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  • nobaddays2020 14w


    Feeling a change, a shift in the middle of the apocalypse 2021... Everybody, everything is universally pulling through it. What you see, what you want, what you love, how you live is all based on fear and blind. You have to have an open mind because you may not make it to the 5th dimension of time. We who foresee faithfully with love and positivity to every little being consciously awaken and save us all. So as I finally close my eyes ask myself why I think about these things and feel like i'll prevail. Is because I know I care and I'm aware I cannot just watch it all go away. If I love the Lord so I'm saved, with speaking through the truthfulness of the heart angels come spreading their wings, and miracles come my way. So as I meditate away, please fill me in, so I can bring consciousness with my form of influence and guidance in a universal way.. We pray, We pray, We pray... Affirmations repeating and surfacing and come to the light... I'm not Satan, Im not a god or a prophet or a puppet just a human being with a heart. Focused on balancing out infinity through creativity and bringing Ascendance to our liberty and we will be living in divine eternity.. ✌️

  • smart_ghost 20w

    #existence #purpose #soul #life #death #immortal #vampire #birthday #future #apocalypse #god

    27 Nov, 1990 at 0400AM,
    I came into existence in this world,
    It's been 30yrs now, and
    I still don't know the reason for my existence,
    What is the purpose of my soul?
    Where will I find the answer?
    When will I be satisfied with myself?
    So many unanswered questions,
    There are so many things I want,
    To do, To see, To feel,
    But I am competing with the inevitable,
    Force of time, getting me closer
    Year by year...to my reckoning,
    For this Birthday,
    I wish to be Immortal,
    I wish to be like a Vampire,
    I wish not to decrepit,
    I wish to see the future,
    I wish to see another millennium,
    I wish to see the unknown,
    I wish to unravel the mysteries of the universe,
    I wish to witness the apocalypse,
    I wish to see The God,
    So I can finally ask him,
    What is the purpose of my EXISTENCE?

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    I Wish to be Immortal

  • gundeep_sahni 21w


    I dreamt today,
    Of stars that were bleeding,
    And tempest that rose and blew hard.
    Of a fire that raged unchallenged,
    And an earth that was shaken to it's core.

    I dreamt today,
    Of a smile that wouldn't waver.
    The smug satisfaction of silence.
    Two eyes staring from behind a mask,
    Two worlds starting to unveil.

    I dreamt today,
    A dream that refused to wake me up.
    Of lions cowering, and wolves being unleashed.
    The serpent on my neck refused to bite,
    And hid among the crumbling sand.

    I dreamt today,
    Of a dark cloud hovering above.
    Of thunder, roaring at will.
    The universe conjuring such energy,
    That proves too much for this world.

    I dreamt today,
    A dream I shouldn't have dreamt.


  • unapologeticallyyou_shruti 21w

    Little Spice

    On the odd end,
    fires burned in heaven,
    And it snowed in hell,
    magic was recreated,
    with rainbows splattered
    across the black and blue sky,
    some said it's the end of time,
    but she knew in her heart it was just the beginning of changes,
    An introduction of a brand new world but with a little spice.

  • juhiyverma_ 21w


    stuck between
    her Dreams and reality
    drowning in the sea of priority,
    lacking the strength to move alone
    all she was
    mere flesh and bone.
    her sciamachy was as unbridled guilt
    an everpresent reminder
    that never did sleep,
    forlorn and forsaken;
    on the road to yonder
    yet to weep.
    her thoughts and visions
    let her numb
    only to despair,
    would she succumb.
    calming her demons
    every once in a while,
    waiting for her colours
    bringing back,
    her stolen smile.
    obscured by the past,
    bleaking the morrows
    lamenting a life
    impregnated with sorrows.
    gasping for some fresh air
    all she was...
    a broken soul
    beyond any repair.
    she had in her
    the coruscant morning sun,
    the tranquil of the evening moon;
    but all she could ever be
    a syzygy of aeonian glance,
    a remontant apocalypse
    born to breathe through the Eclipse!



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    stuck between her Dreams and reality
    drowning in the sea of priority,
    lacking the strength to move alone
    all she was,mere flesh and bone.
    her sciamachy was as unbridled guilt
    an everpresent reminder,that never did sleep.
    forlorn and forsaken;
    on the road to yonder,yet to weep.
    her thoughts and visions,let her numb
    only to despair, would she succumb.
    calming her demons,every once in a while.
    waiting for her colours
    bringing back, her stolen smile.
    obscured by the past,
    bleaking the morrows
    lamenting a life,impregnated with sorrows.
    gasping for some fresh air
    all she was...a broken soul,beyond any repair.
    she had in her,
    the coruscant morning sun,the tranquil of the evening moon;
    but all she could ever be
    a syzygy of aeonian glance,a remontant

  • subhamrizal 24w

    Part you play for Apocalypse

    There is faith to lose,
    Funny, how there can be none to wear.
    There is trust to be broken,
    Ever hoped for some to gift?
    No heartbreaks to embrace
    I know, fear still exists
    No smiles to wear,
    Cause' its reserved by the mirror.

