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  • fromwitchpen 25m

    Some auburn painted straws spliced
    the charcoal clay pots in mid autumn
    piquant smell of Earth absorbed by a
    pile of fallen leaves tinted the garden
    and alleyways with beauty and wilted
    blossoms sang melodies of bravery a
    canvas with yellow paint strokes clad
    feeble glabrous twigs and branches ,
    Autumn breathe out symphonic spell
    of courage as it purloin the rhymes of
    trees and their colorful crowns, buds
    but it also teach a lesson to rise after
    every fall, it will enhance your beauty
    and makes you strong to fight every
    difficulty in the dark roads of thy life
    and don't be so full of yourself, even
    seasons wither , takes place of each
    other, so why hubris runs in our veins?

    (Just tried not good at writing about seasons)

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  • sayuriii_ 31m


    I keep tugging,
    at her vintage tinted cardigan,
    her cedar hair,
    flowing languidly,
    on her hunched shoulders.
    Her feet, smell like cinnamon,
    and her eyes,
    drown me in their mocha ocean.
    She pulls out a leaf,
    from the ivy embroidery on my window,
    and places it on my bare hands.
    and it turns into a blanket,
    of russet maple leaves.
    She kisses the air,
    with her desert dry lips,
    and her cheeks keep glowing,
    a tawny shade of blush.
    Oh look! How she leaves me,
    falling in love,
    like the fallen leaves she hides,
    inside her hickory glove.

  • jyo_71 31m

    The leaves are traveling miles and miles away from their home,
    Not knowing where to head,
    Some halt on the roads,
    Some fall near the river banks
    And others plant a soft kiss on the human cheeks.

    They move apart from their homely abode
    Yet they keep smiling
    Spreading love everywhere
    Along with their coolness.

    Searching new destination everywhere
    To satisfy their traveling and heart.
    Even their colour fades
    They are not flustered
    Instead they are self-contented
    In their own way...
    Such are the leaves of a humongous trees!

    Happy, delighted and full of love.

    #autumn #wod #mirakee #mirakeequotes #mirakeewriters

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    Autumn (Personification)


  • littlestupid_writer 33m

    I feel all young and beautiful
    The winds of euphorbia
    Travel through my arms
    And the leaves swings in pleasure.
    I feel beauty all around me,
    The colorful wreath of flowers around me,
    Plates of leaves bearing fruits.
    The whispering birds, play hide and seek.
    While their mothers and fathers
    Do the work, i look after the baby birds.
    They feel home in me,
    I feel home in them.

    And then, in season of autumn
    Or maybe the season of sorrow
    They all disappears,
    Leaving me alone.
    No more whispering around me,
    No leaves and flowers surround me.
    My arms aches standing all alone.
    I know, happy days will come after this pain.
    I know, they'll come, to leave me again.

    ~ A dead tree

    #personification #autumn #wod
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • _tulika 48m

    Autumn...a paradise.

    Here she comes wearing a scarlet crown,
    Goldy locks she poised gracefully, walking around..
    As she moves comes the crispy crunchy sound.
    Nature has bestowed her with epitome of beauty,
    As the fresh air hits up the rosy cheeks it was none other than a paradise...
    Smashing the melancholy,as she dances in the tune of melodious song...
    Halloween, pumpkin seeds,bonfire,cosy jumpers thick socks in all these she belong.....

