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  • the_unfiltered_ink 43w

    I am amazed
    as I walk by the lane
    travelling breaking bounds
    of time and distance
    Boxing pure emotions in my innocence
    Rejoicing the hope of
    good health and well being

    Crafted by invaluable efforts
    Penned with plethora of love
    I get through storm and daylight
    And finally ignite shine so bright
    in the eyes of my beloved reader

    Hey I am that beautiful hand written letter
    the one you immensely adore the smell of
    I was waiting to make you feel better
    until crossed paths with my new friend messenger

    We sat on that old bench near the cyber cafe
    He introduced me to his story and timeline
    And I told him the little secret behind
    The irreplaceable magic I pour for a lifetime
    I was amazed how quick he was to show up
    I probably felt like an old and weak traveller
    But my heart broke into rough pieces
    When he shed tears on my yellowish shoulder

    He told how daunted he was to see people ignore and unlove in this era of social media
    And how happy did he feel knowing the trust
    And love encompassed through letters
    I consoled the poor guy, and wiped his crystals with compassion of mine
    And consoled him by saying that those who love in real will pass the test of time
    Be it me or you my pal, they will definitely bloom their bond for a lifetime.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #wod #pod #anachromism #writersofmirakee #poet #writer #letters #timetravelling #love

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    Experience of a handwritten letter

    Hey I am that beautiful hand written letter!
    the one you immensely adore the smell of;
    I was waiting to make you feel better,
    until crossed paths with my new friend messenger.


  • absynth 43w

    time lap-se

    The year was 1999
    Though it was 2019
    If one didn't believe in parallel universes
    But only relied on conversations of the moment.

    A 20 year gap sprawled its calendar legs
    Between them in bed
    As if the bedroom was the screenshot from
    Rip Van Winkle's dream
    And a 20 year old bug had crawled its way
    Beneath their skins
    reshuffling the chronology of their breaths
    As they reminisced of a time
    Where they didn't exist in each other's lives
    But in a reality which caught up with them eventually
    And made them swap their pasts
    And clink the glasses of their vulnerabilities
    as a toast to a better future which
    Now slumbered with the faithful lap dog of forever in its arms.

    Was it that they were just biding their sweet time
    Before the future woke up and rubbed its sleepy eyes
    And felt out of place for a while
    Till it was told that it had been asleep for ages
    And needed to believe whatever they said
    If it really wanted to give its best shot
    In a new world which had moved on from
    The old taverns of fairytales to
    The turbulent cocktail of a life shared?

    To have turned wise beyond repair
    Seemed like no wisdom at all,
    Carrying a keg on their shoulders
    Which weighed heavy on their hearts
    Only to realize that the elixir had turned bitter
    After reaching the hill top
    where there was place only for one
    So that the other had to jump off.

    So they light up,
    Inhale the poison in their lungs
    And talk of a childhood where everything was possible-
    A time of brewing rebellion
    inside the pot of repression
    Because forever is a mongrel asleep anyway
    And may never wake up again
    But Rip Van Winkle survived the fairytale
    And maybe they too can
    Without a moral or a happily ever after.


  • infinitexwinter 43w

    #anachromism #QueenOfFrance

    ❝Let Them Eat Cake❞


    "but mother, please,
    all i am is fourteen"

    well, i guess i had to oblige now.
    into this alliance, i am just being shoved.
    he's french, i hate france.
    'would i ever have the tragical romance,
    that's been my dream-
    all my life.'
    never, to me, it seemed
    that i'd be a wife.

    "antoinette, it's an opportunity
    you could be the queen"

    i couldn't comprehend
    her motive behind this, so i type out
    an elaborate text to send-
    my head buzzing with a doubt
    -to my only best friend.

    "betty, tell me what to do.
    how is it like to be a queen?"

