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    Train of her life consist of 26 couchettes, cessate in a warren of poems

    Daughter of Autumn
    Anguished allegories are ambling
    on the alcove of aestheticism where
    aubergines of artistry are amaranthine
    to ablaze the alliterative arms of an
    artist whose art is atoned of autumnal
    autographs and asteroids

    Ballerina: Her sċōh‎ pirouettes stories
    Backyard, her braids ballyhooed
    as bullions where begonias and
    bergamot boohoo for blue birds
    who burgeons the benign boats
    of breeze to boogie beneath the
    ballet boots

    Celebration of Existence
    Caked up countenance carved the
    chapters concomitantly with coffins
    chock-a-block with creases and the
    campfire creating a collision betwix'
    consonants and candent candles
    chorusing to cook a cake of clay

    Diaries: Draped Dreams
    Decorating the dale with dreams
    dwindling dreamcatchers awaits
    for a dilemma dated as a day of
    dainty daffodils which delineate
    dauntless diaries

    Entitling Hope in Mystic Orbs
    Entropically, enslaved eyes
    erupting an eventide encased
    in eerie and enthralling ellipses
    engraving evanescence in

    Faded: Freckled Fountains
    Faint forenoon, flickering flowers
    with flakes' frost and flames of
    fermented fuchsia unto the fluffy
    figs of forbearance

    Gifting Ghazals to Gloominess
    Gyrating gulmohars gigglemugs
    to goldilocks gaping at the goose
    of gaiety glittering the grampuses
    with glossaries to gnaw glee and

    Huckery: Honeyed hearts
    Hail on the heartbreaks and
    hopscotch the hinged halls of
    happiness hovered to hop the
    heaven's heart

    A haiku to invite Matsuo Basho
    Imbroglio irises ignify an
    impressive iconographic
    iota of imagination impact
    the iced-isle to innate inked
    isochronic illusions

    Wrong Way: Jumbling Cobblestones
    Jingle-bells in the jocund
    jungle where jests join the
    January journals with the
    jacketed joy

    To Find Home
    Known or (un)known
    kalopsia where Kafkaesque
    kimos and kites knead klit
    to be known of kindness

    Love: Dead Bones
    Love a lustre luring loom,
    lanterning the lilies and lost
    in lust limping like a laurette
    to live with the lanky lime of
    longevity, looting land-lamps

    Carriage of Beauty
    Moon miles away map to
    mysterious moonscapes
    morphing mornings to
    mourned meadows

    Nights: Awoken by Similes
    Nymph noticing a night
    netted with noons nestled
    nape of nostalgic nefarious

    Myths Oohed with Plights
    Oompahed the ottoman owl
    oolongs omnipresent the
    offed omens obfuscating
    the odds

    Poets: Crocheting Sentiments
    Ponds were prepossessed
    with poems and pauses
    painting a poignant penumbra
    of phantoms and phantasm

    Quest of Metaphors
    Quill or quietude
    mayhap quenched the quixotic
    queries quipping the questionnaire
    with quick qualms

    Rendezvous: Bus of Nihility
    Red or roses
    the rainbows so rhombic
    rural or reckon to
    routes and rooms
    rare or real ?

    Spring will Arrive
    Soon the sun will set
    the stars scintillate with
    sombre shade or may naught
    shrink the subfusc syllables

    Tinge of Death
    Train will tootle
    to turn or take off the track
    toast and toss the tyres
    trembled trespassers
    tasting twilight to be
    trapped under the table

    Utopia: Feuillemort
    Umbra of urchins will
    be umbrellas to unreal
    and umbrageous urns
    are ubiquitous

    Voice or whimpers?
    Virgins now vaping
    with vantablack veracity
    to vamoose away from
    the vulnerable vamps

    Wicked: Winters
    Woolen windows and
    warm waning gibbous
    wagered the waffles
    whistling above the
    welkin of writhing

