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    All that a person ever desire is, appreciation by the people, they care the most about.

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    D - ecent

    E - legant

    L - oyal

    P - atient

    H - umble

    I - ntuitive

    N - oble

    E - nigmatic


  • hawaii 4w

    Delphine III

    You complete me
    My mind my body
    All that is in me
    Your stare makes me breathe heavily
    My heart beats involuntarily
    Like my eyes when you're in sight
    I can't help noticing even in the night
    My GPS when I'm in flight
    I'm "Vision" with you by my right
    Living in a dull place you became my light
    Now I see colour aside from black and white
    I may not reach the height
    Or be able to win this fight
    To one day hold your hand without fright
    But you have my utmost respect with delight
    I never felt like this before
    From my nails to my inner most core
    You are the one a that I adore
    I can't stress any more
    These next months to explore
    I want you all the more mi amore!

    I'm yet to take action
    But I'm already in prison
    My undivided attention
    Your absence provokes suspension
    I need a new lesson
    to become a better person
    Cause I can already feel the tension
    Some say I'm crazy
    Maybe I am crazy
    Admiring someone never lazy
    With 99 problems like Jay Z
    I found my Queen B
    Now my choices are easy
    Mirroring her I've been keeping busy
    Because I see an engineer
    Making her family proud every year
    From first to final year
    Forsaking guys and beer
    Her path is straight and clear
    Standing from a rear
    That is what I see in her
    and I don't really care
    what you people think about her

    Delphine, If time stood still after we turn 18 I would still choose you over and over again!

    #crush #beauty #appreciation #dilemma

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    Delphine III

    I'm not trying to hide
    I just want you by my side
    Your appearance your character inside
    That's the beauty I adore with pride
    But there's rules I have to abide
    On a high cliff by the sea side
    You struck me down with your tide
    Often now I'm washed by these waves
    of emotions flooding in I need a save
    because everytime I see your face
    its like a light shining in a dark cave
    I can't help being struck down by your wave
    There's a road in me you paved
    So beautiful I want to walk it with you
    Holding your hand I only see the sky blue
    and fertile green pasture perfect for two
    Delphine, you don't have a clue
    of the things that you can do
    The colours I see in you
    There's no one more true

  • eden_with_eve 5w

    Her heart pounds in waves of ocean sounds.
    Surf her winding curves, count her freckles, know her scars, and name her free.
    For she is woman profound with rights to every privilege owed her sex.
    Rage against norms that chafe you raw dear girl and know that beneath your body a tsunami grows.
    Flood the ground, drown out the sound, and rise unbidden.
    Unbreakable, unbound, unburdened, now known...no longer unheard.
    In roaring millions does woman's mouth move the world.

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    #women #woman #womansday #wod #appreciation #thoughtful

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    Who Is A Woman?

    What best describes being a woman?
    For the many thoughts that come to mind, this visits most often.
    Is it the way she's brave, when she wants and needs to be?
    She stands up high and tall in the face of adversity.
    Is it her power, that intimidates certain people in the room?
    Scared of the fact that their jobs, she'd have quite soon.
    Or is it how she bridges the gap that society created?
    Small victories daily; the ladder of inequality, eradicated.
    Perhaps it's the resilience that she carries around herself?
    Constantly let down by society but still within her, she finds strength.
    And if it isn't all of that then surely it's the love?
    Her unwavering compassion intertwined with great resolve.
    But the more I think is the more I realize,
    That the essence of a woman cannot be categorized.
    It's everything and then some along the way,
    And to this I raise a toast, to all the women on this symbolic day.
    Continue to rise with grit and dedication that never fades,
    And always be reminded that you're fearfully and wonderfully made.

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    VENERATE:~venerate the feeling of love,
    your profound passion of seeking peace in world would heal.
    Embrace the blessings of life,
    outfox the character in you,
    being the bear sweeping the bulls apart.
    Your conscience makes you a purplexed human,
    nature heals you every moment.
    The belief of society will counter your faiths but nothing can make you stumble you in the race.
    Its time you wake up,
    heads wanna be high,
    theres arent any perquisites.
    Its a new dawn, new beginning, new challenges. LIVE~FLY~FOREVER

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersgram #feelingoflove
    #appreciation #honour #goals #destiny.

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    Honor and admire profoundly,
    Seeking love among your stars,
    Ablaze the heat apart
    Outshine the light in you✨


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  • hawaii 6w

    Delphine II

    So I saw you yesterday
    I got nothing else to say
    It was a good day
    In those military shorts
    and light green t-shirt they consort
    My lunch plans almost came to an abort
    Your usual watch on your left
    You stole my heart you're a theft
    Without trying you own this craft
    My kryptonite you had me swept

    As I went and stood in line
    I wanted to turn behind
    and look at you one more time
    As I sat and ate with you on my mind
    I couldn't help thinking of you looking so fine
    Before I left I looked around
    couldn't see you so I faced the ground
    and left without a sound

    Until we meet again beautiful girl
    every time I see you my world's in a whirl
    I guess I like my mind in a twirl
    I know I'll see you again
    You have a reputation to maintain
    I still have my confidence to attain
    before we exchange words
    So until then I'll do my school work
    and when the time comes to talk
    we'll converse like we have all the time in this world


    #crush #appreciation #beauty

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    Delphine II

    So I saw you yesterday
    I got nothing else to say
    It was a good day
    As I went and stood in line
    I wanted to turn behind
    and look at you one more time
    I know I'll see you again
    You have a reputation to maintain
    I still have my confidence to attain


  • mr_kumare 8w


    They don't appreciate your magic until you disappear.


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    Appreciation on being Alive

    I am so glad that I am alive,
    Life is about how we thrive.

    The race started for humans when in evolution they survived,
    Or was it when the sperm into the fallopian tube arrived?

