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    Andrew Vlaschev arrives home on a Tuesday night after a stressful day. As is his long-standing tradition, he drags himself slothfully, reeking of sweat mixed with cologne to sit behind his computer and sort his e-mails, deleting the ones that are irrelevant and responding to the ones that have some important information for him to know. One very suspicious email catches his eyes in a manner that is grim and terrifying.
    The subject which reads, 'Visit Of The Grimripper' gets him all eager yet scared to read the content of the message as he begins to imagine the worst case scenario possible. He imagines opening it would bring him instant death on the spot but still controlled greatly by curiousity, he musters the courage to open the e-mail. Opening it with curious desperation is a fearful countenance around him. He can practically feel a presence already choking him to death. He has never wished he never lived alone like the way he does now, believing that peradventure he has his family and friends living with him, he would throw in their lives to this grim-ripper in exchange for his but sadly he lives all alone.
    A little sound is made by his door and the hairs on his skin stand up straight in fear.
    'Who's there?', Andrew yells out but there is no answer as he is all alone in the house, even though the assassin is on his way to join him in the house for a cat and mouse chase and ultimately, death. He searches around the house briefly to make sure he is really all alone in the house and when he is finally assured he is alone, he rushes to his room for a shower, hoping the shower would help stop the hallucinations he now believes he is having and he will have his peace again. But he is about to experience the worst moments of his life.
    Much to his dismay, Andrew hears his bedroom door come open while he is yet in the bathtub in his bathroom. Quickly, he washes the soap out of his eyes and stands transfixed, hoping to hear another sound so he can be assured that his mind is not playing tricks on him.
    In the second minute, surely enough, Andrew hears his bedroom shut again, prompting him to quickly rush his bath and make his way out of the bathroom to find out who or what the intruder is. By the time, he has come out from the bathroom, the intruder has completed the task of damaging his brakes in his car.
    Andrew and his ego work together to make him believe he has averted the danger by singlehandedly spooking the intruder when he walks out of the house to see the driver's door of his car open and the key in the ignition of the vehicle. Prodded by his ego, he steps into the car, thanking the intruder-in-absentia for helping him put the key in his ignition. A man who loves driving and considers him an expert driver, his expertise in that arena would be put to test and possibly debated by himself and others who would hear the story of what will happen in the next hour.
    'It's beginning of another long day', he laments as he pulls out of his driveway. Shooting through the empty road like a rocket into the sky, he has no idea what is waiting for him ahead. He would be quite sorry for himself and moreso his favourite car and the other cars on the road which would be damaged beyond repair. He hopes for a great day but the day would give him one of the worst experiences of his life.
    Twenty minutes into his trip to the office, he arrives heavy traffic before a traffic light. Stepping on his brakes calmly, some meters away from the car in front of him to slow himself down, having been on top speed, he is not given enough time to be surprised at the malfunctioning brakes as he rams into the vehicle ahead of him, sending him into an immediate concussion as he bangs his forehead on the steering wheel.
    A few minutes later, the paramedics arrive to contain the situation. Loading the victims of the multiple accidents into ambulances, they are all rushed to the Dregg Kuhlman Memorial Hospital for further treatment while receiving first-aid in the ambulances. Andrew hates hospitals as a person really close to him had died while receiving treatment at one of them and if he probably is conscious, he will most likely decline going in for treatment but he is unconscious and therefore does not object to being wheeled into the hospital.
    'Hurry, he is bleeding too much already', one of the doctors on call says to the nurses wheeling the victims of the crash in. 'Prep him for stitching. Are there more?'. The doctor is surprised to be answered by ten other stretchers rolling in in succession. He quickly cancels what he earlier intended to go for outside the hospital to join the five other doctors on call for the multiple number of patients they now have on their hands.
    Beginning treatment, they are so worried about the state of the patients as they are all hanging to life by a hair's breath. In nine hours time, they are able to successfully save the lives of all but two of the victims of the accident. And some two weeks later, the survivors, including Andrew are discharged from the hospital after being certified medically fit in all parts of their bodies but their legs.
    Andrew returns to his house, escorted by a nurse, who is shocked to discover that he lives alone, a fact that should not be, considering his current state. The nurse, Felicia Knopp, considers it necessary to inform the hospital of this fact.
    Nurse Knopp calls the Chief Medical Director of Dregg Kuhlman Hospital, Dr. Hull Gormet for direction on her next line of action.
    'Hello sir', Nurse Knopp greets as soon as Dr. Gormet answers the call. 'I am here with Mr. Vlaschev who was discharged today.....'
    'Yes, is there any problem?', Dr. Gormet asks quite confused. 'Haa there been a relapse or complication?'
    'On the contrary sir', she says feeling a little shy.
    'What then is the problem?', he asks curiously. 'He cannot remember his house?'
    'Sir, we are at his house but the issue is he leaves alone. Hence, this call is to humbly request for a nurse to be attached to him pending recovery'.
    The doctor is confounded by this request. He is especially worried about the paper he would be made to do for Nurse Knopp to stay there without needing to come back to the hospital for proper documentation and dispatch.
    'Well, you are already there. Aren't you?', he asks rhetorically. 'Consider yourself dispatched to his house for that purpose'..
    'But I have not done the necessary documentation sir'.
    Dr. Gormet calms her down assuring her that he would personally handle that aspect and she should just focus on nursing Andrew back to full health. She cannot help but wonder how difficult the experience would be as she has never actually done the home-nursing before. She however decides to give it a try, seeing the doctor, her boss, gives her no choice but it would be her undoing.
    Andrew and his nurse, Knopp go through the day in the same house successfully until about 11pm in the night when, to her greatest surprise, a knock is heard at the door of the house while Andrew is asleep in his room.
    Wondering who it could be at the door at the ungodly hour, she walks to the door to take a look through the peephole. Seeing a face of a man, she imagines it is a friend of Andrew who has come to show solidarity in his time of pain but unknown to her, it is the assassin who has only come to finish what he had earlier started.
    Opening the door innocently to welcome the visitor who she believes is a friend of Andrew, she is met with a stab to the middle of her chest, instantly impacting her heart causing her to scream loudly as she falls to the floor before the assassin in death.
    The assassin, satisfied at making his first kill on this particular mission, goes into the fridge of his primary victim for something to drink before he would proceed to complete the task of killing Andrew. Sucking the water up into his wide throat, he constitutes a disturbance to the peaceful sleep of Andrew who gets up out of his bed and into his wheelchair to go find out why his nurse, who is supposed to be avoiding whatever would disturb him, would be the one making the noise. He screams when he sees the bloodied body of Nurse Knopp on the floor and his door wide open by such hour.
    He quickly puts his hand over his mouth to avoid attracting the attention of the assailant, he now believes is the one, in the kitchen while he attempts to reach for his phone in his pocket to call the police. The assailant leaves him for a while to finish his call to the police. Once he is through, as soon as he turns his wheelchair, he receives a jab to his neck from the assassin, bringing instant death. The assassin basks in the euphoria of the completed job, making merry for a while in the midst of the corpses.
    He does so for a few minutes more until the sirens of the police cars are heard approaching. Immediately, he varnishes to allow the police do the job of clearing the mess he has made.