    And Xylophones were
    xeroxing the xerophytes
    to form xenial in xeric

    Yawning yesterdays
    and yawps of yestermorrows
    yin yang to each other
    at yonder where young
    yammers are yielding

    Conclusion: Silence
    Zapping zeroes out from
    zeitgeist zombies of zeal
    zinc to zippered zawn

    A poetess lived 26 lives while travelling through a train, with each passenger she met, a new curtain of life unfolds for her. She progressed till the 26th passenger later to remember, she wasn't counted as one of them. But, she is the lost part or lesson they learned while they suspire in the tunnel of mockery, she was their muse, a hidden poet they never knew existed in themselves. She is a voice to their silence.
    PS. Each part expounds the thought of a passenger.

    @safflower You are that person who always glittered love and warmth in this place. Thank you so much for everything , for giving me a shoulder in this moving train . A very happy birthday to you :-) stay happy . Love .

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much team for supporting me in my ups and downs *-* unexpected.

    #tautogram #hyperbole mayhap !

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    Two words, a verse, few papers smudged with those footsteps which saunter on broken pebbles of love when the train whistles adieus and hiraeth smoke out wrenched poets,
    finding hope in the cracks of their souls.
    |•poetry, a womb of light •|

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    #personification #atozwitch
    Ok, so this isn't going to be deleted . Phew. I felt I gave my 100 percent now .

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    Bizzare embodiment of nature .

    (A)pricot oil glistened on autumn's comminuted
    lips as she smooched the (B)rooklyn and bailey of pulverized sabulous
    castles casted a (C)atastrophic cloudburst which boohooed those inconsequential (D)iaries which are caged in the morning light and the (E)levators of evolutions effecting the eventide

    (F)asts and fate when slaughtered a whimsical
    water droplet it trembled on the old (G)ramophone the moon's grandma used to play under its grey cicatrix (H)ourglass mourned how immediately time abandoned its arenaceous womb

    (I)gloos of ink visualized a war betwixt quills and poets (J)unction which cusped the musings and melodramatic meme-makers (K)ites teleported a beautiful childhood to the house of destruction (L)avenders are lost in the labyrinth of lust and love

    (M)obiles and motor-mentors are cwtchin' the electric wires of computers (N)umerical, arithmetic sequences has lynched the throat of students (O)pportunities are fuming in hubris but saints or politicians are swallowing the consequences and deserving sapiens (P)oetry has been rewarded the certificates of sorrows, melancholia and heartbreaks

    (Q)ueries are quarantined or isolated by big-mouths and arguments (R)oses were red but now are dripping with blood and wine (S)ongs were made to peace the nights; earphones causing ear-emulous (T)ypewriters taping the typing hands with band-aids and dark marks

    (U)niverse is debating on humanity when homosapiens are reason of holocaust (V)acuum thoughts are lingering over the chest of nights and eclipses (W)ood is harassed by cutting the trees in shallow weather or pessimism (X)ylophonic williwaw is silent as it descry every second of soul-searching (Y)outh is dead in baked biscuits and birthday parties

    are quenching
    the tongue of last alphabet
    of life and

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    Aglow the dead words/in lèvres of mockingbirds/poems etch on girds

    Books are acumen /aptly profound and bunsen/to cryptic brooklyn

    Clasp few metaphors /from unorthodox seashores/(or) cage fabled centaurs

    Doused dictionaries/in grubby-flamed libraries/lynched like the questionnaires

    End thou envisage/in smithereens of salvage/abutting pawn-age

    Furbelow festooned/with stars and the moon lampooned/when death was once spooned

    Gurgling the stages/of age and the visages/like moon's frail phases

    Hourglasses array/chomping on fleshes, astray/with clocks and sun's ray

    Illusive inkpots /empty bottled wishes, clots/burgeoning new blots

    Jaws which are mouldered/steadily language slaughtered/in sighs it clamored

    Kef the scars and frights/what you blame are your insights/peppered with the plights

