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  • pramisha 13w

    The sun warned the moon, "Please don't come near to me, you might get burnt."
    The moon lovingly replied, " If I won't the how will I reflect your love for me to the world."

  • pramisha 17w


    Of all the colors, she chose to be bright yellow
    Vibrant and glowing, like how her heart felt mellow
    She chose to be the sunflower of her garden
    Blooming as high as she could, facing the Eden

    Out of adversities, she grew, she stood tall
    Even in the darkest days , no tempest could make her fall
    She is the sunflower, radiating all the warmth of the sun
    As she faces the sun, she is no longer in shadows and is monotone

    She radiates at times the glistening gold
    When she stands so fierce and bold
    Even when her world sometimes gets black and grey
    Like she is drenched in the downpours of May

    She lingers her sweet scent in the soft breeze passing by
    Like she knows to kiss the sunshine in the September sky
    Oh how only she knew that her beauty is the splendor of eye
    Transcending the first rays of the sun, she knows to glorify

  • pramisha 47w

    I fear those unspoken words of yours
    I fear those imaginations in my mind
    I fear the time when my imaginations will be your words

  • pramisha 54w

    I am exhausted today whispering to myself, listening to the echoes of my silence from the closed walls and trying to calm tidal waves in my heart.

  • pramisha 57w

    What if?
    If I could leap through the time
    We would have different history now


  • pramisha 63w

    My brightest star

    Of all the million stars, I gaze upon daily
    You shine the brightest
    Your radiance,
    Dazzle me surprisingly
    Like there is nothing in this universe
    Unparalleled and yet so sublime

  • pramisha 80w

    Everything has changed

    Sometimes when we try so hard in the pursuit of happiness
    We lose ourselves, we slowly lose every fragments of our life
    In the path of finding true happiness
    We often lose our true identity
    Sometimes yet we discover our new form
    Amazed, perplexed and at the same time
    Petrified with the self
    We look ourselves into the mirror
    But realize it's just the reflection of the outside
    The inner core is yet to be discovered, extracted and moreover purified
    The same sight of the view from my window
    Doesn't excite me anymore
    The same smell of the petrichor from that ground
    Doesn't refresh me anymore
    The same sound of the rain
    Doesn't soothe me anymore
    Perhaps everything takes time to change,
    Gets faded away
    Maybe this is life
    Everything is not the same
    Not same as us
    How we used to be
    The "I" and "you" is more significant now
    Than "us"
    Maybe it's the way
    The life folds into new ways
    Cause everything has changed !

  • pramisha 82w


    Sometimes the wounds are deeper than the oceans
    They never heal  
    They never bleed
     But they constantly give you pain
     They scar
    and they remind you everytime of 
    Those bitter feelings 
    Those tragic endings

  • pramisha 83w

    A request from death!

    Are you there?
    Listening to me,
    to the blowing siren,
    to the outcry
    to the unheard, unsung prayers
    amidst this chaos
    Let me not take you away
    From your beloved,
    From your land
    Far far away.
    So, you have got a chance
    A chance to freed me,
    From your family, from your loved ones.
    You have always taken life for granted
    But I don't take you for granted
    So be serious,
    Your life is in your hand
    No one cares for you
    I am your worst nightmare
    And you can't even imagine how cruel I can be
    When I seize time,
    I seize your life
    I don't see if you are young
    Or old
    I don't care if you are alone
    or with your group
    So, listen to your authorities
    Your senses
    Take precautions
    Stay with your family
    Stay home be Safe
    Cause you have a chance
    A chance to freed me
    From your family, from your loved ones
    A golden chance granted by me!

  • pramisha 100w

    Is beauty abstract?
    Who measures it?
    You do
    I do
    We all
    Seems like beauty doesn't lie in beholder's eye
    But in pages of magazine
    Posts of Instagram and Facebook
    Oh how mere!
    Is the definition of beauty
    You are stunned by dazzling eyeshadows
    But you fail to notice those emerald and sapphire eyes
    You talk about body in inches
    Let me tell you beauty comes in all sizes
    In all forms and shapes
    Beauty is not being bold
    But it's your shyness
    Beauty is being your self
    With all the flaws
    Being beautiful is loving self
    Not getting masked in those
    Alien products
    So you're beautiful just the way you are!


