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  • soulwithflow 120w

    Stressful situations,
    ruminating about the past,
    worrying about what might happen in the future.

    These are mini storms
    that come,
    stay in your mind for a while,
    then leave.
    How big of a storm it is,
    and how long the storm lasts
    depends entirely on how much you entertain it.

    The more you feed energy to these things
    (by thinking about them),
    the stronger and longer the storm.
    The less you allow your mind to feed these,
    the sooner they will starve and die off.

    The only issue?
    All this thinking is mostly subconscious.
    When you're stressing about something or
    ruminating on something that happened,
    you get pulled into an almost literal 'train' of thought
    and 15 minutes later, you snap out of it
    and realize you've been staring blankly
    at the ground the whole time.
    Where were you for those 15 minutes?
    It's like you were just dreaming in your mind
    and then you suddenly wake up and come back
    to this moment right here, right now, aka reality.

    As you practise pulling your attention back
    from these thought storms and just keeping
    your attention here in this moment,
    you will start to "snap" out of them faster because your awareness of your thoughts will allow you
    to catch yourself doing it, faster.
    And as you continue to do that,
    you will see that these storms have no power
    without your attention feeding them.
    You will see that they are insignificant
    and you may even laugh at yourself for being silly and taking these thoughts so seriously.

    Continue to be aware of your attention
    and how it automatically wants to be carried away
    by these train of thoughts.
    And return your mind back to silence each time.

    Bhudda was asked "what did you gain from meditation?"
    He replied,
    "Nothing. But let me tell you what I lost: anger, anxiety, depression, fear of death, insecurities."


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    Be like a boulder.


    Unmoved by the storms
    of thoughts, emotions,
    and situations.


  • soulwithflow 124w

    The Divinity of life
    is always present.
    In each and every moment.
    What is the only distraction to this?
    Your attention
    is constantly focused on something else.
    Constantly focused on this little voice in your head.
    that doesn't ever stop speaking, analyzing, critisizing, or thinking.

    Speaking in- and simultaneously listening to-
    this little voice in your head,
    is the only distraction.

    Consciously take your attention and interest away
    from thinking in this voice,
    and simply be here with a silent mind.
    This voice is a very quiet, subtle voice
    that 99% of the time you're not consciously aware of.
    It is this voice that you are constantly talking to yourself in.
    It is this voice right now that is reading this.
    What percentage of the time are you aware of this voice?
    And how many seconds of your day is this voice silent?
    Pay attention only to this for a day.
    and you will see that keeping your mind silent for even 10 seconds is almost an accomplishment.

    But what's so special about keeping a silent mind? Why do the masters of all the true paths speak of this silence as being incredibly profound?
    Because every time your mind returns to silence, it instantly returns your attention to reality.
    in this moment, right here right now.
    You become instantly alert, awake, alive.
    and your patterns of thinking and behaving are slowly exposed by the light of this conscious looking.

    It is this conscious looking that reveals to you
    the character you play.
    As it's observed,
    your self-image starts to falls away and nothing is left but your conscious/alert awareness right here right now, that silently and spontaneously exists in each and every moment.
    is the source of wisdom,
    the source of joy + gratitude,
    the source of love,
    the source of creativity,
    and as you may soon come to discover,
    it is the source of life.
    Life cannot exist without awareness.

    Be aware ����


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    The only lasting joy,
    peace and love,
    comes from your connection
    to the Divinity of life
    in each and every moment.


  • write_it_up_girl 159w

    Love as it is. ❤️

    For me love is you.
    Each breath taken is love.
    Every time you look into my eyes is love.
    The way you baby me is love.
    My fairy tales were very dear to me, it was something i always believed in and wanted all my life.
    Reality was something hidden to me.
    It was what I never wanted.
    For, I had known it to be bitter and raw.
    As I found my soul swirl with your soul i realized reality is love, it's life, it's you.
    It's happiness it's something that can't be expressed.
    Roses, chocolates, gifts are all beautiful.
    But, care, concern, reality is what is love.
    That's what binds the soul ❤️
    It's that what keeps the desire awake.