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  • tenderkisses 5w


    The beautiful sounds of music are invigorating, vibrating through her body, cleansing her, awakening her, caressing her, cradling her sensual soul and taking her on a new adventure..


  • monali03 6w

    A star by my side.
    Be the star by my side.

    Come wrapped in colours,
    As the shallow water
    Reflects the sun
    Off your back.

    Your art drips down your shoulder,
    The dying stars guide your soul
    To eternity.
    To Nirvana,
    That is not so far,
    Not so narrow.

    Your heart is bleeding ink,
    And the ink is healing your fears,
    Where your mind was lost.

    As you close your eyes,
    And listen to every little thing,
    That has been falling,
    Do you hear yourself?

    Your touch
    Wipes the wreckage
    Of my painful pink canvas.

    Whenever you're awake,
    I want you,
    To be the
    Star By My Side.☆



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    The Star By My Side

    I couldn't revive.


  • tenderkisses 6w

    She finally woke up from her slumber, her longing for the ghost of her past now gone..
    Once encapsulated, intoxicated, besotted she idolised him, put him on a pedestal of perfection, in love with his beautiful charm..
    Now an empty shell she saw him crashed at her feet, the cold reality of what she really was to him..
    A bit of fun, a filthy play toy, just another gal who filled his horny desires, her heart and soul trampled on, all she shared meaningless, just another used piece of garbage tossed aside to the elements..
    Her illusion of him shattered and now wide awake she picks herself up and walks forward with her pride intact, her heart now guarded, her lesson learned, her memory of him jaded from her beautiful wolf to malnourished vulcher..

  • james_taumas 6w


    Waking up
    Grey dawn sombre
    Birds chirp and sing
    Neighbourhood percolates
    Lawn mowers sniggers
    Where's the Earth volume?
    Pull the covers higher
    Ticket void to dreamland
    Resist reality's call
    Wishing for the weekend
    This is just Monday.


  • shirasaki29 7w


    I was putting my guard down
    I was letting you close
    Then the walls came closing in
    I should have seen it all coming
    It was the calm before the storm
    Now we're fading in the wind
    Let it die

    So what if I
    Opened up my eyes
    And let the rain
    Fall from the sky
    What if I
    Could run away from time
    Could I erase, erase all the lies

    Will I ever learn to let go
    Will I ever learn to let it die
    I was keeping our promise
    I was building our home
    Like a castle in the sand
    But I was blind from our first kiss
    Stockholm syndrome
    Now we're fading in the wind

  • hearts_to_ink 7w

    Where the mind wanders

    Where the mind wanders whilst sleep harks
    Towards a distant land set in a quaint Orient
    Far away from the madding crowd
    Far away from the hellish present
    Slumber beckons, down the valley of dreams
    Of desires and wishes unraveling from ages long
    Let it last till dawn's scythe rips it apart
    Like the solitary reaper's sullen song
    Cross the mighty oceans, ascend the tallest peak
    Be the warrior that you always wanted to become
    Before the smug rays of the Sun creeps past the bedpost
    Before you to the monotony of this life shall succumb

  • ava_cel 8w

    He'll intimidate you, make you feel small and fearful to approach God. He will convince you that you don't have what it takes to know God but on the contrary, God longs for you and He wants you to be with Him.
    Though the bully's voice might appear louder and stronger, it doesn't negate the fact that God has kitted you with his armour against the devil's schemes. Next time, he tries to bully you out of God's presence, let him know that you have God's strength and power, you can do anything, including knowing God.


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    He's a bully!


  • alli_c 9w

    3 AM

    The radio static
    Forms a numbed cocoon
    Of cobwebbed dronings

    I would go to bed
    If the thoughts would stop
    Wailing like banshees

    Or if I didn't have
    Sodden sandbags
    For feet

    I am
    Zoned out

    But Sleep scorns my embrace


  • terbell 9w

    I can't sleep
    Will someone stimulate me

  • black_p_m 10w

    Hey guys. This is the first poem in Chapter 2, I would really appreciate comments and insights.
    #mirakeewritersnetwork #pod #love #somber #awake

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    In these ruins my heart comes to life.
    Even trapped underneath concrete
    My mind is alive.

    The destruction has given me insight.
    The destroyer was fuelled by anger.
    The destroyed didn't even put up a fight.