    But there is hatred to dress
    There's addiction to own
    There's depression to play
    There is fear to see.
    There's rumor to stray
    And there's patience to delay
    Well, is there a part to play?

    There's money to roll and pull it
    Till the drug gets into your vein.
    And there's not even a single coin
    To drop on the poor with a steel plate.

    There are tutors to teach
    How much dopamine is there
    But there isn't a single
    To wonder how many serotonin is in rest.

    This is the part you play.

  • ilexater 24w

    The devil came to New York city

    The devil came to New York city,
    watching on a gilded throne
    with bated breath
    as another inch of water rose,

    beholding a city under siege,
    bending under the weight
    of the results of human progress
    with a gleeful eye.

    An apocalypse of our making,
    fueled by hubris,
    a collective human conviction
    of perfect immortality,
    with a divine safety net
    of an absent God.

    There is no ark
    bearing humanity away
    from a flood of our creation.

    We fueled our own judgement day,
    no rapture here to carry off the saints.

    Our fate was carved into stone
    with an industrial chisel;
    now, he laughs while mankind drowns,

    contentedly sipping bloody wine
    and making today forever
    as the last time
    the devil came to New York City.

  • cardelljhardy 27w


    The sky a shadowy, eerie black.
    Dust lays on the ground.
    Here, remains our tiny town.
    Invaded by theives.
    Eaten by moths.
    The plague destroyed all life.
    And now all hope is lost.
    For we need a hero to save us now.
    Dying in numbers, no slowing down.
    Can anything ever be truly found?
    But God is on the move, me and Him are bound.

  • normancrane 28w


    I found the two-headed baby deer dying
    on a bed of soft pine needles under cover of an overturned oak,
    not five kilometres from my cottage,
    Its lungs still pumped,
    Its crimson heart beat weakly through a thin,
    translucent skin,
    that decayed before my eyes,
    until there was no skin,
    and all the organs lay warm and still,
    in a heap upon the earth,
    like waste.

    A god evaporated.

    It is human nature to disbelieve
    that one may be witness to epochal events,
    so I did not believe that I,
    of all people,
    should be witness to the death of time.

    Epochal: the concept itself is dead.

    How lucky we were
    to know time at its cleanest,
    and most linear!

    We know now that such constant linearity
    was the consequence of a living entity,
    It followed the creature like stench follows a skunk,
    and we basked in it
    as if it was the natural state of the world.

    No more.

    Time no longer heals,
    Things do not pass,
    Or pass only to return.

    At first we believed this would be manageable,
    Yes, we thought, we will relive our pain but also our love,
    Everything shall be magnified!
    Welcome to an age of great emotions,
    a new Romanticism!

    Yet we overestimated how much we help,
    failed to accept how much we hurt.

    And we did not realize the nature of evil,
    which accumulates in a way love does not,
    To re-experience our love is to know it,
    again and again,
    at the same intensity,
    but to re-experience pain is to increase its volume until it overpowers us,
    deafening us to everything else.

    I will never forget the creature's eyes,
    full of hatred or hubris,
    yet seeking aid it knew I could not give.

    How does one save a dying god?

    It was not my fault!

    I was but a child asked suddenly to solve a deathbed equation
    expressed in an undiscovered mathematics,
    I had to fail,
    yet in failing I have brought it all upon us.

    I relive it constantly,
    Every time its eyes are louder.

    But it is the hour for my afternoon walk,
    so I will take a pause and enjoy what remains of living.

    I will go to my favourite spot overlooking the city,
    and sit on the iron bench,
    from where the view is magnificent,
    Above me,
    the clouds will form,
    a tangle of pain and human corpses,
    and I will sit and ponder until the first blood drops fall,
    Then the screaming will begin,
    the final storm will rage,
    Beating, crimson corpse-clouds under a thin skin
    of dissipating reality,
    raining blood until we are left
    warm and still upon the earth.