  • pramisha 107w

    Two different worlds

    You and I
    We aren't perfect set of teacups
    You are so different
    Lost in your own dreams
    Your world completely different
    Aloof from mine
    I am here clueless in life
    And you are there with
    Thousand different dreams
    With aims so high

    You and I
    Are we on the same voyage?
    Your journey seems heading in
    Different direction than mine
    Your perfect world
    Can't accommodate my so little
    World full of imperfections
    You are born gold clad
    And I'm here all in rags

    You and I
    We aren't on the same page
    Your story is different than mine
    Your story seems interesting
    With happy ending
    And I am just incomplete pages
    Of sad story
    With never ending
    Miseries in life

  • pramisha 112w


    My lips are painted red these days
    It's not any fashion
    Or any desire of mine
    Of sophistication
    My lips were innocent
    Carrying my smile
    But you stole it
    You stole my innocence
    My dreams
    My desires
    To smile again
    To laugh again
    To live again
    Now they are pale and swollen
    Carrying your venom
    Your heinous act
    Your lust desires
    Created scars
    Of blue and black
    So, I have covered
    And painted them
    Intense, dark and deep
    Hiding all the wounds
    So, don't ask me anymore
    Why they are painted red?

  • pramisha 112w

    I am not ashamed

    Yes you !
    Right on your face
    I say it aloud
    I am not ashamed
    Not ashamed to be raped
    Not ashamed to be brutally murdered by you
    And I don’t care anymore
    What your “so called “ society thinks?
    Cause I see only senseless shameless
    So called humans
    Wearing masks of humanity
    And clade in the skin of fakeness
    But with hearts so vile

    No I wasn’t victimized
    But your thoughts were victimized,
    Blindfolded with your undying
    Unsatisfying sexual vehemence
    And yes I don’t blame upon your sexuality
    Because it’s your sick infected desires
    Flowing in your veins
    Craving and hunting
    With those greedy monstrous eyes

    And who are you to judge
    Upon my attire
    When you couldn’t resist
    Laying those filthy hands
    Even on a two year old child
    When you couldn’t spare
    Your own bloodline
    Those burkhas
    Those sarees
    They couldn’t cover up
    Your filthy desires.
    So don’t get provocated
    It’s not my fault
    It’s your deranged mind
    Lacking to differentiate
    What’s wrong and what’s right

    Shouldn’t you be shameful
    For robbing my innocence
    Tearing apart my virginity
    Sacrificing my immaculate soul
    Just for your arduous desires
    And your society!
    Should I call it uncivilized
    Or inhumane
    Who worship goddess
    Worship feminine power
    But fails to advocate
    On female’s freedom for right
    Or giving justice to my life
    So, I am not ashamed
    I am not ashamed to get raped
    It’s you, your society
    who should be ashamed!

  • pramisha 114w


    Does it define me?
    The way I act towards ur
    The way I react to
    Ur muteness
    Now that we dont share
    The same bond
    Gone past our friendship
    Words are now secrets
    That I hear from people
    Not from you

    Our long late night talks
    Old jokes, new gossips
    These are now history
    In our relationship
    The moments we shared
    The time we spent
    Doesn't hold much importance now

    Is it because I reacted too much
    Or is it you started distancing?
    Maybe I am confused
    With all this new way
    Of dealing people
    tired of defining
    And then redefining
    All so superficial
    That are based on the lies
    Cause truth is just another myth

  • pramisha 115w


    Sometimes I wish we were like clouds
    Fusing, mixing
    Submerging into each other
    And sometimes clashing with each other
    Sometimes I chase you
    And sometimes you chase me
    Far away in the lands of dream
    When we are sad
    Let’s weep together as the rain
    When we are fierce
    Let’s love like thunderstorm,
    Lightening and cracking

  • pramisha 116w

    I wish I were a boy

    I wish I were a boy
    I was in the protective womb
    Aloof from the world
    For 9 months.
    I was unaware
    About my existence
    About my identity
    But the day I was born
    Something happened.
    Yes! Something happened that day
    My father left my mother.
    Was it her fault?
    Was it mine?
    Or was it the fault of my chromosome
    Being XX
    And not being XY.
    And I was to be blamed.
    Yes! Cause I was born as a girl
    Not his loving son.