    Love is cure or blind/for fingers and orbs entwined/and soulful hearts bind

    Monsoon's pure demure/macabre misdemeanor/autumnal coiffure

    Nosepins of spring/summer's tiny diamond ring/joy of rain they bring

    Ole red crisp roses/oxymoronic proses/and poems glosses

    Papers and brushes/picturesque the blemishes/when the wind gushes

    Quarantined humans/coronaviridae shuns/handshakes we beckons

    Rhymes and the music/rhythmic, totally classic/lyrical clastic

    Saudade I behold/optimism or memoir gold/what the life's clock hold

    Teleport trinket/of night's black and dark blanket/morphed into bracket

    Ululating dreams/birthday cakes or some ice creams/where penury screams

    Vaguely the quill versed/chapters and roundabouts, cursed/when the phantasm burst

    Winter slowly blushed/when its lips monsoon's spell crushed/clouds silhouette hushed

    Xylobium worn/on her feet which are sun-born/sang taciturn dawn

    Yawps of silent death/beleaguered from aftermath/what the life once hath

    Zipped-up abused mouths/seconds, minutes, days or months/oblivious garths.

    #haiku #atozwitch
    @writersnetwork I'm honored :) Grateful .

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    Poet (a) thaumaturge
    when urge to write, words submerge
    (when)he rhymes, rivers merge

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    *Kef means a dreamy condition

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    Are we Vandals?

    Although artists or
    books bespangle the
    camphor of cacophonous chagrin
    dwelling like doleful
    eagles entwined with
    frenetic forbearance
    gleaming like a giggle-mug or
    hopeful hiccups to
    illustrated infuriation
    jeopardizing jocose
    kef like a klutz being
    lost but larking lively
    as he mumbles macabre
    nuances and nightmares
    obnoxiously occult
    the pages printed and pulverized
    into qualms which queried
    by roaring rains
    symbolizing a senseless
    train of thoughts to tacenda
    ululating unspoken
    vowels or verses in
    winks of whispering
    xylophones or
    yestermorrows to yesterdays
    zinc(ed) like zeitgeist

    ~an open apology to books and bards .

    The above poem describes how we forget about our literature, poetry and libraries. Those writers and poets who bedecked our cosmos with words and we act like a klutzy person for whom these things are worthless we ruin the magnum opus of poetries and poets into dust and rust .

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    FoR HyGIeNE

    Clip some butterflies on the ropes of imagination and use cabalistic ink with purely plucked peafowl feathers carve them into a quill. Lave your hands with scintillating stars and apt verities.


    2 anklets of aestheticism
    A bag of bygone books
    chillies of carpe diem
    dusty dolour
    blushing espies on ether
    few flowery flames
    gust of gale
    a hopeful hiraeth
    Infinite irises of ink
    jumbled words
    knitted kites of alphabets
    luminance of luna
    minty metaphors
    nightmares marinated with nightfall
    oozes of oxymorons
    pallette of p(a)ep(p)er
    a querying bowl
    ruined roses and rains
    sounded syllables
    tray of tinctures
    u from packet of vowels
    vamoosed silhouettes
    woolen whispers
    x as comma
    yellow (you)niverse
    zigzag heartbeats


    Take a basket of Infinite irises of ink dip a pallette of p(a)e(p)per in it.

    Preheat a querying bowl add vamoosed silhouettes, woolen whispers, zigzag heartbeats, dusty dolour and chillies of carpe diem under the luminance of luna .

    Put that bowl on few flowery flames stir the mixture with x as comma and turn off the flame by the dash of yellow (you)niverse.

    Plate this out in the tray of tinctures take 'u' from packet of vowels to garnish it with silver vark from sounded syllables.


    For icing use a soft silk sheet wreath it with dusty dolour, oozes of oxymorons, ruined roses and rains, a hopeful hiraeth, gust of gale and two anklets of aestheticism keep mixing it without lumps.

