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  • _poetryfromher 24w

    My mind is like a blank page
    And you're drawing lines
    Trace of your fingertips
    Bringing me back to life.

  • rupestral_flower 24w


    People make you feel criminal
    If you are not stressed on the things they are
    Truth is when you are aligned with universe,life purpose
    There is nothing to worry
    If it looks like losing the battle of life
    They will ashame you for not being like them
    Make joke of your orions,hurt & play with emotions
    You are being prepared from future revolution
    Have faith!
    The contented pace is the signal
    Don't entangle in what should be done or not
    Stupid and baseless volumes of other heads
    brainwashing your head to echo same
    You are running on the main course fluently
    Your dreams and reveries hold you
    stronger and better
    Where you focus should be!

    You have to live in shadow of fake lavendars
    To be holder of real sunshine against gravity that pulls concious down,mirage world
    Its the skill needed to practice for survival and rise,slaying everyone from truth sword
    It will light up all dimensions not only there where you live
    This is the process of evolution black& white
    Don't ever blunder to change the track
    may get lost in vaccum
    To remake destructive things is not easy
    when you left nothing but a rag of yourself
    Afterall you will live and die alone not with spectators

  • ray_madhusmita 27w


    O' my dear audience
    l'll never meet you in this yard again
    only take my smile to your heart's lane
    l promise you will never be disappointed
    this smile l have ever kept
    inside my cosy cabinate
    you will neither find any dust over it
    nor any mud so pungent
    it is the lotus carrying all divine power
    it is the aroma so romantic a cloying zephyr
    u must extol it's innocent charm
    all day long it will make you a child so calm
    this world the name of pout a restlessness
    pages of melancholy so so deep and dense
    amidst all dark wood l could never smile a lot
    so many more flowers of my garden
    remained as buds ,unspoken inside pots
    at the time of last rain
    and dropping sunshine
    l only smile and l only smile
    now l have freed all my verses
    to sing the joy of metaphor
    the beauty of smile
    l hope to be remained forever.

  • bonitasarahbabu 28w

    In the splendid array of flowers,
    The lilacs were prominent.
    Their color was spectacular,
    And the diversity of their audience, they loved it.
    The birds, the bugs, and the homo sapiens,
    They loved the lilacs.
    The deep, pulsing color,
    It attracted many visitors.
    As the flowers bloomed,
    The audience grew, and many came to visit.

  • alicetheforsaken 28w


    You guys really love my poems!And I could never be more grateful for your support.I literally CRIED a little writing this,please read all of it because it's important!Seriously guys,thank you!

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    Thanks From Alice

    I'll tell you something you all know.
    I'm not an Edgar Allen Poe.
    I don't know how deep your interest goes.
    But it seems I do what fits.
    I'll never say that I'm the best.
    The competition has no rest.
    There are better poets than me and there's way more than I could've guessed.

    When I write,I drag my heart about.
    Watch my soul burn out.
    All through pen and page.
    I'll rip the tears from my eyes.
    Let the madness flow in mind.
    Put my smiles on every line.
    When I'm fine.
    And give you all of my rage.

    Every bit from in my cage.
    I've fallen down the rabbit holes in my heart.
    And went to Wonderland in my soul.
    I've spent years trying to make myself whole.
    And it tears me apart.
    But many followed me.
    Left a like or a share.
    Gave me a comment,so I know that they care.

    You cared when you didn't have to.
    So I just want to say thank you.
    You gave me hearts,you praised my lines.
    I must really be on your minds!
    It blew mines when my rainbow poem reach the likes of 89!
    You have better things to do.
    And better poems to read too.
    I'm certain this is more than true.

    Yet you chose me.
    I'm so glad I joined Mirakee!
    I got caught in the rain so much within.
    I didn't know you would help me peel off my chameleon skin!
    I wish I could pay you all back.
    I'd give you all a thousand hugs each infact!
    I'm not sure how much this poem will do.
    From my heart and soul,it's true!

    You loved me when you didn't have to.
    So Mirakee, I thank you!