  • unipopcorn_ 1h

    Wrapped in the warm blankets of paranoia
    I sleep while keeping my embattled mind on the edge of mahogany table
    Deep Slumber kisses my eyes
    Being still wide awake, I try harder and harder to fall asleep
    As I reminisce about
    The frosty winter which have been my only pal
    During every downfall
    I ever experienced
    I forget to blow the candle off, but I still feel the darkness lingering in my arms
    My eyes wide open,I dream of fall
    To arrive, and me reaping Cornucopia
    And the time when finally
    Leaves will let the trees go
    So will I
    Letting go have never been easier for me
    I latch my heart to their shoes
    While expecting the same from them
    But it's harrowing how they always leave me high and dry
    I loses my mind
    I whimper and cry
    While they don't even try
    This season Will provide me a reason
    Life was never fair to me, or maybe I never loved it enough ...
    Whatever the matter would have been
    Getting cheated on by life incessantly, left a bitter taste in mouth
    Leaving my tounge bruised forever
    Which remains tied to the peg of guilt and shame
    And invisible scars on my soul...
    Not really scars, but merely scattered letters
    Which remained unsaid and unread
    While this scorching summer is burning my wounds
    So i start to count the days, minutes and seconds
    After which Autumn would bring me those keys to open the door to welcome my long lost friend
    Till then I dream of maple leaves falling over my Carcass drenched in my own blood
    That I kept on bleeding, with every step I took to find a lover
    Every single soul I ever loved, gave me nothing but an envelope, sealed with unrequited love and my downfall within
    I unearth the earth and bury them in them
    I bury myself inside it along with that envelope
    Only if they could see
    But, rather they see a girl laughing through her teeth
    While Lying on the bare chaos
    I burn myself into that Bonefire,
    they celebrate the magnanimous heart of life
    As if it gave them no strife
    Am I the Lord of envy...
    Oh I don't know!
    I bleed and my blood remains unseen
    More like me
    I burn into their fireplaces ,flashing tangerine shadows on their faces,
    I see it's warmth covering their hands
    And I see my magnanimous heart of gold
    melting... And falling drop by drop
    On their carpet
    Adorning them with gold, waiting for them to walk
    all over
    My hands remains frosty cold
    Loving someone is like, trying to solve a perfect puzzle, while talking pieces from my own imperfect broken pieces of self
    So, I'll wait,... I'll wait for the fall
    I'll let it open the rusty locked doors that leads to my ultimate companion
    Till then I'll kept lying on this dusty floor, in this hopeless edifice filled with dead airs
    And count days ...
    On my fingers with my eyes
    While my empty heart remains hung Like a calendar on the wall

    [Its @_blessed_girl. Actually]

    @mirakee @writersnetwork


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    While still wide awake
    My eyes wide shut
    My embattled mind dreams about the fall to arrive
    And whisper those secrets in my ears,
    which makes it easier for them
    To let go of the twigs
    I have almost lost my heart that remained latched on to their pegs
    It led me to fall
    Deeper and deeper
    Into manic dark caverns
    I swear I didn't stopped
    Until my heart of gold
    And hands turned cold.


  • unnati__writes 1h

    Discussing some conspiracies with the sun and the moon a new day started with new enthusiasm. I was sitting on my comfort chair near the window when some clouds came and thundered in loud voice. A rain was started by then with the start of autumn when it said,

    "See the colours of my sky
    A blend of emotions of thy
    Heart ranging dark sheds of leaves
    Falling from trees look pretty in mist

    See my scars when I blow the dirt
    Signifying my presence on earth
    A day becomes lively and smart
    "Autumn!" In happiness you remark

    Rains my part I blow rainbows start
    Everything I re-alive with me
    Days become shorter with longer nights
    I'm Autumn; thy festive treat

    Closing thy eyes mesmerise my adore
    I'm thy autumn; beautifully mature!"

    #autumn #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #personification #repost
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    PC - to the rightful owner

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    Closing thy eyes mesmerise my adore
    I'm thy autumn; beautifully mature!

  • aphrodite53 57m


    As those jubilant days of childhood gently switched to teenage,
    From blonde to ginger to auburn hair,
    She felt more alive and conscious of herself.
    The gradual decaying of her skin from tender green to dull amber,
    The lady became mindful of her aging.
    Realized that life isn't always sweet sixteen.
    Bit by bit, her skin wrinkled to nebulous shades of deep ochre,
    Dropped onto the ground with a hushed thud, revealing her deciduous nature.
    Soft and silent enough for her to recognise that the end is nearing.
    But blessed was she, as she knew she would soon sprout from the very soil she was submerged.
    She, then, knew that life is an unceasing cycle,
    A cycle of vibrant colours.

