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  • _bleed_purple_ 20w

    A love story

    The branch:
    But I dont want to give up on you

    The autumn leaf:
    But honey, I am too old for you.

    The branch:
    You are not. I am ready to carry your weight upon me.

    The autumn leaf:
    I am just a burden. Thats how I see me

    The branch:
    I will still keep you safe from the colds, winds and summers

    The autumn leaf:
    When I'm gone someone else will take my place and make you live the winters like its summer

    The branch:
    Why won't you just stay. I've seen and loved you in all your shades

    The autumn leaf:
    That's how love is. You look better in green and not in my old shade

  • diplomaticqueen_ 23w


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    When Gravity beckons you, you know it's Fall

    In the relam of seasons
    Autumn came as a deliberate Surprise
    In the lush green valley
    Where the leaves celebrated their Uniqueness
    Autumn United them with the fall.

    The leaves were not informed of their fate.
    A soft breeze woke them up
    A loud blow brought them down.
    And that is how , the Wind fulfilled its duty
    The fallen leaves, crippled and cursed the Wind
    Guilt stayed with the wind, for a while
    So, it lit their pyre.
    The trees honoured it,
    the sun appreciated it
    Spring Obeyed it.

    Hope started to bloom across
    Eradicating tradegy and loss
    The brown stems now should signs of life
    Finally completing the time of its life

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    When Gravity beckons you, you know it's Fall-

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 57w

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    19 September 2020 8 pm

    Happy Birthday dear love @btslove ��
    I wish you all the happiness in the world
    This one is for you. Autumn leaves ��
    " Baby you girl, I don’t think I can let go
    Baby you girl, I don’t think I can give up "
    One of my favorite song. I felt the emotions before knowing the lyrics. Just like I loved you even before knowing you.
    Continue to be the love I cherish
    Let's walk this road together... Forever ❤️

    Autumn Leaves

    Autumn leaves twirl in the wind
    Sing the songs of love that's lost
    Evergreen leaves are sunburnt honey
    Now they fall, just like you and me

    Autumn leaves were young in memories
    Fresh and tender once we were gay
    Summertime we met and spring we loved
    Why did the season change or is it us ?

    Under this greenwood tree we promised love
    Swear to be together until the last leave fall
    Now its Autumn, its fall and we're apart
    one-by-one they all fall and the last leaf is you

    Yesterdays burnt the leaves maroon
    When faced the wrath of memories sun
    Oh love, I can't hold on, I can't let you go
    Can't let you fall from the tree of life, this love

    A love that woke up in the summer
    A love like stolen kisses of the spring
    A love that autumn leaves sing farewell
    A love that'll be frozen in time this winter

    At the touch of the zephyr the last leaf dances
    Just like your cheeks turn pink and you dance
    At one touch of my fingertips, my caress
    Oh love, you have to hold on, lest we crumble

    Our love withers as the season says farewell
    Goodbyes echo in the twirling wind with tears
    Dead leaves are swept away by the time wind
    Will we be a sad love song in the winter's tale?

    Dear Darling, we fell for each other
    But let's not fall apart from each other
    Like those autumn leaves twirling in the wind
    Let's not drift apart and crumble to the end

    / Never, never fall..... Never wither away
    Never, never end... Never let go of love /


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    Autumn Leaves

    Autumn leaves twirl in the wind
    Sing the songs of love that's lost
    Evergreen leaves are sunburnt honey
    Now they fall, just like you and me

    Dear Darling, we fell for each other
    But let's not fall apart from each other
    Like those autumn leaves twirling in the wind
    Let's not drift apart and crumble to the end


  • sonysehgal 57w

    There ;
    A golden brown Autumn leaf ;
    got bullied : to have a fall.

    Its rustling sound ,.
    rustles under the bare foot
    got bullied : to have a sound

    Its dry texture ,
    sharper edging the soothing touch
    got bullied : to have a appearance.

    O the Golden , Orangey , Browner
    Autumn leaves :
    were bullied and burnt .....just like me .


  • kinzak 57w

    Autumn leaf

    Is that poor thing
    When it's gush of wind
    Blow him far in an alley
    When it rains
    It gets shrink under the granules of marshy land
    It gets wandering and wandering like nomads
    And one day it gets shattered and died
    After getting dried and squashing
    Everywhere and becomes
    Small ordinary particles

  • shibani_sonowal_paul 57w

    Autumn the season
    When leafs can fly
    Every leaf speaks bliss
    The time when everything brust beautifully
    When the leaf itself is a flower.


  • safoorajahan 57w

    Desiccating to the warmth of hibernation, every autumn leaf craves it's destiny;
    As fallen as it may be,
    The winds of winter shall blow away
    With the cursed salvations at dismay.

  • my_tales 57w

    Autumn is a season of fall down;
    And that leaf do sacrifice, for the newer one.
    Because it's a law of NATURE,
    Without loosing the older one, can't get new.
    Although it's very difficult for both the trees and leaves; still they do for continuity.
    So, Nothing stops for anyone; this keeps going on.

  • _wanderinglion_ 57w

    How free..
    How metrical
    is an autumn leaf
    that falls from
    it's tree..

    Carrying forgottenn
    tales with it
    as it falls
    to the ground..

