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    Olive green

    You are fond of wearing jean,
    I love olive green.
    You looks forward to enjoy at party,
    I would love to lead my Coy in Army.

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    Zamaane Bhar me milte h aashiq kayi,
    Magar watan se khoobsurat koyi sanam nhi hota,
    Noton me lipat Kr Sone me simat Kr mare h kayi,
    Magar Tirange se khoobsurat koyi kafan nhi hota

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    Train your body, mind and soul,
    So that you're able to train and lead the few fearless and brave people left,
    Train them so hard that,
    Even when they don't return from a mission,
    Their ghost should not be wandering around saying his training was not enough


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    The privileged fight
    within virtual walls,
    unscathed and
    far removed
    from misery.

    The duty bound
    fight and die,
    alongside sufferers.


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    A soldier's emotions(part 2)(check part 1 too!)

    A soldier's emotions (part 2)(request the reader to read it slowly to feel the pain that i've inked,and to to actually feel its presence plz plz comment)(Check my previous post for part 1)

    Lorraine, vividly i remember how many i've wounded,
    Some were young and others were mature,
    Now i wonder if my heart was pure,
    Was it my epicure,
    Or was it of the war mongers unable to cede,
    Why didn't i listen to you when i signed this accede?

    My mind is now encountering amnesia,
    My tongue has caught the flu of aphasia,
    Its longing for a drop of water,
    My throat is all dessicated,
    I think this thirst will now be perpetuated,
    How i wish if only i would taste your meander!
    Today i won't say that i'm brawny,
    Now i'm impotent and scrawny,
    And i'm sayin' this blantantly,
    Coz now i've become impervious with my jingoism,
    I'm feelin' as flimsy as a rose petal,
    Whisk me lord where you settle!

    Today the sun is dyin' on me,
    Coz i fought rather egregious,
    I think today satan was percevin' my,
    Surreptitious steps.
    Up front the bivouac is encapsulating me,
    Affliction is hauntin' me,
    Still i see a cloud with a silver lining,
    It is the remembrance of the night afore,
    When i first parted from you,
    Remember that night Lorraine?
    I took you to the seaside,
    We were merry and we burnt sparkles,
    And you told me about Achilles,
    Water waves were jingling with joy,
    And the wind was blowin' on our faces with coy.

    Pardon me my lady if there's any repetition in your praise,
    Words are not enough in your admiration,
    I wonder if aphrodite would come to your feet,
    And say ,"Lorraine dear,take my place".
    You're as pretty as the shine of the dawn,
    And as uncanny as the darkness of the dusk,
    Even the nature serve as battalion,
    Whenever you water them,
    You're as gleaming as Theia,
    And as strong as the goddess Nike.

    Pardon me my lady for not fulfiling your desire,
    Of takin' you to Geneva and lay in the heart of Alpine Lake,
    Or to the city of Zürich filled with picturesque landscapes,
    I beg you to serve me impunity,
    From this act of my elusion.

    Lorraine i have now finally said,
    What i had to say to you,
    And i know Jesus will send these messages of my love to you,
    How I wish if there was somebody to send you my love to you,
    Hold back! Lorraine that somebody would me,
    I'll send you my love to you from my grave,
    When you'll cover it with roses,
    and sprinkle your sweet tears on them,
    And to my soul which would be dyin' to hold,
    You in him arms.
    With this i bid adieu to you to the love of my life,

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    Please follow me on Instagram : Themessgygirlwhowrites��
    (link in my Bio)

