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    "Arcane Love"

    My heart has clouds,
    From smokes of "what-ifs"
    I didn't notice
    I was already falling

    Your sweet language ensnared me
    To the point that we almost happened
    I will dream instead of our future
    As there's the reality of us I've yet to know

    You apologized for the pain you caused
    It's been months and time made me forgive you
    Our past bond may have died
    But remember that forever in my heart
    You are alive.


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    Arcane Love

    Your eyes used to be warm
    Hazel-brown as beautiful autumn
    Yet now it hurts how they look at me
    They're filled with emptiness
    No sign of care and affection
    They show the feelings of blue
    As an icy winter with frozen stares
    and so cold.


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 1w

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    #brokennessc #almostc #octoberc #timetoleavemylove
    @milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake I ended same line !

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    7 Oct 2021 11 am

    (Beatrice means - she who makes happy )

    Beatrice to Beethoven ~

    I love night walks, I've always loved the streets stretching long and wide before me, luring me to measure the distance between my love and my destiny, which stays hidden amidst white lights, pink frames and pied piper's songs. Even tonight I'm walking, with half a mind to stop, just return back home and the other half urging to walk until I surpass this scenery. The one which will be engraved on my mind in bold tints of hues - a buried symphony of rain(tear)drops.

    Loud zephyr surged through birches lining the asphalt. Lonely footpaths are piling heaps of dried dreams, that once had palmistry of a prospering future. Just like the rosy lines on my pale palm, they are fading and blurring. Leaving mere marks that resemble scars of being alive. Maybe they'd never disappear. Maybe they'd stay forever on me. Reminding me that I once had umpteenth possibilities, all of which got flooded by unrestricted emotions.

    The ache in my heart is tracing branches of thunderstorms lighting the darkening night sky in flashes. It all started from a single drop, that leisurely rolled off my forearm, slowly. Falling, falling and then hitting hard on the concrete crossroad. Welkin left no raindrop orphaned. More of those tragic pearls fell like an ornament of the heaving clouds. 

    Fogged streetlights adorned divinity as if a halo, blessing otherwise pitch black way. With every step I took, I let some tear drops cuddle the enlarging puddles on my way. Some steps deliberately stomped on fallen leaves, unwilling to lock away my distress. 'It must be October', my hazy mind tried to reason, why my pathway is paint-dipped in crimson-maroons and amber-bronzes. Just like my red-rimmed eyes and scar-studded thighs. 

    A heart that once poured love like marvelling monsoons have now closed off with raging smoke, a clouded mind.
    It's almost impossible to believe that he's unaware of the ways he's transformed 'from beaut to beast'. His hands tremble so hard if he can't refill poison pools in the glass bottles. Mirrors showed him neither reality nor fantasy. Music is no more his high, notations are mind maps to hell, a trepidating trap. 

    Echoes have left him aeons ago, whispers can't reach him even within hairline distance. Trumpets and drumroll veiled silence, piano poignantly ponders, violins wail intermittently. Euphony unreachable, cacophony undeterred. All that left was a mirage of eutony, not even approachable. And caresses have withered as soon as winter bound him in frore, lending me blossoming whiplashes.

    I stayed by him like a shadow that has taken an oath of solemnity. But there's only so much I can do when none of my attempts could disclose his despair. He was hell-bent on pushing me away. Would promises wither if their voices travel back to their origin ? Would love disappear if the hearts unwind their own beats ? Would forever fall down to never-again if brokenness gravitied the fall ? Who is to apologize to whom, if both are hurt and keep hurting each other ?

    This wretched rain has drenched me depressed yet my heart is shielding a drought rooted in loss. This scenery is fated to fade in forlorn.
    And every foggy breath I exhale is chanting a farewell to my once-wished-eternal-spring -
    " It's time to erase this scenery.
    It's time to leave, my love..." 

    / I couldn't be a Beatrice to his Beethoven
    For I'm Betrothed to Brokenness /

    © Anjali Krishna
    All Rights Reserved

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    I love night walks, I've always loved the streets stretching long and wide before me, luring me to measure the distance between my love and my destiny, which stays hidden amidst white lights, pink frames and pied piper's songs. Even tonight I'm walking, with half a mind to stop, just return back home and the other half urging to walk until I surpass this scenery. The one which will be engraved on my mind in bold tints of hues - a buried symphony of rain(tear)drops.


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    * 24.9.2021; 3.15 A.M (Malaysia)

    * For my #crush #AHBA

    #haiku #wod @miraquill

    #haikus #NuEmHaikus

    #Apologizec #apologize #challenge @writersbay


    -ize ~

    I imagine, I'm...
    in a maze of maize field. The...
    corns �� seems ripen. Yum! ��

    I am a hopeless...
    romantic. Romanticize;
    Hope for miracle.

