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  • adamantquill 7w

    To the one reading.

    Thank you for choosing this as POD ��
    Though it's nothing much special I wrote.
    Thank you everyone who's heartily appreciating, just so you know you matter ��
    #kwansaba #writersnetwork


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    Your existence matters.

    I shall adulate you for being present
    on the land where virtue fights the
    evil till death, where sun shines on
    day and moon calms the night, where
    flower blooms in the midst of mud.
    I shall write you a warm praise
    for being the only one in billions.

  • adamantquill 11w

    In case some of you are confused about what this shape represents, it's nothing in specific. I just randomised a shape while writing about a lost soul wandering and seeking.
    Otherwise, you are free to perceive it however you want. ��

    Thank you @miraquill for the POD ��
    I am not even really sure if I deserve this today, I saw so many beautiful concrete poems, mine is nothing infront of them.
    Even though thank you so much for appreciating this ��
    #concretepoetry #writersnetwork


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    Abstract pathway of a wandering soul.

    peaks that
    have never seen
    footprints in my poems.
    I harvest sunflowers on the
    frozen grounds under
    the moonlight in
    my metaphors
    cold in
    my heart.
    I adulate the
    demons that live
    rent free in my mind,
    I am always aware what a
    warrior soul I am from
    inside. For every
    scathe they
    give,I bleed
    of self hate
    I let the stars
    soothe my scars.
    On days of self love
    I prepare accolade muse
    for the forthcoming
    crestfallen cycle
    that traces the
    vicious recur.
    I let the
    teardrops that
    soak the pages of
    my sombre poems
    to unleash the iridescent
    rainbow on days my
    smile fades away.
    I visit the city
    of ruins
    and personify the
    soul in me.....
    while protecting the undamaged part.

  • adamantquill 16w

    I totally didn't expect POD for this one at least ����
    Thank you so much @miraquill
    And @writersnetwork I know I have never really thanked you for all the support I get. Thank you so much��
    I am really grateful to everyone who appreciated this ����
    #hoarding #writersnetwork


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    Come visit the quill-derland
    of ink strokes on canvas of halcyon
    sky brewing poems.

  • adamantquill 29w

    A diary entry for my diary��

    POD!!��Didn't expect for this one��
    Thank you so much y'all for appreciating this����
    #diaryentry #writersnetwork #pod


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    Oh dear diary,

    Today, nonetheless the date;
    I dreamt of conquering my fears
    completely, the unreal felt so real.
    A gush of conscious returns to me
    as I wake up to find myself
    in the same I felt last night.
    I am engulfed in my mayhem where
    my ephemeral sorrows are slowly
    turning into eternal dysphoria.
    Soliloquy is my pursuit
    to draw false solace with quill
    while I play melodies in sourdine.
    So let me unfold your pages
    and dip my anguish in ink and
    bleed upon the empty space
    darting the letters that
    I digged deep from my soul.
    And I promise to keepsake
    you till I live and will bury you
    in deep grounds upon my death.
    So I beg you to take away a bit
    of my burden and unchain me
    from all the nefarious thoughts.
    The pen will be my sword
    and you be the shield armour
    while I step out to fight my demons.
    This battle may last forever
    and I do not know when
    I'll be crowned victorious,
    so bear with me till the end
    for I am far from yet to give in.

  • adamantquill 34w

    POD¿? �� Thank you so much for appreciating this piece ������
    #oxymoron #writersnetwork #pod


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    Oxymoronic world

    M.E.L.A.N.C.H.O.L.I.C H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S
    Forbearance of the cognizant self
    beset in melancholy, yet surmounted
    with a dash of happiness that dances
    on the footsteps of a sad muse.
    How strong that soul must be!

    M.O.N.O.T.O.N.O.U.S S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E
    Each day varies and every sunshine is not
    so bright. To some it is the dazzling rays
    of light and to some it is just a monotone
    shade of nature, burning as they touch,
    clouding inside as they pierce.

    B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L S.C.A.R.S
    Who even named them ugly, the scars
    that are so similar to the folktale heroes,
    the scars that enumerate one's life and
    their story and the battles they fought,
    the scars that are both visibly and invisibly beautiful.

    L.O.A.T.H.F.U.L L.O.V.E
    A person that hurts you, one worthy of your hate
    yet you are tied and chained by the love
    for them, you fail to hate them so you hate
    yourself for loving them. Try harder to love
    yourself more and you will witness the chains
    unchain themselves and freeing you of pain.

    H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y H.E.L.L
    This vibrant and heavenly beautiful world
    of ours, that is providing the well beings
    of life to live and die, yet it is so prisonous
    and dark cage where atrocities dwell,
    where it is hard to breathe in
    and all I can think of it as a representation
    of a hell disguised in a heaven.


  • adamantquill 46w

    #coloursspeak #writersnetwork


    This is my first ever POD,������
    thank you so much for appreciating it ��

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    A sad soul understands monochrome.

    The sunflower field
    speaks in yellow hues
    and the cherry blossoms
    in pastels.
    Those autumn leaves
    dance in the shades of orange
    as the new green leaves take birth.
    White winter submerges
    under the snow as it hibernates.
    And a love like the deep blue ocean
    is what everybody longs for
    that is delightful like a red rose.
    And despite the colours in this world,
    all a sad soul understands is monochrome.