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    Firstly thanks all for supporting, encouraging and liking my writing and approaching and motivating for more and more, thanks for being a part of my journey of writing, and especially thanks @miraquill for giving me 100 followers in just a single day (24hours) as I am here just from the past 1 month, on my old previous account(which I am not able to login through FB because of some login issues, but soon will retrieve that,when I was new to this platform I got 100 followers in 10 days but this time 100 followers in just a day, this means that you guys are liking my stuff, so thanks all.

    So here goes my story:
    This is true I used to write randomly in my childhood, used to think in my mind but neither shared with anyone nor wrote that down but with the passage of time I left this hobby, then few years back I got my intrest in this again,with the help of him❤i use to talk like in a poetic way, he noticed that forced me to write as I was all the time busy with my schedule I didn't managed to write but few months back he again insisted and forced me for writing stuff and in the same days I saw on social media everyone sharing their talent then I thought why i wasted my childhood talent and still I am wasting so then I motivated myself and started to write and share on different social platforms then lot of people liked my writing, approached me to write more and more, I got different offers about writing books, collaborations and poetry and much more but this is an another question I never responded to anyone��as I am not a social person and I am totally not having any friends because I am not interested in childish things,because making friends breaking friendships it suits in childhood not in adulthood, okay leaving it so discussing about my writing currently I am working on my books "������ �������������� �������� ������������", �������� ������������ ������������������������",and the other one is "���������������� ���� ������������", soon they will be published on Amazon Kindle in paperbacks and in ebook modes and I am publishing that also with Notion press publications and also with fresh code books, I must say I am not a professional not even a passionate writer , I am just an amateur,on daily basis while thinking about life automatically lines stories and poems comes into my heart and mind just in 1 minute of thinking and then I immediately jott that down, I didn't think for hours for writing something like other writers do��, and also want to say I am not a good reader I mean I don't read books even I don't like,not even a poetry reader or book lover neither I am fan of any well known famous writers or poets or authors nor impressed my anyone's writing and not copying other's stuff, I am just giving flame to the hobby of my writing by writing down the originality which happens with me and others in day to day life, and not interested in fiction and fake world stories which is having no value and which is of no use in real life.
    And I believe real meaning full writing comes from heart, comes from those things which happens with us in reality, good writing means explaining the real truth, good writing doesn't come from reading books or being in love with books of others, it comes from inside of us not from copying other's stuff.

    #writers #poets #poetry #shayiri #love.

    Original post on my previous account @muskaanbhatt and retyped and reposted on my new account @muskaanbhatt_ with some changes

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the ❤

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    Koi shoukh na tha mujhe likhne ka
    Par usne likhne pai majbour kia
    Bol kai tum mai kuch khoubi hai
    Usne mere andar kai lekhakh ko jaga dia

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    As a science student, I have to apply my science knowledge in my writings��

    P.s: I am enjoying my new id more than the old one��

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    I LOVE YOU♥‿♥

    People say, I love you to the moon and the back,seems so asinine to me, I mean moon is not so far from earth, so they mean I love you a little.

    But I should say, I love you to the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy and the back, I mean this galaxy is so far from our Milky Way galaxy, so I mean I love you so exceedingly.

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    Not working

    Why isn't this shitty app working
    It's becoming boring day by day

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    Not the traditional myth but a modern one��
    #pod #wod #myth #writers #attic #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Look the sun is again going down to create the beauty of horizon
    Exactly in the evening everyday how sun meets the surface and seems like dies in

    That orange illumination is glowing from all over the sky
    It's not the sun full of light but it's twilight which is left after saying the goodbye

    Everything appears so shadowy,showing it's lovers an another part of elegance
    Revealing it's glamour even after the sun-sets and removing from the observer's heart the stink of arrogance

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    That evening when I was gazing the sun,
    And it started vanishing.
    I once again was left down-hearted,
    But then instantaneously,
    I heard a feeling.

    Darling, It's not the sunsets and sunrises that you want,
    It's me your Moon, full of dark and still shining bright,
    Away from the stars.

    You need me, you need my light,
    Don't let your heart fall apart.

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    And when he was talking about the colours,
    he suddenly closed his eyes, and laughed.
    The smile that took all my worries away.
    I wonder how the sky bears his smile?
    It seems the clouds come nearer to hear his voice,
    And the sun,
    Tries to hide because surely his smile is brighter and beautiful than anything and I ...
    I just don't want to stop staring at that smile.
    His eyes makes me feel everything at once,
    And his smile, God.
    His smile gives me everything I ever want,
    And that's where I feel,
    May be this is my forever, Yes forever.
    May be talking to him for a while is forever,
    Or may be watching him for a while is forever.

    Little did he know how much I adore him,
    And how my mind keep playing his pictures everytime.
    I wish, it could stay forever,
    His smile and his hand in my hands?

    And then this happened,


    P.s; I had written this years ago and it was too too long but i wanted to keep it precise so that mirakee people can read it without getting bored. :)

    (Not so active these days)

    #color #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I am his favourite colour.

    That day when we were sitting and conferring about colours,

    I asked him about his favourite,
    And he told me he loves all the colours that I have.

    He loves the pink colour of my face, when I blush.
    He loves my red lips and my not so black eyes.
    He loves my hair brown and black.

    He loves all the green's and blue's, red and pink, black and whites, when I am around.
    He loves all the warm shades of my watches and all the grey sparkle of my rings.

    He loves how colourful my nails are.
    He loves when the sky looks blue and dark.

    He loves me above all.