  • miss_silentlyweird 28w

    Hello! Its been a while :)

    #mosaic #audience
    #wod #pod #mirakee
    Source ��: Canva

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    Poems are mosaics made of broken pieces of a heart,
    Painted with emotions,
    Paste with words of experiences and thoughts
    With a frame of a soul
    Displayed in a gallery where life is the audience

  • samir_17 28w


    Dried up...
    For memories became volatile
    For faith blinded the cause
    For hoping to change the inevitable
    For surface tension retarded the reaction
    For time was usual in phasing the state
    For the curve flattened down the way
    For it had to , dry up...


  • pooja17 28w

    My self talks are My true audience
    Each time...
    When there's no one
    who could understand me
    Then I started talking to myself
    Even asking questions to self and god...too**
    Why this happened and how to come out from it?
    Suddenly I got appropriate answers to those questions. ..
    No doubt self evaluation sometimes seems quite difficult But when we are used to it
    It's like a best friend to us..
    So it's always with you..
    And your inner voice never been wrong. .
    So don't worry and dwell on failures
    Just move ahead With Faith on god..
    Bcz he is the only one who could understand
    Without we utter a single word. .
    He is impartial if we are wrong he guide us the correct path..
    And if we are right his eyes were always be present with you wherever you are....
    We are never alone. .
    For gaining confidence and self motivation
    Be your own audience. ...
    Who show you the genuine you..like a shadow and a mirror**
    (Just my view)**
    Thankyou **

  • msushil 28w

    Failures, emotions, tears gherao me,
    Perplexity, lacuna obstruct me,
    And sincerity of my action
    become my audience
    To exhort me.
    Hors de combat may be the situation
    But brave is my hard work
    To usher me
    Towards the tunnel of light.
    Darkness chases me,
    Turmoil chases me,
    But I believe in the brevity
    And progress myself in the visible light.

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    Failures, emotions, tears gherao me,
    Perplexity, lacuna obstruct me,
    And sincerity of my action
    become my audience
    To exhort me.
    Hors de combat may be the situation
    But brave is my hard work
    To usher me
    Towards the tunnel of light.
    Darkness chases me,
    Turmoil chases me,
    But I believe in the brevity
    And progress myself in the visible light.

  • the_half_monk 28w

    Hello Mirror

    Do you know?
    How many lives I have lived?
    How many roles I have played?
    How many scripts do I have to follow?
    How many pages of pleasure...
    And how many of sorrows?
    How many times I will change my face?
    How long do I have to run...
    To leave my trace?

  • dory_d 28w

    #audience #mirakee #writersnetwork #wordsnthoughts

    I know I'm late but...
    Also quite lengthy so you can just skip it

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    I've always had some uncanny abilities
    to talk to my inner self in inaudible expressions
    At first it was only rage and grief
    Slowly as I grew older I wanted
    To suppress it down
    It was taking up all my nights
    Making them sleepless
    But nothing seemed to work
    So I transformed it into something better
    I taught my inner voice the art of performing
    Of poetry and singing
    And would rant them the whole night
    When suddenly a voice similar to that of mine
    Told me that it can listen to me
    And talk to me too
    I found my audience
    It was the night sky.....

    Dear stars,
    You were amongst my first companions
    You taught me the art of presentation
    Made me perform and sat in the rows
    I always thought y'all were unaproachable
    But warmth of your hearth proved me wrong ...
    And there'll never be enough words in my lexicon to pay your gratitude
    So I can only expect you to take my thank you....

    Dear moon,
    I earlier believed you were a spoiled child
    You were proud of being brightest
    Even when you were in fact smallest of them all
    I was indeed wrong again
    Your hospitality changed my views
    You were the closest of them all
    Most realistic of all..
    You were always busy though
    Your clique needed you too.
    But once in a month
    You were all mine
    I was all yours too...

    Those days were
    A dream I saw
    With my wide open eyes....

    Thank you so much my moon for making me know you, for making me realize that I'm not alone amid these unexplainable phenomenons...you were there with me too

    Dear meteors,
    When I met you the first time
    You were coming down to me
    But appeared so lifeless, so futile
    I decided to go on with the show
    But when you were closer
    I saw you smiling with innocence
    I giggled with joy
    But you were gone...
    It was then, when I decided to keep a
    Record of your comings
    I promised myself that
    I won't let any one of you
    Die with sorrow, die with misery...

    So dear meteors accept my wholehearted thank you for making all my dreams come true and for making me feel that I was worth something...
    Someone in the night sky needs me too...