    Free the knitted kites of alphabets while blushing and espying at ether wear a smile and decorate your poetry with jumbled words place it into a bag of bygone books after sprinkling minty metaphors on it.

    (You can bedeck your poetries with pain or phantasm)

    (You can add humour or science while preheating the bowl)

    (You can use moonlight in place of silver vark)



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    Poetry dates back to caveman
    and the earliest shamans later
    invented by the Sumerians to
    picturesque their stories of
    life in the form of epic
    poetry. The father of
    poetry is Geoffrey
    (A bowl of poesy)

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    @mrkhan56 I adore you *-* HBD . Stay blessed and happy always (✿ ♡‿♡)


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    Poetry was a poet

    When poetry was a poet
    canoodling creases of
    cornflowers cascading a
    cloth caked-up with the
    cradles of calligraphers


    ambled to
    draping the
    ether with
    floral garth
    hiraeth in
    and jars of
    kafka kites
    to metaphors
    when nightfalls
    to quieten
    the roaring
    a terra of
    and vintage
    words to
    xenia to
    yearn the
    zappai of
    zing and
    (aura of
    the muses)

    ~Poetry was a poet when he quilled Wordsworth's pantheism with Ghalib's Ghazals.

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    *The first belly dancers were a group of traveling dancers known as the ghawazee.
    *Salah Jahin was known as ‘the poet of the revolution’ as a lot of his work was greatly inspired by the 1952 Egyptian revolution.

    The Ghawazee
    (Belly Dancers)

    A hindrance to dancing silhouettes
    A hindrance to rustling zephyr
    A hindrance to ballet and ballerina
    A hindrance to soaring poetries

    Banished they wore sandals forlorn
    Banished they flamed the woebegone
    Banished they cut spaces and stories
    Banished they halted blazing culpability

    Clandestine cocoon on their belly skin
    Clandestine cocoon to carve carcasses
    Clandestine cocoon for giddy moves
    Clandestine cocoon as for later consequences

    Dancing in cups to brew the culture
    Dancing in clouds to optimize the sky
    Dancing in canvases to suspire sunrises
    Dancing in deserts with warm breeze

    Egypt sways with brooks of books
    Egypt sways with Jahin's poetic revolution
    Egypt sways with Great Sphinx Of Ghiza
    Egypt sways with dash moves of belly dancers

    Flip the pages when dance was God
    Flip the pages when quick belly motion crowned
    Flip the pages when this art was worshipped
    Flip the pages when thin body wasn't needed

    Ghazals gurgles the silence of solace
    Ghazals gurgles that moving demeanor
    Ghazals gurgles beleaguered to haiku-hours
    Ghazals gurgles when belly's devour the beats

    Healing prowess some tied with songs
    Healing prowess some gulped through clowns
    Healing prowess some find in temples
    Healing prowess some whirl through capering

    Inked the destinies in the bottled promises
    Inked the dreams on the wings of butterflies
    Inked the destruction at the 3:00 am tick
    Inked the despondency in their oscillation

    Juxtaposition of rainbows and phantasm
    Juxtaposition of ghunghroos and gajray
    Juxtaposition of pleasure and passion
    Juxtaposition of sashay and allemande

    Knightly stars when weave dark constellations
    Knightly stars when shone with chimera
    Knightly stars when beautified poetries
    Knightly stars when whirls in moonbeams

    Looting nuances to dug the puddled abodes
    Looting nuances to catch sparrows and fireflies
    Looting nuances to stitch yellow daffodils
    Looting nuances to learn the art of twirling

    Manoeuvring on vertiginous wine-fields
    Manoeuvring on stages of alchemy
    Manoeuvring betwixt chapters of history
    Manoeuvring at the glimpse of poets

    Nosepins meandering with rosy l(h)ips
    Nosepins meandering with balladry of hair
    Nosepins meandering with twitches of stomach
    Nosepins meandering with circling feet

    Oasis their orbs carry two sunsets of cadavers
    Oasis their palms to say adieu to autumn
    Oasis their shadows complimenting blackness
    Oasis their ringlets moving with permanence