  • writes_honey 1h

    She Was Kind, You Weren't

    Autumn is the painter of my soul
    mornings had me melancholy
    she'll paint me clear blue skies
    blue for I was sad within
    yet clear so I wasn't blinded
    she was kind, you weren't

    autumn is the singer of melodies
    that are unheard in painful words
    she'd send her birds to sing
    in times of unbearable heat
    so I can sleep despite the rage
    she was kind, you weren't

    autumn is the dancer in twilight
    when the night brings cold
    and I'm about to return lone
    at least the colors of sunset
    bid me farewell before
    she was kind, you weren't


  • charlieka 1h

    Prisoner of Fall

    I am afraid of what might happen should I allow you in my life
    Though I long and dream of you
    To collect me in your hands so warm and soft
    The leaves of my heart
    They have list the will to live and crumble
    At the hint of tenderness
    September and October I live everyday
    For my heart belongs to Fall
    The blood of my body
    Thrills to the timbre of your voice
    Yet curdles just as quickly
    Should I chance to Linger too long
    I cannot give chance to desire
    For this a spark to a flame to a blaze
    May consume the dry kindling
    My heart is made up of
    For I am a captive to the Autumn
    My heart is suited for only this
    And though the leaves of my heart
    Ache and pine for the sweet breathe of Spring and the hot caress of the summer sun
    I fear the consequences should I allow myself the taste of just one kiss


  • soulfulstirrings 1h

    You - autumn

    #autumn @odysseus @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    if only I could learn to drape my being
    as you do .. so beautifully with your feuillemort hues
    and learn to let go
    as you do .. when it's time to
    if only I could learn to fall like a leaf
    when you gently detach her from her bough
    falling in full glory ..
    guided by the gentle zephyr that blows by
    if only I could be you ...
    the one who embraces ends
    with no fear
    /for you know that every end is a beginning new/

  • alsyniarico 1h

    #autumn #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    "Holding on is believing that there's only a past, letting go is knowing that there's a future "- Daphne Rose Kingma

    When it incepted to soak up my rhymes
    I socked away one fourth
    Blanket flowers were in time
    Choked metaphors took an oath

    All of the sudden
    Some eccentric melodies of rain were heard
    Scrutinised, dead chants which were hidden
    Gleams in my cornea spiced and blurred

    Near the graveyard of chants
    Blood was crying
    In a sorrow carpet of sands
    Lymph was lying

    To change, is to stay
    Remove that pilgarlic strands of coal
    Autumn on it's way
    To purify the soul

    Metaphors shedding their pain
    Of losing those chants
    And collapsed in vain
    To limit the strands

    Change was must
    And it did take place
    Holding bowls of trust
    They started a race

    Attempt of this season
    Enhanced the beauty
    Without any reason
    Completed as a duty

    Emblem of utopia
    Amplified their mettle
    The bloom of Stapelia
    For Autumn to settle

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  • rhythmic_beats 1h

    Dear autumn: mother of poetries.

    During my sleepless nights
    My miseries find shelter
    Under the tree where
    Orchestra of mustard, coffee,
    Rust, chocolate, burnt orange,
    Purple leaves sing 90s music,
    A perfect blend of colours
    Romancing the black and white age.

    My eyes never blink as they have
    Completely drenched in the muses
    Of autumn where colours fell in love
    With the vintage era.
    I saw a leaf hanging in the zephyrs
    Of nighty mist whispering lovely
    Missives to the moon.

    Suddenly a strong gale of
    Autumn leaves shook me
    And words started bustling
    Ballads from my heart
    Which were sleeping since ages.

    Mustard leaves jotted
    The morning sun masked
    By roaring clouds as
    A journey towards victory.

    Coffee leaves murmured
    To to brew all restless words
    To a hot aromatic poetry
    Just like the autumn land
    Spreading volatiles of
    Smudged leaves.

    Rusty leaves galvanized
    The thoughts to awake
    The wise from the paralysed spirit.

