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    Unity of seven colours
    if can create magical art over the horizon

    Think how majestic this planet would become
    if we rise above the limited wavelengths
    of our colours of differences
    and stand in solidarity
    for the humane causes
    to make a VIBGYOR of oneness
    with healthy arts of our humble existence.

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    To this morning
    as I woke up from the sleep
    and was unlocking my phone
    to check the time,
    my eyes got struck
    on that beautiful rainbow
    shinning graciously
    upon that locked screen
    I took a screenshot of it and
    felt wow, how wonderful it is

    I felt thoughtful then
    and reminisced the times
    I saw rainbows
    upon the sky for real
    how many times but

    It's indeed a rare sight.
    Infact I saw a rainbow literally
    twice of double years backs might be
    And that day I felt so happy on seeing that

    Suddenly deep inside I felt something
    as I came across the term "Rainbow"
    yet again in another part of the very day
    over here

    It grinded a deep insight within
    Why did the image of that very rainbow
    actually peeped through my phone's lockscreen
    It felt as a synchronicity
    of that universal language,
    deepening mine soul
    to dive deep into
    some soulful introspection

    What's rainbow actually is
    Merger of seven colours
    yet holding its uniqueness
    Standing in solidarity
    to shine vividly
    over this wide horizon,
    that whoever comes across a rainbow,
    they feel the beauty of VIBGYOR in unison,
    as the complete phenomenon

    Rainbows are a deeper concept
    I felt
    More than just seven colours
    It's teaching the power of unity
    Togetherness looks so royal

    It took the sun and the rain together
    to make an art of a rainbow
    It would take lights of our hearts
    to colour the darknesses all around
    to make a rainbow above our own clouds

    If only all the colours of this living cosmos
    can co-exist in harmony
    with each other
    then how vibrant as rainbow
    this planet would be worth living for

    Rainbow, coming as sign today
    is making me lightful in prayers
    to hope for this better world !