    Illustration by: ME��‍♀️��‍♀️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Once upon a time,
    A girl fell in love with a soldier❤
    Kiara and Kartik met each other in a family gathering,
    Their eyes met❤
    Thanks to their mutual friends,
    They started hanging out more...
    One day,
    They all decided to go for a camping trip ⛺
    They started getting to know each other more.
    They both were having a conversation...
    & then,
    She asked: what's your ambition?
    He replied: To complete the incomplete work left by my Dad.
    She said: Family Business or something else?
    He smiled & replied with a tear in his eyes:
    He was a soldier, & My Dream is to join the "ARMED FORCE".
    She fell in love with his words❤
    And one fine day,
    She proposed him��
    He said,
    They both were in love but they gave equal importance to their dreams❤
    After 5 years,
    He joined the army,
    The happiest day for him❤
    (He planned to surprise Kiara)
    On the same day they planned to meet:
    And then,
    He asked: Will You Marry Me And Be The Proudest Wife Of The Army Officer❤
    She Said: Yes❤
    They got married��❤
    After 6 months...
    While leaving,
    He said: I love you❤
    Don't miss me, " I'll be home soon"
    Kiara, I Hate Tears! "He promised to come back soon",
    & yes he did return home,
    But this time,
    wrapped in the Tricolour:
    Even though she feels him everywhere...
    But when the baby kicks,
    She simply looks at the sky and cry.
    He didn't know,
    She was pregnant
    #familylove #family
    #familyfunction #camping #confessions #love #loveatfirstsight
    #dreams #goals #army #married
    #armywife #armedforces #countryfirst #proud #proudwife #everyonesproud #missyou #lifeline

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    एक नशे की तरह होता है फौज का इश्क़ जनाब
    उस मोहब्बत को निभाना हर किसी के बस की बात नहीं॥


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    Soldiers "Un-fortune"

    And they fell
    That we may remain standing
    They took the whistle of the bullet
    The mad drummings of bombs
    And danced with them
    To heaven and hell below
    That we may not be images
    When the orchestra of dirge dances
    We live in peace
    Because they died in pieces.
    Rest on, Soldiers.

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    We honour, We remember

    Fallen fallen
    one after another
    Our heroes past
    We honour,
    We remember today...

    They gave their lives
    in the fight for peace
    Featured in battles
    they didn't start
    and even fought wars
    they'd rather not have

    Still they fought
    till their last breath
    till the reality of
    a peaceful nation
    became a dream
    they'll see no more

    They left loved ones
    shattered and broken
    Shared good bye kisses,
    hoped of warm welcome hugs
    and the experience of love again
    Little did they know...

    Oh that their death
    will not be in vain
    and the glory they
    fought to grasp
    Return to the nation
    for which they sacrificed

    May those who love them
    find comfort when
    days like this come knocking
    May they find healing
    for their souls and strength
    to live life again.

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    I am a police sub inspector working for the Indian Police. I am proud to serve my country as a law enforcement officer. It makes me feel happy that I can help reduce crime and safeguard people.

    If anyone has interacted with any officer in the Indian armed forces or law enforcement force, the officer would have definitely told them about the legend of Baba Harbajan Singh, a captain in the Indian Army, who sadly lost his life in 1968 at the Indo-Tibet border while supplying emergency supplies to an outpost in the Indo-Tibet border.

    Legend has it that, Captain Harbajan Singh's spirit has not left, and that he appears in the dreams of all the armed forces and law enforcement officers giving them vital information about any calamity that may strike three days in advance.

    My Story:-

    There was quite a lot of violent protests going on in the city and I stayed up continuously for three nights always responding to any call.

    It was the fourth night, and the protests were over. This was a really reliving moment and I decided to take a quick nap, on my desk in the police station. As I slept deeply, I got a dream where I was serving in a police booth in the middle of the city and that a young man with a turban and the Indian Army uniform came to the booth to talk to me. His badge read "Captain Harbajan Singh".

    I was really intrigued by this young man and instantly started talking to him. We were engaged in a deep conversation and also went to a tea stall for some tea and snacks. In one of his line he told me this statement "You are a great officer, very kind and devoted. You are helpful and not at all corrupt. Best of luck and you will save the crowd from the militant attack in the city"

    I suddenly woke up and saw that it was 4:00am.
    I just ignored my dream and continued to sleep. In the second part of my dream, Captain Harbajan Singh again came. He told me another statement "Do not fear unnecessarily my boy. You and your cousin are so skilled that you can take on any attacker with utmost ease".

    I suddenly woke up and began to be taunted by the dream. I told my cousin (the inspector), about my dream. For the first time in our service, he too agreed and surprisingly told me that he too had the exact same dream, where he met Captain Harbajan Singh of the Indian Army.

    We both were taunted, and the very next morning, went with our entire team of officers to the shooting rink and started practicing with the most deadly weapons our police department had. Sub Machine Guns and Revolvers and Pistols.

