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  • ms_mellie 133w

    Letting her go

    He waited for her, across the park he sees her, smiling
    Walking behind her is a beautiful girl, that resembles her smile.
    He sighed
    "how are you?" she asks
    "I'm very well" he answered
    They talked, exchanged stories, they stood up, he hugged her.
    "I'm sorry, and thank you" she uttered
    "I have question, how do you know the its the one?" he asks
    "when she loves you more than you love her"
    He smiled.
    He looks at the little girl and smiled

    He moves forward, this time he closes a book that has been open for so long waiting for the perfect ending.
    He looked one more time at the girl he lets go.

  • eveileba 153w

    Am i enough?

    Have you ever thought of asking youself these question?

    Why we're left behind?
    Why they choose to leave?
    Why they left us nothing?
    Why are the promises didn't even bother them?
    Why we are hurt?
    Why are we not enough?

    Maybe we are asking the wrong question.
    Maybe being left behind by them must be the answer to our happiness.

    Sometimes it needs a broken heart to remind us what happiness can do.

  • coffee_time_thoughts 158w

    Love at First Heartbreak

    I tried to forget the pain
    So I rode on the train
    Carrying all those things
    That made me remember his name
    I went to the forest
    To listen to nature's harmony
    A beautiful symphony
    Healing the wounds inside of me
    I went to the ocean
    And rolled with the waves
    Drowning the bitterness
    That's welling up inside my soul
    I burrow among the sand
    A place to lay
    for the dead piece of my heart
    I need to let go and start anew
    Ready to face a new tomorrow
    A life and a future without you
    I'm ready to say goodbye to you
    My one true love...

  • amtrips 159w

    What have you lost?
    This is my 250th post on @mirakee
    Thanks everyone for reading me out and showing the love.

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    What have you lost?
    An invisible friend asked me this question.
    And that friend helped me
    find the answer too.
    Guess losing something or someone
    is also an art, an art of loving.
    Not everyone masters it,
    but those who do, they know that
    art always is close to heart
    and one needs to heart it.

    ©Amtrips, 2018

  • ludvvig 168w

    The King of Letting Go

    I live a life of letting go. It always ends up like this. Souvenirs crystallized in the disappointment.

    I was ready to suffer the sea, and I ended up burning alive. I am the broken one. The vicious one. So what are you waiting for? Do it! Pull the trigger.

    You can have it all. It all reminds me why it did not work anyway. Keep it all. My heart was yours therefore, I will not ask it back. I will create a new one once needed.

    My light remains untainted by your lies. This why I know I will survive you. Although I know it is a waste of time. I shall keep chasing you in the dark. As long as it suits me you'll be in my clouded mind.

  • tamarajovanovic77777 243w

    I LET GO

    I feel it. Finally it is not a hurricane but a light breeze. Change. Caterpillar to butterfly. I feel it. I taste it...This cocktail of serenity and excitement. It is so strange. Beautifully strange. I think I made it to the other side.