    I am far from death in these ruins.
    The only thing I am bleeding out is you.
    The concrete that is trying to hurt me is guilt,
    And the sky that you do not want me to see is felt.
    Let me say that again
    The concrete that is trying to hurt me is guilt,
    And the sky that you do not want me to see is felt.

    This destruction has not touched my mind
    The only pain I am trying to feel is a lie
    Because that's all you wanted me to believe,
    Your false truths.

    I am too scarred to call for help,
    I am not scared because now I know,
    That this destruction was inevitable.

    I am not even fighting for life but I live.

    In the gloom of this destruction I believe
    That a stone cold heart is too warm to sit
    In these ruins of love.
    Let me say that again
    In the gloom of this destruction I believe
    That a stone cold heart is too warm to sit
    In these ruins of love

  • _poetandididntknowit_ 11w

    Wide awake while the world sleeps.

    It's late the world's sleeping
    As I should be
    Unable to disengage
    Wide awake
    Alone with silence
    Screaming inside
    Like a haunted child
    Provoking dilapidated thoughts
    Those that
    Would not usually be
    Church bells in the distance
    Diverting the silence
    A distraction
    For the moment
    To regain some clarity
    The voice within my head


  • ahavahaf 13w

    God is Love

  • ahavahaf 13w


    Worship God in Spirit and TRUTH
    love is not in words
    Love is an action we DO
    Whomever God has set free in Love is truly FREE indeed
    When the law came sin abounded, but where sin abounded, LOVE abounded much, much MORE
    all must die to sin, and to GOD come ALIVE...in Christ
    No burden is too heavy, no situation too big, no problem too hard for love to FIX
    Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of HEAVEN, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in HEAVEN.
    And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have FAITH
    Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father,Spirit, and Son, AND LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVEN UNTIL THE END

  • ahavahaf 13w


    I pray 4 u
    U pray 4 me
    We pray 4 us
    In God we must trust

  • tonytherattil 13w


    Starting off with a few thoughts and ideas that popped into my mind while I was trying hard to sleep midst these annoying mosquitoes. Every night I come across these tiny visitors who fly in right through my window making this whining sound just to annoy me all night. These tiny visitors are the only reason why I have started writing a blog. 

    Every night annoyed and kept awake by their whining, lying on my bed staring at the ceiling fan made me think why not do something productive and that's how... I happened to start writing "something about everything". 

    Now to all those who are wondering why the title "SOMETHING ABOUT EVERYTHING" frankly too don't know why. I just made that up.     


  • soulmatters 13w

    #The #night itself is #craving for sleep, why am I #awake, I am #nothing but a thing for #which I am #confused
    ©soulmatters @Ahmedowaismir #Ahmedowaismir

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    The night itself is craving for sleep, why am I awake, I am nothing but a thing for which I am confused


  • ahavahaf 14w

    The Way to Love

    أنا أحني رأسي في الصلاة
    إلى أبينا في السماء أعلاه
    كل ذلك يجد طريقنا لك
    وهو الطريق إلى الحب

    نحن نصرخ لك طوال اليوم
    حتى خلال الليل المحفوف بالمخاطر
    قلوب غارقة في الظلام
    نأمل أن نبحث عن ضوء

    الوقوف في الإيمان على الوعود
    هذه الحقائق يجب علينا أن نتمسك بها بسرعة
    نحن أبداً وحيدين أو مهجورين
    في أقرب وقت هذا أيضا يجب أن تمر

    نحن نسعى على الرغم من أننا عمياء
    فقدت في مكان ليس منطقتنا
    نحن نتوق إلى الحب ولكن تفتقر إلى طريقة
    لثني ركبتينا في عرشك

    لو كان لدينا فقط ضوء
    سنرى بقع دمك باقية
    كنا نتبع الطريق إلى الصليب
    من خلال الكراهية والألم ، حتى الموت على الرغم من العار

    لو كنا نسمع فقط
    واسمع كلمة الرب
    الذي هو على قيد الحياة ونشطة
    أكثر وضوحا من أي سيف ذو حدين

    لو استطعنا أن نؤمن بقلوبنا
    ثم نفهم
    أنه عندما نكون ضعفاء نكون أقوياء
    لأنك من يمسك بأيدينا