    Escaping from
    every memory
    it ever witnessed..

    Every traveler
    it's shadow touched..


  • _secret_diaries_ 57w

    That autumn leaf,
    Holds my last breath
    It will fall, I'll die
    And become a star, in the sky
    But what if it won't fall,
    Will it be a blessing,
    Or a curse to the soul
    Questions are popping up
    More and more
    With every day and night snore
    But the replies are hidden
    In the leaf
    Just like my last breath!


  • nikolina 57w


    The sense of space is different
    Since your attention is gone
    Warmth of the summer sun kiss
    Slowly gives it's place
    To the melancholy of autumn leaf

    Gloom and apathy-
    I feel them gently
    Until they saturate
    And relieve
    In tears



    Osjećaj prostora drugačiji je
    Otkad nema tvoje pozornosti
    Mjesto topline ljetnog sunčeva poljupca
    Polako zauzima melankolija jesenjeg lista

    Sjeta i ravnodušnost -
    Osjećam ih blago
    Dok ne dođe do zasićenja
    Koje se olakša


  • sayan21 57w

    Autumn leaf

    They shower their beautiful jewelleries.
    Like they devote their extra to mother nature.
    Look how beautiful they are!
    Even after falling apart.
    Golden,reddish,fiery,orange in so many colours!
    Look how beautiful their kindness to earth.
    Oh!afterall they are our mother nature!


  • burnmark 57w

    Because love has no set defination!
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    Crisp, wafer thin..
    I picked it up near a lonely bin..
    Its beauty was a sight to behold..
    Roasted by sun and tossed by wind..
    Shy and coy, it still looked chargrined..

    Take it to the words, I was told..
    Where it found its new home in the brown book's warm fold..
    It whispered in my ear..
    I grew old and fell off, my dear..
    But not before I saw
    two lovers kiss, a baby's smile,
    a widow's tear, a soldier's wound,
    a lonely soul and a big black hole..

    In the green of my youth..
    I was a hurricane in a breath..
    I flew along doves..
    With moon, I swept..

    The orange of my age calmed me down..
    The wisdom with time was profound..

    It took a season to turn me into gold..
    The broken twig came off with slow disbelief..
    While the branch created a space for the new member to hold..

    As the cycle of life turned away my grief..
    It was the touch of your skin that assuringly told..
    Sweet autumn leaf, you still have layers to unfold..

  • wandererpoet 57w

    Autumn Fall

    Love me like a tree,
    That sets it leaves free,
    Just in the autumn it expresses its love,
    And decorates the earth as a golden bee.

    Oh my beloved!! Make my life just as the earth in autumn,
    Fill me with your love from top to bottom.

  • penned_n_inked 57w

    Autumn leaf

    The branches asked, "why do you leave, leaf?"

    "I donot leave, I fall
    I donot fall always, I just fall in the season of fall" , giggled the leaf...

    "Why do you fall?", sobbed the tree

    "I fall to rise , I fall to grow better , it's just a matter of a season..." , smiled the leaf with an assurance


  • twinkling_star7 57w

    Life is a cycle...
    embrace your fall with courage
    and make way for new foliage...


  • triptisinghyaduvanshi 57w

    पतझड़ की पत्तियॉ

    वीरानियाँ छाई हैं,अतीत की परछाईं हैं,
    रात का घोर अँधेरा है,वीरानियों ने घेरा हैं।
    गम ए मंजर है,यादों का ख़ंजर है,
    दिल की जमीन बंजर है,
    कैद मे मन परिंदा,सोने का पिंजर हैं।
    दिल के शहर में,उदासी का कहर है,
    ख्वाहिशों की बारिश में,रात का पहर हैं।
    पतझड़ का मौसम कुछ ऐसा होता है,
    टूटे दिल का हाल उदासी का सबब होता हैं।
    मुरझाये सूखे पत्ते,जमीं पर ऐसे गरते है,
    बीती बातें,बुरी यादों की दास्तां बयाँ करती हैं।
    अधूरी दास्तां है,दिल गमजदा है।
    भीगी हैं पलकें,आंशुओ की बारिश में,
    गम हो रहे हैं हम वीरानियों के अंधेरे में।

  • farida_tdr24 57w

    Autumn leaf

    This life of mine has finally came to an end.
    Like an autumn leaf it losses the grace and changes colours day and night as though banned.
    Just waiting for the last shower
    may be to just break the thread and make it all over.
    I'll tear and fall dry,
    Someday to bloom and grow again, I'll try.
    Just wait for the spring,
    With all beauty and memory that it'll bring.
    Repeated you'll stare,
    As I raise again with glare. ✨


  • reglovespoetry 106w


    Autumn leaves
    They start to fall
    How can anything
    So simple
    So gentle
    So fragile
    Make you feel
    So alive
    So warm
    So mellow!
    All doing so
    In silence
    In serenity
    I find myself
    In this moment
    Between the subtle shifts in nature
    In solace, I sighed,
    "Fall, I fall for you

  • sanjanamanoharan 155w


    I may not be that perfect rose petal.
    But I'll definitely be that autumn leaf
    that caress you gently in tune with the breeze
    and make you feel light
    even during my fall