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  • thirteen 11w


    With you, Love is a bed of roses
    An everlasting fragrance of love
    Forever engulfed in the colour of love
    The rest of the world is black and white
    We only see red; the red of our love
    Our hearts bounded by love-
    Beautifully laid like a bed of roses
    Yes, the thorns sprang up occasionally
    But our love prunes them away.
    We barely feel the slight pinches they give out.
    If my forever is a person; it'd definitely be you.
    And I love the love I have for you.
    I'll be forever mesmerized by your love
    Your beauty, your care...

    Thou hast taught me how to love
    With thee; my fear of others flee
    Ye! Thou maketh me all poetic 
    and Shakespearean. 

  • katoromeo 12w

    My better half

    I hope you know by the look in my eyes
    my soul's wrapped up in you
    When your around you part the grey of the skies
    until my world is perfect and the sky is blue
    No other woman will complete my half
    i hope that you know it's true
    Unconditionally and forever
    I will always love you too!


  • ananias 13w

    #nuclear #meltdown #apocalypse #radioactivity #scifi #sciencefiction #science #amateur

    I really like the idea of writing short science fiction stories but it is really hard to say things in an awe-inspiring way ! Tons of respect for you sci-fi writers out there.

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    The core fractures, and temperatures rise. Electrical output is critically unstable. Machinations of genius design fail in their only basic task.

    Forces of reality; weaponized on contact, joining the chain reaction. Steel, concrete and lead fail to resist. Safety features atomize, becoming facets of fuel.

    Contributing nothing, your physical trace is rendered unto the implosion. All trace of death is erased, what is left is no longer life.

    Permeating through the planet's core, photons release spectacles of blue light. Fluctuations affect planetary systems. Electromagnetically altered, our planet's rightful course is erred, it has slipped off its axis. Its magnetic poles are now oscillating, tugging between itself and space. Cosmic radiation now seeping in from the background, our atmosphere no longer shields us from universal contamination.


  • katoromeo 14w

    C'mon People

    I hope you get tipped fairly
    For that beautiful smile and your class
    Maybe a little bit extra
    For that shapely gorgeous ass
    As long as they don't touch
    You could give the look a pass
    I know I couldn't blame them
    I love that body and sexy sass

  • mia_yham_ 14w


    "Be a writer of your own story."

  • katoromeo 14w

    Anytime Anyday Anyhow Anyway

    Love and miss you
    Pretty Lady
    Hope you have a good day

    You're the one for me
    No matter mood or weather
    Anytime on anyday

    Even if I'm hurt or mad
    It'll pass
    When we don't have a good day

    I pray we can put in work
    Become closer everyday

  • mooney2201 14w

    Yaad krein hum ab unhe ye laazmi nhi "izz"
    Palkon pr aathon peher saja kr rkhte hain
    #urdu #pod #random #urduwriters #shayari #amateur #short

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    یاد کریں ہم اب انہیں یہ لازمی نہیں "عز"
    پلکوں پر آٹھوں پھر سجا کر رکھتے ہی


  • am_alive 16w

    Loneliness to me is like a close, old friend getting unwanted invitations, visits my life more often-
    It sits with me like my own shadow and we wait for the moon, for her face to sparkle in the shining starlit sky.

    Dear solitude, even though I adore you , I hate loneliness.
    I miss him even more, and not able to hold him at that very moment brings me a sense of unpleasantness.

    #poetrycommunity #poetsnetwork #potd #wod #mirakeewriters #amateur #solitude #poetry @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerbypen

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    "Talking to the moon".


  • machiavel 16w

    Untangle the messes you created
    It rests heavy on us now..
    All th messes
    Coming crisis
    A cruel gift perhaps
    Left to the coming generations

    Weather unbearable, water undrinkable
    Nothings mendable

    You taught us lies
    The corruption
    We're Young generation, we learn
    through observation

    Deception deception
    Petty education
    All jobs filled with reservation
    Open practice of nepotism

  • frozensun 19w


    A blank sheet
    An empty room.
    A stare so bleak
    Forever entombed.