    "well, quite tiring, it's true
    people can be really mean.
    and you'd go away real far
    i fear our kingdoms would be at-"

    think i lost her there,
    i'm sure she had a good thing to say.
    maybe i shouldn't really care-
    it's a good thing not to stay.


    he's whimsical, he's mad
    "no, it isn't a rock, it's a ring",
    "how wealthy he is", well i'm glad
    he's mad, yes, but he's the king.

    guess i have little to compromise,
    there is a flurry of comments on my feed,
    "if only i had a man that wealthy as a choice,
    anywhere he'd go, i'd follow his lead."

    well i followed him, yes i did
    look at where it brought me
    i finally had a heir, a kid
    until he just died on me with tb.


    "betty, oh betty, they think i'm having an affair
    the diamond necklace was really not mine, i swear"

    "what about the cake thingy, lol it's blowing up all twitter
    and wait, why is your palace literally full of litter?"

    "uh-huh about that, those were all stupid rumours,
    they think i'm Madame Déficit. they think i'm a curse"

    "well, he ain't shit girl, if he doesn't stand up for you.
    oh my gosh, i cannot even. noble men are rare and few.
    you see, this is why, oh marie, i have never married.
    i haven't as many cats as all the children you have carried"


    "All hail Queen Marie Antoinette!"

    this respect is a facade,
    my kids are in prison.
    i was the best queen, is this my reward?
    i am now tried for treason.


    "All hail Queen Elizabeth!"

    "betty, save me, you know i don't lie"
    i call her, hurriedly, as my phone's about to die.

    "sorry hun, i thought i told you - we're at war
    i can never save you, i'm gonna have to ditch"

    "you never did, never thought you'd go that far.
    country over friend? god you're such a bitch"

    "marie, oh marie, tell me, i haven't any clue.
    what's gonna die first
    your phone or- "


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  • hansika_bansal 43w


    As I got free from work,
    I sat with my children,
    who were playing in the mud
    with goats and pebbles,
    in the prickly heat of the sun.
    They were laughing,
    seeing the pictures of my forefathers,
    as they sat in the car.
    And were calling them jerk.
    "Look what kind of hairstyle,
    grandpa had,
    And in pocket a silver box is kept,
    And why he's wearing glasses black? "
    Now who would tell my children,
    that necessity is the mother of invention.
    It's all because of their forefather's intelligence,
    That they lived life with ease and confidence.
    Research and discoveries were in the veins,
    Reaching moon was not a dream.
    But as we all over-exploited the resources,
    We finished reluctantly all the sources,
    thus all that could not sustain,
    And the hardwork went in vain!
    This the reason why,
    the children are in mud,
    writing ABCD on banana leaves
    and playing with bullock carts in 3021
    sending letters tied in piegon's feet ,
    Using feathers instead of pen.
    When the generations before us, killed the birds
    using smartphones and 7G networks.
    Depleted the environment;natural
    just to spread happiness, materialistic and artificial.
    This anachronism is still unbelievable,
    but it is really real.
    Even if we don't like it anymore,
    Yet it is the future for sure!

  • _writer_at_heart_ 43w

    I hope it make some sense!
    I don't know if i am able to pour out well and enough to be clear with what i want to exactly write. Thankyou for reading. ����
    #ceesreposts #anachromism #englishwriters #mirakee #writersnetwork #tod #pod #wod #anachronism @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The strong girl i feel i am now is a throwback to an anachronism that has survived the passing tough moments.
    The girl who should be wise enough to not trust anyone, and not be a prey for the needy greedy selfish people.
    The girl who should have not been too much sensitive or emotional and not get upset easily because of them who don't even care.
    The girl who should have known how important it is, to be conservative and not be too much amiable.
    The girl who should know the tactics and tantrums of the world, being mature and wise enough.
    The girl who should be this and that.
    Time and experiences were her best teacher and healer ofcourse.
    And now i realise,
    Anachronism were not the bad experiences and hurtful moments,
    Rather,the girl was in the right place during those phases.
    Because if she wouldn't be there,
    How would she become better than her yesterdays!
    That girl is me,
    And i was wrong by thinking that i was anachronism who survived,
    Who should not have been in that time period only if i were a bit wise.
    Just because it was tough or bad or because i didn't expected it !!
    Now i know,
    Whatever happens has a motive, learning and lesson behind.
    Nothing is anachronism and if it is so,
    I am happy for the throwbacks i have, for the good ones and bad ones.
    Grateful for everything without any grudges.
    It feels like i am an ancient art,
    That shines bright today because it knows how to dust away the unwanted dirt (thoughts), to spark with the enlightenment gained and learnt.