    Pulchritude gypsies dabbling bizarre fables
    Pulchritude gypsies cursing the backasswards
    Pulchritude gypsies trembling with symphonies
    Pulchritude gypsies dancing in The River Nile

    Quadruplet to couplet their sways concoct
    Quadruplet to prose their journey bedeck
    Quadruplet to sonnets their tears envelopes
    Quadruplet to limericks their soul sails

    Rollicking through the crest and trough
    Rollicking through the stygian eclipse
    Rollicking through vague allegories
    Rollicking through ballrooms and kingship

    Songs are upbeat to rock and royals
    Songs are brimming life, death and glee
    Songs are susurrating on broken lyrics
    Songs are radiating beauty in their sculpture

    Twinkling anecdotes pirouetting with verses
    Twinkling anecdotes painting out treasures of sea
    Twinkling anecdotes gulping the Titanic screams
    Twinkling anecdotes highlighting their physique

    Utopia till Mughal's Mahal stole the galaxies
    Utopia till Martin was chasing fireflies
    Utopia till Van Gogh captured the starry night
    Utopia till The Ghawazee were quilling tactics

    Voyages to engulf the shawl of summer
    Voyages to understand every motion
    Voyages to feel magic and dance in nature
    Voyages to learn the hidden staircase of passion

    Waists underpin with woes and euphoria
    Waists underpin to frozen moon and glamorous sun
    Waists underpin with winks and cheers
    Waists underpin with eddy and billowing cadence

    Xibelani dance hit the right strings of heart
    Xibelani dance engrossed the crying garth
    Xibelani dance for cavorting on horizon
    Xibelani dance portraying sand and swings

    Yesteryears chewing the flow of chorus
    Yesteryears burling the crisp creases
    Yesteryears to birl the body like combers
    Yesteryears cascading aurora of gyrating

    Zilch one cleave in arduous streams
    Zilch one clad in vivid imageries
    Zilch one feel to endure the void
    Zilch they rotate with blooming belly .


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    "If I have to use an
    anaphora to describe you,
    I'll summon dwarf of death
    to cage your sway
    In the tapestry of urnfield"
    ~Egypt's cacophony to
    The Ghawazee.

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    Thriving whispers when once blew the 999 sonnets I wrote . I stumbled down from the hidey-hole (miraquill) where my hair turned gray . Craving the walls of despondency with poetical stones. I lived , breath and wore poetry. Still my lips quiver when someone calls me a poet . Cause springs when collide with autumns my quill smelt into phases of Moon. Crowning the night with white lilies and a query strikes my mind . Why I can't bedeck the barque where stars (poets) live?

    /I was a speck of dust in this versatile ocean of poetry
    And steadily I bloomed into a poetic rose/


    Happy birthday @/miraquill *-* Thank you so much for everything . Also my lovely miraquilleans I'm indebted to you all . You are blessings to me.


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    MIRAQUILL~A POETICAL Paean To World Of Poets.

    What are Alliterations of poems?

    /Punctuating pain and perfume of profundity
    Opera oozing onslaught ordeal to optimism
    Edges in elegies effect eclipses and eventides
    Truthful tongue-twister tinting twinkling tweets/

    How Butterfly can be cinquain ?

    are tinting skies
    with rhapsodies of quill
    moon blush, a poet weave his
    sprinkling glitters vigorously
    carving night on its palms
    henna of hope
    and love/

    Why Chastushka's attired of sarcasm?

    /Poetries are chandeliers for horrid nights
    Obsessed in cups made by shallow might(s)
    Encompassing the abyss of brewing plights
    Melancholic but profound aura, feather-lights/

    Why diamonds glow in Diamante?


    How Epigram beautify wisdom?

    "Remember you may start to scribble sonnets from haikus
    but in people's eyes you always will be monotonous"

    When freedom cwtch Free-verse ?

