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  • midnightbreach 6w

    World is what we assume it to be.


  • work2rise 19w

    Choose what you lose, because you'll only hurt you if you're wrong.#Assumptions


    The Internet - Look What You Started

    Angel Hazel - Trust Issues

  • tenderkisses 19w

    She is egocentric snd sometimes makes assumptions and misreads things..
    Things that may not have been directed at her..
    Did she get it wrong again..
    Once again she sticks her foot in her mouth and digs herself a bigger hole..
    And once again, asked to please go away..


  • paruma 20w

    A story about unforgettable love, loss, longing and time's touch connected with different cycles of life. #nostalgia #lost #seasons #assumptions

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    Rhapsody of love

    Love bloomed in spring
    Spreading sweet aroma of the newly cooked recipe around
    The house sparrow singing enrapturing melody
    Reviving the hybernating souls
    Inviting hope and dream who stayed along
    Enchanted by the euphoric surrounding.

    When summer arrived he brought me a bouquet of lavender
    Simultaneously came his cozy-comfy embrace
    Accompanying me to spend long sleepless nights
    Lit with dazzling stars, tiny fireflies spreading glow in my life
    An indelible sight.

    When the maple leaves turned pale
    Everything had started falling out of place thence
    We were left only with a brief moment whilst had plenty to share
    You left me a parting gift, a final peck on my cheeks
    It then began to rain heavily in the heart within
    Locked myself inside the chamber petrified of emptiness
    Lacking hands to hold and arms to cling onto.

    The world now had frozen, even a tuft of grass barely was alive.
    Fancy fluttered it's now broken wings struggling to fly and hope slept deep in its grave
    The heartbroken cries echoed the valley whereas mourn replaced felicity
    All one could hear was the aggravating taps of painful longings,
    The ghost of.unfulfilled desires.

    After a brief pause spring arrived again
    But this time it was excruciatingly long with old fragrance,
    The lengthy summer nights missed the comforting stars
    With no lights blazing around.

  • thedeadink 25w

    Here she, refers to the image in the mirror, which reflects back contradictions on some days!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #suddenscribble #assumptions #dream #survivor

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    I see how this world is a little unfair,
    dreams to cross the sky!
    She said, gulp a bit of this,
    it isn't the random red wine.
    Detailed intensity of a ever growing story,
    or a candle with no fury,
    She said, stop creating vaccum chambers,
    expect no one to hold you at overwhelming hangovers!
    It was a silent afternoon,
    & I couldn't get over the energy.
    She said, something about you is too fulfilling,
    & you shouldn't take yourself too seriously.
    I saw those boundaries, down there,
    they told me a few of this dreams, just kill them.
    She said, you are a survivor,
    how could you build a non rational therapy.
    I pre assumed my destiny & acted like any other layman!
    A gift of tranquility or a little piece of vulnerability!
    She said & people like you standup with their shoulder's high,
    They dont overwhelmingly pre assume & then start to sigh!
    I looked at the sky for a minute,
    breathing in a non existential reality, is just not my pursuit!

  • mystical_writer26 32w

    Okay so this is something I penned down after a long time.... it was a really long break for me... I wasn't available due to the exams which unfortunately got cancelled. Do lemme know how's the write up��

    #ceesreposts #assumptions #poetry

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @pakhi1738

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    In a world, wide and vast,
    People make wild guesses, thinking that is left to last.
    But little do we know,
    Assumptions are made only to break,
    We make them only for an outcome's sake.

    It's sad how we assume about one,
    Before we get to know the real obstacles in their life's run.
    A wise person once said,
    "Never should you assume things in someone's life,
    Because you never know their strife".

    Guessing things would not make a better world,
    It would turn it into an ugly place, that's with assumptions curled.
    Make no assumptions,
    Because it only leads to one's doom,
    Because it only shows lack of love in one's heart-room.


  • sanj_h 34w

    Maybe you weren’t wrong,
    Maybe I wasn’t right,
    Neither of us knew what the truth was,
    All we made were just assumptions.


  • thepaintingquill 35w


    Maybe the brave aren't unafraid,
    Maybe the wise aren't right always,
    Maybe the cynical aren't so typical,
    Maybe the insane aren't lame....

    Maybe the sad aren't without a cause,
    Maybe the happy shed tears alone....

    Maybe the furious are somewhat just,
    Maybe the judgemental aren't ignorant,
    Maybe the unsure are just insecure,
    Maybe the writer isn't always about fame....

    Maybe the unafraid aren't brave.

  • pbwrites101 44w

    Do you know why we are always unable to sort out something bogus as bogus?
    Since we expect it to be right in any case, and it obscures our vision from seeing things.Sometime later, take a stab at scrutinizing our very center convictions, authoritative opinions, goals since that is the place where the unshakable suspicions lie covered up.
    At the point when you hold a philosophical rule and state this is the means by which things ought to be in a perfect world there is a specific presumption behind that articulation.Keep in mind, all our present second thoughts and frustrations were once thought to be promising and charming. However, truly, it came out to be something different.

    Presently what remains is disappointment. Rather than expecting and taking a dream ride in wild minds, consistently comprehend the unavoidable truths that apply to everyone and see what will be the genuine results to a choice made.The more you challenge your fundamental presumptions, the better realities will open to you. Presently you can't be tricked or hoodwinked effectively in light of the fact that you see reality plainly.

    #assumptions #decisions #real #truth #mirakee

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    What we assume and what it is in reality play major role in decision making.

  • brokengypsysoul 46w

    You don't know me.

