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  • themoonandthesun 5w

    I thought I would share this with you guys. Shuffling through my picture gallery, I saw my old pictures: A broken sandcastle and my full smile. Time moved on. I grew up. But memories never left. Buried in a box that I dug up today. Pictures brought back what never left my smile.

    PS: what's that one memory which you thought you forgot but pictures brought them back regardless?

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    Thank you for EC ❤ and WN repost ❤
    Here y'all have these������

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    Melodic Memories

    Building sand castle was never fun
    But breaking and remaking it always was

    Sea pulled me in
    Waves blushed me blue
    Foamless, form-filled
    Ocean made me whole
    Little hands taped the sand
    Held those water diamonds
    Like impossible made fortunate

    Things slipped
    Was my hold too tight
    It was never loose
    But time slipped,
    And so did the sand
    Oceanic giggles
    Echoed in my hollow soul

    Wiping off tears
    I painted myself sand
    With leftovers that stuck to my sleeve
    Tiny droplets,
    Evaporated crystals,
    Bucket that never got washed away

    A smile creeped in
    Irresistible, insatiable

    Time did left, but left behind
    Memories; Mute yet melodic

    ~what's left behind


  • themoonandthesun 6w

    My Awkward Persona

    I'm an awkward person

    I never perfected introductions
    Neither do I know how to hug:
    Should I do the tap-tap embrace
    Or hold the someone tight
    Tight enough to snuggle.
    I do neither, I never hug

    I couldn't perfect "thank you"
    Neither do I know the right smile
    Should I do the plastic regularity
    Or the one that let loose my vulnerability
    Vulnerable enough to tear up
    I do neither, I never smile-real

    I did perfect apologies
    When I was not wrong,
    Nor was I right,
    Black to my grey
    I apologize regardless
    For being myself
    Too much, loud, slow
    Furious, vulnerable, needy
    I apologize all the goddamned time

    If I could turn back time
    I would unlearn "polite sorry"
    Relearn everything that would make me,

    Yeah, I'm an awkward person


  • themoonandthesun 6w

    White noise
    Confronted tranquil loneliness

    ~girl with headphones

  • themoonandthesun 7w

    #end #amru_gone_mad #temp (this post is gonna stay)

    I hate happy endings �� (no I take it back. I love happy endings)

    PS: @treble_clef @murryben I kept this post bcs you guys asked me to ��. @sumiinked yes! you are my lucky charm ��

    Thank you so much @miraquill for POD. You made my day. Love you. ��

    Thank you fam for reposts and likes. ��


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    A Broken Cup

    Reading cups each morning
    Instead of a newspaper
    Turned a habitual action.

    News that brought frown
    Followed a smile
    With lines on the cup
    "My Lady Love"
    One that broke
    With a humongous

    They say before hitting you
    He hits near you. Was it right?
    I never got to test the theory.
    Throwing him out,
    I patched the cup,
    Placed it amongst the broken
    My trust, my heart, a bit of my soul

    Years have passed
    Multiple tokens rest
    Near the broken cup

    With an equally broken smile

    I thought of forever,
    A thought, when I thought
    That love would last forever

    I was wrong

    (Or was I wrong?)


  • themoonandthesun 7w

    #mondo #wod @writersnetwork

    Thank you for EC ��

    Another dedication to my stranger.

    PS: @miraquill you guys made my stranger popular and that makes me happy. He was cute.. Sigh!

    @murryben @treble_clef see my stranger is phamous. �� and cute! Never forget cute.

    PPS : #amru_ka_phamous_stranger for more poems about my stranger visit! (I'm actually making a hashtag for him)


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    What's blue?

    It's a stranger wrapped in bewitching sleep,
    emanating peace,
    making me buzz with containment


  • themoonandthesun 8w

    #amru_gone_mad #love
    I love that song. Rewrite the stars ⭐

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    I wish, I could rewrite the stars,
    Maybe you would see me,
    Like I saw you amidst thousands,
    I wish, I could say what we get to be,
    Anything but not strangers any more,
    ~stranger on your right

  • themoonandthesun 8w

    I tried a prose piece. High on uncreative thoughts.

    #amru_gone_mad #buhaahaahaa #love #temp

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    Why is darkness associated with gloom and destruction, with evil and demons? Aren't "lightness/brightness" equally vicious? Unable to comprehend the age old belief, I ponder upon the myths called truths. Truth, a version that varies with perspective and POVs, "to be or not to be?" Hamlet was indecisive, yet a scholar indeed. Birthing, rather naming the dubious feelings of human kind.

    Thoughts took shape unlike a picture from silhouette, more like a loop of fog that never ends. My cyclical thoughts never comprehend or answer, yet question and confuse me further. Distracted yet again, I ponder upon the darkness being light? Aren't the moon and stars visible because of nightfall? Beloved's skin glow with the moonlight and night walks? The shine of sun springs real and moon conceals the unreal.

    Like the cinders stacked in the ashes of burning witch. My love too got buried under your betrayal. But the dark coal came alive with a woosh from the forest, all consuming forest fire. If you think I'll take you back with a kiss on my lips and tears in your eyes, maybe think again. What if it's hate underneath that blaze the ice or love pregnant with revenge?

    Sometimes darkness is gloomy and evil. It's not a question of perseverance but the bearer of burnt soul. Your fairness hid your rotten heart. It painted mine black. Filled with fury and not love. This time the cinder will burn you alive. With love or with hate? A question to ponder upon.


  • themoonandthesun 8w

    I never knew social distancing would turn me into this creepy kinda person. As you know offline classes are rolling and I spend most of my time traveling to and fro.. Which is tedious. But yesterday I saw someone who was a sight for my sore eyes. So this not a poem is dedicated to that cute stranger who was wearing a light blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans. Sigh.