    /I espied a realm of
    magic and belief ~ miraquill
    where orbs glisten with rhymes
    and quills the only weapon/

    How Grook a duvet of warmth?

    /Fear fears me every time
    So why I obey darkness?
    sour my scars like lime
    tonight I'll cage brightness/

    Haiku's suspire life?

    /Towards pain I wilt
    like autumn till poetry
    yawn tranquility/

    Is Idyll imagery of a realm?

    /That king wore bangles
    and temples for transgenders
    where sex isn't a religion
    Modesty a veil to that country/

    Does Jueju speaks volumes?

    /Will stumbled two time
    When grey swords cause crimes
    I swallow cloudbursts
    To feel pure cold gusts/

    How Kimo paint you?

    /Poesy camouflage the fire of hearts
    visualizing mind's state
    enshrouds life's episode/

    Do Lanterne spread light?

    running fast
    sunrise sunsets

    Every query is a Mondo?

    /Who are poets?
    they drink autumn wine to blue the days of winter/

    How Name poem introduce something?

    /Quietude lies in its soul
    Ululating the verities
    Inking down breathes
    Luminous and profound
    Lantern to darkness/

    Questionku give life to conundrums?

    /Alive but dead
    fallacies whimpers
    why stuck in myths and lies?/

    Why Rhymes are classical?

    /I crochet down words
    When sings the wanderers
    with tiny-pillow 'the birds
    hushing the squalling combers/

    Why Sijo bedeck powerful metaphors?

    /Tantalizing the charm of abhorrence destructively
    When asked about wisdom and strength they shower guffaws of pity
    Evanescent clocks suspire them out of the history/

    How love submerge in Tanka?

    /Engulfing you and me
    sun evaporate hatred
    blushing fireflies in
    your lips I wanna kiss now
    till we sway on our heartbeats/

  • fromwitchpen 31w

    Ataraxia abominate
    abhorrent asteroids
    aureate apocalyptic
    arcs in adroit artists

    Beleaguered bits in
    ballooned badassery
    built barbaric bumps
    in baked boulevards

    Cruelty concocted
    crunched caterwauls
    cluelessly cursing
    in crisp cacophony

    Dead dust dominate
    drunkard's doleful
    disappointments in
    delicate daffodils

    Economic exploitations
    ebbing (away) elated
    educational envisions
    in empty eulogies

    Flamboyant fabrics
    festooned on fearless
    faces functioning firm
    fistful floppies of filters

    Galloping gutsy gusts
    of glimmering gaged
    gossamers gifting in
    glided guffawed gurks

    Health handicapped
    hours to heal howls
    of haunting harmony
    hitting hard hearts

    Inking ivies in ill irises
    indulging impatient
    impairing inadequate
    and irrational idioms

    Jocund jovial journey
    justify the jungled
    jams into june and
    july's joyride jests

    Knees kited (up) to
    knit kites of kindled
    kindness in knightly
    knobbly kerchiefs

    Love lasts loosen
    loops of life limn
    the luminous lamps
    in lethargic labyrinth

    Melancholy mumbles
    music of mundane
    maims to mourn the
    malicious moonlight

    Nostalgia nosedive
    nanoseconds into
    non-neutral norms
    neglecting nomads

    Oblivion oohed
    ochre opalescent
    owl orbs obnoxious
    to opaque obedience

    Poignantly poured
    palette of positivity
    on papyrus when
    picked pen of poet

    Queries quenched
    qualms and quotes
    of quarantined ques
    by quivering quacks

    Rosettes reddened
    revolutionary rains
    and rhythmic rants
    in rhombic realm

    Suspicious souls
    silhouette to sombre
    skies surpassing
    saddened sighs

    Thoughts thwacked
    tincture of twinkling
    tales on tenebrous
    tilted towered tombs

    Ululating on umbrellas
    of ugly uniforms unusual
    upholstery to uphills
    of utopian universe

    Vintage visualization
    of verses vamp to
    villages of visible
    ventured vermillion

    Women wrapped in
    wallops of wooden
    watches walking,
    wornout but winsome

    Xany xenas or xenial
    xoanon also (breath)
    and xoompin over
    from xanthic xaern

    Youth on yonder
    from yesteryears
    yawning to yawp
    on those yearnings

    Zeal and zest
    zapping the
    zipped zoomed
    zips of zeroes .


