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  • work2rise 5h

    That person that you think is being too extra or doing too much, may actually be the ' One In Need.'



    " It is better to listen than to (lose) scarfice. "

    And I said to myself earlier, I need to listen more.

    Xavier Omar - Say It

    The Vaccines - Denial

    Anderson Paak - Am I Wrong

    Only one at a time
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    Only one at a time
    My life, my life

    Am I wrong to assume
    If she can't dance, then she can't ooh?
    Am I wrong to say
    If she can't dance, then she can't ooh?

    I never wanna waste your time, my life
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    And look at the time, my God
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    Only one at a time
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    Only one at a time
    My life, my life


  • hawaii 1w

    Dangerous Waters

    For you money wasn't negotiable
    For you I only felt illegible
    You were the top of the table
    I only felt like I had a broken ankle
    I couldn't reach you from my angle
    How I'm feeling now I myself am liable

    I wish you only happiness
    That you be treated like a princess
    That the one you choose must know you're priceless
    That you never run short of substance
    That in your career you only advance
    That is my wish for the rest of your existence

    #appreciation #poetry

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    Dangerous Waters

    It's fucked up
    Now I can't even whatsapp
    I can't even lift my face up
    I can't even smile with a "what's up?"
    My previous self and I there's a gap
    It's kills me now that I gave a tap
    I'm out of the game now and it's a wrap
    Somehow I still feel like I'm in a trap

    I didn't even ask for your digits
    Maybe that's why I'm in a ditch
    I never took your for a bitch
    Now you've left me in a stitch
    I feel like my world's in a glitch
    I can't see clearly and it's giving me a pinch

    It wasn't a test
    I only wanted what was best
    I didn't mean to be a pest
    Now you've fed me poison to digest
    It feels like I've been shot without a vest
    My mind can't even have a rest
    I'm walking towards the east and you're pulling west
    Maybe that's what I deserve for trying to give you the best

  • aashi_singh23 1w

    If you are trying to be disciplined in your life, don't look for appreciation and validation from others.


  • the_himalayan_monk 1w

    Your inner Potential

    No one is going to ask you about how much 'Potential' you have. People can only see the expression of your 'Inner potential' . People see only actions. So unless you do something that's visible, you are 'Unknown' to this world.

  • work2rise 2w

    ALJ: Affirmation: My Outcome Is Joy

    ALJ: My joy always provides the best outcome for me.
    ©work2rise Affirmation #456 Day #456


    I am very loyal, and that makes me comfortable that I can be and do loyal things for other people.
    But I 'm also, realizing that above anything else, I should always be loyal to what I deserve.#Appreciation

    "Sometimes you have to do something different, if you want to be happy."

    Being loyal can sometimes make you too comfortable and that can either be a good thing or hinderance to what you deserve. #Appreciation

    Leisure - Something About You

    Leisure - Mesmerized

  • hawaii 2w

    Smart Lady

    You don't expect a praise
    Never expecting a pay
    Whether it's raining or a sunny day
    You give your best to lay a pathway
    It's more of a stairway
    Uplifting BARC/2 in your own way
    For your health and happiness we pray

    Unlike the many
    You are a lady
    Sometimes angry, most time funny
    A rare personality
    Always displaying maturity
    You take responsibility
    Still, you possess untapped ability

    A hard worker from the start
    Beautiful and smart
    Like a classical work of art
    BARC/2 appreciates you at heart

    Happy Birthday Aruani!

  • itzgauravgautam 5w


    It is not about the times
    You gave up
    It is not about the times
    You got up

    But it is the amount of time

    You show up

  • om_nik 10w

    We are busy reacting
    to the bad words
    coming from a few people,
    more than appreciating
    other people's good words
    and behaviours.


  • __ek_wada__ 12w

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    Some people will never motivate,appreciate your hard work,
    But that doesn't mean that you stop yourself by doing great.

