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  • __adiroy__ 6w

    Don't let your ego fend you off from appreciating people who deserve it......

    It doesn't let you down but boosts someone's self-esteem.
    It won't take anything from you but adds to someone's life.

    Being a reason behind someone's smile is no less than a blessing in disguise.
    Being a reason behind someone's progress is no less than an achievement.

    And if you don't possess any one of the aforesaid qualities , please learn to keep quiet. Don't taunt people's downfall, don't mock at someone's failure.

    "If you cannot be an encouraging angel please do not be the discouraging devil".

  • anupriyachauhan18 8w


    Not all poems are written to be read , some are written for our own soul's reckoning. The poem maybe out in the world , for the world to read it, share it , appreciate it or criticize it but deep down all of it doesnt matter much to you as to how much someone liked or disliked it because you wrote that poem for no one else but yourself. You dedicated it to your soul , you wrote it to feel happy or to ease yourself of the grief.
    Not all poems are written to be read , some are written to be felt without any prejudice.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • mr_jitraj 11w


    Sometimes I think that I have to give up what I'm doing because no matter how worthy you are, people will not appreciate you until you are important to them.


  • magical_poems 14w


    Your pain disguised as a grin
    Long since gone your laugh within
    Your sacrifices unbearable and strong
    Gifting you the smile you belong
    I'm there to always support you
    To have got your love, I happy, true


    Your angry yell
    I remember very well
    Your love behind those screams
    You are my dream's esteem
    My tears softening you up
    Dad, I Love You, yup


    Your words irritating me
    Wish I could shut you with lock and key
    Teasing me day and night
    To end it with a fight
    My cause of tears sometimes
    Sorry, I don't have anything for your crimes


    My motivator, my teacher
    My crime partner, the rule breaker
    Scoldings related to a mother's
    You taught me something rather
    Our fights proof of our care
    Our want to talk to each other, declare
    The bond of love we are tied to
    Sorry, I lack words to appreciate you.....

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Thank you all of you for your love and care...
    I also appreciate my mirakee family for their love....

  • kemisola 15w

    Appreciate me before it’s too late

    When I’m dead…..,Your tears will flow,..But I won’t know…Cry for me now instead !You will send flowers,..But I won’t see…Send them now instead !You’ll say words of praise,..But I won’t hear..Praise me now instead !You’ll forget my faults,..But I won’t know…Forget them now, instead !You’ll miss me then,…But I won’t feel…Miss me now, insteadYou’ll wish…You could have spent more time with me,…Spend it now instead !!You’ll wish…You could have spent all your money on me…Spend now instead!!When you hear I’m gone, you’ll find your way to my house to pay condolence but we haven’t even spoken in years…. Pls look for me now!!”Spend time with every person around you, and help them with whatever you have to make them happy!! your families, friends, acquaintance…..Make them feel Special.Because you never know when time will take them away from you forever”..


    Love Me Before I Die When I m Dead, Your Tears May Flow, But I Wont Know, Cry For Me Now, Instead..

    When I am Dead, You Will Send Flowers, But I Wont See, Send them Now, Instead..

    When I M Dead, You Will Say Words Of Praise, But I Wont Hear, Praise Me Now, Instead..

    Don’t try to remember how I used to be,
    Come by today and you can see.
    Make good use of time, while I’m still around,
    Don’t wait for tomorrow, when I’m in the ground.

    And don’t give me a funeral fit like a king the day I die
    Because you saw me through sorrow and strife,
    All through my life and you did nothing than to hurt me

    When I am Dead, You Will Forget My Faults, But I Wont Know, Forget them Now, INSTEAD…!

    When I am Dead, You Will Say I Was Great, If You Tell it Now I Will Feel proud, So Please Don’t Wait, tell that Now, INSTEAD…!

    When I am Dead, You Will Come To My Grave And Whisper “I Loved You, Why You Left”, But I Will Not Be Able To Fill You In My Arms, Don’t Wait if You Have To Express, tell that Now, INSTEAD…!

