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  • katoromeo 1w


    The Lord will always guide you
    Have your back when you are weak
    Stand with, hold, and guide you
    When your choices feel bleak
    Trust in Him to carry you
    When you don't know what to do
    Approach Him humble, thankful and meek
    And He will always get you through


  • a_kalita 5w

    //Mental Breakdown//

    I broke down in my room
    I didn't know whom to confront
    So I wept silently
    Locking the door
    So none could know
    I cried and cried
    Without making a sound
    I shut my eyes tight
    And tears rolled down
    Continuously, drop by drop
    My hands trembled
    My teeth tearing away
    The skin of my lips
    I drew my knees
    Close to my chest
    And wept uncontrollably
    I knew I had to
    Cry out my pain
    Only to be able to
    Come back stronger
    So none could doubt
    Seeing my swollen pink face
    That I had been crying earlier.

  • faizal_ananthapuri 5w


    ( Fictional gamble by a budding writer. Any kind of resemblance to Someone's life, dead or alive, is purely coincidental ! )
    Wasim appeared for his first Interview in a renowned educational institution in his hometown. After going through his attractive C.V, the management was up for the main task.. Obviously, it was an interaction to determine his true potential . The Principal, who was in the middle of the 3 important personnel of the committee set aside his file and cleared his throat.
    Principal :- Look Mr.Wasim Shehzad.. I'm not interested in this surgical analysis of a candidate's caliber by throwing a farrago of questions at him. Just being straight forward, I'll ask You one question. If You could give us a clear cut answer for it , then this job is Yours.
    Wasim :- Ok Sir.
    Principal :- Well, Can You guarantee us 90 % result in the examination if We give You the Job?.. If You can, then this job is Yours.. The equation is as simple as that..
    Wasim took back his file and got up to return back.. The Principal and his associates were not at all amused by his instant reaction in discouragement.. But he took his seat back again. And with an uplifted expression and body posture he uttered these words with a cool composure.
    Wasim : - Sir, I can't guarantee You a 90 % result whatsoever. But I can guarantee You one thing . If I get this job, I'm ready to Work for 100% result whatever happens.. !
    ....Wasim Shehzad joined in that institution as a new faculty from the next week onwards..

    Writers note :- " The content may feel a bit filmy and unrealistic for somebody out here. Being frank, I'm just trying to embark on My journey as an amateur, to this deep sea of English literature. So definitely, there will be flaws . But one thing I'm damn sure about is that I'm a kind of person who is trying possess that kind of attitude mentioned in this short write up ..I may not be the most charismatic literary wizard in this platform.. But, Come hell or high water.. I'll try to improve My content every single time I appear here. In Sha Allah. My suggestion to those who read this content is , Whatever the situation might be, always keep this type of mentality built upon self esteem & belief. It is rightly said, 'Your Attitude defines Your Altitude '. Be a person with an unflinching attitude which takes You to the pinnacle of success. "

  • asisha 5w

    Drama Queen

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I bleed black...
    I spew lies...
    I feign emotions...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I'm always the victim...
    Always a target..
    And ready with a new story to win...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I'm always entangled in problems...
    You won't understand...
    Coz your life is not as messy as mine...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I won't hear things I need to listen...
    I speak words I know will hurt you...
    Nor can I see what's wrong in your life or you...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    When I threaten to leave the house...
    And pretend to be the victim...

    Can you see me?
    Bursting into fake tears...
    Gaining sympathy from strangers...
    Coz I know how to hurt you, torment you and break you...

    Do you see me?
    The drama queen...
    The victim...
    Ready to bend you...
    So you can never see me for who I am...
    Except for my drama...

  • amateur4life 5w

    अब के जो संभले, हम फिर टूटने से कतराते हैं,
    बेरुखी हमारी पे ये कलम और स्याही तर्क़ कर जाते हैं..

    हमें ना हिदायत दो दिल कैसे लगाएं,
    हम शायर हुज़ूर, इश्क और प्यार में फर्क कर जाते हैं..