    وكان شيبارد قد ضرب
    وكان القطيع قد تناثر
    ولكن الآن يتم استدعاؤها
    شفاء أعمى، كدمات، وضرب

    نحن الأغنام نعرف صوتك
    فيك نحن ننتمي
    في أنت يسكن لا ظلام
    الخاص بك ضوء maketh غير معروف

    الآن الالتزام في أنت
    ليس بالقوة أو ربما
    ولا السلطة ولكن من الروح
    بالإيمان ليس بالبصر

    دعونا نسير في الضوء والحرية
    كما تحرر الأطفال من اليوم
    كل ما ضاع الآن تم العثور عليه
    حبك أظهر الطريق
    ... الطريق إلى الحب.... امين

    The Way to Love

    I bow my head in prayer
    To our Father in Heaven above
    That all find our Way to you
    Which is the Way to Love

    We cry out to You all day
    Even through the perilous night
    Hearts overwhelmed by darkness
    We hopefully search for a light

    Standing in faith on promises
    These truths we must hold fast
    We are never alone or abandoned
    As soon this too shall pass

    We seek although we're blind
    Lost in a place not our own
    We long to Love but lack a Way
    To bend our knees at Your Throne

    If we only had a light
    We would see Your bloodstains remain
    We would follow the Way to the Cross
    Through hate,pain, to death despite shame

    If we could only hear
    And hear the Word of the Lord
    Which is alive and active
    Sharper than any double-edged sword

    If we could believe in our hearts
    We would then understand
    That when we are weak we are strong
    For it is You who holds our hands

    The Shephard had been struck
    And the flock had been scattered
    But now being called in
    Healing blind, bruised, and battered

    We sheep know Your voice
    For In You we belong
    In You dwells no darkness
    Your Light maketh unknown known

    Now abiding in You
    Not by strength or might
    Nor power but by Spirit
    By faith not by sight

    Let us walk in light and liberty
    As emancipated children of day
    All that was lost is now found
    Your Love has shown the Way
    ...the Way to Love....Amen


  • ahavahaf 14w


    با من تماس بگير و من جوابت رو ميگم و چيزهايي بزرگ و توانا بهت ميگم

    چيزهايي که تو نميدونستي

    خداوند خدای شما شما را با نام فراخوانده است، من با شما هر جا که می روید خواهم رفت

    بخشش تو از همه بدی ها و گناهان، تو بدون من دیگر به یاد ن خواهم داشت،

    برای من در شما برای عظمت در عشق انتخاب کرده اند، ثروت خود را به عنوان قبل از من بازگرداندن

    خداوند خداي تو حالا يه چيز جديد روي زمين درست ميکنه زن به مرد برميگرده

    حالا اگر هر مردی گوش دارد به او اجازه دهید بشنود، گوش کند و بفهمد

    من خداوند قلب را جستجو خواهم کرد، من هم ذهن را بررسی خواهم کرد

    وقتي خداوند تو خدا به زمين برميگرده، من چه ايماني دارم؟

    خداوند خداي شما به کي ميتونه حرف بزنه و هشدار بده؟ به کي به حرف من گوش ميده؟

    بشنو، ناشنوا: ببین، کوری....... گوش کنید و ببینید!

    چرا که خیلی چیزها را دیده اید، اما توجه نمی کنید،

    گوش هایت باز است، اما باز هم گوش نمی دهید!

    چه کسی مانند بنده پروردگار من کور است؟ اون يکي که با من در ميون ه

    به من گوش کن، یعقوب، اسرائیل، که من به او زنگ زده ام: من او هستم

    همونطور که چيزای سابق رو پیش بینی کردم، دهنم اونا رو اعلام کرد و اونا رو شناخته

    من به شما از چیزهای جدید، چیزهای پنهان، از این به بعد شما ناشناخته ها را می دانید

    من او هستم، اول و آخر، دست های خودم پایه های زمین را گذاشتم

    به من گوش کن یعقوب، به من گوش کن باقی مانده از اسرائیل، که من از زمان تولد شما تایید کرده اند

