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  • themoonandthesun 4d

    Dreams and nightmares alike
    Scattered like trees in woods
    Forgotten necessity,
    Survival tactics..
    Yet at times a scientist
    accompanies the hunter
    In search for exotic wild flowers
    Just like my cheeks
    That hurts with smiles
    For wet lashes that
    break my soul anew

    I don't remember my dreams
    Yet they leave behind tokens as gifts
    I don't remember nightmares either
    Yet they leave behind assurance that,
    "This was just a dream"

    ~girl who likes to remember

    I never remember my dreams, but what I do remember are the emotions that they left behind. I vividly remember that night when I woke up with heavy heart and strange feeling, a feeling that urged me to cry, to sob. But I don't remember why. I did cry that night. I don't know why. It did make me feel better, feel light and floating. Some mornings I wake up with smiles on my face. I don't know why I was smiling, whom I saw, or what pleasant things were there. Amidst all the chaos, at times these small gifts that your brain gifts you are precious, worth cherishing.

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    Just another Dream

    Panting and shaking with unshed tears
    Choking on voiceless scream
    Unlike last few nights,
    Tonight, I remember

    Whimpering whispers waiting
    For moonshine to brighten my soul
    Wash away my sorrow in it's cold glow
    But today, universal conspiracy won
    It's a new moon with starless gray

    Unable to move, captivated in dazz
    My hands wander for water
    A task repeated with muscle memory
    But a crash echoes in my silenced room
    Was it my ego or fragile glass shattering?

    Stepping out of my tangled bed
    My body hugs the floor
    Head bangs on the nightstand
    A soft moan escapes my frozen lips
    I'm alive, perhaps I'm awake

    Memory of the nightmare fades
    But my heavy heart lingers on
    Waiting for the voiceless scream
    Panting and shaking with unshed tears


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    #portrait #amru_wn_repost @miraquill

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    A Portrait of the Lady called Normalcy

    She walks past the mundane road
    Daily, her regular routine

    Camouflaged in usual dress,
    With hair tied up, An extra hair tie
    tucked beneath an old (inherited)
    leather strap watch,
    A simple maroon purse
    Held close to her bosom,
    She walks straight; smiling
    at acquaintances—invisible smiles
    captivated by masks,
    She waved in acknowledgement
    Rushed fast with ticking time

    Neat and clean
    Not flashy or ugly
    She is what they call
    "The Normal"
    Busy with her regular life

    I wonder,
    Does she stay hours contemplating her dress?
    She too had a bad hair day that others ignore?
    Did she ever forget her watch and ran late?
    Ever a creepy crawled on her skin with his eyes?
    Did she count her change before stepping out?
    Ever did Lady Normal scream in frustration?
    Cried her eyes out after a bad breakup?
    Rolled a cigar and puffed up beer?

    I wonder,
    What Normalcy is,
    Is it the way she carries herself
    Or is it manner she presumes she should?


  • themoonandthesun 3w

    Tell me what you think happiness is?

    A laughter that follows after reading memes? Or the blank eyes staring outside into the wilderness? Or is the assurance that you hold onto. A conditioned habit of being "happy". A mundane routine that force you to smile with or without eyes. I think I realized something yesterday, that I've learned to crinkle my eyes when I smile even when I don't mean to. It made me wonder can I be sad and still smile or be happy and not smile?

    Perhaps I forgot what happiness is. May be it's my cynicism questioning, or maybe it's just me trying to define. Or maybe I'm happy and I don't know it.

    #question #wod #temp @writersnetwork @miraquill

    @murryben babes I did some research today, tell me again why I went ahead and got into trouble?

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    What is happiness?
    Bubbly feeling of being content, or the calm before sleep? Maybe it's the pretence of those things till you are unsure if it's real or pretence; or maybe not?

    ~cynically obnoxious


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    @miraquill thank you so much for making my day shine bright. ✨ You guys would never know how grateful I am. It's not just about the pods and reposts, it's about the love and support y'all gave me. Thank you for making me a better person, a better writer and best spammer. Thank you for being there.