  • iawdev 43w


    Time machine is Anachronism for me in this very modern world


  • bohemian_ballerina 43w

    Look whom I met!

    In the busy market street,
    I wandered to find some food.
    I heard people buzzing about,
    I heard vendors cooing to attract customers,
    I also heard my tummy growl in anger,
    But I also heard someone behind me saying:
    If music be the food of love, play on!
    I witnessed the maestro himself standing upright in front of me.

    He asked:
    Why art thou astonished?
    After all to be or not to be, that is the question.

    I asked him:
    Why and how did you come here?
    This is the 21st century.

    He said:
    All the world's a stage and all men and women merely players.
    I just came across many.
    They were unbelievable!
    What filthy language!

    I said:
    Let us grab a burger,
    After all what's in a name?
    You'll find it yummy.

    He said:
    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
    Fine, we shall so.

    I said:
    Friends, Indians, countrymen, lend me your ears: I come to buy Shakespeare a burger, not to leave him alone!

    He said:
    Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
    Thank you young lady. Thou art too kind for buying me a meal!

    I said:
    There is nothing eithergood or bad, but thinking makes it so!
    Good day dear friend!
    Just DM me on Instagram.
    I'll follow you back on @Shakespeare!!


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  • titanwrites 43w

    Danté Alighieri flew the fighter jet.
    He wasn't battle ready yet...I mean, he was just a 13th century poet recruit...
    So unfortunately, although not surprisingly, he died in a crash yesterday.


  • jubilaria 43w


    She wanted to give him love but little did she know he had more than her. Perhaps, she should have just saved her efforts to help someone who also has less than her. She was doing the right thing at the wrong time with the wrong person but everyone deserves love


  • kauthar 43w

    Not sure if it fits to be an anachromism poetry but made my try
    History of how man evolved never made sense to me did it to you? Comment down below.
    No offense to anyone!
    #anachromism #wod
    Image from google

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    Man evolved ¿

    Homo erectus invented fire, they say
    Honestly I dont agree with their say
    God created man in the best form
    But they criticized him in all form
    He is the Bestest of best
    Not a word can make justice to His Best
    And so He created the best of them
    Yet they claim and made their aim
    Of the history of how man evolved
    Forgetting He is the Best so created the Best
    Never made experiments or samples
    Just the Best as He did and forever will
    It is His will yet they made it till
    It was a history so interesting
    But never once made any sense to me and to many more if any agree

  • ruchiabhisikta12 43w

    Last summer my father decided to renovate our ancestral house in the village. His decision made me land on cloud nine and that night I betrayed sleep while romancing with my imagination. The imagination of blessing my ears with the Koo-Koo of cuckoo instead of the blare of vehicles. The imagination of opening my eyes to see fog clad trees instead of tall buildings with dust tinted walls. The imagination of breathing the fragrance of jasmine in the backyard instead of the pollution scintillating air. The imagination of embracing peace & vacating tension, at least for a couple of days. Finally, after twenty-two years my feet touched that sacred soil, the soil which once taught my father how to walk. Standing cracked door,  hanging spider nets & lying dirt-dressed furniture threw us a grand welcome. I was unlocking rooms after rooms as if I was the saviour of history & owner of a museum. Suddenly my gaze fixated on a wooden cupboard near the window. It was exactly not the cupboard, but the papers glued on that pulled me towards it. As I neared, my vision got captivated by the poetries in beautiful handwriting, but ink blurred as a victim of time. And I remembered my father telling me that I have inherited the writing skill from my grandfather who used to create magic with letters. I had also asked my father many times to show me the creations of my grandfather who had climbed to the sky as a star much before I landed on the earth. But at the very moment, my anxiety fast fluttered its wings wishing to discover the garden of poetries & proses inside the cupboard. the garden whose seeds are planted in my soul boosting me to give life to my thoughts via words.
    I opened the cupboard.
    My body was statued. 
    My throat choked.
    My eyes started bleeding.
    My skin spread goosebumps all over.
    I felt like I was unable to feel anything anymore.
    Monstrous termite-hills were mocking at me.
    With trembling hand, I touched those yellow papers who were holding letters on one part & their other part got cremated under the termite-hills. I touched them as I was peeling off the layers of knowledge of my seven class passed grandfather. I was thinking if a publishing house could have recognized his works, if his emotion embroidered words could have got placed inside a book, if he could have a mobile to treasure his brilliance, if he could have begun a blog to be missed by his readers till now, if a computerized library could have preserved the progenies of his mind to immortalise him forever. I was thinking if the technology of the twenty-first century could have born some centuries back.