  • normancrane 29w


    Bodies jostle toward the heatsource,
    Foot stomp, elbowed in the rib,
    Muttering voices hoarse, exhale mists
    That swirl like deadmen's ashes in the wind.
    Pale lumina saturates the cinder skies,
    Under which the aged remember
    The suns of former lives,
    Their memories the glowing solitary embers
    Of a world we've left behind.
    Ahead, a mother veils her babe with rags
    From a passer-by's ravenous gaze.
    A man automatously drags
    A rattle-bag of assorted human remains,
    Leaving trails in the dirt,
    Leaving trails in the dirt.
    We have splintered apart the frame
    Of this landscape of hellpain,
    Against smokestack sequoias and asphalt seas,
    We stumble toward the crematoria.
    My God, the coldness hurts!
    As upon the canvas of this frozen Earth
    We enact the terminus of human innovation,
    The burning of every breath,
    The engineered suicide of civilization.
    Out, out, brief candle,
    said Macbeth.
    Into the cull chamber I step,
    Hoping there at least I will find warmth,
    In death.

  • normancrane 30w

    God's Chosen People

    They built the rhinoceros because God
    foretold of coming war in which they'd need
    sanctuary from the evil unthawed
    beasts Earth's burning would hellishly unleash.
    They built him of steel and electronics,
    infused with a human intelligence,
    and huddled raw within like unmade bricks
    within a kiln, until their God dispensed
    His justice: No escape / the heat turned on
    They baked / the devil-beasts of Sodom

  • normancrane 31w

    Rain of Dust

    We shelter in caves
    Beneath a man-made steel sky
    Once reflective of our soul
    Now corroded, its reflection a reminder of our great lie
    That the Earth could be tamed
    Exploited and submitted in the name
    Of the human race
    Now it is we who must abase ourselves
    Deep underground
    As above the megastorms tear apart the heavens
    Grinding all the atmospheric rust
    into vicious orange clouds
    Which fall upon us: a forever-rain of dust
    Blue oceans smothered
    Forests choked
    Fields unrecovered
    Fires infinitely stoked
    We dreamed once of going to Mars
    But see instead it's Mars that's come to us
    Descended people of a dead planet
    We reap the fallen dust
    We weep
    the falling dust

  • alpha_bet_s 32w


    The sun went cold
    The sky wept
    The wind grieved
    The land trembled
    As if the universe knew
    Our love was having
    An apocalypse


  • thedepressed_page 32w

    I'm waiting for the day to arrive,
    That last day till i can survive,
    & Finally i'd be able to sleep properly in the night,
    & Will never open my eyes,
    Then i can sleep for whole life.

  • normancrane 33w


    and one day the world will end
    a winding road
    missing its final bend

  • unfolding_bud 35w


    Tears filled with crystals of preserved grief;
    Burying untold stories within,
    Of the frozen past.
    A torrent of inexplicable and ineffable apocalypse....

  • adarshnaini 40w


    The flares that shone forth would never return.
    Living still in oblivion, nothing ever we learn.
    The air that I find so hard to breathe.
    Eyes smoked and burnt that I can't even see,
    Where it all went wrong,
    so wrong that it's so hard to mend.
    Does it even hurt you at all,
    Looking at the brink of the end?
    The end that the same flares would bring in.
    The end that'll leave the world sinking.

  • outofleague 41w

    I am on leave,
    from guarding the unwanted.
    They combined my separate visions
    to blend in with the likes of living.
    They leased my strength
    to not behold beyond the horizon.
    They let me breathe
    what many ignore to understand,

    What is this doing
    too barbaric against nature,
    how can the sight
    give lust to material pleasure.
    What is this intelligence
    too cruel against silent wisdom,
    how can the diversity
    be judged as an outcast.
    What is this faith
    too misleading to apocalypse,
    how can the compassion
    be labeled a coward's trait.
    What is this illusion
    too dominant to surrender,
    how can the power
    be reason to abandon morality.

    I returned to my post
    after my duty's slumber.
    Understanding the prisoners
    held within my jurisdiction.
    I may not understand God
    but I hope to witness
    the hearing that terminates
    my work away from sunlight.

    #blue_sans #purposeful #loyalty
    #cerberus #apocalypse

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  • thirteen_inks 43w

    She was silent, she was innocent...
    And yet we tore her apart.
    And now when she has spoken....
    We tremble saying it's the end's start...
    Are we smart enough now???
    To look back and see...
    Or still say the same thing???
    "We're the smartest there will ever be...."


  • rithu_saji 44w

    Pandemic thoughts...

    Is this some sort of an apocalypse or something...??
    Because we've all lost track of what used to be normal....
    The pleasant routine of a day at work, tons of great friends, outings with family... It's all long gone...
    They are all memories now..
    Lakhs of deaths... A worldwide pandemic ,a sinking economy, deaths of eminent artists... Crimes and depression on the rise.. This has become the new norm..
    I don't know how long it will take for us to accept this new norm... But for God's sake we have to..
    The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the biggest blows to man's ego in the history of mankind...
    The fact that a microscopic virus has been controlling our lives for the past few months is absolutely mind-blowing..
    We've all been taking a lot of things for granted, this is probably our time to introspect and focus on us for once at least...