    Don’t weep a tear when I die when you haven’t shed tears of joy, laughter and pain with me whilst I’m still alive! NA CROCODILE TEARS BE THAT!
    If you don’t appreciate me while I am still walking this earth with you…please don’t pretend to do so for the records when my journey home begins!
    If you haven’t stood by me in good times and in bad times and you say you are my friend…then there is really no need coming to stand by my graveside when I’m dead!
    If you don’t have any nice words of encouragement for me now that I am alive, if you can’t commend my little effort to impact in my own little way, in my little corner please don’t come out or deliver any dramatic elegy when I die!
    Please love and celebrate me now that I am alive…PLEASE! Don’t decorate my grave with the loveliest collection of flowers…decorate my heart…decorate my world! I prefer your love now in life than a truckload of wreath when I’m dead!
    Now that I am alive and you find it hard to post me ...even when it’s my Birthday, you are too “Big” or too important to put up my picture, please don’t do so and write RIP when I’m dead!
    If you haven’t said to me “I miss you Kemisola ” please don’t say, “We or I will miss Kemisola ” when I die! That is hypocrisy raised to power 3!
    Do not do anything in my MEMORIAL after my death if you have a MEMORY LOSS when it comes to issues that affect me now that I’m still alive
    That committee of friends T-shirt or Aso-Ebi you people may want to wear to my funeral…make it NOW and let’s wear it. When you make it for my funeral, it is useless to me!
    If you have money to spare, contribute it NOW to support my cause and touch the lives of others…do not wait to contribute it to my funeral!
    Celebrate your friends TODAY…don’t wait for them to die before you take them seriously or show them love. Appreciate your friends…give them the needed assistance now that they are alive and don’t wait for them to die before you do so!
    If you are reading this…it means you are alive. Make that change today…reach out to your friends and tell them how much you love and appreciate them NOW and see yourself begin to live a more fulfilling and happy life! God Bless you!


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  • _cryptomanic_ 20w

    I don't know who needs to hear this but I don't think social media is a platform of agression, judgements and humiliation but of appreciation, encouragement and opportunities.

    But some people are always there looking for trouble.
    They make such opinions which hurt the feelings of others, demoralise and discourage them to the extent that they be afraid to further make any announcements and posts.
    There's no need to feel hurt by such insecure people. They all do so because they are lacking by themselves, and since they are insecure about themselves they try to impose their insecurities on others picking at their flaws and try to make others low by their judgements.
    This might be common and probably everyone knows it but I'll still say this again
    " Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect"
    Thank You.

  • cassiopeia_sky 23w


    Spend your days appreciating every little thing that comes your way, you'll end the day feeling deeply grateful for your life journey is at play.......


  • mequreshi 25w

    Look, haven't we a lot to look forward to
    So why do we wanna come back,
    Being back has hurt has enough ,
    And again you come to break through the crack
    Why don't we stay like we are right now?
    Knowing nothing of each other
    Don't know what to say and how?
    Do u take me as a bin ?
    Sometimes of your use
    While other times for throwing me away...

  • keruuuu 27w


    Appreciate- Its a very small gesture, but we don't actually how this small gesture of ours can beautifully impact on the other person's life until it has happened to u.
    This small piece of admiration can actually boosts up the flattened energy levels and can encourage you to do much more.
    To be very honest I feel this small act is some what lacking in our society, which means the competition and surrounding is not healthy. We are insecure to complement the other.
    This change need to be engraved in each one of us for making this society a bit more progressing.
    Let's take this initiative and appreciate for smallest things and see the change around u.

  • ru_chaitraa 27w

    Able to Appreciate !!!

    When you know it,
    That they are lying,
    Your Soul knows it,
    Yet you wish with all your heart,
    For that knowing to be false,
    You just want to trust,
    But you know that in the end,
    You're gonna get hurt,
    But you still stretch yourself and play along,
    You try your best to sing along,
    You know that they are wrong,
    Yet you want to save their soul,
    They think of you as a fool,
    Yet you let them take advantage of you,
    They think they betrayed and won,
    You were left with an open scar,
    They left with hands full of love,
    But they can't see what they lost,
    May be one day,
    They might be able to see the light,
    The light of your love,
    And your words,
    Your warmth and care,
    Your heart's pure flares,
    And they might be able to appreciate,
    What they lost!!!

