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    (A pinch of satire here)

    ~~ Fit me in the impossible ~~

    Fit me to a triangle?
    Fit me to two sides of antipodes, and a side of yours ambivalently reacting to each iota of my moves. Fun and dandy? Eventually, you'll get bored of me being fit to a triangle along with your unstable matter and you may discard me off the line.

    Fit me to a square?
    Fit me, and force me, to turn to a "perfect figure" as I stand on an imperfect stage to entertain the semi-evolved primates of the 21st century. Why? Entertainment comprises of humiliation and deprecation!

    Fit me to a pentagon?
    With an irregularity deforming the perfection of a previous square, it's better to throw the utterly stuffed bodies away, replaced by a newer one. Sad? Well, you must not have been following the trends society pulls out of their butts!

    Fit me to a circle?
    Of course! Everyone may treat someone as pointless, right? A fluid and smooth face that even the most daring virtuosos utterly scrutinize for, because you can't define beauty without endless scrutiny! Oh dear.. it was better not to incline towards scrutiny! More words are inclined to fix a gem rather than appreciating a gem's impurity!

    Fit me to your desired frame?
    What if I refuse?
    What if I not fit to your desired frame?
    Is it time to revert back to the revolutions?
    Of course! Anything is possible, just like what Barbie says! But don't include there all the ethics and morals your parents told you towards another, because who needs parents when we need are plastic words!

    Fit me in whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, but sadly I may just refuse. Who wants plastic when what we want is change? Vice versa! Prideful hypocrites!

    Fit me in the impossible
    Where society's inclined for the improbable,
    And stupidity marked as incontrovertible!

    If only education and morals stood up to the impossible!
    -- SUMMARY --

    An urge for change against systemic discrimination and fallacy among people by their body look, habits, and gender. Uniqueness should be accepted, and each individual as well, should be respected unless malignant.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | antipode - opposite side
    2 | ambivalent - doubtful; mixed in opposing feelings
    3 | iota - the smallest amount imaginable
    4 | deprecation - an act of disapproval or belittlement
    5 | virtuoso - a highly skilled or knowledged person in a field
    6 | scrutinize - to monitor closely

    #satire #society #life #measure #view #belittle #reality #disrespect #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod #ceesreposts

    Aug. 25, 2020, 10:35 AM (GMT+8)

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    Delay because of short class and other disturbances ��

    A submission to a wonderful challenge by @mirakee_ki_naanima! As always, it turned out sentimental!
    Prompt tag: #daadisbae
    ~~ Exodus ~~

    I always like watching iridescent lights,
    or gazing at the dazzling, dancing sun,
    while birds sing mellifluous melodies,

    // and us lying at the estival twilight //

    In a domicile of poems' livings
    A genesis of virtuous beings
    Lighting the lanterns during evening
    A vivid face of the one who's craving

    All the love faces its efflorescence
    Or the Great Depression in the cold sleep's essence
    Humming at a hundred million diamonds a day
    But never rich enough to tell you 'bout all the feelings it says

    I live in an exodus of life
    Where milky stars are rife
    But a hundred million light-years away

    I regress to the oldest centuries
    Just like photos saying we
    And an exodus comes hitting me

    And the tears come by, as I gaze to the efflorescent lights
    Sublimating endlessly in a bath of coldest nights
    An exodus of iridescence, a genesis of the one bird's flight
    You as a metaphor of flight, whilst me in fright

    Seeking solstices of life, and the zeniths of cloud nine,
    Looking them down from the underground
    A conclusion seems to evade in rounds

    I'll just turn you into a metaphor
    So I'll miss you more in my exodus
    Endearing all the vivid lights agaze
    In a domicile of poems' livings

    I always like watching iridescent lights,
    or gazing at the dazzling, dancing // you //
    while birds sing mellifluous melodies,

    // and us lying at the wintry twilight //
    -- SUMMARY --

    An exodus is an outflow. A yearner of someone they love, who is currently distant or physically far away, may face an "exodus" of emotions for them.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | iridescent - displaying rainbow-like
    2 | mellifluous - mellow; melodic
    3 | estival - relating to summer
    4 | domicile - a place to dwell
    5 | genesis - birth
    6 | virtuous - having virtues; righteous
    7 | efflorescence - blossom
    8 | rife - abundant
    9 | regress - to go back to a more primitive or worse state
    10 | sublimate - to pass from solid to gas
    11 | zenith - the highest point