    #anachronism #anachromism #wod #writersnetwork #mirakee

    @writersnetwork thanks a lot for your repost������

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  • asmita_chakraborty 43w

    Quite rivulates of froth,dust and pain
    Flowed through the veins of a wailing poet.
    Who through those half vieled eyes
    Created images of the world unseen :

    • The Coco~Microwave :
    The time when Ramapithecus inhibited

    Stockings the stones feels tiresome,
    Fidgeting with the parts of the induction coil is interesting
    For the new gadget is all wondering.

    The primate who was hit by a coconut invented it.
    He looked all paled for a day,
    But there seemed to be some magic in the water the coconut contained in it.

    Some bliss it was that, he could make
    Cooking such a easy thing,
    Roasted goose and prunes made evenings lovely.

    •The hoax in the hall :
    The Renaissance era

    Histories being made, transitions observed
    Modernity adapted and sought for
    Caution to preserve creative minds surge

    Painted walls, and structured mud
    Handwritten phrases and inscribed verse.
    Everything shining with the effect of the new.

    The right cerebral hemisphere in full use.
    But in the hall of newly made,there stood a pseudo
    Of some of the great statue.

    Men then too started the sham buisness !

    •Mirage in the Infantry :
    An Instance from the second world war

    Combats on foot marched about the margins
    In all the sky-roofed nights,
    Blankets weaved with shimmering stars.

    Dressed in heavy armours and suits they march ahead
    And in those titled "famous battles"
    They see the mirage of themselves.

    The man on the opposite end looks like them.
    The same height,the same face.
    Realisations strikes, that they are just a pawn but it's too late.

    The mystic rimmed sclera:
    The 21st Century

    Bidding goodbyes to a year of cries,
    A poet sits with a notebook by his side.
    Paints a millennium with vibrant colours

    With verses written bold in black
    Thousands of thoughts and a few letters know
    Hopeful mind and quivering glow.

    A track of tales enroll,
    He uses a time machine fixed in his soul
    To travel before twenty first century.



    Hopelessly tried to fit into #anachromism #wod .
    A brief travel in time.

    "The hoax in the hall"is inspired by the prose "The Chinese statue" by Jeffrey Archer.

    "Mirage in the infantry" is inspired by "John Brown" by Bob Dylan and "After Blenheim" by Robert Southey.

    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #pod

    Picture credits to the rightful owners ��

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  • onlywarrior 43w

    Standing beside street food shop
    Missing bites from lovely hands
    Not at all
    Feeling empowered ,
    Being standing among men
    Where no woman dare to came

    Enjoying my plate
    And contended with my food
    Still thinking
    What makes us stop
    To came here
    Avoiding such a delicious food

    Randomly observed
    Several strange eyes
    Starring me from every possible side
    Am I alien from Mars or in shooting of P.K
    I have to decide
    Why is much harder for them
    To accept us as alike

    Yes I accepted ,WE BLEED
    seriously, only one thing makes us a separate breed
    Ohh! common ..I hope so
    U knew that
    U can't exist
    If we stop that bleed instead of plead
    For equality and equal reach

    Raise yourself from anachromism of ARYANS theory when men is everything at that time
    And read about how Shiva is powerless without his half part of shakti in way back time.
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #anachromism #wod #pod #menstrual #feminism #equality #rational #

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    Way back


  • sleepingsoul 43w

    Speaking fauna

    There was a time when animals speak and criticize humanity. I hope it come again.