    Loads of love. Muaah! ��

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    Today, I saw tears that she never shed

    In comfortable silence
    Flickering her bangles
    I lounged on her lap
    Fingers of her left hand
    Drew patterns, messy, unconscious,
    Mute yet melodic

    Chattering about nothing, everything,
    I talked animatedly
    My glimmering eyes reflected on her glasses
    Same frame that blocked her reality
    Hindered her eyes from mine

    Perhaps it was my laughter
    That reminded her of someone,
    Her lost childhood, or was it her youth?
    She spoke up, urgently, reluctantly
    Unaware and conflicted in feelings

    With thick voice, she whispered
    "I was just like you",
    "After a tedious day, I would be a baby. Just like this, I would talk of nothings, She would touch my forehead, blanketing me in love, protecting me from the world... I love her a lot."
    "Are you not happy?"
    "I am silly, it's just.. "
    "You miss her"

    It was never a question,
    Deep in my soul I was aware,
    I saw her for what she is
    A lost girl amidst strangers
    Lonely soul who craved saving
    For the first time I thought
    Maybe, she too needs assurance
    A someone who would shield her

    Today, in her smile I witnessed longing
    My mum was lost in emotions
    And emerged a callous child
    Jealous, angry, unforgiving at the world,
    For taking away her precious mother

    I saw her bright eyes
    Glowing unshed diamonds of grief
    My mum missed her mum


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    #nightsky @miraquill #amru_wn_repost

    Thank you miraquill for this prompt. Night sky has always been a muse. ��

    You guys �� @writersnetwork thank you so much for the repost �� muaah ��

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    Stars that drowned in the Night Sky

    Synonymous to night sky, I bury expectations,
    suffocate dreams and drown hope in my darkness.
    Yet, they resurface like skeletons of glittering stars,
    that reassure life with bleached moon of poetry.

  • themoonandthesun 7w

    #topography @murryben I miss you ��
    @writersnetwork thank you lovelies (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    #amru_ki_december_diaries #amru_wn_repost

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    Summer within me kissed December Chills

    With earphones placed,
    strings jiggle with a shake of my head
    It felt rhythm of my heartbeat and woosh of breath
    Seated on bed with a pillow fortress
    Scrambling notes with a play back speed of 2X
    I was living my nightmare —
    Taking down recorded notes

    A static life, devoid of passion
    Pen moved, black ink stained papers
    I saw a shadow, behind the gaps of those
    meaningless words I scripted
    Shadow of my own palm,
    holding the instrument of war,
    One that raged with my consciousness
    A source of light, came from the windowsill
    Next to me blew soothing December winds
    Chilly with orange hue of morning sun
    Painted by humid cloudless canvas blue

    Never did I remember to pause
    The audio lesson or my life for that matter
    But strange things eventually happen
    My blank mind went numb
    Earphones loose, I heard those bleating goats
    And croaking crow and clicking leaves
    Silenced cicadas of night sky
    Music of fluttering butterflies echoed
    I heard the plea of nature

    Enchanted by alluring temptress
    I traced the compound with my mind
    A touch of lingering eyes
    Silent gratitude for being there
    For bringing in peace and tranquility
    In order to live, I turned away from comprehension
    Summer within me kissed December chills


  • themoonandthesun 8w

    #howto #amru_wn_repost #amru_pod

    I tried abstract this time. I know it's weird and complicated but I hope it'll give you hope. I know it's not easy to smile these days but maybe pretence will become real someday. So smile my dears, for me, for your loved ones, for your worthy self.

    @writersnetwork you guys are love. Thank you for always supporting me. Muuaah ��

    @miraquill you guys made my day. You guys made me smile. Thank you so much for POD. I'm grateful. Love ya fam ��

    And thank you'll for always supporting me and giving me reason to smile. Thank you for all the likes, reposts and wishes. ��

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    How to grow Wildflowers called Smiles

    Negating self, I wandered in quest
    One of identity and worth
    Never looking inside my soul
    Once happy, now mourned innocence
    Without a knock, jostled in adulthood
    Those strenuous thoughts
    Followed tedious nights
    Sleepless and dazefilled,
    Dead yet breathing

    Tears were never a choice
    Amidst all the chaos
    Life became a task

    Sensory pain and sensual torture
    White noise and blooming lilies
    Taunted the haunting laughter
    But then I learned to fake
    Dreams, expectations,
    Imaginations, escapes

    //Pretence became a choice,
    A chance at life anew//

    Like righting the broken glass vase
    I pasted a broken smile
    Pretending laughter,
    My intestines giggled
    Vines grew on my ribs
    Creeping into my soul
    Mending broken with fissures
    Roots held tight skin,
    Blooms that escaped from eyes

    A serene peace,
    No interruption
    I smile whole and full
    Pretence became real
    Righting a broken smile
    A wildflower bloomed
    At the creeks of broken lips


  • themoonandthesun 11w

    #love #amru_ec #amru_wn_repost

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    And then it rained,
    Washing away the
    Mute silence.