    Purple leaves are bed
    Of nights were moon
    And stars sleep as a baby poetry,
    Removing the masks of worries
    And finding serenity.

    Autumn, dear mother of poetries,
    I bow down to you as you taught us
    All ingredients of poetry
    By sacrificing your leaves,
    And each leaf is scribbled
    With divinity of poetry
    If one see through their soul.

    Autumn is mother of all poetries
    As she donates everything
    Still she stands firm solitude.
    Only she smiles for having nothing
    At the end, as she finds herself
    In the heart of all poets.

    When autumn leaves fall
    They say that the most aesthetic
    Metaphors arise when you fall
    Down once in your life to
    Appreciate the greatness of
    Of this expanding universe.

    So, to welcome and unite all
    The seasons of your life,
    Autumn dresses herself as
    The sun, who burns and falls
    Like a mother to help
    Arise others from the
    Shattered graveyard to
    Shining sky.

    Thank you dear autumn
    For reminding me each time
    That to fall is also beautiful
    And carrying my tears as
    Colourful autumn leaves
    Falling as poetries.

    © Rhythmic_beats

    Image by me

    #autumn #mother of #poetry
    #personification #wod
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • _iram_ 1h

    Conspiring with the sun
    To yield a rich, ripened harvest
    Leaves began to change colours
    Like nature is becoming artist

    Small birds are singing
    The song early in the morning
    Its so fresh and warm
    This melody heart relaxing

    Hair softly lifted by the winnowing wind
    Like its trying to shun
    Autumn is the most loveliest
    Intimate friend of the maturing sun

    I take a fresh breath
    While looking at the blue sky
    Betwixt the dusk and dawn
    The wings are soaring high

    A season of mellow fruitfulness
    Misty and foggy mornings
    A season of preparing for winter
    Wailing of gnats, crickets are singing

    Golden leaves dotted
    The paths before me
    Colours began to change
    From green to multi

    Hot and humid weather
    Leaves falling from trees
    Trees are waving hello
    To the autumn's breeze

    Inspired from the poem "To Autumn" by John Keats��

    May 12, 2021
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #autumn #wod #pod

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  • ankuaabha 1h

    Nature gives us hundreds examples
    That everything changes constantly..

    And another example is autumns..

    Although we love summer's long lazy days..
    But when autumn comes with her bliss...
    We attracts with her orange dress...

    The graceful autumn teaches us lessons
    To face life's ups and downs..

    She shows us the courage..
    To let them go who are in rage

    Her hairs are yellow_red_purple & salmon
    She has power to change the environ

    Her brown lips are like dark chocolates..
    Filled in nature's cupcakes..

    #ittzzmeaabha #wod #autumn #pod #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words

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  • monsteralive 2h


    I met autumn on the street she was looking fantastic like always, beautiful blonde hairs like leaves of trees and her smell like beautiful flowers and soil after rain and she was wearing nice top of orange colour and jeans of light brown like stem of the tree.

  • siddharthajana 2h

    I touch your face with a gentle caress
    Brace for me after the rains have passed
    Or the sultry summer heat has scorched your face
    For I am autumn,the season of falling leaves
    I embrace you with a smile
    And a serene world filled with nature's kiss
    I promise to come every year
    and it is a promise I keep
    With the carefree world of lovers
    It is happiness I reap
    The thunders of clouds
    Sometimes bring bags of rain
    I wash away their sins
    And all the cries of quivering pain
    I invite winter to share my soul
    But only he drapes me in blankets of cold
    And when I am lulled into rest
    Keeping your heart warm
    The promise of your visit kicks up a storm
    Within and I dance,with cheerful feet
    I whisper to them the sonnets of love
    And hope they will always remain
    Kissing like two doves
    And when they part
    And I hear their swansong
    I am torn apart,
    But I do believe in eternal promises
    Their love will remain
    And when my time has passed
    And I have experienced all the joys and sorrow
    The remnants of my hiraeth
    Promise a better tomorrow


  • themoonandthesun 2h

    #lame This made a lot of sense in my head.
    But now I'm not sure. ��

    Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. —Albert Camus


    With Summer's demise, I paint the world anew,
    Like the fading Flowers of illusions.
    I leave no leaves untouched.
    With a golden kiss, I nudge them to dance
    A final tango with the windy beloved.
    The skeletal trees stood naked,
    To bathe in a blanket of snow.