  • rhymed_genre 30w

    Be the anchor of your own ship

    Yes! all the destructions are painful and dark may it be a slow poison or a rapid strike. It drags you into the darkness where all you have is your flesh and your broken heart. That time would seem the worst, the toughest and the ugliest, you may also feel this is the end, that there is no way going back and no reason to move ahead.
    But this will also be the time when you will have to ignite the hope buried down beneath your fears and be the anchor of your own ship. Always remember, you are never responsible for any person or their actions and so is nobody else responsible for you or any of your doings. This brings us to the place which says why it is so important to look out for ourselves and not wait for anybody to pull us out of our miseries. Everybody has their own battles to fight, fighting their own first is what a wise man will choose.

  • pranalishah 32w

    - Forgive -

    I inhale and breathe again,
    For I forgive who did whatsoever,
    For I forgive myself and
    not self-depreciate, any further...


  • keithallencovell 33w

    It Wasn't Only I

    They looked down on me
    But I fought for them
    Cold shoulder
    Simmer down
    It wasn't only I


  • rhymed_genre 35w

    Going back to one of those days
    When masks weren't a thing and people showed their faces be it the judgemental ones or the ones on which those judgements were passed
    No that doesn't change a thing now but atleast those expressions are just a bit masked now
    Okay okay! Don't get me all wrong I would too love to say not all of them are same but...
    But with a lil honestly to be shown and a high time for reality to be brought up, deep down I am sure we all agree everything just boils down to these two
    The point you may ask?
    Is! my friend
    Let them be...
    You don't approve of someone's attire or attitude
    Keep your opinion to your choices and move on
    You don't agree with someone else's pointy of view
    That's completely fine none of you are wrong, perspectives are all about different angles for the same thing so put forth yours, respect theirs and move on
    Don't like somebody's work? That's okay critics are always welcomed in the name of improvement but be subtle with what you say, toxic people once just started with criticizing lil things
    Okay Fine....
    Fine I understand opinions matter and change begins with that
    But aren't they supposed to be a matter of concern when somebody stops living their life on their own and are scared to death to put forth their ideas when words are choking up in thier throat and everyday every single day thousands of genius ideas die in those same young heads without even being heard of
    Because ohh you are too young, too dumb, too old, too stupid, too funny, too serious, too outdated, too shy , too bold to be considered
    No I don't ask anyone to stop being yourself but all that I ask is let them be
    Just let them be...
    #rhymedgenre #poem #poetry #writer #mirakee #words #rhyming #let #be #pod #love #appreciate #help #share

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  • _undefined_writer_ 36w


    I think we forget to appreciate

    Try appreciating the people around you for a change, And See how that change brings a change in them.

  • lmu_the_leo_girl 37w

    May you never be the reason......

    May you never be the reason why someone who loved to sing, doesn't anymore.

    May you never be the reason someone who always spoke of their dreams so wildly is now silent about them.

    May you never be the reason for someone
    Giving up on a part of themselves because you were demotivating, non-appreciative, or even worse sarcastic about it.

  • the_secret_pen_style 37w

    Learn to appreciate others accomplishments,
    Someday your day will come too.

  • _the_thinker_ 41w

    Imperfect Us

    The imperfect world for the perfect me.
    Narcisstic, right?
    Well, what to do, when the world won't appreciate you, you gotta appreciate yourself.


  • heyoka_warrior 177w

    We don't stay in one place forever.
    We choose whether we remain stuck
    Or we rise up from the mud and take action.
    It's in our desperation that we're rescued.
    We may weep for a day or more.
    As tomorrow opens its curtains,
    Joy welcomes us in the warmth
    Of Divine's loving embrace.
    Our wounds may not heal for a long time.
    Someday they will all be soothed and done
    That we will not hurt anymore
    And be inspired to appreciate this life
    For it has revealed the truth of who we are.