    @writersnetwork Thank you so much ❤️

    Much love to everyone ❤️

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    Aurora bespangle cocooned dolour evolving firelands of Godesses hoping illusions join knives of lust and love mending nouns of obscure poetries quartered realm seems tints of us visualizing wrinkled x-rays yielding zephyr.

  • fromwitchpen 32w

    Ink Chemist .

    An auburn inked night coalesced
    bistre splashed ink on the caramel
    roots of wars and dark red valour

    Ebony wreathed skies whimpered
    with fuchsia dandelion to evaporate
    its grey scars in harlequin steppe

    Ivory polished rings of atoll merged
    in jade sand of graveyard khaki petals
    of lavender dwarf irises bloomed

    Mauve colored silhouette coated
    with nickel plated rimeless edges
    in ochre rays of sun's pastel palette

    Quinacridone Magenta ink of my
    childhood chandelier now seems
    rhys marionette of octogenarian

    Sombre clouds susurrus my taupe
    painted poetries under ultramarine
    combers in violet tinted hissy fit sea

    White gown of Moon ambling on
    xanthic mangata sniffing yellow
    daffodils on zomp terra of poems

    Ink chemist consolidate twenty six
    colors to make ink of poetry and
    gave life to poems with colours .

    *Quinacridone Magenta is a Series 3 transparent color. It has a masstone of the cleanest and most powerful cool blueish red, very useful for colour mixing and glazing because of its transparent undertone.

    *Zomp color is primarily a color from Green color family. It is a mixture of green and cyan color.

    @ak_anjali_daydreamzz bg words are inspired by you ��


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    Auburn alliterations, Bistre ballads, Caramel chastushkas, Dark red diamante, Ebony eulogies, Fuchsia free verse, Grey Ghazals, Harlequin haikus, Ivory Indrisos, Jade Joseph's star, Khaki Kimos, Lavender Limerick, Mauve Monotetra, Nickel Nonet, Ochre Ode, Pastel Petrarchan, Quinacridone Magenta quadrilew, Rhys Renga, Sombre Sonnets, Taupe Tanka, violet vilianelle, yellow Yadu, Zomp Zanila rhyme ink the quill of poetry.

  • fromwitchpen 32w

    I see her reflection smiling through mirror ,

    An alchemist whose
    eyes were sparkling in search of
    auburn skies and seas

    Boulevard in her
    orbs, where we lived our childhood
    made me nostalgic

    Clocks ticking on her
    lark hair morphing them gray to
    show ages of life

    Delusional cheeks
    soft to be touched but scars of
    guilt inhume inside

    Empyreal her
    aura bewitching the hearts
    lead to destruction

    Fibster her ways are
    to hide real face beneath
    dark blanket of night

    Gnawing musings of
    woebegone verses to breath
    the tranquil moonlight

    she paints in form of yellow
    and blue daffodils

    Interlacing the
    threads of oblivion with
    ochre morning hues

    Justified the ifs
    and buts her macabre thoughts
    limn in eventide

    Karaoke the
    stars hum to the Moon's (her) shine till
    they collide with peace

    Loosening the knots
    of her stomach those lines from
    her forehead vanish

    Metaphors beguiled
    her pointed and confident
    chin, shows bravery

    Nonchalant her charm
    tantalizing the broken
    hearts and narrow minds

    Omen she meant to
    cause oblivious epoch
    for mental distress

    her silhouette savouring
    muses and poems

    Queries concealed in
    her chapped lips halting the truth
    once to be spoken