    Don't you criticize...
    or judge me. Romance is my...
    favourite genre.

    Let's us both just seize...
    the day. Make the most of now.
    This moment matters.

    I said "Sorry". ��‍♀️ It's
    U who should apologize.
    But, I forgive you.

    I hope, one day, you...
    will realize how much I care...
    for you, but, then, it...

    might be too late though.
    You ignore me like I don't...
    exist. Thou agnize.

    I worry about...
    you, at times; Agonize; And...
    dreamt about you, dear.

    When I go there, can...
    you recognize my face? and
    memorize my name?

    You have logical...
    mind. You organize your thoughts.

    You can solve problems...
    no matter how big the size.
    You're a genius.

    I wanna give you...
    gifts. Hope you don't return them.
    Your heart is the prize...

    for me. I daydream.
    Fantasize to be with you.
    Forever after.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


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    -ize ~

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  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 21.9.2021; 12.48 A.M (Malaysia)

    #relationship #NuEmSay

    * Being n*ked & have s*x can't solve problem in any type of relationship. Making-out is NOT the solution.

    #apologizec @writersbay

    #monorhyme #NuEmMonorhyme

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    -ake ~

    In relationship, there must be give and take.
    Give time and space for each other's sake.
    Be oneself; Keep it real; Don't ever be fake.
    Quick to apologize. Don't repeat mistake.
    Accompany each other while asleep & awake.
    Cook together in the kitchen and also bake...
    like a bakery's premium & delicious cake.
    Each other's mirror; Like tranquility of lake.
    Build trust. So that ones don't need to rake...
    through partner's phone. When ones make...
    mistake, truely apologize! Don't just nake!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 19.9.2021; 7.06 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #voyagec #voyage #challenge @writersbay

    #miss #wod @miraquill
    #apologizec @writersbay

    #French words meaning:

    Bon voyage (used to express good wishes to someone about to set off on a journey. "good luck and bon voyage!")

    bon appétit (used as a salutation to a person about to eat.)

    Tu me manques = I miss you
    Je vous aime = I love you
    Merci = Thank you
    Petit = Small
    Je suis desole = I'm sorry

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    Tu Me Manques ~

    Long ago, you wished me "Bon voyage"
    You and me. Our gape is 13 years in age.

    Merci Petit is my favourite chocolate.
    You're always busy. Too much on thy plate.

    I miss you, dear. Tu me manques.
    To meet you, one day, is my quest.

    I have apologized to you. Je suis desole.
    You're my one and only. My soul's sole.

    I said, "Thank you" a lot to you. Merci.
    Then, you blocked me again. No mercy.

    You and her had a lunch? Bon appetit!
    Even though it's just a small dish. Petit.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • thorvi_mule 4w

    Would you ever apologize for every false word and moments which just became memories?

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 4w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    In the midst of an emotional upheaval
    Her doleful eyes were dotted daintily with dewdrops
    And her uninhibited inner sanctum was ripe with remorse and regret
    Thus she dared not dawdle nor dally
    Lest she might deliquesce, right there, in the place that she stood
    Hence she turned, in fact pivoted, in that pivotal moment
    And with ardent aplomb, she adroitly absconded through the appropriate aperture
    Whereupon, a long awaited apology was deftly delivered
    And two long lamenting lovers
    Reveled and rejoiced in their reunion.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 9/14/2021

    #miss #dewdrop #wod #apologizec #writersnetwork #miraquill #alliteration #writersbay #fiction #freeverse

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  • bonitasarahbabu 4w

    I will not apologize,
    Nay! I refuse to apologize,
    For wanting to live my life my own way.
    I am living my life,
    And I am making my choices,
    Because at the end of the day, it's my life!
    Hate me if you choose,
    Disown me if you choose,
    I need to live on God's and my terms.
    You cannot live my life,
    And I will not allow you to,
    Because we only get one shot, and I'm choosing myself.

  • wilmaneels1 4w

    It looks harsh at times
    the way nature moves from one season to the next, but you can also be a witness that with it all there is a sense of harmony
    not once will the dewdrop feel it necessary to apologize for where it ends up
    there is no competition, no first prize
    nature has a flow to it
    every element brings something unique and they don't call each other out for their faults
    maybe humanity needs to take a page out of nature's book

  • inkandfable670 5w

    // A Silent Talk//

    When dewdrop apologized
    To leaf for not being with that
    Till the eternal moon rise
    As the ferocious sun supping
    Its flimsy soul each hour,
    Anytime it might be imbibed
    And Its glass like form will squander,
    At this the pauper leaf replies;
    No company,companionship,cordiality
    Goes on side by side forever
    So relish the moment we are living
    I know,you're sucking up by the sun
    each moment
    But you must have time to glint in it
    Look at me, anyone can pluck me up anytime
    Yet on branch I'm still wiggling.