    Yes, it rained
    In all it's glory
    Thunder and
    Lightning followed.
    Cuddling my blanket
    Of unwritten memories;
    Which I gathered
    From forgettable
    Whimperings smothered
    All that's left was an echo

    Hollowing howl of
    Echoing silence

    Oh, it rained
    Washing away what's left
    Puddling around forged splashes

    Never knowing
    Where it rained
    Outside my window
    Or within my soul
    Knocking away in silence

    When it rained,
    It poured


  • themoonandthesun 12w

    @murryben why am I like this? I made happiness sad ��Babe I know you are lucky for me �� muaahh

    #start #wod @miraquill

    @writersnetwork you guys are love. �� A repost within 15mints. My heart went boom boom. �� have this


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    Remorse of Depressed Happiness: who forgot to knock on your door

    I have been growing hope in your backyard,
    Aware of neglect that dawned with morrow,
    Tears that flow at night; flooding gates of Hell,
    Unaware of Eden in your heart, you shuttered,
    Expecting happiness to knock on your door

    In your safekeeping, Protection of guarded walls
    You locked the front door, shut windows bold
    Hoping, I, your deject, would come unexpected
    Yet eyes of yours, equally fathomless expect

    Unaware of your crawling stranger; a stalking
    Creeper who slithered down the walls,
    To water your dreams at dusk and plant hope,
    Hopeless in love with you, epitome angel doomed
    Your fate, to love you again and perfectly anew

    Unaware of the open backdoor, I: Happiness
    Watched you mourn through the keyhole
    Sobs that tore my heart, night after night
    I left with a promise to knock your door

    Knowing tearful dews would clear my footsteps,
    A lawn all fresh, aware that you won't notice those
    Abandoned flowers by grave of your lost faith,
    I left a part of myself wrapped in a candy jar,
    For, I have been growing hope in your backyard

    ~a guardian too bad at her job/depressed happiness


  • themoonandthesun 13w

    I thought I would share this with you guys. Shuffling through my picture gallery, I saw my old pictures: A broken sandcastle and my full smile. Time moved on. I grew up. But memories never left. Buried in a box that I dug up today. Pictures brought back what never left my smile.

    PS: what's that one memory which you thought you forgot but pictures brought them back regardless?

    #amru_gone_mad @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you for EC ❤ and WN repost ❤
    Here y'all have these������

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    Melodic Memories

    Building sand castle was never fun
    But breaking and remaking it always was

    Sea pulled me in
    Waves blushed me blue
    Foamless, form-filled
    Ocean made me whole
    Little hands taped the sand
    Held those water diamonds
    Like impossible made fortunate

    Things slipped
    Was my hold too tight
    It was never loose
    But time slipped,
    And so did the sand
    Oceanic giggles
    Echoed in my hollow soul

    Wiping off tears
    I painted myself sand
    With leftovers that stuck to my sleeve
    Tiny droplets,
    Evaporated crystals,
    Bucket that never got washed away

    A smile creeped in
    Irresistible, insatiable

    Time did left, but left behind
    Memories; Mute yet melodic

    ~what's left behind


  • themoonandthesun 15w

    #wild #wod @miraquill
    Raise your hand if you feel guilty for existing. Well I do. We did establish that I'm a weirdo. So another reason adds to the list.

    Thank you for EC ��
    @writersnetwork you guys are love ❤ thank you for the kind repost ��

    #amru_wn_repost #amru_ec

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    Isn't it W I L D ?