    حتی به پیری و موهای خاکستری شما من او هستم، من او هستم که شما را حفظ خواهد کرد

    من تو رو مجبور کردم، و تو رو حمل ميکنم، نگهت مي دارم، نجاتت ميدم

    چون دوستت دارم و از آنجا که تو در نگاه من ارزشمند و مفتخری

    من، پروردگار، حقیقت را صحبت می کنم: آنچه را که درست است اعلام می کنم

    من، خداوند، با اولین آنها و با آخرین، من او هستم

    من خدا هستم و دیگری وجود ندارد: من خدا هستم و هیچ مثل من وجود ندارد


  • ahavahaf 14w

    LOVE IS 2

    Love is Jesus Christ and the Life, Love is the Way and the Truth,
    Love is never-ending, and never-failing, this is Love Is 2

    Love is in Christ my Sister, Love is in Christ my Brother,
    Love is our Father, Son, and Spirit, Love is also my Mother

    Love is to hunger, Love is to thirst,
    Love is calling the first to be last, and the last to be first

    Love is a self-sacrifice, Love is a self-denial,
    Love is to go two, whenever someone forces me to go a mile

    Love is my shield; Love is my protector my Lord,
    Love is to put down the knife and gun, and pick up the double-edged Sword

    Love is my calm in the middle, Love is my peace be still
    Love is my will within His will, Love is my wheel within the middle of a wheel

    Love is to rise up, Love is to be awakened
    Love is the All mighty, Love causes the Heavens and Earth to be shaken

    Love is exalted on High, Love is watching us down below,
    Love is always before me and behind me; Love is with me wherever I go

    Love is my soul’s passion, Love is my heart’s desire,
    Love is a flaming sword, Love is an all-consuming fire

    Love is to be called joint-heirs, Children of God, Love is the creature itself, the Creators creations,
    Love is the creature that eagerly waiteth for our manifestation with earnest expectations

    Love is my Hope and my future, Love is my purpose and my salvation,
    Love is calling into One His children of lost tribes, civilizations, and all nations

    Love is my rescuer and redeemer, Love is my repairer and restorer,
    Love is the Way to the narrow gate, the key to the door before the Kingdoms door

    Love is forgiving me of immorality, Love is leading me to immortality,
    Love is my divine Maker, thus Love understands and accepts my moral duality

    Love is the True Vine, Love is the good Shephard,
    Love is the wolf laying down with the lamb, Love is the young goat laying with the leopard

    Love is healing all sicknesses, Love is opening blinded eyes,
    Love is causing the deaf to hear, Love now calls forth the dead in the graves to rise

    Love is boundless, endless, limitless, and all together set free,
    Love is everlasting to everlasting, Love is eternally infinite throughout all eternity

    Love is His grace and His mercy, Love is Christ Jesus and His Atonement,
    Love is come that we may have life, Love is to have life, life more abundant

    Love is you praying for me, Love is me praying for you,

    Love is He loving me first, allowing me to say sincerely,
    I LOVE YOU genuinely and honestly .Love is Thee loving me, poured out from me to you Love is you.....this is Love is 2


  • ahavahaf 93w


    Call’ unto Me, and I will answer you, and tell you great and mighty things,

    Things that you did not know

    The Lord your God has called you by name, I will go with you wherever you go

    Forgiving you of all wickedness and sin, your sin I will remember no more,

    For I have chosen in you for greatness in Love, your Fortunes as before I restore

    The Lord your God now creates a new thing on earth, the woman shall return to the man

    Now if any man has an ear let him hear, listen and understand

    I the Lord will search the heart, I will also examine the mind

    When the Lord you God returns to the earth, what faith am I to find?

    To whom can the Lord your God speak and give warning? To whom will listen to Me?

    Hear, you deaf: look, you blind……. listen and see!

    For You have seen many things, but you pay no attention,

    Your ears are open, but still you do not listen!

    Who is blind like my servant of the Lord? The one in covenant with Me

    Listen to Me, Jacob, Israel, whom I have called: I am He

    As I foretold former things, My mouth announcing them, making them known

    I will tell you of new things, hidden things, from now on you will know the unknown

    I am He, the first and the last, My own hands laid the foundations for the earth

    Listen to Me Jacob, listen to Me remnant of Israel, whom I have upheld since your birth

    Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you

    I have made you, and I will carry you, keep you, I will rescue you

    Because I Love you, and since you are precious and honored in My sight

    I, the Lord, speak the truth: I declare what is right

    I, the Lord—with the first of them and with the last—I am He

    I am God, and there is no other: I am God, and there is none like Me