    With gold in my pockets, I lit the path
    For the white snow and hail
    Keats called me The Sun's "bosom friend"
    Yet, The sun grew cold and the rivers frozen
    These reaper has to take your leave,
    For winter hath come

    Americans call me, "The Fall",
    They compared me to decrepitude, Death.
    Yes! I'm "The Fall", not because this is sad
    Yet because,
    I make the leaves fall in love with the ground,
    The berries with the bears
    And You with the Nature.

    Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.― Stanley Horowitz


    Thank you @writersnetwork for the like ❤

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    I'm Autumn Not Fall!

    With Summer's demise, I paint the world anew,
    Like the fading Flowers of illusions.
    I leave no leaves untouched.
    With a golden kiss, I nudge them to dance
    A final tango with the windy beloved.
    The skeletal trees stood naked,
    To bathe in a blanket of snow.

    Americans call me, "The Fall",
    They compared me to decrepitude, Death.
    Yes! I'm "The Fall", not because this is sad
    Yet because,
    I make the leaves fall in love with the ground!
    And You with the Nature!

  • halfburntcigs 2h

    Summer was here to stay
    The type of girl who's loyal
    Till the very end.
    She brings those little strange flowers and
    Makes a wreath for your head.
    She is clumsy
    She spills frothy milk on her skies
    And yet you call it beautiful.

    The sun is furious,
    Looking at this gorgeous mess she comes with.
    He burns bright in rage
    Turning breathing a painstaking effort
    Making it heavy as lead.

    Summer cries, she's hurt
    And goes to the attic
    She packs up her things like always
    And runs down the stairs

    She takes away the green she came with
    She fruits the willow fields
    That were once colorful and blaring
    Like the sirens in the wind.

    She's a rebel, the sun says as he leaves
    He follows her trails, his beloved child
    The one he loves so dearly.

    The deciduous whines,
    As they are ripped off their virdescent
    Their leaves turn to gold and they fall to the ground
    Like pieces of glass all over.

    At a distance, on an old country road
    The bus halts for a passenger
    A girl walks down with ginger hair,
    Freckles and earthy eyes
    That make everyone stare

    She hums a song that makes you dance
    As she walks down the road with her bags
    With her midas touch, she turns to gold
    Everything that she tags.

    The southerly wind makes a stop
    To wink at her and make her stay
    The whole town is wondering
    And murmuring
    Whose wild child is this?

    She walks up to the fields and touches the yields
    Blessing them and giving them the strength
    To survive and serve others
    With a prosperous harvest

    She opens the doors and gets to the cabinet
    Where the people keep their gin and tonic
    She sits on the porch as the town gathers around
    Realizing who she finally is.

    An old man gets his ukelele and sings songs of her
    And she laughs and dances to his strings
    While serving men and women alike.
    Spreading joy around like a wildfire

    She is like a gospel choir that everyone celebrates
    The one that makes you forget the bitter parting
    Of a girl named summer
    That the town once loved.

    The people are finally relieved
    As a cold wind blows a poem
    A summer lost, long gone
    Here comes our Autumn.

    -Fall, halburntcigs

    #autumn #pov #pod #wod

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  • ujjwall 2h

    I stared up at the skyscrapers
    No one would notice if I fell
    Life would keep going on
    It always does

    A cold breeze brushed through
    Taking a step at a time
    Up the skyscraper
    Until I see the skyline

    Lights exploded
    In the whites of my eyes
    A city engulfed in darkness
    Standing still

    It only took a second
    For my feet to fly off the concrete
    Plunging towards the ground
    No one noticed I jumped.

    #autumn #wod

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