    #sentimental #wish #love #relationship #distant #yearn #sunset #light #stars #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod @writersnetwork

    Aug. 24, 2020, 2:36 PM (GMT+8)

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    Prompt tag: #alacrityc
    Prompter: @writersbay

    ~~ To be, or not to be ~~

    To be, or not to be
    Solaria bathing we
    Alacrity filling thee

    To be, or not to be
    Darkness reflects we
    Largo flowing free

    To be, or not to be
    A query seeking we
    Tacit for a sly fee

    To be, or never be?
    Twofolds a decree
    Regardless of glee

    To be, or never be?
    Leeward hopes see
    A ballet spryly free

    To be, or never be?
    Comply, by their heed?
    Restrict, for their spree?

    To be, and will we?
    Realize and see
    Unlit lights of we

    To be, and will we?
    In darkness freely
    We dance sprightly

    To be, and will we?
    Fetters broke out free
    The stars glint at thee

    To be, or not to be
    Must I rhyme thee
    To life governing we
    -- SUMMARY --

    This comes from the "To be, or not to be" soliloquy from Shakespeare's play "Hamlet". The usual interpretation of this is "Is it better to live, or to die?"

    The person in here is more inclined to live freely without life's scrutiny.

    #life #hope #soliloquy #dream #self #peace #freedom #ballet #dance #light #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod @writersnetwork

    Aug. 23, 2020, 9:36 AM (GMT+8)

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    The ending is a cinquain, which is a humble submission to dear @writersbay 's prompt!

    Prompt tag: #cinquainc

    (livs-nyoo-tah-reh; Swedish origin)
    - refers to someone who loves life deeply or/and lives it to the extreme.
    ~~ Livsnjutare ~~

    A metamorphosis of heart
    An inclination to live the best part
    Nowhere in the city lights just to start

    Accustomed to the narrow views of a dart
    An incantation to brighten everything apart
    It's not a perfect stairway, took me a thousand years from the start

    When the darkness used to be unfathomable
    By our senses, once again inevitable
    Euphemistic to our lonely views
    Lurking deep within our lives too

    Lifeless, when in pain
    It's the same reason my life has gained
    Velleities all over my mind
    Saturnine all over I can find
    Never a million years to waste
    Je ne sais quoi, in my face
    Under oceans of tears and sadness
    Thrilled and pressured by greatness
    A diamond worth to carve out of me
    Raising all the hopes despite your heeds
    Everlasting are we

    When the world messed
    With life, you felt hopeless
    But inclined to shine once again

    Realized.. even life is your greatest pleasure besides its greatest pain..
    -- SUMMARY --

    Everyone may feel hopeless at some point in life, but sometimes, even hopelessness may eventually urge us to live the most and best out of life once again!

    (This felt a little inadequate, but tell me what you think!)

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | inclination - a habitual attraction to some activity
    2 | accustomed - to make familiar with
    3 | incantation - a spoken word/set of words believed to have magic power
    4 | unfathomable - seen without limits
    5 | inevitable - incapable of being avoided
    6 | euphemistic - a milder substitution of an offensive group of words
    7 | velleity - a slight wish
    8 | saturnine - cheerless
    9 | je ne sais quoi - something (a quality) unable to be adequately expressed

    #livsnjutare #life #hopelessness #hope #sunrise #sunset #metamorphosis #dear #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod

    Aug. 22, 2020, 10:41 AM (GMT+8)

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    ~~ 53 m/s ~~

    Calling me is pointless
    As a circle laid down
    A monologue down the river
    A million words sparkling glitter
    But the limelight's attracted
    The tears they bought for money, got distracted

    "They never saw the side of mine"
    "I wish they'll never see a sign"
    Those phrases echo all around the heaven's door

    "I wish they might have been aligned"
    "I wish they've felt this frown of mine"
    Those selfish wishes echo while the angels mourn

    Who am I to do this all the time?
    Thirty floors where I will climb
    And next fifteen seconds
    Flattened is the rhythm line

    Fifty-three meters a second
    Feelings all go across second
    But myself I've made second
    To where the truest poems end

    Fifty-three meters a second
    Tell the dearest that I've left the holy night
    To succumb to all the demons' fervid frights
    But my heart will thaw when I see myself going away tonight

    And a hundred calls will never get me back
    But I wish you've felt the rhythms that I've lacked
    When the times when demons paralyze me all over the rigid body's callous cry
    Just implant your post-script condolences when the rhythms go flat
    And a hundred fifty thousand sorrows still weeps grand

    Fifty three meters a second
    Thirty floors a real sight beheld
    They will notice when the flowers die
    Then that's the time when they will really care tonight...
    -- SUMMARY --

    (For the second time, I wrote this as if I'm writing a song, don't know why .-.)

