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  • __monster__ 14w

    I wish my nights came easy

    I wish my nights came easy
    But when I close my lids
    My eyes still see behind them and I can’t help but look through the gallery inside my mind
    Of all the moments I shared with the one I loved who loved me wrong.
    He had no right to love me wrong.
    Tears fall pouring when I reminisce
    Memories left playing like an old film
    I can still taste the smell of blood inside my mouth from the fateful night when you put your hands on me and said you were teaching me a lesson
    I wish my nights came easy
    I can still smell your scent a mixture of alcohol and bad choices demanding respect that should be earned
    I don’t fall asleep without thinking and plotting and wishing my cries can burn the pillow or just be as loud as a wave hitting the sand just wishing for something to wash away these scars you left that I try to hide and explain.
    I shouldn’t have to explain.
    Society has us fucked up they only see what we post online
    Wiped my tears and I smiled for that snap and insta just two seconds I’ve disguised everything that I feel with a fake smile but hey I sleep alone and I realize
    I wish my nights came easy
    Through the lessons I don’t learn
    Explanations I can’t make
    It’s night time again and I’m waiting for my sleep to take away the pain for a few hours here he is again banging on the door and i froze because I know it’s about to start.
    Wake up fool?
    Where is my food?
    You should be smiling
    No other man is gonna love you
    You can’t even bare a child
    I am tolerating you
    No man is gonna stand this
    You are lazy
    Look at you...
    Indeed look at me...
    I wish my nights came easy some days they do but this life catches up with me in my dreams.


  • pbvlone 31w

    Shut up

    Pain a common factor in all our lives
    Death an inevitable outcome in all our lives
    Relief something you might never experience in your life
    Sometimes love feels like taking a Percocet
    Numbing the pain brought by life
    Shut up for once and you might just hear my thoughts that describe my life

  • stella_writes 60w

    I don't think I can fall in love with anyone anymore,
    I know nobody is perfect, nobody can be perfect really,
    But when you truly share something with someone and they don't reciprocate or just vanish you should just stop,
    Take a moment for yourself and breathe in and out,
    Let your head clear for a lil while,
    See everything that happened in between the days you've spent with them and the day they vanished,
    You'll realise that there were moments you enjoyed and you'll cherish but that's just it,
    That is all that's gonna happen nothing more because regardless of what happened between you and the other person it just doesn't exist anymore so you make up your mind to get on with life and there it is you realise that this keeps happening again and again,
    So that's what happened with me,
    I get attached and am vulnerable and when I finally like someone or idk anything to do about that department it just fucks up without anything to do about it....
    I think my heart got bruised again and now it hurts but like always I'll get over it and even though it wasn't me who did this I feel like am not gonna hate that

  • manzoor_bhat_92 81w


    At last, it came and you are going to depart today
    That gone time woke again to tease my heart today

    Often I used to hear from those of the paradise
    All I believed when of thy lane I thought today

    Though he didn't unveil his face, it too involved his blessings
    Or even the angel's wings would've burnt and what not today

    Whom and whom shall I find on the face of earth?
    I am myself lost, fear of what loss I have got today

    Ask me not, How my heart thrills at the moment
    By the tongue of infidel, the word "God" slipped out today


  • flyboy 82w

    Few 'Archives' will tell you more than hundreds of my posts.

  • malik_mohsiin 89w

    Lost in the pages of some
    ancient volume

    @MaL¡K MohS¡N

  • purewine_75 97w

    मर्ज़-ए-इशक की खुराक,
    महबूब की आंखों में मिलती है;
    मयखाने में नहीं..

    रिश्तों में आई तकरार,
    दिल से जुड़ती है;
    दिमाग से नहीं...


  • purewine_75 97w

    जो बाकी है वो पूरा तो होगा ही...

    #purewinethoughts �� #Draftpost #Archives

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    अभी बाकी है

    इक आरज़ू बाकी है;
    "तुम्हारी आंखों में आंखे डाल कर फिर से तुम्हें देखने की"

    इक शोंक सा बाकी है;
    "तकरार फिर से हो दिलों की"

    इक ज़िद बाकी है;
    "तुमसे रुठे रहने की"

    इक तलब सी बाकी है;
    "फिर से "अनकहे जज़्बातों" को जहर के घुंट सा पीने की"


  • mounika_talla 135w


    When mind resonates words, lips chant them!


  • chiibisama 159w

    I picked up the scroll from the bloody ground
    from which an anthem grew more profound.
    The journey knew nothing more than vanity
    whose madness was saner than sanity.

    Each step had fainted and had lost its flavor
    from whence the time must be of favor
    but the scroll had wings and flew into the trail
    like that of a sunken ship with no sail.

    The night flew fast and the moon was high
    when i let all my chances go by
    but the trail was lit by the moon's bright smile
    and the stars had led me throughout every mile.

    until polaris had let me through a dreamy meadow
    where i read the scroll despite the eerie shadow
    the first few lines gave some sort of healing
    when it said, "not every reason has meaning."

    It continued to talk about ugly scars
    how one can find his way through the brightest stars
    how one could still feel with a frozen heart
    how love makes one bitter when miles apart.

    The lines somehow sparked a dying flame
    and fanned the desire that had no name
    it said things about how cigars were better than Spanish eyes
    How one must see through the sweetest lies.

    But there was something odd about the scroll
    and now, all the lines have taken toll
    there was something more than the written words
    a message sent by the darkest birds.