    Cognition entrapped
    Save grace from the split.
    Will I ever adapt
    Or forever I sit?


  • frozensun 19w


    Water pours, but I cannot grab hold
    The tighter my grasp the faster it goes.
    The waves come,
    Fast and slow;
    But forever they will always roam.
    With the tide, I ebb and flow
    Rise and drain, forever more.

  • thebhavnasaxena 19w

    Once Upon A Sunset

    Once upon a sunset,
    The sky was bleeding
    The colours of my heart
    Like a giant canvas,
    For all the world to see,
    There was the orange,
    Of citrusy memories I
    Had kept clasped in the
    Folds of my soul,
    The purple of my power
    Stained a corner, as if
    The sky were a kerchief
    Dipped in a monarch's blood,
    But the pale pink somehow
    Stood out, it was an amateur
    Just like me, slowly writing
    On the face of the sky, of all
    The things one does for love,
    Of the tale of the sun who died
    Everyday, of the moon who came
    To float in a bed of clouds and
    The stars that fawned over
    The dreams of mortals that
    Dared to burn brighter than them,
    I sat in my window, looking at
    This tale of love unfolding quietly,
    I long to hold the sun in my heart,
    Wear the stars in my hair,
    And keep the moon in my eyes,
    I whispered to the sky,
    One day, I will dip my
    Fingers in the hues of the
    Rising sun and with its fire
    I will write my name upon
    The sky and they will forever
    Tell my story as it began,
    Once upon a sunset.

  • raven_apple13 20w


    You said Nobody knows the battles you are facing,
    So I held your hand and tell you I'm here
    But then you pushed me away and screamed at me
    with a heavy heart I walked faraway

    I hear you cry and I asked why,
    and then you shout and push me out
    I tried to say I'm always here
    But all I get is your cold stare

    I love you and that is true
    But why do you make it so hard to do
    You always say you're so alone
    Then for all this time what am I to you?

  • katoromeo 20w

    Evening time

    I'd like to please every inch of you
    One soft sultry kiss at a time
    If it wasn't overplayed to death
    I'd remind you your a dime
    You're the thing dreams are made of
    Inspiring my every naughty rhyme
    To get you moaning in my arms
    Would be the definition of sublime

    From toe to thigh each leg
    Until your lusts or'flowingly primed
    Looking as good as you do right now
    Oh it should surely be a crime
    I never stop until my hair is pulled
    I absolutely love my "Down"time
    The wetness starts to bead and flow
    With every inch I climb

    You trap me with your legs
    Every breath a tantalizing lifetime
    Teasing each gorgeous lip
    Bean thumping with your heartbeats chime
    You've waited long enough
    It is absolutely dinnertime
    You suffocate me with your legs
    Until I'm speechless as a mime

    Uncontrollably spasming
    My face you sweetly begrime
    After you catch your breath
    Pull me up the bed, your face to mine
    With a kiss and a bite on my ear you say
    I think it's my suppertime
    I'm not going to stop until
    My throats full of your salty slime


  • suchsolace 21w

    She Who Shines

    They know her, they do
    But they don't see her through.
    She never lurks around the shadows
    Taking the spotlight is her thing,
    She'd rather go partying then in the meadows,
    Taking as brightness with her as one could bring.
    They see her quite often, dance to her beat.
    They see her on the floor, asking the same song on repeat.
    But what they don't see, is the girl dancing her sorrows away,
    They don't see her keeping her tears at bay.
    She holds a heavy conscious,
    Maybe a heavier heart,
    She puts people together, herself growing apart.
    She keeps her distance from people,
    Always drawing a line.
    They See her as the one who's dancing,
    But not the She Who Shines.