    Dear comet,
    I was in my demense
    Performing as usual in midst of
    The stars and the moon
    When suddenly you passed by
    All eyes were on you
    And soon everyone realised
    Yours were on me
    So I continued
    And then you winked at me
    This was a secret between
    You and me...
    That moment,
    I reached the seventh sky
    I fell in love with you...
    And you never returned
    But I understand your life
    This love of ours will be
    There in my heart forever and always..

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me fall for you, for making me believe in my beauty again.....

    Dear milkyway ,
    I was coming out of my
    Comfort zone for the first time now
    I was told I'll be facing
    Zillions of stars at a single moment
    Thousands of invisible planets
    And maybe hundreds of nebular clouds
    I was not afraid of anything now
    By this moment
    I was filled with confidence..
    I was taken to a sky
    Pollution free and I experienced
    The best night that any human could've
    Ever had
    Although what I saw was only a glimpse of what you actually are
    It was so majestic, so surreal
    Something that cannot be bound in words
    Something that only one can know who have experienced it...

    So thank you from all my heart for giving me this opportunity to encounter something which I'll be taking to the grave....

    Dear aurora,
    Meeting you was another dream come true
    I was growing cool and mature now
    We planned a two night stay at your place
    But on the first day all I could do
    Was to stare at your magnitude beauty
    Which was larger than life but
    Was so smoothing , so calming
    Your unpareil beauty paralyzed me
    The next day I knew it very well
    That I won't be able to perform again
    So I took out my ukelele
    Matched the strings with your
    The atmosphere was so serene now
    I was quite in and out
    Everyone out there was filled with tears
    And I too was weeping softly

    Thank you so much dear for making me feel this sanctity , for making me get this tranquility which I was finding for years....
    Yes, I've stopped performing now
    People around me say I'm fine now
    As I can sleep in the night now
    So last but not the least,

    Dear darkness,
    Night is all about you
    my constant friend.
    I really don't know how to thank you .
    Paying gratitude is not enough..
    I know it was your voice ,
    That recognised my voice.
    You told me that you could listen to me
    And since then everything was changed.
    You were there when it all started.
    You are here today
    When everything is about to end..
    And I know you'll be omnipresent wherever I go...
    I just have this last request that
    If I'll be born again
    Someday somewhere
    In this cosmos
    Just remind me of me...
    Remind me that I owe you a lot from my previous life...


  • bellemoon99 28w

    #pod #wod #audience

    Demons and angels!
    Friends and foes!
    Welcome to my life.

    Your lovely eyes and senses are now my precious audience!

    Will you watch me plunge into the depths of madness?
    Or will you witness me conquer it all as the stars become my dress and sword?

    You may think me as arrogant, or maybe just silly. Why would anyone be watching me?
    Everyone is too busy with their own life, with their own tribulations to even care to look my way.

    Oh, but I feel the weight of their eyes as I walk on this tight rope that's my mind. The winds of destiny make me sway.
    Will I be your prey? Will I meet my end? You're too curious to look away!

    There's a reason why we sit for hours to watch people perform a play or dance their souls away. There's a reason why we stop and stare at the gruesome scene of a car crash, or maybe the corpse that's in display.

    We watch, and we stare. We stick around, and we don't care!
    No...we don't. Of course we don't.

    Is it entertaining? Is it curiosity? Is it a third party revenge? What makes you wait and see if my life goes up in flames?

    Maybe it's kindness, maybe it's hope. You wish to see others triumpth so you can too.

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    The performer

    Whatever it is, please don't look away. For I am a performer, and of my life I'll make a masterpiece worth remembering!

    So please, don't look away, or I might just fade into nothingness...or sink in despair.

  • rupestral_flower 28w


    Earth has its own grid system
    What if the thoughts we create are broadcasting signals?
    Whatever visuals we create in minch cobwebs
    It starts programming the live telecast when aliens tunes earth tv
    Are we really alone?

