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  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 7w

    It is proud privilege to be a soldier
    #mirake #indianarmy #armybrat #writes #loveforever

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    Donning responsibility of nation on his shoulder
    Brave enough to call him soldier
    Risking his life to protect out freedom
    Selfless act of valour done without any return
    Always be honoured for his sacrifices
    War means over time and higher prices
    Well knowing the value of his uniform
    Which can not be purchased by paying off
    Working hard to survive in every situation
    Every moment for him is a new version of transformation
    Unaware of the fact
    Turning life into death
    Trying to live today as today
    As tomorrow he doesn't have a chance
    Photos in gallery now left as a part of memories
    Where this legend rule our heart for Centuries
    Hosting falg of his country high
    Coming wrapped in it while
    Very proudly Martyr himself in war zone
    Surely he will be the part of heaven
    Courage and patience are his two strong weapon, which he use to carry with him often
    For he shall be remembered
    For ÑÖW and FÕRÈVÉR.


  • indunegi 18w


    कठिन रास्तों पर चलकर भी
    मंजिल अपनी वो ढूँढ ही लेते हैं
    दुश्मनों को चारों खाने चित्त करके
    औकात उन्हें वे उनकी बताते हैं
    दोस्ती की तो बात ही क्या कहें
    वे तो दुश्मनी भी इतनी शिद्दत से निभाते हैं
    आखिर फौजी ऐसे ही तो होते हैं|

  • three1forty 64w

    I will climb high in the sky to meet my thunder,
    Down, I will dive , down i will drive, spouting my flames from extruder..........................
    My engines will make hellacious roar,
    Leaving behind the shores of tranquility,
    Smashing and bashing the every core........................
    I will wipe the sky with my blades of iron and steel....
    I will paint the sky with the colours of valour and pride............
    I will measure the very vastness of my sky.......
    I will conquer the sky with the waves of my legendary craft...
    Doesn't Matter how fast I will fly,,,,
    The G's I will draw,,,,
    Or the pressure that will drag me down....
    But baby..,,,,
    I m sure , I will let you down...��..
    I dare you to invade my sky,
    And I am sure,,,,
    This day will bear the testimony of my valour, courage and pride...................................
    Either ........
    I will live in fame..
    I will go down in fame......
    That's all....

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    Here time doesn't falls into gravity . Here life changes in just a flick of second..

  • lostshayar567 93w

    To the men who save our lives -

    Born and brought up in army
    I grew up to respect the uniform the most.
    For you it's just men in uniform
    For me it's my father and his friends.

    Tough it was
    To let you go on job,
    But i never hated you
    Because i knew it's nation before all.

    If someone ask me
    Do i wanna change it at all?
    I won't agree
    Because you gave me a life like no one can.

    It's hard when i hear about wars
    I don't know how I'll take care of mom.
    But i know for good
    That she who waits also serves.

    I am scared every night
    That i might not see you tomorrow,
    But i am sure of one thing
    That you serving nation makes me proud.

    You fight for the nation
    You fight for our peace
    And i feel the proudest to say
    That i am the daughter of an army man.

    #indianarmy #iaf #navy #olivegreen #armybrat #wordporn #power #nation

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    To The Men
    Who Save
    Our Lives


  • tooli_singh 123w

    He missed the day when I was awarded with my
    first prize at school,he was not part of my PTM at
    school,he missed so many of my birthdays and
    the list is just endless...but after so many months
    when I finally saw him in his olive green
    uniform,in spite of having so many complaints
    the only thing that I uttered was,"He is my hero❤️.And I'm proud to be an Army brat.!!."


  • tooli_singh 124w

    Forget about the brightest star,Sirius.

    Have you ever noticed those stars which are present on an army officer's shoulder..??

    They glow even brighter!


  • ignitedmind 129w

    He was in a deep sleep
    A person comes
    Put his hand on his head
    He was happy to see him after long
    Many things were to be shared
    "I know people hurt u
    I know they won't care for u as u do
    I remember that day u were crying a lot missing me
    I know mumma scolds for every silly mistake
    I am I was I 'll be always with u"
    He was abt to tell something
    He wokes up..
    And u know who that person was
    'His dad'

  • sumit_georgian 140w

    Jai hind

    I'm seeing so many people calling for war over the tragic slaughter of our brave soldiers. Being from an army family and having experienced what a war feels like to a child living next to the border or knowing that your hero is there and you don't know the cause.
    I say you don't know what you are talking about
    I say you might not be well acquainted with the fears and insecurities of the family and and its sole hope, Which may have more of the responsibilities to discharge and a nation to look upon.
    An army is not an impersonal machine that can be switched on and you witness devastation of men on the other side.
    It comprises of fathers, brothers,sisters, sons, daughter's, and mothers.
    Your anger in the comfort of your living rooms, and bustling cities is not enough reason to throw our men in the line of fire.
    And most importantly army knows its job in the most befitting manner and also they can see the bloodshed of their brothers more closely than anyone else can.
    It knows when to attack and how devastatingly.
    So a sincere request- please support the families if any is near you and if possible join Army to give the answers from the frontline and utilize the josh.