    You don't know me
    You haven't walked my shoes
    You haven't been in my head
    You only see what you want to see
    You make assumptions
    You know nothing
    Stop trying to tell me that you do
    You're focused on seeing the worst in me
    You see what i allow you to see
    My stone-cold eyes block you from seeing
    You think you can talk shit about me
    Your opinion means nothing
    Especially when it's based on a bed of lies
    Your twisted distorted reality is yours alone
    I've fought hard to get to where I am
    I will never let someone break me down again
    seeing your true colours
    makes your exit out of my life effortless

  • pranalishah 47w

    - Dodge -

    We infuse ourselves
    with poison of assumptions,
    over and over again.

    And dodge the chances of
    resolving through confrontations,
    again and again.


  • suruchimallik 50w

    Don't try too hard... it hurts not being able to fix things right when all you are doing is pushing your limits and trying your best... leave things on their own.

    #tryinghard #hurt #donttrytoohard #unnecessary #misunderstandings #explanations #unwantedexplaination #assumptions #quotes #thinkersandwriters #lifelessons

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    Don't try too hard!

    And at times I often ponder,
    Why do one always has to explain themselves without any reason?
    Why can't one just let the other person be?
    And then I realized that I being one of those people who is afraid of judgements and misunderstanding needs some people in life who does just that...
    Misunderstand things,
    Judge oneself on unnecessary grounds.
    Assume the worst,
    And last but not the least... an explanation isn't just their cup of tea.
    So I try to let them be and let them assume whatever they want, cuz what I have learnt so far is if someone doesn't wants to hear you out or understand what you want to say... they will not get your point, no matter how hard you try, how much efforts you put in... its as good as nill!
    So at times like this don't try too hard to make things right.

  • faulty_puppet 56w


    Zindagi meri chup si ho gayi hai
    Lafz hazaar par baatein ghum si ho gayi hai
    Kehta hu mai bahut kuch magar
    Sab kuch dafn si reh gayi hai

    Kuch baatein aaj bhi ankahee
    Ansuni magar roz hai cheekhti
    Woh cheekhein bebas saanson k shikanj se
    Nikalne se pehle fanaa ho jaati

    Ek darr sa baith gaya hai rooh me
    Ki keh du to gawaan du kuch khwaab
    Kuch tamannayein, kuch dabi ummeedein
    Aur kaaton si chubhti kuch aashayein

    Par ye chuppi ab maun sa banta hua
    Mera bal ab mujhe hi nochta hua
    Dabe alfaaz ki kaali aandhi me
    Na chahkar bhi mai khud ko ghaseetta hua

    Lagta tha ye sannata hai aage ka raasta
    Is raste pe khoya har mohabbat se vaasta
    Par ye safar hai bas daag se bhara
    Ye daag ab mere laal se bhi gehra

    Par aksar maine kaha hai kuch
    Achcha ya bura, bayaan kia hai kuch
    Na Jaanu kisne samjha kisne anumaan lagaya
    Apni galtiyon, unke faislon se jaana hai kuch

    Is zindagi me chaa gayi ek kaash ka sehra
    Kaash me dafn kuch mansha meri
    Kaash me doobe kuch khwaab aur alfaaz
    Is kaash me doobi kitaab bhar kai kahaaniyaan

    Kaash ye kahaani bhi aisi na hoti
    Kaash ye zindagi nuksaano ka khazana na hoti
    Kaash ye sapna haqeeqat na hota
    Kaash maine chupchap ye likha na hota


  • londonmongrel 59w

    Ego in the way

    I'm impractical in love
    Why did I say love?
    Old habits die hard I guess
    Love stings
    Fuck my ego
    Just complicates things


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    Shayad.... Maybe... Just assumptions..
    #love #midnightmusings #assumptions #hope

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    Teri baahon me fir panah milegi agar
    To fir jine ka maksad samajh aye shayad

  • xoliswamgidlana_ 74w

    Do I have a choice?

    Your life is 100% your responsibility and,
    What you do is 100% absolutely up to you but
    What you choose to do is 99.9% accurate
    that it was interfered with, choices.

    Those choices are sometimes missing and,
    It's your responsibility to make it work but
    Without emotional intelligence surely the
    decisions will be based on assumptions.

    Do I have a choice?
    One of the best excuses of rushing into
    Decision making, further jump unto conclusions
    And that's no jump off, kind of systematic.

    Live by rules and what's more of morals?
    Live by principles and what's more of unpredictables?
    All these laws but what's more of equality?
    All these media but what's more of dignity?

    Morals determine your dignity,
    While unpredictables conveys your principles,
    Then equality establishes laws,
    And the media portrays dignity.

    Imply to assume,
    Be curious to hear,
    Be vigilant for vividness,
    Observe to tell.

    Have a choice to question things,
    Values to stand your ground,
    Of course boundaries to affirm yourself,
    And stay unpredictable.

  • juimui 76w


    My assumptions about you is not so sane
    You might trip listening to my love story
    Cause its not same
    As some would call me mad, insane
    This is insane cause I am ready to give up everything for you
    If you say leave me, I would happily
    The 'ever after' would be gone though
    I would drink up till my deathbed
    Will you be there to light my cigarette?

  • mansee_ 77w

    Finding new people,
    Losing the old ones....
    Got new assumptions,
    Forgetting the old ones...


  • tathagatkaushik 77w

    Stop assuming that every beautiful
    Lady taken.

    Most of them are single , alone and
    Tired of searching.........
    #stop #assumptions #beautiful #lady #single #alone #tired @mirakee

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    Stop assuming that every beautiful
    Lady taken.

    Most of them are single , alone and
    Tired of searching.........