    To just continue living is such a simple role,
    But to utilize life to the fullest should be our goal.

    Friends and family give our life the sweet and sour experience,
    Life isn't worth living if it's all smooth without a bit of turbulence.

    Thank you God for the life we have,
    Let us all achieve what we truly crave.


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    After about 5 months of being unable to pen anything down, few lines so true came up. I guess they've been there ever since, just waiting for the perfect day to surface. I can't even remember the pages and hashtags I tag on my posts again... It still doesn't feel great but I believe "half bread is better than none"... Thanks to everybody who reached out, being bothered that it has been a while I wrote... Seriously, I never knew people paid much attention to my works.

    #rebirth #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetry #selflove #appreciation #new

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    If I could get a penny for every thought,
    I would be swimming in gold
    Dressing in silver
    Dinning in diamonds
    And probably walking in the air...

    If I could get an excuse for every mistake,
    I would have forgiven myself completely
    Let go of unpleasant times
    Close regretful chapters
    Most likely be as pure as milk...

    If I could bring these dreams of mine to reality,
    I would live and love them
    Hold on to them
    Relive and recreate them
    Perhaps share my dreams with another...

    If I could get myself to accept,
    Accept that we sometimes crave for things,
    Most times, things we can't have
    Or things we would rather not have
    Maybe, just maybe, I would still be me.

  • queerchildzw 10w


    Sometimes we spend so much time looking for something else, wanting more, that we lose what we already have. Value the person who loves you, appreciates you and accepts you as you are. All a person wants sometimes is a sign, a hug, a touch, a kiss to show you that you care that they are there. Eventually it gets tiring. They don't stop loving you or caring but they realise they too deserve love, attention, understanding, a listening ear, a smile, a hug, a touch, a kiss... They realise their worth.


  • hawaii 10w


    She’s out of his league
    He’s out of breath with fatigue
    This girl in the jersey like an oil rig
    In those six pockets she’s a rare commodity
    Queen of Britain couldn’t find someone of her quality
    I’ve been training just to reach her velocity
    By her side it’s another level from reality
    By being herself I can’t stand myself
    Time to do something to prove myself
    I think it’s time I get to the top shelf

    Seeing her is like I just discovered the internet
    Meaning of everything uncovered and I’m set
    Reaching for her I recovered from a mind that was offset
    Talking to her and I feel connected
    Walking with her and I feel respected
    Laughing with her and I can see the world projected
    Free of expectations is when I’m with her
    We cherish education but enjoy time with each other
    She’s my satisfaction and with her I can reach further


  • ayayrunsblog 10w

    The Price of 'Free'dom

    The irony in freedom is that it's not free.
    It often comes at a price that few are able to pay for, despite being something everyone should be entitled too.
    The price of freedom is an extension of life in general.
    It isn't always fair, some are born into it while some are not so fortunate.
    So today, look within and see how much freedom you possess.
    Even being able to read this piece symbolizes a degree of freedom that I myself use in composing it.
    Be thankful for whatever freedom you possess because not everyone is as lucky as you are. Pay the price for freedom through gratitude and appreciation as it's the only currency we may have.
    Pay In Full.

  • mrspectacular 13w


    I want to say thanks
    But how can I when sand fills what should be an ocean and its banks
    Yes I have cranks
    But of what use are they when I go through some steady deranks
    What use when woe beset my flanks
    What use when ,my joy, pain ganks
    Yes, before now you knew me as one with happiness' hanks
    That was not in absence of janks
    As a matter of fact, my peace was still very lank
    As troubles did, my soul, mank
    I have tried for so long to stay put like an armoured tank
    But it appears this is a life-time prank
    One that will have a remark 'before he set sail, he sank'
    How then do you expect me to say thanks?


  • redserendipity11 14w


    When someone annoys you for no reason
    Text you every single time
    Give time to even remembers you
    They annoy you and make you laugh even though you know its lame
    Pay attention to every single thing you say or do
    To even appreciate everything that is important to you
    Comfort you when you throw shade at them
    Apologize to you when you can't even handle them
    And still love you for who you are and trust you even though you don't feel the same.
    Annoying people are the most amazing person in this world.
    Cause you know they will stay even though you gave them the reason not to.

    -R.E.D ⭐

  • himanshuchaturvedi 15w

    If you can't appreciate
    atleast try to acknowledge

  • peterneil 16w

    Don't wait

    It could be a little too late when you wait for the perfect moment to love and appreciate those you cherish.

    There isn't any perfect time, just do it everyday while they still breathe


  • wiredweirdly 16w

    every sky
    makes me wonder
    how can they be
    so beautiful
    everyday without wavering
    aren't they the most pertinent
    affirmation from nature of
    change is the
    only constant?

  • art_is_dead 17w

    this is for my absolute favorite poet on tumblr - s. k. osborn - their poetry is just so beautiful and godly and so precious and every time i get a writers block i go through their pieces and god it hits so right
    do check them out some time

    some of my favorite pieces of theirs -

    - nine lives
    - blasphemies at 5th street station
    - trauma city
    - woundless
    - so it goes
    - glow in the dark
    - the sky is in a thousand pieces and none of them are me

    #appreciation #tumblr #love #life #hope
    #writersbay #mirakee

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    for s. k. osborn

    i've read you when i was happy and i've read you when i wanted to cry and i've read you whenever and wherever and i've read you always

    i have your poems memorized and every line i've loved more than i've ever loved myself
    and when i couldn't love myself at all - i've loved your words

    and when i write it's your words i trace over so i can find a piece of myself
    and it's your words that make me go on when i don't want to
    and it's in your words i feel mostly myself -
    and it's in your words i find the home i keep searching for -

    i can never thank you enough.