    Isn't it wild that,
    People often proclaim feelings
    Could not only overwhelm
    But, often drown souls.
    The feelings in question
    Were usually the one from
    "Passionate" Category:
    Love, hate and the in betweens

    I never knew I would experience
    The miraculous too.
    Not the regular cliche
    But, the emotion that had no right
    Neither did it left.(/leave)
    One that not only drowned
    But decapitated my soul
    I call it the resultant negation
    "G U I L T"

    I love how my being struggles
    It fights the lost battle of justifications,
    Procrastination and fear that tags along
    Terrified of future, consequences of a
    Something called "if I would have"
    Of Guilts.

    An angel guilty of goodness
    A demon guilty of evil,
    And I, a human, guilty of nothing
    Yet everything that turns.
    Yes, it is wild indeed


  • themoonandthesun 16w

    #anaphora �� @sumiinked @treble_clef @murryben ��

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ��


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    I was Alive in the HOPE of Betterment

    I was alive in the fragrance,
    Of red blooms that covered my canvas,
    Holding a portrait, of what I would be,
    Neglecting the real, holding onto ideal.

    I was alive in the smiles,
    Of the wallflower who chased my sorrow,
    Friend an umbrella, of sarcasm and truth,
    Neglecting true, holding onto popular.

    I was alive in the poetry,
    Of a stranger who ment more for my being,
    Forgotten reminder, of what I could have had,
    Neglecting souls, holding onto material.

    I was alive in the ruins,
    Of the long lost torn pages of my journal,
    Bleached and pale, of the love that I wished,
    Neglecting wanted, holding onto bygones.

    I was alive in the paradox
    Of life which was bitter-sweet like my self,
    Dubious, devoid of rationality, high on emotions,
    Neglecting little things, holding onto forlorn.

    I was alive in the kiss,
    Of death who promised bliss for my eternity,
    Frozen,warm, filled with hope forever and more.
    Neglecting life, holding onto afterlife

    I was alive in the hope,
    Of betterment which never satisfied my greed,
    Dumb and idiotic, irony of perfect happiness,
    Wished for more, not for life in the present

    //I lived without living, to die with death//


  • themoonandthesun 17w

    Not a #pleidaspoem the syllable count is wrong. But I felt like writing something. So I did. @sumiinked I think I'm getting obsessed with death ⚰

    @writersnetwork thank you guys for the repost. Love ya ��
    @murryben �� my luck charm ��


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    Dawn, pregnant with life.
    Died with setting horizon
    Do I live like the sun that sets?
    Devoid of shine, on a full moon?
    Dungeon of loneliness glooms
    Derive the only hope, Poetry.
    Death itched to live anew

    ~dispatching death

    //Leaning on the pages of life
    Poet died kissing poetry alive//

    Poet mastered the art of death without dying
    Poesy alive on the verge of cliffhanger
    Penning a new future with no end
    Pending the unfortunate end,
    Purged in pot of zealous life,
    Pouring the death portion in
    Poet mastered the art of
    life without living

    ~patching poetry


  • themoonandthesun 17w

    #travel #random @murryben

    Vagabond = a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.
    @writersnetwork you guys are love. Thank you for the repost ❤��

    PS :I was gonna delete it. I guess now it'll stay here ��


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    A Journey called Homecoming

    Feet half submerged in the blue pool of an exotic cruise. Crossing the green sea of oceans I went across the globe on a wanderlust. Staring at the brightness of a blanket called snow, I dived deep to built a snowman. To hold the last snowflake that landed on the layers of many. I stood tall as the sun shined and the ice broke releasing the trapped brooks. I never wavered on the heights of Everest as the sand dunes crashed.

    Looking down at the sun that neared the horizon. Achieving my dream of a worthy journey, I longed for home. In this universe of joy and glitters, the space that cradled a thousand stars was mystic indeed. But was not warm enough, was not welcoming, was not home.

    Contained in the fragile walls that leaked with rains, creaked with winter and blushed with summer; stood an emotion that called out, reached for me. Home, a jail that I call escape, it's all about familial drama and comedy. That's where all the bad stuff is, may be some good stuff too. That's where peace is, where I eat with chewing sounds, burp aloud, sleep without brushing at night, where I meditate with open eyes.

    Home, where I plan my detours, execute my plans but always with a return ticket. A journey back home lacked excitement but was filled with a stack of memories collected and waiting to be organized in tranquility. Homecoming was not as eventful but was filled with longing and a next plan ready.