  • geet_writes 140w

    दुश्मन ने भी मोहब्बत का दिन चुना...

    #PulwamaAttacks #Armybrat #proudofmyheroes #Condolonces #Indianarmy #Heroeswithoutcapes

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    इश्क़ में फिर कल कोई मिटता चला
    इस बार मुहब्बत में वतन की...


  • _imperfect_tone 147w

    Fauji Brat? Yeah!

    ● I am so very proud of uh,Dad. And why shouldn't I be? Afterall,uh are our "SUPERHERO".

    ●Today, It gives me immense pleasure to say that yes! I'M a "Fauji brat" .
    Afterall, 9 postings , 12 houses , 7 schools have shaped me WHO I AM TODAY !

    ● From a very young age, right from KG, I had been travelling from place to place.
    Making new friends,
    Sharing cultures,
    Living like a family
    Is something which we all love
    And yes! I have experienced that too.

    ● "Tough are the situations and so are uh,DAD".
    You're a superhero for me...DAD
    You're the one because of whom I am unbreakable today...because uh are the only one who taught be to be strong in each and every situation.. doesn't matter how difficult that can be.

    ● DAD, The combination of these 26 alphabets can't tell how great uh are...!!


    ☆ Friendship were formed in hours and kept for decades,
    ☆ Never went to a mandir or gurdwara or church, always there was a "SARV DHARM STHAL".
    ☆ That wasn't a simple house. That was an "ARMY QUARTER".
    ☆ That wasn't a simple bus. That was a "$HAKTIMAN TRUCK"
    ☆ That wasn't a simple school. That was an "ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL" OR &"KENDRIYA VIDHYALAYA".
    ☆ There wasn't a simple party. But a "BADA KHANA".
    ☆ That wasn't a society but a "UNIT".

    There is a huge different !!...

    Cause I have lived a life, a life which only a few get to live.!!!

    And this is just because of uh DAD


    ~ Riya Mankotia ( @_imperfect_tone)
    ~ A Proud Indian "Fauji brat"

    #armybrat #army #daughter #aproudindianfaujibrat #longlivearmy #army #military #faujibrat

    @rani_shri @never_a_writer @mr_genius_general_ @that_mushy_soul @annogami @endlesswriting @bravestone @via_wheniwrite @the_lost_angel_

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    "Fauji Brat"

    Till now,
    7 schools have been changed,
    700 friends have been made,
    But after 3 years again,
    All the things are packed,
    And a new living is maintained...!!


    - A Proud India "FAUJI BRAT ( _imperfect_tone)

  • sumit_georgian 147w

    Half of battle is already won if you know your men
    Same goes with life you have to know your capabilities
    To perform the best of your abilities and
    And at the same time know your weakness and fears to achieve the best out of you.

    #armybrat #georgians #know #men
    @the_nocturnal_company @anunit3102 @prachisrichi @anannyabarenya17 @abhisheksharma885 @exuberant_Sahil @aryan22

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    Know your men

    In army,
    We know our men better than their mothers
    Care for them even more

  • ekshu_rao 148w

    There's no meaning..
    If I do not feel proud of you,
    If I do not have a heart filled with love, pride and respect for you..

    There's no meaning..
    If there's no discipline, uniform & guns..
    Stars on shoulders & strength of million tons..

    Are you this kinda gentleman ??
    I am a daughter of an Army Man..


  • shatakshigaur_ 154w

    Born in a small town,
    raised in many.
    12 years of my school life,
    8 different schools.
    So many friends,
    many more teachers.
    Endless memories,
    startling adventures.
    Where to next,
    l don't know.

  • raksha_changappa 161w

    The Soldier (Fauji)

    "Sitting in a tank
    in the middle of the Thar.
    Not many you can bank
    but your family, quite afar.

    Lying on a dune,
    you remember past days.
    They which went by too soon,
    yet stayed in many ways.

    You wonder about the future
    and worry about your family.
    "When will you see them?"
    for you miss them terribly.

    Dear soldier clad in green,
    life may be at present, a pain.
    But change is closer than it seems,
    happy days will be here again.

    So buckle up,
    and sit tight.
    If need be,
    fight with all your might.

    to become the toughest metal,
    one must endure,
    the hottest furnace."


  • awls4og 171w

    You know you are Fauji Brat when

    When you indicate Girls / guys in the pub by CLOCK RAY METHOD !!

    10 o'clock seems hostile
    3 o'clock is Friendly
    Oh hell , 1 o'clock is NUCLEAR

    Army Wife : Loving A Soldier