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    That someday you'll crave for my life. ��
    #temp #wod #pod #attic #ceesreposts #travel #notworth
    #simple #anaphora
    Lamest thing I can write.
    I have been using simple vocab lately, since I am learning indian literature these days in my Grad!!!��

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I will reach up high.

    I can touch the sky.

    I am not going to cry.

    There'll be no more lies.

    I will be welcomed in paradise.

    I could be happy with my life.


  • aimansheikh 4w

    You once told me that,
    You are not worth me.
    See now,
    I have fallen down so much,
    So that you can be worth for me.


  • aimansheikh 4w

    #nostalgia #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Not so perfect.
    Old poems turning into gold. ☺️��

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    Rain again;

    Oh!! it's Raining again, and he is not with me so all in vain.
    But luckily these falling drops are with us, revealing me all his tales.

    Sometimes it rains so deep,and sometimes so shallow,
    how would i guess if he is missing me right now or no.

    Ahh, this aches, aches like hell.
    But let me pray for you to be with me,
    because I have seen you in dreams, till the last of this eternity.

    I hope we could turn around, put it all away,
    so that we can come back to us again.


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    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts

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    I CRY TOO.

    I cry too,
    In times when I find myself alone,
    No one to talk,
    And not feeling fine.
    Well now i choose not to,
    Because for when I did in the past,
    They just blamed me for all of it.
    That this misfortune,
    And all of my sufferings,
    Are my fault lines.
    That they will break me in time.
    That I should follow what they want,
    And what they say,
    If I want to be saved.
    I should neglect my own heart,
    My own desire,
    My own passion to be fine.

    I cry too,
    Even when i seem smiling every single day,
    Because when night comes,
    And i lay myself on my bed,
    I remember what hurts.


  • aimansheikh 5w

    I kept on writing about the scars,
    And he kept on reading and healing me at the same time.

    I kept on asking if I ever look alluring,
    And he kept on calling me pretty with all those unwounded marks.

    I kept on asking him to leave me all the time,
    And he kept on passing all the fights with his smile.

    I kept on preserving all the bad memories,
    And he kept on giving me butterflies around the clock.


  • aimansheikh 5w

    Tried not worth.
    Wanted to write more but can't.
    (Examssuck) ������������

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I met you when I was when in juvenile,
    And we made a promise to walk together for miles and miles.

    You took my hands and catechize,
    If you can hold them forever and I looked down with a shy smile.

    Slowly, when i crossed the imperfect stage,and started accepting that no love is perfect and it's all really fine.

    Now when I know, It's been forever since we know each other, and never had you ever made me cry, it was then when I realised,
    That Darling, You are the Love of My Life.

    Yet, we grow together with our little happy life.


  • aimansheikh 5w

    If it is meant to cure?

    #monostich #wod #pod #attic #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Thankyou WN for the ❤️ .
    And miraqull for EC ❤️��

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    And why does it HURT, if it's really LOVE?


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    #pod #wod #attic #urdu #ceesreposts

    @miraquill waise you won't understand it, phir bhi faraz nibha deti hu.
    @writersnetwork aap tou kuch bhi like karte ho na!!!

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    Humara jeena haram karke,
    Tum dua'en aaram ki karte ho?

    Kya batavu tumko mai,
    tum kya hie kamal karte ho.


  • aimansheikh 5w

    All my poems will belong to you till you don't come back home.
    I miss you my heart , I know you will be with me soon.��❤️

    #combination #wod #pod #attic #ceesreposts

    #miraquill #writersnetwork

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A part of me is holding back tears,
    Knowing that you will never come back to me shows me a fear.

    What a strange time this is,
    A few days back you were in my arms, and now that they are empty wanting you back but you are not near.

    But I still breathe, wait and hope,
    One day you'll be here, calling my name and I will hug you again till I don't stop the tears.


  • aimansheikh 5w


    Beauty is upon you;


    Only you can see my scars even in the dark,

    And only you can be the part that my heart want.


  • aimansheikh 5w

    For you NOOR. ❤️
    you made me a living dead body bro!! I miss you hell much please come back home. :)
    I know you can't live without us, just come back, I need you the most. ��

    #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts #combination
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I loved you more than I loved myself,
    because I always had faith that you will stay.

    But you turned the page and touched another life,
    did not you thought about me or how will I feel?

    There was no such moment of saying goodbye and leaving,
    only if I had a chance we would have at least gone for a very long walk.

    Now they say;

    What died before death?

    I died before death, you made me a living dead by leaving me alone.
    Now, how am I supposed to grow,
    Tell me how am I supposed to grow?
    Because, I will remember you for the rest of my life,


  • aimansheikh 6w


    I wrote a fairy tale,
    about you and me.

    Where we used to dance,
    Till the world does not sleep.

    I wrote a fairytale,
    about you and me.

    Where I kept you in my arms,
    till we both fell asleep.

    I wrote a fairy tale,
    about you and me.

    Where we were always together,
    without having to leave.


  • aimansheikh 6w


    When I hear the sound of you coming near me,
    holding my hand and asking me to walk along,
    how can I not lose my breath at the same time again and again.

    When you touch my eyes and say this is the most beautiful ocean you have ever seen,
    how can I not die for that touch again and again?

    When you say I can smell you even in the crowd,
    because I have you in my veins, how can I not fall for those lies again and again.

    When you start looking at me while I am busy with myself and you say please don't ever leave me alone,
    how can my tears stop from falling again and again?


  • aimansheikh 7w

    Just know that, I waited enough,