    Rains she loves the most
    cause it help her to cry with
    Pitter-patter rhymes

    Surreal mix of
    phantasm and verity her
    canvas of life is

    Tongue twisted twice by
    so called customs and norms of
    societal puffs

    Umbra cwtch her soul
    when grief-stricken her heart is
    due to selfish world

    Voids wreathed her mind too
    silently she can't even
    emphasize her death

    Wool-gathering in
    the chasm of caterwauling
    lilacs she too smiled

    Xeric condition
    of her cicatrices made
    her madcap of wild

    Yawns of yesteryear
    yield a puss in her sorrows
    she squawked overnight

    Zaikia she is
    Courageous and striving, she
    fell down, rise again.


    A submission from Singapore says the name Zaikia means "Someone who is talented" and is of Chinese origin.

    #reflection #haikus_26

    (Thank you so much everyone your words are pod for me ❤️ keep inking and shining !!)

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    In 5 seconds I lived her past, present and future just by seeing her reflection.

  • fromwitchpen 34w


    @writersnetwork Thank you :') I'm honored

    Thank you so much everyone much love ♡


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    May 22' 2021

    Mournful Monday's a mystery
    to tuesday's twinkling tincture
    when williwaw of Wednesday's
    tore Thursday's trepidation till
    friday's fortitude fumble forlorn
    soul of Saturday's sanguineous
    screams shushing Sunday's sun

    (My metaphors like a madcap mumbled my musings)

    Amorphic balloons
    candled disastrous
    ephialtes festooned
    garlands hung in jaw
    of juvenility kindled
    lustrous metaphors,
    nostalgic obnoxious
    poetries quenched
    rains sustained tales
    uncombed vigour of
    whimpers on xing
    of your zeal and zest

    //I freed those melancholic balloons which once appear on the Monday skies then deflate them by the barbs of Tuesday's roses , they painted my days of yore and jouvenesce by the Wednesday's palette and Thursday's rains susurrus the tales of vigorous Friday which caged the venomous and woebegone sighs of Saturday and Sunday//

  • fromwitchpen 59w

    I don't know what I have penned down.
    Senseless ��

    An amber choker, a cup filled with phrases and words , reminiscing those old romantic songs , I wrote down senseless , injured verses, a wounded poem.

    Blooming blossoms, an old diary, aroma of hatred
    Concocted down January stars on the bed of sky

    Dolores melting heart, like a candle losing its crown
    Eulogy of our love is stabbing the soul of February

    Forlorn faces, a smile masking woebegone spaces
    Greeting the symphonies of spring, March arrived

    Haikus on nostalgia, yanked out that pen's spirit
    Illogical thoughts engulfed the dreams of April

    Jubilant music, easing the pain of separation
    Kites of happiness , to fáilte the guest, May

    Lament, the absence of those nights of togetherness
    MIRAKEE ,heaven on earth, I found in June's heart

    Nebulous oath which stitched up the curse of misery
    Ointment to cure the scar of betrayal, gifted by July

    Pulchritudinous scenery,an orophile conquering peak
    Queries about miracles, answered by August's rain

    Rainbow hues , painting the clouds as a clown
    Snowflake's of heartbeat ,kissing September,cheeks

    Tingling sensation, as butterflies sprinkle luck on me
    Unrevealed October's umbrella, gave life to my pen

    Veil of widow, took off all her tears, a new life
    Whimsical tunes of winter , as November awaken

    Xylophone played a melody of crushed poetries
    Yearn washed away from the eyes of December

    Zenith is your pen's ink. It speaks volumes. It's your choice how to use it. By penning down heartbreaks or by sewing up all those shattered poetries to form a lovely cocoon of love stories.


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    l'anno di rotto
    (The year of
    broken metaphors)

    Amidst the chaos
    Of pandemic and
    seasons. I found
    an exquisite,
    irie, POESY
    of love, thee
    redden quill
    inked those
    stanzas heartily a
    love letter woven
    by tearful words.