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  • supasesh 11w

    crowded aisle when it should be single file, a mind no one can mend

    lifestyle not worth wild, this is suicide just not sure where itll end

    taped smiles and faked files, and all this just for a fucking trend

    broken tiles from bullets of denial, but were different we dont break, we bend


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    "tell me something about yourself"

    "I'm everything your preacher warned you about, but better"

  • supasesh 12w

    follow me down you can play bliss and ill be a mistake,
    they say only take what you can eat but you have my heart up on a plate,
    you cant gamble with the gods baby and not expect to alter your fate,

    so close your eyes, clench your jaw, love lines lie, but tell me what you saw.

    close encounters but youll never see the real me,
    i never expected to gamble with the devil and not pay a fee,
    freedom aint free the bridge toll is a fucking buck fifty,
    they say my presence is a present who the fuck gifted me?


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    The world is on fire, but we're out of water and fucks

  • iamsmvk 12w

    An Apology

    You were my first love,
    I wrote about you,
    I wrote to impress you.
    One day I realised you were out of my reach .

    I didn't know how to deal with it.
    I deleted everything I wrote about you.
    I hated you, thinking it would help me forget you.

    It hurts to know that you were suffering all along.
    I hated myself when I realised that I wasn't there for you.
    I wish I could make you forget everything that happened to you.

  • supasesh 12w

    listen close you might miss my whsiper
    lost like a stray dog, but you wont hear a whimper

    why find a place in a world that slowly collapsing,
    sobreity feels like a chore, but i told myself above everyone else, for me, no relapsing,
    quick slip fall and trip but fuck it i still have 5 fingers grasping,
    ask me how im doing, it really doesnt matter but im flattered, thanks for just asking

    brick, metal and steel cant withstand all of lifes chaos but somehow my heart has,
    sit back, relax, ill be teaching you on the mixure of numb and love in this class,
    let her hope in the wheel behind my heart, im hoping she dont crash


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    Everything has a time and place....except for me

  • devilfish 14w

    Red Light At Twilight

    In the distance a sullenness seeps from sonorously sweet siren
    Making sound sort of sound like song
    But depleted the iris and turned my sight into a narrow and seemingly tight bright exit where I left myself that night into booming bass on a circular song ringing through sound
    Where solace is found and light when it’s only darkness that surrounds my life like vultures leaving me like meat to be in the ground
    Ground flesh is not sweet or sound
    I’ve walked on blackened paths where I can’t get and won’t take my indifference back where I lost it on the path trodden with perversity and a shimmering infection a new collection of cells coming together for my eyes to be dissecting it’s not my fault the light is deflecting my pain into my back beating me with bounds of pain struck with the sheer singing pangs that rearrange my organs as I change and waste away I must be doing something wrong or else I wouldn’t be shoved hurriedly down the sewer drain is my reality too scary for you to try and relate?
    Is your pride and ego so small you have to deflate the whole truth and inflate lies pollute your children’s plates with lies and subversion in the messages that lie inside plain sight on T.V
    Screens are shining in a dark room
    Fiends are trying to shark you and end you in doom as they do to you to them back to you to them to us to me back to you then it becomes us

  • devilfish 14w


    Daliesque petals softer than angel’s
    Imperfect vessels are our mother’s and father’s words that haunt what we have kept and what hasn’t parted in death kept but less is all we get we wept as the truth of all our interest is about to undress while they slept
    Crawling into the bed and now the stranger in the mirror wants me dead the same as the strange figure head who left me like a stain on my bed
    My bed was where I used to lay my head before I was snapped off like a thread and I’m not sure if I can dream
    And I’m not sure if I am awake
    Am I asleep?
    Am I alive?
    Will I have the leave quietly like the secret threatening to consume me
    So menacingly inside me

  • tokingbetweenthelines 16w

    The parasite persists

    What meaning has my life?
    What power?
    What significance?
    What value, if any at all?
    What vain contentment
    allows me to draw breath
    and give nothing back?
    What have I been
    but a leech,
    sucking at the teat of
    the 21st century.