    53 m/s (53 meters per second) is the terminal velocity of a human. This is [personally] metaphorical for someone passing away, not taken by literal meaning.

    The piece is solely a metaphor for someone succumbing to a long-term condition, when that's the only time where the ones he/she truly cared for will truly give their care back.

    #terminalvelocity #succumb #passaway #life #love #relationship #distant #callous #care #night #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod

    Aug. 21, 2020, 10:35 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 66w

    ~~ 11:61 ~~


    Sometimes, when epiphanies hit
    Moments come crashing down the shoreline
    Dew drops on Monday morning, bitter rains on Friday evening
    Gave all the nocturnes the reddish wine
    'Cause I know I'll give the benefit of the doubt tonight
    Even when the midnight strikes, 11:60
    Hopelessness makes it all the same to believe it

    It doesn't matter, even a minute, an hour, or a day to come
    Even when the pinnacle of demons begone
    This loneliness lingers by me everyday

    Counting all the seconds when we used to be "us" now
    Days an epilogue, epiphanies hit me all frowned
    By the waves crashing down the shoreline
    Sentences go misaligned
    Rhythms give its last signs
    Erratic like the tides weathering us all away
    But you left me beforehand so I'm here weathering down
    Down the lines when we drew, we never swerved the wrong way
    Was the right way, but it hurts, can time heal all the black scars?

    11:61 comes all the way down the shoreline
    It all felt the same, tears never became the perfect limelight

    When the overcast skies bereave its light
    It's like us going away from the street lights
    In the darkness you parted from me this time
    Who will brighten up the waves facing me anytime?

    But what I will drown from..? All of the ocean's waves or from you parting from me tonight..?

    Counting all the minutes, hours, days when we're "us" now
    Years an epilogue lingering me all day long
    Stitching all the weak spots with my hopes
    But sometimes, all goes leaking out 'cause I'm never stable

    11:61 never felt so long now
    A minute passed but days come hard
    I'm still yearning for you
    But then again, you left me weathering down the shoreline
    With the waves crashing by, starry skies go shining bright

    Without you now...

    11:61 never felt so long..
    An aurora will not get you back to our former love..

    -- SUMMARY --

    (Quite lengthy, because while writing this, I was making some random melody for the entirety @_@)

    11:60 passed, now 11:61 continues with the stuck-up time format. The piece and the time itself [personally] symbolizes that time may go indefinitely and without limits but someone that we've loved and yearned for a long time eventually leaves us, it hurts.. A feeling of heartbreak that many people have experienced very difficult to move on from.

    #heartbreak #love #relationship #eventual #life #night #time #leave #path #mirakee #alxita_clock #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod

    Aug. 20, 2020, 10:35 AM (GMT+8)

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    Delay! We had an online "orientation" meeting discussing our whole online class matters. I also had to reserve spots in my computer and gadgets for homeworks.

    So my classes will start on Monday, August 24! But I may write all the days' pieces in advance. �� You may head on to the piece!
    ~~ Just Another Dynasty ~~

    Wishing you the eyes you take for granted
    Unknown to you, still assuming therefore
    To know, is to see what the diamonds shine
    Or my tears define the emotions shown
    To define is not to premise figures..

    But since you do so, I guess diamonds and tears do not interest your mind. Unspoken messages, hitting the "enter" button, choked and clogged from words stuck all inside, and to the dulcet songs disharmonic to you, sound gets rigged by the time it reaches to your "death" zone.

    And just about midnight striking, a minute passes at the midnight clock stuck because it doesn't matter anymore. I'll send you a thousand messages, but a hundred tears in ten seconds without one reply.. Maybe I'll cry.. Just another time, isn't it?

    And made all the spotlights and signs to you.. struggling to comply with your standards, because you assume.. that they are undefined, and will not please to your senses, it's just.. sad.. Struck and hitting all the piano keys, from the lowest to the highest; stuck under slides and swings in a playground without you..