  • say_say 5w


    As I stand near the grave of my love
    All I can do Is grieve not for you but for me
    Or who I used to be

  • mind_of_an_ambivert 7w

    They'll come at you from all sides, will try to break you down into pieces but pay them no heed. Just believe in yourself and the truth of your intentions.

  • piscesun 7w

    You and I

    You and I,
    Stars from the same sky.

    Tears from the same sea,
    You and me.

    Like rays from the same sun,
    You and I are now one.


  • shlokashukla 11w


    Best decision I ever took was, to keep writing even if there aren't any readers of my piece.

    Even if no one reads, keep writing.

    Don't stop yourself and always appreciate your work. Your validation is the MOST IMPORTANT.!

  • ayayrunsblog 11w

    The Limits of Inifinity

    We live in a world where the 'sky is the limit' or maybe that's what society has programmed us to believe.
    Look around and you be the judge, is the sky the limit or is it all imaginary?
    The way I see it, life is limited.
    To years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, as we keep check,
    'Tick-tock' goes the clock and you never really know when your time to go is next.
    A limit we've all come to accept, yet life is...'limitless'?
    When the truth of the matter is life is a limit- fest.
    I beg to differ really...and in fact,
    We're infinite souls on finite tracks.
    Where not one of us are better than the other,
    But each given a different amount of time which makes me ponder.
    But say what, life is life, no matter the limit
    So live to the fullest and when your time is up, have no dreams left in your pocket.
    For you've lived your best life and that's all that matters.
    And you're ready to begin a new life, a new book of infinite chapters.

  • not_gulzar 13w


    कड़कती हुई इस गर्मी में छांव सा कुछ ढूंढ रहा हूं,
    गरजते इस तूफान में धूप की किरण सा कुछ ढूंढ रहा हूं,
    वीरानी सूनी रात में सुबाह की चेहक सा कुछ ढूंढ रहा हूं,
    गमगीन हुई इस महफ़िल में हसीं के ठहाके सा कुछ ढूंढ रहा हूं,
    फरेब से भरी इस दुनिया में मैं ईमान सा कुछ ढूंढ रहा हूं।


  • soulsaga 15w

    Yours Since Eternity

    Haunted by intrigue
    by a connection so rare,
    "I" sat in my time machine as it navigated me to "ME".

    The roads looked familiar and so did the lanes.
    and with each footstep I took,
    sounds of infectious laughs echoed the window panes.

    I peeped through the broken glasses
    and was flabbergasted by my vision.
    The tangled thoughts that tethered my mind were now untangling for a reason.

    A lovely deja vu happened as
    "I" saw "US" drenched in ecstasy with a chemistry so volatile.
    We spoke a secret language of love and our souls intertwined.

    Now "I" know,
    why "You" felt so familiar and so did your gaze.
    may be because we have memorized to recognise each other through time and space.

    The pure energy of cosmos has connected our souls .
    The universe conspires and has sealed for eternity to pull us towards one other in mysterious force..


  • soulsaga 15w


    She weaved a beautiful dream with the silken thread of love,
    infused it with hope and
    hid it in the creases of her soul.

    She craved for more than she was offered
    but how could she even confront?
    she had chosen her boundaries and had to stay mum..

    she kept on watering the seed of hope
    nurturing it with motherly care..
    she knew one day it would outgrow the boundaries of reality and
    would ease her asphyctic heart with fresh air..

  • brknpoet 17w

    Sands of time

    I find myself trapped in the sands of time. Looking back on the memories in mind, I'm left with feelings without rhyme. Wishing to grow up is a unknown crime. Somewhere down the line, I got trapped in this clouded mind. A place I cannot find amongst this crowded paradigm. We are all chained down like a bounded enzyme. Until the hand moves past 9, we are all slaves to the sands of time.

  • mimi_ayaneh_ 18w

    "Even professional writer was once an amateur."

    This is my life saying as an amateur writer and as a dreamer.