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    Sometimes your behaviour can assassin your character!


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    Isolation is the ultimate poison
    A caged solitary animal will eventually stop eating
    Death of a spouse will institute illness in a survivor
    Such natural notions seem exaggerated and novel Social attention and interaction opposites exist
    Reverse machined threads on the silencers barrel
    Trigger squeezed the rounds to isolate and alienate
    Prey hunted by hungry carnivore killers, tuned perfect
    Yet miniscule in comparison to solemn loneliness

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    14 June'019
    11:46 P.M.

    I know why I behave as nothing is happening, I know why I feel surrounded by no answers, I know why I feel numb.
    I used to think I'm a victim. But it's a unintentional defense mechanism of my body to save myself. It's a choice, being like this.
    For when I close my eyes and my mind syncs with reality, tears find themselves obstruct in throat, I cannot speak, my vocal chords refuse to vibrate to release my feelings in waves. My tongue nays to bound, lips don't curve. They are all tired of experiencing same pain again and again so much that they refuse to bow down when heart says one more time. They know they're losing the will, they're running short of hope. They know I'm against myself from a very long time. Therefore they're running half heartedness in my veins. They've become faceless assassins of my powers to feel, to understand what's happening. They know I can't take it anymore. They know I'm dying and this time even I can't see it myself.
    © Hira Khan

    Photograph credited to rightful owner (s).
    #pod #faceless #assasin @mirakee_reposter

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