  • monsteralive 43w

    Jesus using a computer to document the Bible.

  • smile_its_sunnah 43w


    Dear Planet Earth
    03 April 2030

    I am big, bold and beautiful, able to sustain life as it dangerously begins to get predictably full.
    I am the kind of entity that many don't appreciate, they just continuesly waste unnecessarily until my life source will begin to self cremate.
    They have no self restraint when it comes to my appearance, they have this adherence that I am unworthy enough for them, which raises questions on my sustainability coherence.
    Please, I plead to you my fellow life, don't decapitate my endurance by believing that over polluting is right!


    If you are able to use your sources, items or rubbish again, it is like a paramedic being provided to the droughted grass, by providing rain.
    Don't waste the life of something unnecessary, until you are unable to use it again, then I permit it to be burried.

    R-estrain the
    U- ntil
    S-urvival is

    I understand that maintaining is a huge responsibility, but for you to be able to stay, you need to be condemned to pay. Yes, I have acres of land for living, but I cannot be the only one giving, as I too deserve some caregiving. Please, look after me, as I am you survival key!

    R- evive
    E- ach
    C- ycle,
    Y- ou
    C- ould
    L- eave your
    E- xellence


    I am the voice from the future, I have lived through the disaster of pollution, I suggest you people decide on a solution, this is a warning for a needed ablution.

    Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

    Your sincerely
    Alice Black

    #anachromism #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Save our planet by changing your priority, keep our planet clean by living with simplicity, and live the change you want to see in the world.

  • syedat 43w

    Misplaced in time

    Holding a camera in her hand
    still she preferred capturing...
    the nature in her heart...

    Having fancy diners forepart her eyes
    She still preferred roadside shed teastalls....
    To fulfill her hunger thirst....

    Instead of fast bike rides...
    She still preferred long evening walk...
    Looking at the person she adored about....

    She was told...
    "old fashioned you are"...
    All she was..
    "Was misplaced in time"...


  • phoenix_in_ashes 43w

    Chronology of humankind
    Looking back at them with subtle sigh
    Rousseau would see tyranny without monarchy
    While emanuel kant laugh seeing ironic philosophies
    Reading through kindle they'll discover new lies
    Shakespeare on Insta would struggle to find love,
    Where people utterly pretend to be in affection
    Succour their history knowledge through Wikipedia
    Perhaps mythologies will be most surprised
    How would almighty of past see modern world
    All major religious gods be amazed by us,
    Centuries of sacred text preaching moralism,
    Met with modern world filled with violence
    They be laughing on all the principles they created
    How marvelously we have disrespected all of them
    Heritage of us would suffer in developing toxics,
    Where urbanisation is Smothering architectures.
    But hey we're still the so called enlightened ones,
    Finding meanings in virtual screens of phones
    A generation feeling deprived without possessions
    Gandhi would say where have we actually reached
    Marx be laughing seeing capitalism prospering
    We are the present of humankind chronology
    2 million years of history Ridiculing us,
    While we repeat the same mistakes from past
    Watching us devastate the nature from core
    Overwhelming this world with contaminated words.
    We'll look back at past with subtle sighs
    Wishing there's so much we could've done better

    #anachromism #pod #wod

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  • paradoxicalpenman 43w

    Knock, knock!!!! Reality Check...

    Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are the Alexander and Genghis Khan of the modern world. Google is the modern British Empire.
    Apple is like Spain of the medieval times, satisfied with the gold and Microsoft, the portuguese who were one of the pioneers but somewhat fell behind in the race amongst their peers eventually.

    Times have changed, method of exploitation has changed, corporations have replaced empires but people and their plights have always been the same.

    History!!!! You fickle cunning devil..Putting on masks to fool us..but the core is essentially the same as it was 2 millennia or 2 centuries ago...