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    Hey guys!!!! How are y'all??? Hope everyone's doing great !!! I was just scrolling through my old account and suddenlY felt like penning something, so I did lol, anyways hope y'all are having great day/night !!and don't forget to STAY SAFE. BYEE ❤️!

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    Just as the autumn wind brushes my hair,
    A new chapter unfolds before my tiresome eyes,
    Hoping that this time it'll be very rare,
    That my mouth utters lies,
    Just so that I can be truthful for a while,
    Before I start spitting instant lies like Eminem spittin' bars,
    Trying to be optimistic just like Kyle,
    Just trying to hide my scars,
    From all the injustice that happens to me,
    Finding new ways to prevent every bad situation,
    Being responsible was never my cup of tea,
    Trying to do everything all at once just adds more to my frustration,
    Hope I'll learn to stop manipulating every situation to be in my favour,
    And start to let things be how they are,
    Tired of adding new elements to my lies just to lift it's flavour,
    Wanna start living without lies one day , hope that day isn't far