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  • a_poet_in_the_north 63w

    It looks like a letter rather than a quote and yup it is, from every single person here in this beautifull world who was once growing and going through a breakdown .These words can just show you how hard loving someone can be and more of how hard is coming back from that half way down . Words are still just words there is nothing special in it but the special lays inside us how we see them ,how do we react and all these action and reaction decides that how this world we are living in is gonna be because for some people they feel it and some they just read it.
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    I wanna get out of
    this feeling but I can't ,
    I wish we could 've made it
    But we didn't.

    I want my mind to hate you,but
    I also want to forgive & forget.

    You know I kind of fuck it
    dealing with emotions,
    Maybe that's why
    I want you to tell me that
    everything is gonna be fine.

  • a_poet_in_the_north 78w

    Let me hate you more than I ever loved you.
    I don't want to compromise with any of your personality now , you broke me once and I'm glad you did that because it's better to live with this pain instead of those mermories which was all fake.....
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    टूटा ही रहे

    बेनाम रिश्ता ये अपना अब पहेली ही रहे,
    अत्र हर आरज़ू के नैनो से बहते ही रहे,
    समझोता कोई मासूमियत से उसकी मेरी लेखनी का ना हो,
    बस अब जो टूटा है कभी जूड़े ना टूटा ही रहे ।

  • a_poet_in_the_north 78w

    In the name of love I got you, who took every bit from me for your prosperity but still I don't have any regrets because still you have all that peices of my heart within you and maybe not today but I'm sure one day they will start killing you from inside like you brutaly killed my spirit.....
    #hindiwriters #writers_den

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    तू मिला

    हसरते भी तबाह कर चला था मैं अपनी,
    ढूंडने जो तूने छोड़ा था सवालो का सिलसिला,
    पर पाया मैने खुदगर्ज़ इस पूरे आलम को ही,
    तो जवाबों के ना मिलने से क्या शिक्वा-गिलाह,
    अब बदकिस्मती कहूं इसे या कहूं खुशकिस्मत है ज़िन्दगी,
    जो मुझे महोब्बत के नाम पर भी सिर्फ तू मिला

  • a_poet_in_the_north 79w

    What happens when someone just leave without no reason no explainations and just considering theirself as a person to be hated ,but what you can do for all that when you didn't even get the chance to fix what is broken and what you get is the acceptance for that situation in which you can't hate nor even love that loved one......
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    तू ,तू है तुम नहीं |

    तू अब वो नहीं जिसे माना मैने खुदा था कभी,
    डोर दिल कि बांध मुझसे सपने बुन बैठा और कहीं,
    अपने जिस्म कि रातें तो रंगीन कर रहा है,
    पर उस रूह के उजाले का क्यूं कहीं ज़िक्र तक नहीं |

    अफवा उस साज़िश कि जो लिख रहा था तू थी सुनी,
    अन्जाम हाल ऐ दिल का होगा बुरा था मुझे यकीं,
    बस कबूला तूने कि है बेवफा मिजास तेरा,
    इसलिए सज़ा माफ है तेरी बस अब तू , तू है तुम नहीं |