  • kuchbhiii 18w


    I promise you love,
    I promise you joy,
    I promise you hugs,
    I promise you snuggles,
    I promise you kisses,
    I promise you happiness,
    I promise you the world,
    I promise you surprises,
    I promise you gifts,
    I promise you food when you are craving,
    I promise to give,
    I promise the little things,
    I promise to stay,
    I promise to handle the cranky you,
    I promise to handle the crying you,
    I promise to handle the bad you,
    I promise to handle the you you,
    I promise to never leave your hand,
    I promise to hold you close through thick and thin,
    I promise to give you space when you need it,
    I promise to give you my shoulder when you're down,
    I promise to make you smile everyday,
    I promise to give you joy every moment,
    I promise to stay by your side, Always.
    I promise ❤️

  • fragment 18w

    As Above, So Behoove

    I want to talk about cages

    Smitten by the selfish perspectives of our Sages
    We often find ourselves lost in rages
    Fueled by the many vast mazes
    Of wars that we wage as
    Entertainment for the people
    Mindlessly reading books under holy steeples

    Did you remember to take your pills?

    Please remain still.

    Feet on the ground
    Reach for the sky
    Dont ask too many whys

    For its in the lies that we hide
    Unaware of their demise
    I practically cried
    When I tried to surmise
    The extent of these worn out allibies
    Overly protecting
    What one should be easily confessing
    How can anyone side-step detection
    in this web of silenced interjection

    Hold back
    Dont try it
    Keep your skeletons in the closet

    Just another day in the way that we say that
    Everything we hope for is gonna be okay
    And so we pray
    For a different outcome
    On that sacred day

    Partake in holy matrimony
    Or forsake your love as godless and phoney
    Pretend to choose
    Pay your dues
    Ignore the clues
    Praised for the worship of views
    Commonly misused
    Broken and confused
    We lie our souls upon the pews
    Guided by sanctimonious virtues

    Holding in silence that voice that we call Will

    Partake in the battle uphill
    For the right to kill
    Starve the old
    Ignore the ill
    Embrace the chance for a taste of the divine
    In bloodthirsty thrill

    I hope that I didn't step out of line...
    Here, have some blood of Chr-- I mean wine

    Father, Spirit, the Holy Ghost
    It's to all our mothers that I make this toast
    The bodies of those that are condemned the most
    Seemingly ignorant to the power of this life-giving host

    In the name of some deity
    We rape and slaughter
    And claim our posts
    Returning home to our loved ones
    To sit at a table and boast

    Mistrust us
    Keep your eyes up
    And your heads down
    Only God can wear that crown

    And so we sigh with relief
    Expressing comical belief
    Disposing of the tear that we wear as a swear called fear

    Is that fair?

    Who's scared?

    I am, and you are, and so is everyone else

    But that's just my truth

    Can you face yourself?

    © fragment, 2020 ; (Katherine Bernhardt)

  • sudhakarsinha 18w

    Not the one

    I'm not the one!
    I'm not the one, you waited for!
    I have responsibilities to fulfill,
    expectations to meet,
    dreams to fulfill,
    scares to heal,
    destinations to reach,
    places to visit,
    Sorry, for the pain you have cuz of me.
    But, I have miles to go
    before I sleep.
    I'm not the one.
    I'm not the one,
    you waited to be with.


  • sudhakarsinha 19w


    Hum insaanon mein ek khami hai, humein jo bhi chiz achi lagti hh usse hum apne paas rakhna chahate hain, aur use apne paas rakhne ke liye jo ban paye wo karne ko tayar ho jate hain. Aur kyi baar hum ye bhool jate hain ki dusre log jinhe hum pasand karte hain wo koi chiz nahi hain. Wo insan hain, insan. Jo kaidd nhi reh sakta. Jinhe aajadi chaiye.


  • sudhakarsinha 19w


    Kyun karte ho tum aisse vayde,
    jinhe tum pura nhi kar sakte.

    Kehte ho hamesha saath nibhaoge,
    aur beech raaste akele chord jaate.