  • rimuru 22w


    My insides fall apart
    As I leave my faithful companion behind,
    my muse through many seasons and sorrows
    yet I'm still dry and hollow

    I have flown too close to the sun.
    Like Icarus I must fall
    into a pit of bottomless boredom
    vivid nightmares creeping in at random

    as I seek serenity amidst upheaval
    will I ever find a home for this wretched soul
    still lost in the trenches of the past
    unable to repress the torrent at last

    My mind feels saturated
    I cannot go on.
    Rage and emotions don't make a good cocktail
    especially if you have a summit to scale

    so I abandon Mary Jane's ship.
    This mutiny won't be forgotten
    But it is the only way forward
    For me to truly journey inward.

  • katoromeo 23w


    The Lord will always guide you
    Have your back when you are weak
    Stand with, hold, and guide you
    When your choices feel bleak
    Trust in Him to carry you
    When you don't know what to do
    Approach Him humble, thankful and meek
    And He will always get you through


  • a_kalita 27w

    //Mental Breakdown//

    I broke down in my room
    I didn't know whom to confront
    So I wept silently
    Locking the door
    So none could know
    I cried and cried
    Without making a sound
    I shut my eyes tight
    And tears rolled down
    Continuously, drop by drop
    My hands trembled
    My teeth tearing away
    The skin of my lips
    I drew my knees
    Close to my chest
    And wept uncontrollably
    I knew I had to
    Cry out my pain
    Only to be able to
    Come back stronger
    So none could doubt
    Seeing my swollen pink face
    That I had been crying earlier.

  • faizal_ananthapuri 27w


    ( Fictional gamble by a budding writer. Any kind of resemblance to Someone's life, dead or alive, is purely coincidental ! )
    Wasim appeared for his first Interview in a renowned educational institution in his hometown. After going through his attractive C.V, the management was up for the main task.. Obviously, it was an interaction to determine his true potential . The Principal, who was in the middle of the 3 important personnel of the committee set aside his file and cleared his throat.
    Principal :- Look Mr.Wasim Shehzad.. I'm not interested in this surgical analysis of a candidate's caliber by throwing a farrago of questions at him. Just being straight forward, I'll ask You one question. If You could give us a clear cut answer for it , then this job is Yours.
    Wasim :- Ok Sir.
    Principal :- Well, Can You guarantee us 90 % result in the examination if We give You the Job?.. If You can, then this job is Yours.. The equation is as simple as that..
    Wasim took back his file and got up to return back.. The Principal and his associates were not at all amused by his instant reaction in discouragement.. But he took his seat back again. And with an uplifted expression and body posture he uttered these words with a cool composure.
    Wasim : - Sir, I can't guarantee You a 90 % result whatsoever. But I can guarantee You one thing . If I get this job, I'm ready to Work for 100% result whatever happens.. !
    ....Wasim Shehzad joined in that institution as a new faculty from the next week onwards..

    Writers note :- " The content may feel a bit filmy and unrealistic for somebody out here. Being frank, I'm just trying to embark on My journey as an amateur, to this deep sea of English literature. So definitely, there will be flaws . But one thing I'm damn sure about is that I'm a kind of person who is trying possess that kind of attitude mentioned in this short write up ..I may not be the most charismatic literary wizard in this platform.. But, Come hell or high water.. I'll try to improve My content every single time I appear here. In Sha Allah. My suggestion to those who read this content is , Whatever the situation might be, always keep this type of mentality built upon self esteem & belief. It is rightly said, 'Your Attitude defines Your Altitude '. Be a person with an unflinching attitude which takes You to the pinnacle of success. "

  • asisha 27w

    Drama Queen

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I bleed black...
    I spew lies...
    I feign emotions...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I'm always the victim...
    Always a target..
    And ready with a new story to win...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I'm always entangled in problems...
    You won't understand...
    Coz your life is not as messy as mine...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I won't hear things I need to listen...
    I speak words I know will hurt you...
    Nor can I see what's wrong in your life or you...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    When I threaten to leave the house...
    And pretend to be the victim...

    Can you see me?
    Bursting into fake tears...
    Gaining sympathy from strangers...
    Coz I know how to hurt you, torment you and break you...

    Do you see me?
    The drama queen...
    The victim...
    Ready to bend you...
    So you can never see me for who I am...
    Except for my drama...