    After this we were more taunted, and indirectly planned to inform our senior officers and indirectly wanted permission to patrol the central hall of the city, where the Republic Day celebrations would be held the next day.

    The senior officers surprisingly agreed and told us to go there the next day afternoon, along with the top line of weaponry and bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets.

    We were just about to leave the police station to reach the venue of the Republic Day celebrations, as the telephone rang. It was a call from the central control room, that told us to head to the venue immediately, given that there were a few blasts and indiscriminate firing in which 12 people were killed and 25 injured, within a span of 10 minutes.

    My team and I wasted no time in reaching there and we instantly reached the venue. We saw 15 young boys dressed in all black firing indiscriminately. My team and I immediately got out of the car and started firing at them.

    My constables took cover and also helped the injured victims, as my cousin (the inspector) and I single handedly fought the attackers. In the process of retreating a grenade and also firing an AK 47, 12 of the attackers were killed.

    The other three tried to escape, but another set of my constables fired on them thus killing the other three. In the process, I sustained a grievous injury, having taken 4 bullets into my abdomen.

    I was rushed to the police hospital in an ambulance, and was taken to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU). The doctor told me I had one out of ten chances to live.

    But given my determination, I knew that I have not one out of ten, but one out of five chances to live. I was too tired after my wounds were dressed, and I fell asleep.

    As I slept, Captain Harbajan Singh again visited me in my dreams. Seeing him, I started crying. I had mixed feelings.

    But then Captain Harbajan Singh told me "My dear boy, you have done a very heroic act of saving many people. Do not worry, the doctor is wrong. You will continue to live".After which he left.

    I suddenly woke up. It was 4:00am and I saw that my cousin (the inspector) had come to visit me. He said that the doctor came up with a different statement that I would definitely live.

    I just smiled and said, that I knew everything before itself. Captain Harbajan Singh had told me in my dreams.

    When my senior officers heard about the incident, they were really confused but elated at my heroism.

    Next day, we had a meeting in the police department, where we were told that if any officer got Captain Harbajan Singh in their dreams, they should listen strictly to his words.

    We also got a portrait of Captain Harbajan Singh, and put it in our police station. We worship our well-wisher Captain Harbajan Singh, who takes care of every officer of the armed forces and law enforcement in India.

    I would like to conclude by saying that I am kind of surprised by my dream, but I feel safe that Captain Harbajan Singh is always there to look after me.




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    One story I will tell my children

    That my dad did a great movie since he was born to the day he “martyred”,
    He played a role not more than a “superstar”

    He acted “hero” in real.

    The songs Lyrics were “Jingoism”.

    He has love “for his family & children”.

    There were “thrilling” scene of practice on mountains & hills.

    There were action scene to with “stone pelters”

    And at last of the movie 🎥 climax “(he martyred exclaimed of joy for country,at young age)”.

    He got “Gallantry award”.

    How much rating you give to this movie

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    शहीद राजेन्द्र सिंह की शहादत को शत् शत् नमन
    #indianarmy #army #armedforces #shahid
    #writers #hindiwriters #writersofhearts #firstlove #nazar #eyes #absar #loveoneyes @dkparmar @jayraj_singh_jhala @unspokengirl @varsharock @sakshisah

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    खामोश परिन्दो का सूना-सा आसमान था
    बंजर धोरो से निकला वो एक जवान था
    रीत अपने राजस्थान की वो निभा ही गया
    धोरो के इतिहास को वो दोहरा ही गया
    सुना था रेगिस्तान में पानी
    कम था तो क्या हुआ
    रगों में बहते तप्त रक्त से
    वो अपनी भारत माता का कर्ज चुकाता गया

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    Life is too short
    don't waste it to driving boring cars

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    मैं “रुई” बने रहना चाहती हुँ.......”भैया”,
    आप “फाँस”,बनकर सुरक्षा करो,
    यही चाहती हुँ बस “भैया”,

    ऐसा “तोहफ़ा” दिया रक्षाबन्धन का,
    हर साल याद में मैं ,

    गर्व से “शहीदी” याद कर फुले न समाती हूँ,
    - और सबके आँसु सोख कर “रुई” बन जाती हुँ!....................