    "There's a funny secret behind that ancient scroll"
    said the drowsy voice that had no soul
    A voice that came to be and made itself known
    the voice came out the scroll and had itself shown.

    The scroll has more to it than "getting high" or "poetry"
    said now he who sat beside me
    And i said in the calmest manner
    "it somehow has something deeper than words could decipher."

    And he said, "the words inside won't mean anything until..
    they are written with my secret quill."
    I said, "A quill you say? How ever is it special?
    that something written becomes exceptional?"

    "The secret is so simple, though not at all divine...
    My quill is dipped in rum, my friend... my pen is inked with wine."
    Then he suddenly fell silent and briefly watched the stars
    he could see the earth revolve as he danced on planet mars.

    I closed the scroll and silently walked away
    though i know i had one more thing to say.
    I thought, "If your quill is dipped with sweet wine and a surge of inner pain..
    my quill is dipped in bitter tears and little drops of rain."

    ☆ヘ(^_^ヘ) This was written 8 years ago. I just wanted to share.

    Archives © || 2010

    #poetry #love #writing #sober #life #quill #archives #stories

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    The Secret Quill


  • gauravkasture 173w

    तेरे बालों में लगे फूलों की खुशबू
    आज भी मेरे जहन में महकती है।
    जब भी कभी ये चंचल पवन
    मुझे छूकर गुजरती है।

    तेरी यादों की महकशी में
    हमको कुछ होश कहाँ रहता है।
    ये बुध्दु सा मन मेरा
    बिन पीये ही शराबियों सा रहता है।

    ना कुछ खबर अपनी,
    ना ही होश किसी बात का है।
    दिन में संभलते हैं धीरे धीरे,
    और जो इक पल में बिखेर दे,
    वो इक ख्याल आपका है।

  • gauravkasture 177w


    सर्द की दस्तक में मेरा पतझड़ आ जाता है।
    कुछ नये लोग दे जाता है, तो कुछ अजीजों को ले जाता है।
    गर देता है ये लम्हें हल्की फुल्की ख़ुशी के, तो बिछडन का ताजा दर्द भी दे जाता है।
    जो कभी हुआ करता था मौसम मेरा पसंदीदा, अब रोज दर्द बढ़ाता है।
    मेरी जिंदगी में लोगों का आना जाना कोई नई बात तो नहीं, मगर ज़िन्दगी में यूँ शामिल होकर ज़िन्दगी से चले जाना अक्सर बहुत रुलाता है।
    रो लेते हैं हम भी अकेले में, क्यूंकि सबके सामने आंसू बहाना कई सवाल खड़े कर जाता है।
    कितना खालीपन लगता है जब कोई नही होता है कैसे बताऊ मै किसीको।
    कोई है ही नही अपना कैसे समझाऊ में इस दिल को।
    लफ्ज़ देने की कोशिश करता हूं अब अक्सर अपने हाल को, क्योंकि बातों से नही समझता है कोई मेरी बात को।
    ये तन्हाई पर गुरुर करने के अलावा और कोई रास्ता नजर नही आता है।
    पहले तो कहने को भी कुछ लोग अपने हुआ करते थे, आजकल तो उनसे भी कोई वास्ता नजर नही आता है।
    ये शहर मेरा होकर भी कभी मेरा नही लगा, ना कभी था कोई अपना, ना कोई सगा।
    बेहला लेता था पहले अपना मन आसमान को देखकर, अब तो मानो वो भी मुझसे नजरें चुराता है।
    कभी कभी तो ये ज़िंदगी बोझ सी लगती है, अक्सर मेरी मरने की इच्छा करती है।
    फंसा हुआ महसूस करता हूं खुद में ही, बहुत जरूरत है मुझे किसीकी, पर मुझे चाहिए भी नही कोई।
    इस दर्द की कोई दवा हो तो मुझे बता दो कोई, गर नही तो जिंदगी से रिहा कर दो कोई।
    ना जाने और कब तक आँखों की नमी को छुपा पाऊंगा,
    ना जाने कब तक इस सैलाब को संभाल पाऊंगा।
    नजरें करम करले मौला मुझ पर भी, ये ज़िंदगी बहुत डरा रही है मुझको।

    21st November, 2015 (7:13pm)

  • giftedsnow 178w


    Sailing through the archives of the ages
    Running through the rivers of ancient fades
    Visiting the chronicles of wrinkled men
    Climbing the mountains the wealthy sojourned
    Not but behold the cloak of slavery the poor endured
    I realize that Life
    Is a symposium of realities.


  • erosverse 178w

    The heart is its own
    Emoji • Exuding
    The good • The old • The new
    The never before told
    Held in the right place
    For the right time
    In the right way
    The yet to behold
    The bright • The light
    The luxurious starry night
    The odes of
    A thousand years
    Still to become
    The hue of
    A thousand past histories
    Centuries • So-called mysteries
    Hidden • Secretly growing
    Silently • Slowly baking
    Into present realities • Birthing dreams
    Awakening precious memories


  • gauravkasture 182w

    कुछ लम्हों की मोहब्बत,
    और उम्र भर की रुसवाई के किस्से में

    उसकी मोहब्बत से ज्यादा,
    उसकी नफ़रत आयी मेरे हिस्से में।


  • sahalmajid 200w

    "I love you" , he finally told her,

    " I understand", she said

    "And he for the first time heard what agony sounds like"!!

  • ashok_narratives 225w

    Each and every archived chat contains a story of lost relationship and I had lot many!