    I was 5 years old.
    I was playing with my ragged doll.
    Something happened.
    Yes! Something happened that day.
    I was terrified.
    My uncle brought a doll for me
    Was I happy?
    Of course!
    But in exchange he asked a kiss
    I was just an innocent little girl
    And he traded my innocence with his doll.
    My lips were red and swollen.
    Was I happy?
    Of course not!
    I was terrified.
    I lost my innocence.

    I was 13 years old.
    I was in my way to school.
    All in whites.
    Something happened.
    Yes! Something happened that day.
    My body ached.
    My white skirt got stained red.
    And my self esteem got hurt
    More than my stomach.
    Cause they found my stained skirt
    Funnier than their jokes.
    They were laughing at me.
    And I was quiet.
    Yes! I was quiet.
    Because I was born as a girl .

    I was 25 years old.
    I was returning home.
    It was late.
    Dark and cold.
    Something happened.
    Yes! Something happened that day.
    I was harassed .
    I was rapes.
    Not just my body
    My soul also got raped.
    It torn down into pieces
    I was crying
    As they were tearing down my flesh.
    My screams were covered by their laughter.
    And I was begging.
    Begging for my life.
    But I was left there
    Cold, numb and bruised.
    That day, my soul died.
    Cause I was born as a girl.

    I am 30 years old.
    Married to a old aged drunkard
    After I was raped.
    Every evening, he is the master
    And I am his slave.
    He says, “ come to me.”
    I say, “ I am in pain.”
    He ignores and throws me to bed.
    I stay there helpless
    Cause I am his wife.
    And he is my dear husband.
    He is dear to me
    Because he makes love to me.
    On my will or against my will
    It doesn’t matter
    Cause it makes him happy.
    Am I happy?
    No I am not.
    I am beaten. I am bruised
    If I am not on his bed.

    I am shaken . I am shattered.
    Cause now, I am just a body without a soul.
    I curse my faith.
    I curse my life.
    And I curse on my identity.
    Cause I was born as a girl .

    Now, I wish
    I wish I were a boy.
    My father would be with me.
    My mother would have loved
    With all her heart
    And I wouldn’t be victimized
    Of someone’s lust
    Of someone’s greedy desire.
    I wouldn’t have lost my innocence
    Or be laughed at my periods.
    My self esteem wouldn’t get hurt
    And my soul wouldn’t be ripped apart.
    Again and again
    Cause I wish I were a boy.
    Cause I wish I were a boy.

  • ssecnirp 175w


    “A plain paper is in front of me. My pen is ready to write some things. But, my mind is too preoccupied by YOU.”


  • asadhoo 229w

    Hum toh kahin duur
    Aur khayaal tera pass,pass

    Dil kehta hai pukaar le,
    Dimaag sochta hai naaraaz rahe in

    Iraada nahi hai,
    Lekin hai hum bebuss se

    Larr larr ke khud se
    Kar lete hai yaad tujhe


  • asadhoo 230w

    I walk around in a daze...
    my hollowed out interior
    filled with smoky gloom,
    choking off all joy.
    Just as life begins to clear,
    I gasp aloud at the realization,
    you're not here;
    you never will be again.
    I wilt like a waterlily
    in the desert.
    I walk around in a daze...


  • thecoolsunidhi 248w


    "Tujhse muhobbat thi jo use hi dooriyon ki wajah bana diya
    Haan, maine duaon mein 'tere' badle 'tere liye' maang liya."