    Hundreds of masks we tried to hide traits
    acting lead,villan,cameo,supporting,double faced,split personalities,lier,cheater and so on....
    Really played original scripts alloted to us?
    What if the name of the project is "Evolution of earth"?
    Did we really supported or lowered?
    All those were watched by audience of the space
    How much hate or love had we earned from them?
    Maybe our paycheck is our concious board

    Things are beautiful but our love make them enticing
    We get amnesia before coming on earth
    I looked at mirror,reflection looked at my pupils
    I looked in mirror pupils,i found myself looking in the mirror
    If i try to do it in sync then this series will never end!
    "This means me and audience both are one"

    Much is hidden while few in five senses
    If earth is a giant crystals then we are mere its pulses per second
    But do Earth looks healthy and happy?
    Afterall we are audience too!

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  • dyliterature 28w

    Death of the Author

    When you read these words
    You imagine what you want
    While the words themselves
    Are concrete in size and font

    The content and the message
    Purely your own to decide
    Death of the author and such
    No matter where the work reside

    While I am the one writing
    With book and pen in hand
    You are the one who interprets
    Whatever meaning I had planned

    In that sense what I do
    Is as much yours as it is mine
    I write each word for myself
    You read for yourself each line

    Do not thank me for my work
    Thank yourself for having read it
    In the end I am just the vessel
    Just a name that you give credit


  • puchka 28w

    Poetry has a shifting audience
    like a river changing its course
    over decades.

  • hoorbanu98 28w

    Dear Audience♥

    The moment art is published,
    The Writer is dead
    And a reader is born
    So basically,
    Audience is a flower for "An Art"
    Dear audience❤♥❤
    You're the greatest leader of "An Art"

    《 15-05-2021 》

  • saffrone 28w


    I wonder what else I need to do although I'll cotinue to do the writings I do,to get an audience with you.

  • inkosazana_yakwa_jobe 28w

    I am because you are

    Writers are useless without readers.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 28w

    #audience #adventure #adventurec #happy #birthday
    #purplefambdays #party4maknae #acrosticc #ak_food
    15 May 2021
    11. 15 pm

    Part I - @arya_abhipsa @ak_anjali_daydreamzz
    Part II - @btslove @tamanna3 @fairytales_

    ✨PARTY FOR OUR MAKNAE @taekook_maknae ❤️

    •| A |•

    dainty petals of laughter bloom into space at the dips of her cheeks pulled into a serene simper
    when she watches her love coupled with heartbeats of another

    chuckles run free from the city of her lungs tinkling scarlet blush upon faces moistened with her harmonies
    like an assembly of Katydids chorusing for long gone summers

    decaying shrubs breath free beside her footsteps groping at the arid earth as reflections of stars shiver inside her honey brown irises
    and the moonbeams swiftly cake upon the prayers of hope blanketed over her shoulders by her disciples

    her fingertips mumble her depthless thoughts
    the ink of her pen talks big about and epics are foretold upon the wrinkled piece of seniling paper
    like shifty smiles faltering over sentimental fossils
    when hands tuck them into the folds of the earth
    "poets are perennial" their whispers ring around

    //her art accolades admirable accomplishments//


    •| C |•

    Delightful clouds of dreams, ecstasy in each bite, melting minds
    Baking hearts in the oven of love, forms cupcakes of her daydreams
    ~a delicious treat

    Corners alighted in burning passion, brightening her future
    One flame to thousand, multiplying sources, incandescent love ensure
    ~a candelebra in ballroom

    Popping glittery wishes and charming spells over everyone, her smiles
    Blooming bougainvillea over walls of minds, her fragrance reaches miles
    ~ a sparkling surprise

    Splash of colors in the canvas of sky, myriad hues adorn her soul
    Scarlett loves to azure blues, her ink takes stars on a stroll
    ~ a rainbow bliss

    // Caking colors on the canvas of heart
    Cradling confetti of dreams in art //


    Acrostics on BG by ©ak_anjali_daydreamzz
    BG edits by ©arya_abhipsa

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  • emptypen 28w

    Nature is the world's best pain reliever, motivator, a mood lifter and a healer.
    So let it be your audience.
    Let it see you step out of your dungeon,
    Forcefully loosening those mental chains,
    Let it witness you in your vulnerable state,
    Open your wounds to the Mother Nature,
    Vent it all out, trust the process,
    And you will see yourself being you again.
    #audience #wod #pod

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    Nature is the world's best pain reliever, motivator, a mood lifter and a healer.
    So let it be your audience.
    Open your wounds to the Mother Nature
    Vent it all out, trust the process,
    And you will see yourself being you again.