    When the sunrise comes, you will see a disaster that is non-existent to you.. Since.. it's just another period of time.. Undefined will be everything and my tears and diamonds to you.. Should I move on? Swaying across a galaxy of thoughts, realizing you a thousand light-years away..

    Maybe you were honest with all those expressions you've displayed..
    But I just couldn't listen and accept to that..

    Maybe I was honest with all those expressions I've displayed..
    But you just couldn't listen and accept to that..

    // I guess it's just another dynasty of love //
    -- SUMMARY --

    A melancholic and distant relationship may really hurt to some people. This reaches out to their feelings, that maybe the other person is no longer interested in moving on, all the time while you were still looking forward in your love.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | dulcet - pleasing to the ears
    2 | disharmonic - marked by lack of, or no harmony
    3 | dynasty - a group of people related (like a family) which maintains a long-term powerful position

    #love #distant #indifference #relationship #interest #life #regret #moveon #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 19, 2020, 12:52 PM (GMT+8)

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    This poem is a villanelle, with 19 lines in 6 stanzas, where each line I've made all 8 syllables.

    Rhyming Scheme:

    A1 b A2
    a b A1
    a b A2
    a b A1
    a b A2
    a b A1 A2

    Each row is a stanza. a and b are rhymes. The letters capitalized are refrains that are to be repeated throughout the scheme.
    ~~ My Second Heart ~~

    A heart waded in the life's wine
    Peace dims beyond my footsteps' trail
    Need another heart down the line

    Don't ask queries if I am "fine"
    As wine shattered to my sole dale
    A heart waded in the life's wine

    Counting days calming me behind
    When hope wavers, stabbing me pale
    Need another heart down the line

    Anxious to wish, display more signs
    Redolent to eyes in strong gales
    A heart waded in the life's wine

    My loss pressures an anodyne
    Defeated by life, feel all wails
    Need another heart down the line

    No longer clinged to my old line
    Want a new life past my old fails
    A heart waded in the life's wine
    Need another heart down the line
    -- SUMMARY --

    We all may experience a point where life's obstacles may be too overwhelming for us, pressuring and defeating us, and wishing for a new path to follow along.

    "My second heart" symbolizes a willingness to mental or/and spiritual change in life.
    "Life's wine" symbolizes life's utter omnipotence and power (as if life is personified).

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | wade - to walk through water; to proceed with difficulty
    2 | query - question
    3 | dale - valley; vale
    4 | anodyne - something that soothes
    5 | wail - a crying out in grief

    #secondheart #villanelle #spiritual #challenges #life #hardship #hopeless #giveup #newlife #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 18, 2020, 10:06 AM (GMT+8)

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    This is a submission to a fresh, but wonderful challenge by @mirakee_ki_naanima!

    I've picked the numbers 4 and 9 (which are words "enigma" and "iridescent"), but decided to use both! Also, this turned out to be very melancholic, so pardon me with that! ��

    Challenge tag: #daadisbae
    ~~ Transient Blossom ~~

    Iridescent in its senses, flowers effloresce genuinely into its most beauteous forms of its life. An array of them seems like a never-ending opalescent landscape demulcent to the whole eyes.

    "Grandma.. these flowers are so beautiful! Can I try picking a bunch of them as collections?
    "Hmm.. son.. are you sure? You decide."

    Iridescent in its senses, and the sunset has ceased eventually down the horizon. Night encompasses the lands, with darkness to play the games of the nocturnal. Across the whole hemisphere of darkness, things may not be so sweet and cherishing..

    "Grandma.. is the night always a wonderful time of our lives?"
    "Night? Well dear.. there's no guarantee that a night is always the most peaceful.."
    "Ohh.. that's not good!"
    "Well dear, life is bound to display its enigmas, some.. we may not accept at all!"

    An enigma in its senses, the next days may not always be the most beautiful! Today, his grandmother enveloped in the sweetest, yet quietest slumber, in which she'll eventually pass her soul into the heavens beyond the skies..

    A saddened moment.. Chrysanthemums to be shown, and a whole new realization may take place, at night.. in your own thoughts and dreams.

    "I still remember grandma.. her sweet quotes and lessons.. I will always hold dear with.. Grandma.. are you listening? I hope you're safe up there.."

    /// Flashback ///

    "Grandma.. why do the best and closest people always perish away first..?"
    "Dear.. what do we most likely pick from a flower bed?"
    "Umm.. the most beautiful.. flowers..?"