  • sylvia_aurora 19w

    Salute to people who fight the unreqruited love and are still here . Dont be sad u will surely get results ��#destiny #footprints #lovers #sad #angst #beyourself #loveyourself #whirlofemotions #mirakee #explore

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    You know right how careless I can be?
    Often I get lost in fake emotions , feelings in the deep sea,
    They say we leave our bits and pieces in what we listen and read,
    I am leaving my footprints behind for you to come and get me from this dread,
    I am yours and you are mine,
    I hope you shall find me even in the darkest despairs even in a unknown shrine.
    Fate brought us together and destiny broke apart,
    Let's meet again from where our story , our footprints start.

  • anonym_o 19w

    Too numb to feel anything anymore
    Got nothing in this world to adore..
    My heart clenched in this iron fist
    All my angst and regret turning into a mist..
    The cries for help stuck in my throat
    May be they knew my pleas will go unsought..
    Is there a way out of this gruelling pain
    May be not, as I slowly go insane..

  • simranbawa 24w

    Where Were You?

    Where were you?
    When I shed blood besides tears,
    When I crawled under shade of fears.
    Where were you?
    When my oceans were all dry,
    When not one meant to pry.
    Where were you?
    When sunny days felt lone and cold,
    When each second saw my strength unfold.
    Where were you?
    When my core scooped out hollow,
    When dad expected me to follow.
    Where were you?
    When I searched a remedy for my fright,
    When all I needed was, "It will be alright."
    Where were you?
    When I took that knife in my hand,
    When I saw breaths slip like sand.
    Now that I'm here no more
    Why your cries sound sore?
    I found my happy place
    Among the stars that glaze.
    Mom, I don't have any grudges.
    Dad, I am away from all nudges.
    Bestie, these stars don't want me to leave.
    Babe, my broken heart is about to weave.
    Professor, nobody nags me for my grades.
    Slowly and sweetly each insecurity fades.
    I wish I could have stayed longer,
    If only I was a little stronger.

  • devilfish 28w

    The First Breath

    Milky pools of dewey darkness swirling

    In the morning cup of an emerging sun

    A starkness that seems to have spun me

    It urged me to draw closer to the morning

    I always have felt a shift of the day and how

    The most terrifying all started out just this way

    All the same

    In violent sirens of gradients of washed out grey

    And step back into the concealed cloak

    Of night where my body can heal itself

    From the demands of daylight where hunger


    And longing ache

    Wrapping misery around my throat

  • starkanonymous 30w

    Not Wanted

    You sleep all day

    And so I pray

    That come someday

    You'll go away

    And here I'll stay

    To run and play

    In dreams of worlds

    Without decay.

    Cuz you're a snore

    I'm f*cking bored

    So Hit the floor

    You f*cking wh*re

    I feel so poor

    Down to my core

    You're not wanted

    Not anymore.

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • dard_ae_rabta 33w

    वो जो बात होठों तक आके रुक जाए तो बात वो नही
    आंखें आंसुओं में सहल जाएं ऐसी बातें कई हैं अनकही...

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #sufinama #love #angst #attempt #pod #wod #hindiwriters

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    मुमकिन नहीं

    वो सुनले ये मुमकिन नहीं
    घंटों तक ताने सुने हैं उनके

    वो आगोश में आ जाएं ये बात मुमकिन नहीं
    रास्तों पे घंटों चलें हैं उनके इंतजार में

    वो रो लें ये मुमकिन नहीं
    आंसू पोछने कई कंधे हैं उनके दरबार में

    वो थाम लें हाथ मेरा ये मुमकिन नहीं
    हाथों की लकीरें बदल गई हैं शायद मेरी

    वो रूठ जाएं ये मुमकिन नहीं
    घंटों मानते हुए बीते हैं लम्हे मेरे

    वो याद करलें ये मुमकिन नहीं
    यादों में टूट के जीने का हक सिर्फ मेरा है

    वो चुन लें हमें ये मुमकिन नहीं
    खो चुके हैं हम अपनी दीवानगी में खुदको


  • theobsessedwriter 33w

    Dead girl walking

    A shrill scream in the dead of night
    Hear me the voice begs
    Desperation is obvious but futile

    The wind carries a whisper
    Floating lightly and unseen
    Along with the dust and leaves

    Look at me it pleads
    The pain is heavy, dripping
    If only you'd just listen, please

    She's stuck you think
    She's fine they say
    But can't your hear the bars clashing

    Why can't you see her?
    Rattling them, smell the blood
    If you'd just focus for a minute

    Look into her eyes
    Red rimmed and tired
    Buried under all that make up

    A dead girl stares right back at you
    Pleading for your help


  • theobsessedwriter 34w

    What else should I write about if not pain?
    It's all I've ever known,
    And its glamorously poetic.


