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  • anupriyachauhan18 49w

    Impostors of life

    Seems like whatever content is created, for instance, video games is always inspired by the real life.
    During the lockdown phase, few video games became quite popular and one of them was 'Among Us'.
    Anyone who has played 'Among Us' knows that the impostor was one of your own teammates. Isn't it true in the real life too? The impostor in your real life will also always be someone close to you because they know the exact parts of you which are vulnerable , they know your secrets , the power which they hold to destory you no one else has because the way they impact your life no one ever has or ever will.
    But seeing the beauty of it, deep down we all are aware of it and we still choose to trust the people we love blindly , we leave our scars open infront of them to show how much they mean to us , we love them wholeheartedly and the horrors of them destroying us someday doesn't stop us from loving them.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • anubhavjha 56w

    Among Us

    In the world full of impostors

    Am just an innocent crewmate
    They tryna kill me, before my task bar update

    Reporting a body...calling a meeting
    Everyone asks..when where & who
    But all they gonna do is sus me too

    Sometimes we meet a great task buddy
    Which are lost after every game in a hurry

    Breaking friendship, spreading hate
    That's all what this game is good at.


  • jihyunieneve 77w

    best game of among us ever thanks to the monarch and my fellow henchman 24~
    -from 21
    #jihyunieneve #poetry #poem #mirakee #monarch #writersofmirakee #writersnetwork #amongus #username_is_psaikoda #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    benevolence brought down
    to the lowly from up high
    the king of games
    among us he is

    exhalt the kind sir
    protect him we must
    we follow the monarch
    even if he's sus

  • adiva_14 79w

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  • adiva_14 79w

    Follow me on insta


    I will be playing among us with my viewers so to be part of it follow me on insta

  • purplehead_poet 89w


    She: I love you!
    Me: I love you too!

    *There is an imposter among us*

  • suryanshisinha 89w

    Creative among us names

    I swear I
    Your dad
    Your mom
    My dad
    My mom
    Omg I was
    I was
    Thank you I
    Wtf I
    (Basically everything starting or ending with any pronoun)

  • suryanshisinha 89w

    If BTS plays Among Us

    Suga- ah I am tired let's fulfill the dream of being a rock

    J-hope- *comes in*

    Suga- *still*

    J-hope- guys I think yoongi is the imposter he was standing still in the cafeteria

    Jin- let's vote for him then

    RM- hoseok if he will not be you are next

    *Genius was not the imposter*

    *doing tasks as usual*

    Jimin- people will never guess I am a imposter

    Jimin- just gotta quietly do fake tasks

    Jimin- kookie is right there if I just get a little bit more closer ya no one else there

    *kills jk*

    Jungkook- *anger intensifies* I am jungshook

    Jimin-sorry jungkook-ssi

    *RM comes to do tasks*
    *finds jk dead*

    RM- guys last time hoseok told to do yoongi but yoongi wasn't

    Jimin- ya hoseok you sus

    J-hope- guys I am not trust me

    RM- hoseok it is clear let us all vote for him

    * I am ur hope was not the imposter*

    Jin- ahh I hate being alone I have a feeling someone is here

    Jin- wait jimin is in electrical

    Jin- nahh he won't do anything

    *jin starts doing tasks*

    Jimin- sorry seokjin

    *kills jin*

    Jin- *starts angry rapping*

    *Tae comes in electrical*
    *sees jin ded*

    Jimin- where
    RM- where

    Tae- at electrical

    RM- I was in admin
    Jimin- *nervous* I was in cafeteria

    Tae- wait I just crossed cafeteria jimin-ssi u are the imposter

    RM- no Jimin is innocent taetae u sus
    Jimin- ya soulmate how will you think it is me

    *jimin and RM vote for tae*

    *ImGoodBoy was not the imposter*

    *On RMS screen*
    Defeat- *i got hella jams was the imposter*
    RM- n-no ways

    *On jimins screen
    Victory ✌
    Jimin- like I say "Don't be like a prey, smooth smooth like a snake