    Jo khudse kia hai

  • sonalnaik30 14w

    Love for little one

    Someone said it right, a mother starts loving her baby even before the child is born and I know for a fact that, such kind of love exists for real but then what right does patriarchy have to not accept or love a girl child?

  • ava_cel 16w

    Here's another opportunity to say; "Thank you Jesus"


  • benny_lambchop 18w

    A forever home
    Subtle laughs and unspoken bonds
    Talks by the fire and songs shared
    You give me security
    A constant support in my life
    Building me up to overcome myself
    You give me understanding
    Communicating throughout my upbringing
    Analyzing my theories about the world
    Extrapolating for answers
    Allowing me freedom in my mind
    And community in family

    #mom #mother #love #appreciation #wod

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    A forever home
    Subtle laughs and unspoken bonds
    Talks by the fire and songs shared
    You give me security
    A constant support in my life
    Building me up to overcome myself
    You give me understanding
    Communicating throughout my upbringing
    Analyzing my theories about the world
    Extrapolating for answers
    Allowing me freedom in my mind
    And community in family

  • hawaii 18w

    "The Money"

    I’m glad we met
    It felt like a concert
    We shared the stage, had a chat
    You laughed, I can’t feel my feet
    I’m floating in my seat
    I’m talking to the drum beat
    I could go on for hours in this heat

    My goodness, pure gold is your smile!
    Money can’t buy
    The cringe in the eyes won’t lie
    Felt like universe had me high
    My privilege it was to sit by
    You own it, don’t even have to try

    In simple terms you’re ‘the money’
    Don’t believe me, ask the many
    Your beauty is unlike any
    How could I be so lucky?
    Talking to you is a mockery
    It’s like I used sorcery
    I don’t deserve this moment of happy

    Your actions bring out the real beauty
    I applaud your aunties
    Their niece is an exceptional quantity
    The act of giving and having more
    You express this as a norm
    It’s a barrier that many haven’t torn
    And for that you are ‘the bomb’

  • hawaii 18w

    Delphine IV

    Feel inspired, every time I see you
    Your smile brings a warm feeling
    Don't understand it, can't explain it
    All I can say is you make me happy

    No one else in this school
    Can do this to me
    My whole thoughts shifts
    when I hear your name
    The stress goes away
    When you're in sight

    You light up my world like nothing else
    There's no one else I can picture as my weakness
    With you my problems I can compress
    There'll be nothing that I'll second guess
    Feeling lost I need you as my compass
    Not royalty but I'll treat you as my princess

  • realnotreel 19w

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    Thankful for hardships, thankful for strife;
    Thankful for those who have come into my life:
    to show me the good, and show me the bad
    how to be happy, how to be sad;
    Thankful for lessons that have made me stronger
    For holding out hope when I thought I couldn't hold on any longer
    Thankful for family and thankful for friends;
    For knowing which ties to break and which fences to mend;
    Grateful for failures and faults and misgivings
    Thankful to know I am human and living
    Thankful for lies which turn into truth;
    Thankful to elders who remember their youth;
    Thankful for times when I think I have nothing;
    And thankful for realizing that nothing's still something
    Thankful for memories, dreams, and things still unclear;
    For things that retreat for a time and then reappear
    Thankful for those who used to be here
    And the ability to hold those folks who are still here_ near
    Thankful for earth, oceans and heavens above
    Thankful for knowing the meaning of love
    Thankful to know when I've stolen the sky's blue
    That I can turn around and give many more thanks just for You.

    @pic credit: Pinterest.


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    Audience Abode


  • vivekjhawar 19w

    #appreciation post

    Kisne kaha ki tum Sirf ordinary Insaan ho.....
    Kisne kaha ki tum special nahi ho....