    (हैपी रक्षाबन्धन “भैया”)
    (आर्म्ड फ़ॉर्सेज़ & फ़ैमिली

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    I am a small and precious child,
    my dad’s been sent to fight.
    The only place I’ll see his face,
    is in my dreams at night.
    He will be gone too many days
    for my young mind to keep track.
    I may be sad, but I am proud.
    My daddy’s got your back.

    I am a caring mother.
    My son has gone to war.
    My mind is filled with worries
    that I have never known before.
    Every day I try to keep my thoughts
    from turning black.
    I may be scared, but I am proud.
    My son has got your back.

    I am a strong and loving wife,
    with a husband soon to go.
    There are times I’m terrified
    in a way most never know.
    I bite my lip, and force a smile
    as I watch my husband pack.
    My heart may break, but I am proud.
    My husband’s got your back.

    I am a soldier.
    Serving proudly, standing tall.
    I fight for freedom,
    yours and mine by answering this call.
    I do my job while knowing,
    the thanks it sometimes lacks.
    Say a prayer that I’ll come home.
    It’s me who’s got your back.

    #soldiers #army #military #soldier #war #navy #airforce #ww #militarylife #marines #tactical #armedforces #worldwar #recruitment #gta #armylife #specialforces #warriors #history #gun #usa #india #indianarmy #veterans #a #fitness #infantry #america #police #bhfyp#mirakee

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    I am a soldier

    (must read the caption)

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    My India


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    Wars make you hallucinate about joy and victory,
    But reality of wars is deep and dark mystery.
    All it brings sorrow and misery,
    And all we get is devastating history.
    For once just peek inside the drudgery of a soldier,
    Spending each day without their family, they never get closure.

  • lakshmi_iyer 138w

    I Know, Do You?

    I know a child,
    Who with vacant eyes,
    Sat looking at the door,
    Awaiting a man,
    To execute a plan,
    Her 'partner in crime' for sure.
    She kept staring,
    Grumbling and glaring,
    To hear the sound of her gate,
    But what came next,
    Was not the best,
    And her father was never late.
    He did return,
    But in an urn,
    Remains of a black coffin box,
    He gave his life,
    A supreme sacrifice,
    It was that family's loss.

    I know another child,
    Both strong and wild,
    A girl who never lied,
    A cheerful kid,
    Doing mother's bid
    But with this pain inside.
    When she was born,
    Her family was torn,
    She never saw her dad,
    She only knew,
    Her father through,
    The stories others had.
    She yearned to know,
    What he was, so,
    She decided to be like him,
    To grow up strong,
    Righting the wrong,
    A warrior gentle and grim.

    I know a wife,
    Who all her life,
    Has an aching pain,
    Who starts from scratch,
    With 'this' and 'that',
    Learning to live again.
    She plays her part,
    She knows the art,
    Of laughing when in sorrow,
    Loving every second,
    Of her existence,
    Like there was no tomorrow.
    She feels sad,
    In fact very bad,
    Whenever her tribe grew,
    She feels the pain,
    Experiences again,
    Her trauma known to few.

    I know a love,
    That is above,
    Any other fashion,
    A feeling strong,
    A yearning song,
    A true heartwarming passion.
    That truly starts,
    In the hearts,
    Of those who love their nation,
    And in the uniform,
    That they adorn,
    Enroute final destination.
    For those wearing,
    White, blue or olive green,
    As they journey above,
    Returning wrapped,
    In the national flag,
    Thats passion, thats true love.

    I know a pain,
    In sunshine or rain,
    Never losing steam,
    Silent souls,
    In distinct roles,
    And empty, vacant dreams.
    As phoenix rise,
    With wounded eyes,
    Showing off their scars,
    Pain subsides,
    It runs and hides,
    Remembering martyrs and the stars.
    Death never needs,
    A reason for breeds,
    To shed their skin and go,
    Martyrs die,
    For you and I,
    Treat them with respect so.

    I know a clan,
    Of woman and man,
    Who feared not for their life,
    Who donned a smile,
    Feeling worthwhile,
    To serve both in peace and strife.
    They love their nation,
    With utmost passion,
    More than the people in their heart,
    Country first,
    Family last,
    They happily play their part.
    They can be seen,
    With their mean machines,
    On earth or up above,
    As guardians who man,
    Water, sky and land
    Or as angels up above.

    ©Rajalakshmi Prithviraj