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  • ndeenda_elao 1w


    I thought you said
    You would never leave
    I thought you said
    There's no one else
    I thought you said
    The way our hearts
    Beat together is a
    Notion that our love is stronger
    I thought you said
    You promised to
    Love me forever
    Yet here I am
    Thinking of what
    You said and how
    It was never a say
    Just yet another thought
    In a pond of thoughts
    That never escaped
    My thoughtful mind


  • ndeenda_elao 2w

    They'll play you
    Use you
    Break you
    To the point
    where you don't
    yourself anymore

    Worst of all
    They'll play the


  • ndeenda_elao 2w


    I can never be
    done with you
    the do in done
    wants me to do
    things with you
    all the time


  • ndeenda_elao 2w


    Even when you
    "We're not meant to be"
    I still believed

    Even when you
    Threw thorns at
    Me covered around
    In words filled with
    Malice and anger
    I still had hope

    Even when your
    Patterns of self
    Indulgence left
    Me broken and
    Shattered I still
    Had faith

    And even when
    My strong willed
    Brain said
    "Enough is enough"
    My fragile little
    Heart still yearned
    For you


  • ndeenda_elao 3w


    Everybody's claiming
    That they were betrayed
    But, nobody's taking
    Responsibility of being
    The betrayer

    Which leaves me
    Wondering whether
    Our daily life interactions
    Aren't with mere ghosts
    That disappear on
    Sheer responsibility

    Hypocrisy became so
    Mundane that we play
    With people's emotions,
    Toy them about,
    Leave them broken
    And scattered

    And yeah right,
    how does that hurt?

    After all...

    "We are allowed
    to do whatever
    it is that we want to"


  • ndeenda_elao 4w

    Today, I don't
    Want to act
    I don't want to
    Forge yet another
    Smile just to
    Show how much
    Of a perfectionist
    I am


  • ndeenda_elao 6w

    A lie

    Perfect articulation
    Of words formed in
    A pattern meant
    To confuse

    A sequence of
    Thoughts put together
    To destroy the most
    Calibre of minds

    Keeper of secrets
    Destroyer of peace
    Hiding the truth
    As you seek for it

    Oh how a far can lie from a lie?


  • ndeenda_elao 6w

    At the end
    Of the day
    It's me and
    This pen

    Words and ink
    Will surely flow
    To colour this paper
    Bring life to it

    The message it brings
    How sweet it is
    To minds a far
    Yet, alike in thoughts


  • ndeenda_elao 6w


    I still think of the
    Words I said
    The emotions
    And hurt you felt

    I paint myself
    As the victim sometimes
    Just to understand the pain
    I just never get it.

    Yet time and time again
    This guilt and lunging
    Pain in my chest
    Overwhelms me

    Is that what you felt?
    If so, how did you heal?
    Did you even heal?
    It hurts.

    It really does.


  • ndeenda_elao 6w


    Where do I start?

    How about how
    We measure love
    And end up measuring
    Incorrect that we don't
    Know how to love anymore

    Or is it how we
    Tell people to REST
    Yet we take offence to
    Everything which makes
    It difficult for us to
    Have a proper conversation

    Or maybe it is
    How we justify the
    Need to be wrong
    Cause war and uproar
    Speak hate with malice
    Cause "violence"
    Yet somehow we
    Feel violated

    Yeah right.
    Where do I start?


  • ndeenda_elao 11w


    When tomorrow comes
    I'll be 'happily' laughing
    Forgetting all my sorrows
    As I slowly drift off
    To a place called mine


  • ndeenda_elao 11w


    In you I could cry
    Your silence offered
    comfort no soothing words
    could ever

    In you I knew no calamity
    I could whisper all that
    I knew and you would
    promise not to tell

    In you I was free
    You never judged, belittled
    Or made me feel
    less about myself

    You knew my pains
    Hurts, aches and scars
    and never for once
    Used them against me

    You were there
    when those that
    promised to never
    leave left.

    In your silence I found peace
    In your darkness I found solace