    Home is where life is, stagnant yet leaning towards the
    door step, to leave, to return, to live for a moment more.

  • themoonandthesun 18w

    #nostalgic #wod

    @murryben I genuinely wanted to make it light and happy �� @rimi_ojha I wrote ��

    @writersnetwork thank you for the repost team ❤ you guys are love ����

    @miraquill thank you for EC ����

    #amru_wn_repost #amru_ec

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    Nostalgic Poet abandoned a Present called Life

    A being oriented backwards in time
    Looks for the past references in present.
    Glittering sunshine on a beloved's face,
    Who is long dead and buried.
    Fresh dew drops on daisies,
    Which are dried and stinking.
    Incomplete poetry on a journal,
    Who's caged with emotions, forgotten.

    A peripheral being who looks back
    At the shadows that defined existence
    The corners that framed the past
    Portrait of another, where the being stood,
    As a blurred image, adding to the
    Pale bleached backdrop.

    Like the nocturnal selenophiles
    Screeching around the
    Washed photocopy of a Bright paradise.
    Nostalgic of what used to be ecstatic
    And is now a dagger to the heart.
    Like bees and flowers seperated by
    A ruthless cycle called season.

    A poet lost poesy with experience,
    Lament and melancholy..
    Like a Monarch nostalgic of her
    Greeny-wormy days, careless of
    The bright wings and flight at bay

    Nostalgic of thoughts called memories
    A poet abandoned the beautiful
    Present called L I F E .


  • themoonandthesun 18w

    #kept #random #personification @miraquill
    I tried something different ��

    @writersnetwork thank you for the repost. You guys made my morning happy happy ��❤��


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    A (winter) Butterfly Dreams

    What does a winter butterfly dreams,
    Of summer or the blooms of spring?
    The color filled wings contrasting,
    Dark grey cottons of honey sky

    Does she remember the taste
    Of nectar from the road side petals?
    A fight so light, carried away with
    Winter winds, the gush of motors
    And claps of naughty children

    Does she dreams of the soft lakes,
    Dragonflies, of the honey bees?

    Forced apart by the seasons
    She lists her dreams
    A bright sky and flaps of wings
    Day old bloom on a beloved's hair
    Forgotten smile of the summer's child

    A butterfly dreams of a buttery delight

    ~a summer's fly

  • themoonandthesun 18w

    Things preserved over the years? I could only think of memories that were lost. I don't know if it counts as a list but still. I'll try something better #kept #wod

    @murryben @sumiinked @ivy___ ��

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ❤��


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    In the abyss of caged identity
    I stacked guilts and regrets

    In a den of iniquity, liability
    With golden rue, I painted it
    Palpable pastel grey, a monumental
    Museum of an art-less couth

    It was I, who was
    Chained to self preservation
    With a silver tongue
    Rotten heart, burned hide.
    I stacked the unkind words,
    The sarcastic jabs,
    That left my mouth.
    Intentional yet filled with
    Remorse, self-accusation
    Projecting fear, protecting.
    I hurt those came with love
    If only could I erase,
    Erase what's lost.
    Throw away the tokens
    Chained to my heart,
    Etched to my soul,
    I'll live anew
    For a day more..

    In the abyss of stolen souls
    I stacked lost memories


  • themoonandthesun 19w

    #miss #wod #writingc

    This is just pathetic. I couldn't make it sad, this is downright pathetic and depressing. Ehhhhhh!

    @murryben kyu hai hum aise? Babe!!!! Yeh kab hua ������

    BTW my 100th post ��

    This was unexpected!! Thank you @miraquill for POD �� you made my day special, ❤�� forever grateful ��

    Thank you @writersnetwork for your love and support ��❤

    Thank you for your kind reposts and likes y'all. ������

    #amru_pod #amru_wn_repost

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    Tu me Manques; you were not the one, then why do I miss you so much?

    I wished you were a sentence with commas not periods, with pauses not exclamations. A never ending thesaurus of the syllables I adore. An unfinished poem that nagged my heart and my quill ached to fill, with you, I wished I could be me.

