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  • akshatmohla 2w


    कहती हो कि दूर होकर भी आगोश में रहूंँ,
    मतलब मोहब्बत करू और होश में रहूंँ॥

  • unsaid 3w

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    At times, we see the rift between two people as boundless as the distance between earth and the sky. And we suppose, there are no evidences to affirm this bond. "Bala aise kab hua hai ki zaameen aasman se mili ho. !!!".
    Yet with a positive gear, we try to compare it with the space in between, the elements like O2/N, as happiness and pollutants like CO , NO2 , SO2 as concern. We also observe it's layers viz; tropo, strato, meso , etc. as limits.. & when we try to cross those, we fullfill it with consciousness and required caution.
    And we add... "Although this earth and the sky seem to be apart, they custody each other. We have indications; One , without being poignant, the Sky hosts the sun to nourish earth , warms it , beautifies it with different seasons & greenish plants with colourful flowers.
    And then, notice the earth & its reaction, it spins & revolves (say dances), blooms in colours, turns the seasons , and switches the conduct of its residents during days and nights. The earth thus, manifests the sky ...that i am alive, vigorous and extremely happy , only because of you.
    The sky responds too in various fashions & moods.... changing its color from grey / black to blue , decorates itself with clouds, thunders the anger, and when missing the earth, it rains and ends with a smile in rainbow . So does the earth. It floods...when it rains heavily... creates storms to depict its anger...."

    The story goes a long way...but in sum, it doesn't matter they are apart , they care.


    Unsaid ka Dimag : Ye Geography padte padte b koi shayir banta hai kya !!!.��

    Unsaid : Geography bi to ek shayiri hi hai, jo samaj aaye na aaye...pasand sabko aati hai.��

    Bg: Visit a sea end and you ll realise : doesn't matter, there are distances and differences in between, somewhere the sky & the earth are together.

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    Somewhere, there is a seashore.


    Duriyan sakht hoti nahi, banayi jati hai.
    Fasle b kam hote ni, mitaye jate hain.

    Hasi , khushi, ye sab to nazrana hai.
    Asal mei ek dusre ke gam bhulaye jate hain.


  • seized_by_stardust 3w

    I am on the other end of this story...
    The one making the phone calls...
    I miss you...
    I will probably always miss you...

    #missing #night #ringing #call #apart

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    2 AM Call

    I'm not going back

    I am in light sleep late at night
    When the ringing sound wakes me up
    I know it's your call
    But I hesitate to pick up
    Thinking for the hundredth time
    That this will be the last time
    I pick up your call

    I'm not going back to you

    Your sobbing voice breaks me down
    You say you want me in your world
    But things can't be turned around
    You're too much for me to bear
    There's no room for you anymore
    Don't break me down by looking for me
    Don't make me break my promise to me

    I'm not going back
    I'm not going back to you
    When the ringing sound wakes me up tonight
    I just turn around and close my eyes....

  • ashita_yadav 5w

    बात तो तुम मेरे साथ ज़िंदगी बिताने की करते थे
    क्या हुआ अचानक जो बीच से ही छोड़ कर चल दिये,
    क्या कहते थे तुम की हर कोई मुझे छोड़ जाता हैं मेरे मुश्किल समय में
    क्या हुआ आज जो मेरे मुश्किल समय में तुम पूछते भी नहीं हो,
    क्या समझू मैं की तुम धोखेबाज़ हो जो छोड़ दिये या फ़िर मैं जो अभी भी उमीद लगाई हैं की अब तुम मुझे वापस मिलोगे।

  • heyoka_warrior 5w

    Psalms 16:1-2

    Preserve me, O God,
    for in You I take refuge.
    I say to the LORD,
    “You are my Lord;
    I have no good
    apart from You.”


  • missveen 6w

    When infinite love weigh less than materials
    When heart and emotion are up for sale
    When tears are inexpensive than dripping rain drops
    When ego overshadows all the promises made
    Everything falls apart
    Pieces in pieces
    Its not the physical
    But the soul that got wounded and bleeds
    And no one has mastered to cure a soul


  • unbeknownst 8w

    Jitne bhi haasi lamhe guzaare the tere saath...

    Aab unko he Yaad karke Mai aapni zindagi guzaar loonga...


  • poesy_prose 10w


    We will say Hello Again

    But I know we won't be the same
    From there again the past will repeat
    We will know each other once again
    When we will say Hello Again

    Again we laugh together
    Again we cry the same
    Again we be together
    But not to be apart again

    Yes, We Will Say Hello Again

  • mrspectacular 10w


    It started out like a fable,
    The cutting of the uniting cable.
    No one ever thought of such, the Kiribatis would be able.
    They only believed growth in love was the only thing for which they were capable.
    The saying of the little foxes became so apt.
    By holes, the Kiribatis got gap't
    And before long, their loving home was lap't,
    Lapt with an attention so rapt.