  • theobsessedwriter 34w

    I'm empty
    Sometimes there's pain
    As soon as it's gone, forgotten.

    I'm trying
    I'm not sure what I want
    But I miss him.

    It's been months
    And I don't even know
    I haven't allowed myself to.

    Just a little
    That's all I allow
    If I don't, it swallows me whole.


  • devilfish 34w


    A minor issue
    A minor tear in a mildew drop of midnight tissue
    Foreshadowing foresight from the burdened fragile
    Struggling to breathe
    Crying to eat
    Why won't you hear my pain bleed?
    Silent shrieks from watery emotions that stir and envelop into themselves like air
    I release these fiery flares
    In intensity inflamed stares
    Progressively aware
    Curiously and haphazardly with tentative care
    Zooming through zig zags and
    And creeping through splintered floors
    With thumbtacks and time feels
    Like honey
    Can't consume money
    Can't assume anything other than the form
    I'm hovering above and presenting to you
    A form I'm mothering
    Loving without a heavy touch
    I keep from overlooking my insight
    With a fine toothed comb in the luminescent moon light
    In fiery tiger sunsets and
    An icy mist of maternal moonlight
    Internally charged motions
    That you want to exorcize
    Criticize what you can't identify
    Let creativity shrivel and dry
    Why try when everything you touch
    Starts to slowly die you can feel struck inside
    With bereavement and sorrow
    Pinching on a copper penny
    Of a smile tomorrow

  • apersonwithamind 34w

    I wrote this a while back but I figured it was time to post it here. Enjoy my #angst

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    Sugar Crash

    Every time I look at you my heart starts to race
    Then I get all panicky with a glance at your face
    I realize who you are and what we’ve been through
    Then my heart and mind begin to hurt
    Even with this feeling I can’t stand the thought of living without you
    Because that would cause a completely different kind of hurt

    Like when you were a child gorging yourself full of candy
    You know it’s not good for you and you’ll get a stomach ache
    But you eat another and another and another
    Because you’d rather have that than the slight joy you get to be taken away

    You are my candy
    Sweet sometimes
    Sour others
    Good in small portions
    But all at once you are unbearable

    I know I shouldn’t have you
    Or even want you for that matter
    Because you are bad for my heart
    But for some reason
    I keep wanting and needing
    Because you got me hooked from the start

    Like a druggie, I’m addicted
    Even though I know the consequences
    And the further involved I am, the more deteriorated I feel

    I think I’m going to quit now
    After reducing my use of you as a stimulate
    From every minute to slightly ever
    I’ve let you control me for far too long
    And it’s time for my conscience to heal

    No more candy...

    No more drugs...

    No more you.


  • scribblednotes520 37w


    Talking to you is like
    treading on cracking ice,
    Not knowing which word I say next,
    Would cause me to fall out with you

    A sheet of glass, paper thin
    A wall that allows sight but not touch
    Tell me, what I have to do next
    To breach your walls, unpassed?

    You're like a firecracker
    and I the flame,
    But I never know what exactly
    would cause you to ignite,

    Perhaps it's maddeningly obvious
    perhaps it's not,
    Yet you explode unpredictably,
    or just as how they thought


  • theobsessedwriter 36w


    Burned at the stake for daring to dream
    Labled insane for having the courage to fight
    They will call you, stubborn, greedy for recognizing that you deserve better
    Heed me, keep on fighting
    To be persistent is not synonymous to devious
    I dare you to dream of your little lassie
    In a world nought of discrimination
    Where abuse and violence all based on gender are all just but folklore
    You are not a mother yet but I beg you to fight them
    If not for you then for our daughters