    In love with the person you could be, the better version that only, I could mould, with my affection and trust. It was love at first sight, with the glitter in your eyes, charm of your words, glory of your moves. Like the serene moon hiding it's scars, parallel to the mountains with hazardous steeps, and the calm river that promised of floods, or the pearly ocean that roared every now and then, like the star crossed lovers who wished to rewrite destiny, the unachievable goal of reality.

    My love, I loved you just the way your are, never enough, not less nor more. I loved who you pretended to be, a fantasy of reverie that I claimed my blessing. Nor were you real neither was I. In a compromise called love we tried to fill the invisible gaps.

    Nightmares none with you at my bay but then you changed or was it I? Things fell apart as day broke. Midnight sun shined with all its worth breaking the ice between you and I. You never changed neither did I. Perseverance of my perspective got bold. Hidden behind the walls called love, the walls that crumbled without a fight. I saw the real you. Not the one I fell for.

    You were the Cinderella in my story
    The magic of a fairy godmother
    Who spelled a glass slipper
    The shiny glass that determined
    Your worth, my reject.
    Confusing love with adoration
    Holding on in desperation
    I thought I found my forever one

    My love, I never loved you just the way your were, never enough, not less nor more.

    Then darling, tell me why I miss you so much?
    Weren't you just a fragment of my imagination?
    Tell me, why I miss you so much?
    Just this last favor, tell me?
    Tell me, why I miss you so much?


  • themoonandthesun 19w

    Life is the same as a festival. Happiness lasts for fleeting moments, leaving behind some snapshot images of the moments. Enjoy life and seize the fleeting moments." ~Kim Namjoon.

    Happy Joonie Day my lovely ARMY ��

    #senses #livingc #wod
    @miraquill @writersbay

    Really!? Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost. You made my day ❤��❤


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    Life is an Ongoing Joke.

    It like the bitter laughter of mockery, that follows a scathing remark, the sound that rhymes with a knife piercing the wound again and again. The gush of blood that chokes the sarcastic laughter.
    It like the wounds from a rough kiss. Once welcomed, dreamed about, but too carried away to care for. The tender skin that tastes of "no" and "please". Tastes of the saline on the cheek, after the summer's rain.
    It like the wet earth baked in the sun for months. Like the musk of the ocean that longs for snow. It smells like the sobering sunset, that second guessed the tequila nights. Shooing away the night mongers in search of a forever one.
    It like happiness after achieving a goal. Forgetting the pain and trauma of the journey. Like the looks of a perfect partner, who kissed the flower and settled for the bud at bay. Like the shooting star, that fell from the sky burdened because you wished too hard.
    Life like a cruel joke of destiny. Making every soul giggle save me. Feels like a broken heart in search of a tape or glue gun, to stick together the parts and feel less broken. It feels like the insecurity from the perfect one, the inability to be the worthy one.

    //Life's like an ongoing joke. Every armor gets pierced, so does the life jacket. Learning to laugh with it. Be it a smile with tears in eyes or the sarcastic curve of lips.//




  • themoonandthesun 22w

    "Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy."~ William Golding

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you for EC and WN repost. You guys know that I love you right! ❤��

    #amru_ec #amru_wn_repost

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    Levitating Aura of White,
    White that Conceals the Innocent Darkness

    Levitating in the aura of white
    White smog of innocence that rules the heart
    Heart guilty of s(even)ins and regret
    Regret(ing) the punishment and tears
    Tears that stitch the backdrop of happiness

    Happiness, joy synonyms of the emotion unknown
    Unknown for the decimal statistic figure
    Figure of the flowery torn, that take no heed
    No heed to the bonds of blood and promise
    Promise(s) long broken with a knife

    Knife that carved Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy,
    Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth on the spine.
    The spine: a canvas of nightmarish demons
    Demons that paint the broken smile
    Smile that stabbed the charcoal heart jammed with

    Diamonds that buy a promise of heavenly forgiveness
    Forgiveness and more, for an innocent greedy soul

    Soul that abandoned childhood gaiety
    Gaiety sold for euphoric ecstasy and "happiness"
    Happiness a fantastic facade of hallucinating dreams
    Dreams that rots with the cadaver of innocence

    Innocence levitating in the aura of white
    White smog that shrouds the coal bleeding heart.
    Heart that misconstrue amber for gold