    #dewdrop #apologizec
    #wod @writersbay

    Sorry for not reading you guys from last two day..I was busy but will try to read you all.

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    //A Silent Talk//


  • pallavi4 5w


    The dewdrops on the petals of the roses in my garden
    Every autumn bring a notion new
    I smile poignantly while cutting a few for my table
    Careful not to displace the dew

    It’s been a decade since you left
    Never having apologized for your deception
    While I unknowingly kept waiting for you
    Ecstatically admiring nature’s precipitation

    I still keep wondering even after all these years
    What made you leave without a second look
    I was so immersed in my love for you
    That I was left blindsided and completely shook

    So obsessed I was with our love affair
    That I never saw this betrayal coming
    Scared I am today of going back to the person
    I had then slowly started becoming

    I altered everything about myself to suit you
    Changed who I was on the inside
    In the hopes that you would love me more
    Choose to stand unconditionally by my side

    In an attempt to fit your vision of a partner
    I went on to become a person I couldn’t stand
    I turned myself into a doll for your convenience
    To make your self inflated image grand

    I’m ashamed of myself for having fallen
    For a snoot, a liar and a fake
    I’m still appalled I never saw this coming
    Even after having fallen in love with a rake

    So every autumn I reminisce my folly
    Suffering pain and shame that refuse to leave
    It’s been a decade and I’m still to overcome
    My grief and find the much wanted relief


    14th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • miss_silentlyweird 5w

    Will be inactive for a while due to net issues hahaha

    #dewdrop #apologizec
    #miraquill #wod
    @miraquill @writersbay

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    Mistakes and regrets seem non-porous, repelling dewdrops of angsty. It will continuously drip yet perhaps one day it won't — It will all dry up as you learn to apologize yourself.


  • bohemian_ballerina 5w

    Once there used to be diamond dewdrops
    Over the sickly old journal rose,
    Which was kept forbidden
    Of all the pleasures,
    Of all the love it deserved.
    It fell in love
    With a black rose
    With crystal dewdrops
    In yet another ancient journal,
    Which was also never allowed
    To rise in the real world.
    Their story was buried,
    In those journals
    And no one apologized
    To those murdered dew drops.


  • missa24 5w


    Just after the magic,
    eyes were showered by the måneskin applauded by the beehived tree full of sweetness which might not be found
    at the zenith cause the time would have walked out for the search of happiness

    The cocoon apologized
    to the butterfly
    for its carelessness
    as it took so much of care
    but forgot to tell it that
    after getting out from here
    never trust the smile of anyone
    cause every dewdrop never seems
    like diamond, some are just transparent


  • penelope_ 5w

    The bitter truth is like a delirium tremens
    It disorients you,
    It hampers your senses
    You lay down knowing
    You do not have an antibody
    For the bitter truth of antigen
    Which hampered your system
    That's when you are in search of
    Morning dewdrops to reoriginate yourself
    The truth doesn't change even after apologies.
    Truth is a tip of the needle which is small but gives a mightier pain.

  • shruti_25904 5w

    She apologized him for caring his shadow and feeling his pain, coz when it was her time, he used her as a pawn to diminish her love.

  • sproutedseeds 5w


    Dewdrops are new hopes
    seen in every dawn.
    Grab it, but gently
    as the mid day sun
    is not going to apologize
    when it evaporates.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 5w

    #apologizec #dewdrop #1310

    Desquamation :- skin peeling, shedding.

    Thankyou so much! ❤️ @writersnetwork

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    I want to shed my skin.
    Shed it until all the known
    to me becomes unknown.
    I want to shed my skin,
    and peel off the layers one by one.
    That's the only way I can erase the scars,
    of countless apologies.

    I would plant the seeds, that won't flower.
    The way apologies can't fix the promises broken,
    My dawns can't give the account of dewdrops eyes produce.

    I would rather plant seeds, that won't flower.
    I would sow the deeds, not to be over.
    I would just rip off the dreams.

    I would stop the shooting stars,
    and shed my skin.


  • kanungoswati 5w


    Apologize humbly.
    Do not think that you will go down by apologizing or the other person to whom you apologize will go to the moon. One day you will know its worth.

  • monsteralive 5w

    Its not easy to apologize
    But when you realise
    Your mistake hurt someone
    Its the least you can do
    Before you broke their heart
    They belong to you
    So do it if you have to
    Not if someone want you to
    Remember self respect is always
    Bigger than the biggest river.