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  • shakesfem1 23w

    The secret is
    in the little details.
    Pay attention.

    Monday, Dec 6, 2021.


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    He that will
    win the heart
    of his woman
    must learn the
    art of paying
    attention to
    little teensy
    tiny things
    that make
    her world


  • fortae 53w


    What is storm?
    Storm is what we feel inside
    When we see not ourselves
    But one far from the weakened tides
    Storm is what I call my heart
    When it won't stop beating out loud
    Storm is what I think you feel
    But never see rolling out wide
    When you choose to make do with the lies
    Storm is not the clashing of wave tides
    Or wreathing thunderclap
    Storm is what they let outside
    When the can wouldn't contain their cries

  • princessa 212w


    Im not that good, as what they expected me to be,
    I always fail, dissapoint and hurt people around me. Maybe, your standard is not my standard. Im just a human being. imperfect human loved by my perfect Creator!