    I'll try something else for today's challenge. This piece is for my stranger.

    #anaphora #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    @murryben babe I want that stranger. ��


    PS : #amru_ka_phamous_stranger yeah a new hashtag for my stranger ��

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    I Never Knew, when the Stranger became Mine

    I never knew, weary journey
    Would turn exciting with a view,
    Of a cute tall strange napping
    On the fourth seat to my left

    I never knew, I would
    Hate rainy summers,
    'Cause windows dimmed the light
    That colored my stranger blue

    I never knew, stealing glances
    And drooling would become
    My joy, as I thought more of
    His destination than mine

    I never knew, I would prefer
    Falling in love than down the stairs,
    Attraction, affection, lust, love
    Synonymous to bubbly feeling of mine

    I never knew, naming a stranger
    "Mine" would become a passion
    Truce or foolishness, no judge,
    Save myself, just a moment more..

    I never knew, when I tattooed
    The stranger onto my heart,
    His sleeping form into my mind,
    Will he be mine? I'll never know.

    ~not a creepy stranger

  • themoonandthesun 12w

    #if_only #random #amru_gone_mad

    Why do I feel lonely? Because I'm lonely �� sed lyf

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    I wish I could stop time
    And feel the rain on my skin
    Like a first love's kiss
    With my forever one


  • themoonandthesun 14w

    I'm not sad �� just happy �� #amru_gone_mad

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    To my Happiness

    I cherish every moment with you
    Because I know they are numbered
    And you are gonna leave me soon

    Love, sadness


  • themoonandthesun 18w

    I think my muse left me!

    If you find her somewhere, pls tell her that I miss her. I wish she finds me before I go insane. *help me* I'm going mad!

    This lame piece is just a proof that I've lost it

    #Onomatopoeia #wod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    #somedayc @writersbay I wish someday-s came soon!


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    Yeah, I've lost it.

    Chicken squeaked in a puddle of mud
    As if a Victorian woman
    Holding her skirt high
    To escape the dirt
    Splashing it regardless

    Tadpoles swam in the puddle
    Escaping the kind predator
    Who thought she is duck
    The elegant queen of ponds
    Or was the title wrong?

    In this rural setting
    With no snow and serenity
    I found my solitude chocking me
    Of thoughts? Emotions? Feelings?
    Not those regular cliches
    But something more
    (overwhelmingly intimidating)

    //The dripping rain
    The buzz of bees
    Whooshing trees//

    Ah! Something that I missed
    Was once everything that I owned

    The mute sounds that echoed
    In the empty cave of my heart

    Was it yesterday or the day before
    That I lost her?
    Unable to block the ting of my mind
    I unblocked my heartache
    I missed her — "my heartbreak"

    (Should I change the tense? Or should I not. Isn't it obvious that I lack. Not my mind or the tense. But something that I lost)

    Someday she'll return
    Miss me the way I miss her
    I wish someday(-s) was (/were) today
    A day among the weekdays

    Yeah, someday!?


  • themoonandthesun 22w

    Growing Up

    I pretend
    I pretend to smile
    To be happy, to be satisfied
    I pretend alot
    Just because I can
    Just because I feel I'm in control
    To never forget how.

    It is easy to prove that you are worthy
    When you know you are not
    It is easy to grow up
    When you pretend a lot.


  • themoonandthesun 22w

    To all the foodies (to myself) #line

    @miraquill thank you so much for EC ❤
    @writersnetwork thank you for the kind repost ❤ means alot ❤

    #amru_gone_mad #amru_wn_repost #amru_ec

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    Hush! I'm eatin'

    One fine day
    I outgrew my favorite shorts
    Once loose and comfy tights
    Now choke my inner thighs
    Was growing really that bad?

    It's not about age but size
    Oh size doesn't matter!
    What if you are a girl,
    Would it matter?
    Norms are changing narratives
    Self love is all that matter

    With a platter full of chocolate
    And a jug full of ice-cream
    A slouched couch potato
    Enjoyed lazy detours
    From one room to another
    Disgusting ceremonial meeting
    Chimes the alarm of my mind
    Salad, yoga, jog - Healthy life routine!

    With a doctorate in procrastination
    I ate to my heart's content—
    That day, this day, the very next day
    I hid myself in shreds of my cupboard
    With anxiety and shame at hand
    I wet my pillow with tears

    Eating healthy a habit indeed
    One that I never mastered
    I wish to outgrow time not just space
    To rewind life with a pause button

    With choices at hand I chose my love
    Guilty pleasure a phrase indeed
    Drapes hope and skirts of ignorance
    A style attuned with fashion/fusion
    Growing up was not that bad, "self love" did matter

    Now hush! Let me enjoy my delicious platter.

  • themoonandthesun 22w

    So I was meditating with open eyes when I have three essays to study and an exam to write.

    Eventful life!!!



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    On her way to light
    She crawled on all fours
    Step by step

    A flickering shade of black
    Unaware of the predator
    At bay
    Consciously oblivious.

    The beautifully pale reptile
    Pounced on the cockroach
    From behind
    She held his head,
    Tapped him dead
    Not losing a bit she ate him
    Bit by bit

    Unable to look away
    I stared at her
    As she devoured the
    Pest-bug- signofmydirtyhouse.
    With tearfilled frozen eyes
    I cheered for the house lizard

    She turned
    In search of her
    Next prey

    Blinding light bound my eyes
    Meditating or wasting away
    The precious fifteen minutes
    Of my worthless life?