    A simple, yet sudden flashback has become a simple, yet striking epiphany; to hit one's senses in an iridescent, yet the most enigmatic ways.

    Sometimes, even the most precious blossoms of the day, get plucked out in the night's redolences; no warning, no avoidance, but sometimes, acceptance may be the only key to the next doors of life.

    An iridescent, yet enigmatic memory.
    An enigmatic, yet iridescent memory.
    -- SUMMARY --

    We all have people we always admire and love, maybe our favorite stars and artists, or even our loved ones! Sometimes, an epiphany of ours may strike us at unexpected moments, to remind us that they too, have a transient life.

    It's always best to enjoy the best and most heartwarming moments and bonds with your loved ones, or genuinely support your loved artists!

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | iridescent - displaying a rainbow-like play of colors
    2 | effloresce - to burst forth; bloom
    3 | beauteous - beautiful
    4 | opalescent - (similar to "iridescent")
    5 | demulcent - soothing
    6 | enigma - something hard to understand or explain
    7 | chrysanthemum - a flower which symbolizes death in some parts of the world (seen in the bg)
    8 | epiphany - a sudden realization

    #life #epiphany #transient #memory #night #sunset #flowers #blossom #passingaway #dearest #lovedones #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 17, 2020, 10:19 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 67w

    ~~ Reasons ~~

    Oh how the world sways
    ~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~~~ ~
    ~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Disintegrating because of us, patterns shatter ~ ~~ ~
    How the world ceases its shape ~
    I should've known ~ ~ ~
    We should've known ~
    Because we....
    (We go to the best blame game in milennia)

    Endless loopholes, all we go down!
    Where reality ceases sound
    Marked by reason, reasons to say
    Because what we want is our ways
    To our deeds we have solely bound

    'Cause veronicas bloom its crown,
    And sun's light blinds us by the ground
    Us will too! Never we'll decay
    Endless loopholes!

    We all stop, just because we're downed
    By life's sceneries, we all swound!
    Fleeing to lairs to escape ways
    Just to flee, life hurts us all day
    And when winters all quiet down
    Endless loopholes!

    Other than reality's faces, what else can we do other than fall into loopholes of our abstract reasonings? To blame.. is to put your weights upon another person's head.. Life is an omnipotent sense, and we dare to flee ourselves.. Instincts? Well, bound by the primal instincts, and our ways of pressuring one another.. we may never really gain some peace all over the world!

    Just like a see-saw of society, one goes up and one goes down.. sometimes normal, others react.. reasons to say, never having no ways!

    Reasons and fallacies is the greatest duo to fool us today.. And if we stop stacking one another with the blames and abstract reasons, maybe some could've never fleed away into darkness.. Maybe the world could be a little brighter and better place?

    But, reasons and blames aside, it's unlikely we may attain an abstract plain land devoid of inequality's mountains.. As life continues to test our levels of unity and peace among others..

    But we can hope..
    -- SUMMARY --

    A rondeau poem is featured in the middle.

    False reasons and blames will never get us anywhere, as life continues to put us into test. It is unlikely we can attain global peace, but we can only hope to alleviate the pressures and inequalities around the globe.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | veronica - a flowering plant featuring spires of its flowers
    2 | swound - to faint
    3 | omnipotent - having unlimited power and authority

    #inequality #life #society #blamegame #peace #attainment #reasons #fantasy #flee #lairs #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 16, 2020, 10:55 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 67w

    ~~ Garden without flowers ~~

    A trip to my garden's flowers
    My love, you'd be surprised better
    That no flowers grow by the yard
    Truth and fantasies both bombard

    Sanctuaries all have flowers
    Subterfuge to hide the letters
    Epistolary letters kept
    So endeared.. N . . .
    . . o . . .
    . w .
    . . . . .
    . I . . (Hear me..)
    . . . . .
    . f . .
    . . . a . .
    (Please..) l . .
    . . l . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~All~~wept~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    A garden without your vivid velleities,
    Is the one you least liked.. right?
    If I were the garden with no flowers,
    Will you still love me..?

    Chemicals saving me all night
    Still worthy for your calls of light..?
    Chemicals slowly changing me
    Key M O T H E Rapy

    I wish you could hear me out now
    Was this therapy worthy now..?
    Or I changed and you're left unchanged
    Should I change back, you're still unchanged

    But what's changed..? Is it your perception of me...? Unwilling to accept.. and will you not accept..?


