer .. Aaron this is hiya our main lyricist and side dancer too
    Aaron : hello hiya .. finally got to know ur name huh
    Hiya : humhu .. humm..
    Shaz : oh u knew her .!?
    Aaron : well yah it's been long actually we met in ..
    *Hiya interupting Aaron*
    Hiya : Hann yah we met in the canteen long back ..
    *Fynn walks across coughing controlling his laugh*
    Fynn : well yah hai to the girl we met in canteen *winks"
    Hiya : * * Hai *awkward smile*
    Shaz : guys let's start with discussions today select the theme
    Aaron : yah let's do it and get it hiya u ready
    Hiya : huh yah sure
    Shaz : hiya Aaron will help with the lyrics too actually he was our lyricist last year
    Hiya : oh yah sure * her heart beating faster *
    Aaron : *smiles at her * okay guys I planned the theme to be adventurous love what say
    All : yah as always u chose the best let's go with it ..

    Hiya and Aaron spent times together writting the lyrics and they enjoyed it a lot they became much closer than anyone cud in just 10 days of time

    *10th day of program*

    Shaz : guys so from tomorrow some will have their classes started so we will have our practice in Eve ! Coz we have only 10days more for the competition
    All : yah done
    Hiya : so timings !?
    Aaron : *placing his right elbow on her shoulders * come on Hiz let's meet up immediately after classes or text me will pick ya up what say
    Hiya : Han yah sure ☺️
    *Her heart keeps fluttering bad *

    Dunno what Aaron exactly is feeling about her
    but she has her heart flying all over him

    *Classes started after the holidays*

    Day Ten
    Hiya : hey Shaz so done with assignment!?
    Shaz : no babe have to do on way of the classes
    Hiya : what are you serious what if u get caught ? Okay then pass me some will do them
    Shaz : are you sure ?? Babe u r too sweet well thanks huh
    Hiya : harey yaar .. cool

    Shaz and hiya submits assignment
    Fynn walks up and Shaz takes off with him
    *Hiya blinking in confusion and feels a hand pulling her over *
    To her surprise

    Hiya : awhhh Aaron you ..
    Aaron : well come lets go time for practice
    Hiya : haan but cud have given me a hint you are coming anyways let's go !!
    * locks her arm around his neck and walks off with him *

    Practice done right and all go back to their dorms

    Day five

    Shaz : babe seems Aaron and Fynn are late today let's go for practice they will join later hmm!
    Hiya : huh yah Aaron just texted me yah .. but he asked to not show the rehearsal without him
    Shaz : yah no rehersal for staff without him that's his passion he will kill us then

    Two gurls walk off to the practice .. to their surprise they notice Fynn already there ..
    Shaz : *jumps into Fynn's hands* ..
    wait !? what only u r here ??
    Fynn : yah he said he will be a little late
    Hiya : *fake smiles * hmm yah well let's go

    Staff: we have no time we need the rehersal or we will have to disqualify

    In confusion and in tears Shaz convinced all to do up the rehersal without Aaron , with no choice they complete their rehersal

    It just ended and Aaron enters the stage and to his shock rehersals are and he just walks back hiya runs to talk but he flys off in the bike hiya runs just then

    Shaz : hey hiya hiya hiya it's okay it will take time let's speak
    Hiya : hmm but we shudnt have done that we shud have tried to push it
    Shaz : let's give him a call wait
    Hiya : hmm
    Shaz : * rings rings rings * well he didn't pick but he doesn't do this have known him a year now
    Fynn : yah wait let me try * rings rings rings * hum hum no answer
    Hiya : *sad almost in tears*
    Shaz : don't worrry hiya let's go in and try again he will come back no worries

    They go in , they try calling again' and again and finally replies to hiya's texts

    Hiya : hey he replied mine

    # Text between Hiya And Aaron #

    Hiya : hey
    Aaron : hey Hiz
    Hiya : baby we are sorry please Listen to me understand let me explain just call me back baby
    Aaron : Hiz it's okay don't be sorry they were with me for a year they still didn't think of it how cud this happen
    Hiya : baby no it was forced by the staffs really trust me baby trust me
    Aaron : seriously but still
    Hiya : Aaron babe trust me it was forced and everyone are feeling as low as you are please come back
    Aaron : Hiz this is why u strike me hard on heart
    *Making her heart flutter all over again*
    Hiya : well Aaron just come back
    Aaron : why where did the baby that was used to convince me go huh ?
    Hiya : okay baby come back hhumhum

    # Text Ends #

    Reading this Fynn And Shaz staring at hiya with a strong sense of smirk

    Hiya : what why come on he is coming back
    Shaz & Fynn : yah yah yah
    Hiya : why what's wrong
    Shaz : babe you know what Aaron hates the most ??
    Hiya : hum .. whaat !??
    Shaz & Fynn : Calling him BABY !
    Hiya : what no ways I have been calling him long !!
    Shaz : oh babe trust me I know him for a year and so does Fynn
    Fynn : hiya damn yes he hates it he never allows not even me I have known him for 7 long years
    Hiya : stop kidding me guys

    She turns with the most happiest smile on her face and walks towards the stage
    *Lights click on one by one *

    Hiya : guys what's happening who else is here !?
    Guys ??
    Guys ??
    And to her surprise Aaron stands right under the spot light with ballons in his hand written big
    " Hiz Will You Be The One To Call Me Baby All My Life "

    Shaz & Fynn : oh Heavens Aaron is that you

    Hiya just faints in happiness after nodding a big yes

    Here starts the "Mystery Of Love"


  • princessluna 11w

    My Beautiful Baby

    My beautiful baby sleeps tonight,
    Under the magical moonlit night.
    The stars come down one by one,
    To bring presents for my dear little one.