    Farishtey to aksar kahaniyo me hote hai
    Par tum kisi ke liye asliyat me banke aaye ho

    Jab kisiko saanso ki zaroorat thi
    Beshak tum uske liye doctor na ban sako
    Par kam se kam doctor ka pata batake
    Kaha pe bed khali hai yeh batake
    Unke liye tum kisi farishtey se kam na the❤️

    Beshak rishta khoon ka na tha
    Par jab kisi ko oxygen ki zaroorat thi
    Aur sheher me aur hospital me kami thi
    Tab unke liye cylinder ki line me khade hue
    Taaki kisi ko saans mil sake
    Unke liye tum kisi farishtey se kam na the❤️

    Jab kuch log oxygen cylinder black karrahe the
    Jab kuch log dawa double rate pe bech rahe the
    Jab insaniyat maano bik si gayi thi
    Tab bhi tum sahi bhaav pe hi grahak ko saman derahe the
    Beshak tumne kuch extra ordinary kaam nahi kiya
    Par apne kaamo se bataya ki
    Insaniyat aaj bhi kahi zinda hai ....❤️

    Jab pure sheher me lockdown tha
    Bahut ghar ka chulha us samay band tha
    Tumne ek kaam kiya
    Uske ghar pe khaane ka intezam kiya
    Unke liye tum kisi farishtey se kam na the ❤️

    Kuch log kehte hai ki
    hum kisi ke liye kuch na kaarpaaye
    Kisi ki madad na karpaaye
    Par tab bhi tum special ho pata hai kyu
    Kyunki tumne utna hi samaan kharida
    Jitna tumhe jaroorat tha
    Zabasdasti ka ikhata nahi kiya
    Taaki sab ko mil sake
    Aur insaniyat ko zinda rakha ❤️

    Isliye ....
    Yeh kabhi mat kehna ki tum special nahi ho
    Tum bahut special ho❤️
    Tum keval ordinary nahi extraordinary ho❤️❤️❤️❤️

    (Doctors and health care workers ka isliye nahi likha
    Just because wo to humesha se hi special hai
    Wo bhagwan ka ek roop hai Dharti pe
    Jo is sankat ki ghadi me hum logo ke saath khade Hai ...)

  • snehajacob 20w


    Can't express through words
    You are more than that
    Can't spend a night without you
    My replica from another blessed womb.

    Taught me many things
    I neglected most of it
    Thought I could
    But Couldn't

    Love you more than anything
    In this world you're my light
    I'll carry you with me.

  • mrspectacular 20w


    I'm sweating for my offsprings
    That I do not, shame to their faces, bring.
    Hence the reason I, to the plough, cling
    That when I bring them to life they will have, on me, whatever their caring.
    I am sweating so I could give them everything
    That when they become kings and queens, they'll bless their queen and foreking.
    I am sweating so neither I nor my offsprings get to work as hireling.
    I am sweating so, as a family, we will all have a reason to get up in the morning
    I am sweating to ensure we lack nothing.
    I am sweating that we just have to do the pointing.
    A pointing and it's ours, no questioning.
    I am sweating that respect may be put when there is a referring.
    I am sweating for us all.


  • skyhigh01 20w

    An Acknowledgement

    Mirakee an inexplicable abode of passion
    More than a diary, a record of expressions ranging from fictional to non fictional
    My craving for big words so to say vocabulary
    Made me familiar with Mirakee family
    Alongside professional persuing
    Mirakee is the hub of relaxation,
    A sea of abundant captivated learning
    Where I discover unfounded side of me
    Amateur yet made me believe I too can draw poem kinda lines
    Sometimes that eagerness to pen down triumph
    While sometimes I hug Mirakee to let go off pain
    Above all Mirakee a channel to empathise with people's emotions and a treasure of unspoken series.
    With tons of Love,

  • landoflitdiaries 21w


    People are so busy complaining about life nowadays. They forget that the more they complain the more they lose on things and time to be productive enough. Instead of wasting time ranting, appreciating life in every way possible would help in bringing much more positivity and peace simultaneously gaining confidence to deal with the inevitable.