    Run over by lust
    Or at least that was the diagnosis given about the head's crust,
    The winds from the west brought a load of dust
    Like the heavens had sneezed with a great gust.

    The love could be seen no more than very little
    So much so that 'to your tent o Israel' was adopted as the title.


  • pranalishah 11w

    - Drifted -

    I think when we met
    It felt like a one way connect,
    Didn’t realise we were meant to be...
    For you felt that connect
    Only after we drifted (far distant)...


  • pi_infinite 13w


    My heart aches for you,
    Breaks for you, wails for you,
    Every second we are apart.
    It cries out your name,
    Tucks on the strings
    That connect our souls,
    Yearning for your warmth,
    Drowning in its passion,
    Filling a bathtub
    With the desperation of distance -
    Head underwater, lungs torn apart.
    I forget my name,
    Lose my voice,
    Displace my senses,
    Stumble through the dark
    Blind, deaf and mute
    Waiting for the day
    Your embrace will guide me back
    To the safety of reality
    With the promise of a kiss.

  • nightsurfer 13w


    A pen that wrote chronicles many
    worth more than a million penny
    Sought to write together, a story
    with the paper before they felt sorry.

    The pen did slash the paper often
    the paper gave in coz it was so fun
    Pen asked why t'was never abhored
    paper cooed, you were truly adored.

    As they coursed their shared path
    both realised their very deep scathe
    Loathing to hurt each other's heart
    reluctantly they drift apart.


  • dead_fealings 14w

    There is nothing
    Worse than meating
    The perfect person
    At the wrong time

  • tia_writes_ 14w

    The last call

    Akhri call tha woh hamara....... Maine bola aab phone karne ki jarurat nhi nhi koi bhi gile sikhway nhi hai meri agar gile sikhwaye hote toh hum baat kar rehe hote gile sikhway nhi hai isliye toh baat hi nhi hogi... Aksaar humari jindagi main hum esse kayi sari takliffo ko bulate hai jo hum samhal bhi nhi sakte ........ Aacha woh saab baat choro....... Aaj ke baad main tumhe phone nhi karungi or tumse bhi yahi umeed karungi or bharosa karti hun ki tum bhi essa hi karoge ....... Saach kahun toh essa kuch khas khene ko nhi hai tumse lakin essi kayi sarri battein hai jinke uppar main tumhe kosna chahti hun lakin main apna kabu kho bethungi khudd paar se saach khenne lagungi esse ki tum sunn bhi nhi paoge .......ok aab hamme baat nhi karni chaiye phone kat dena chaiye....

  • dead_fealings 16w

    What you're doing right now is running away!
    You just stopped thinking and locked yourself up in darkness because it's easier that way.
    But let me tell you this, how much you try to escape and shut yourself I'll always be there like the fool I am.

  • beevee 16w


    It breaks my heart to see the place we’re in, from where we came
    Seems like just the other day I said ‘Hey cutie, what’s your name?’
    We never used to argue, tell me, what happened to us?
    Now we can’t have a conversation, lately all you do is cuss
    Used to see each other all the time, I even saw you in my dreams
    Now I wake up and I see your face, and I want to fucking scream,
    I was free to come to you with my problems, my cares and my concerns
    Now you’re like “so what mother-fucker I’ve got problems of my own”
    The other day I watched you sleeping and a tear came to my eye
    Because here we are falling apart and I still don’t know why
    Some say it starts with the little things that we don’t often see
    Like forgetting to say ‘I love you’ or, ‘how was your day, honey?’
    I used to bring you flowers all the time, maybe I should go back there
    And do the little things I did before to show you that I care,
    Maybe you should and caress me more, the way you used to do
    And tell me every now and then, just how much I mean to you
    I know that we can make this work; I feel it in my heart
    Let’s work on falling back in love, so we won’t fall apart.

  • dead_fealings 16w

    Small town boy in a big arcade,
    He got addicted to a loosing game.
    All I know, all I know,
    Loving you is a loosing game.

  • dead_fealings 16w

    I can't tell what you're thinking,
    Please tell me what you're thinking.
    Last night we were more than fine,
    Just tell me if you changed your mind.

  • dead_fealings 16w

    If you ever tried leaving,
    I know I'll try to make you stay.
    I don't know,
    If you'll do the same.
    And that scares me.
    Knowing, I will never be someone to you.

  • dead_fealings 16w

    I lost you.
    But all the love you left behind,
    Will always remind me,
    Remind me of you.