    Exclusively to me..



    Clearly my

    While those larcenous omens linger through me.. I wish I can go back.. But since this is not the past that goes on to the present, I'll continue on. Where I'll go, and the foot steps I've left behind, I promise.. that I won't disappoint you again.. I promise that I'll look forward again, without my insecurities clouding the brightest paths..
    -- SUMMARY --

    Sometimes, changes can be.. life-changing!

    Literally speaking, this talks about someone who've underwent chemotherapy, and has had a massive physical change since then. "Garden without flowers" (or grass) is a metaphor for hair loss after chemotherapy.

    Metaphorically, and simply speaking, this portrays someone with massive changes, who has insecurities towards their partner, if they'll still love them as they are. But, soon realizing, the person then becomes more optimistic, and has their partner and their family with them to support in life's obstacles.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | subterfuge - deception by using clever skills to evade or fool someone
    2 | epistolary - relating to letters
    3 | velleity - a slight wish or inclination
    4 | larcenous - marked by unlawful taking of personal property
    5 | omen - something believed as a sign of a future event
    6 | volatile - likely to change suddenly
    7 | utopia - often imaginary state of perfection and bliss
    8 | oneiric - dreamy
    9 | insecurity - a state of self-doubt

    #insecurity #change #life #love #relationship #doubts #path #confidence #chemotherapy #hopes #happiness #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 15, 2020, 10:58 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 67w

    A submission to a brilliant and wonderful challenge by @writersbay

    Bingo line: "N" horizontal (roof, dream, stars, aurora, constellation)
    Challenge tag: #bingoc
    ~~ Astral Memory ~~

    Yearning for you..
    Dreams rotating by our axis..
    I do not wish to describe "my" night,
    But I want to describe it with you..

    Yearning for you..
    Since I still remember you by my side..
    Beatific with you, emotions showering us..
    Just like the raindrops by my window at sunset..

    Longing for you..
    Dreaming so much that I won't hold it back anymore..
    I wish you'll set your eyes clear..
    To see the ineffable emotions of mine..
    Verklempt to utter anything..
    Yet I know you'll still listen..
    But I won't hold back
    And utter my words,
    For this moment
    On this second,
    Beyond stars,
    I truly.... I...

    But.. you..? I don't... really know.. The last rays of sunset has succumbed to the night's surreal firmaments.. But.. those stars.. those milky dots in the sky.. the scars of mine.. it's as if a movie is imprinted in the faces of the night.. of a love that is light years away.. from us.. All in one movie, yet in reality, all are distanced from the ceaseless dimensions of space.

    Sometimes, I wish.. that if tears were crystals, I'll keep them in a jar to show how much emotion of mine yearns for you.. Even if you left me... astray.. I still cherish those pictures of us.. Because these are a thousand times more special than gold..

    Sometimes, I wish.. that even if you left me here, I wish you'll still remember me as that infinitesimal speck on the lands of Earth.. Small, yet sentimental; small, yet sempiternal.. Sobriquets of you.. written in scenes of my mind.. and displayed in the night sky as all the characters and scenarios of us..

    // Sitting on my roof, dreams swirl around me, like the stars spangling forth, the transcendent constellations, and it all ends.. with a sweet, vivid aurora of a new day.. //

    I still yearn for you.. Yearning for you.. and longing for you.. as that one milky speck in the night sky, beyond constellations and beyond galaxies out there, you're still there, as that one.. milky speck..

    But, the sun has risen from the lairs of the horizon, and this time.. I will try moving on from now on, to the cheerful days before two became "us". But.. I'll still remember you eternally..

    I love you.. My night will always be our night..
    -- SUMMARY --

    The beautiful night sky shows only how much the universe really contains. The one miniscule speck is a metaphor for someone who's really far away; someone who's left for certain circumstances, but still is the one speck that we really yearn and long for.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | beatific - showing happiness
    2 | ineffable - unable to verbally express
    3 | verklempt - overcome with emotions
    4 | firmament - the sky
    5 | ceaseless - without limits
    6 | sentimental - marked by tiresome emotion
    7 | sempiternal - eternal
    8 | sobriquet - a descriptive name
    9 | spangle - to shoot forth bursts of light
    10 | transcendent - beyond physical limits

    #night #love #lost #memories #relationship #faraway #stars #constellations #aurora #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 14, 2020, 10:30 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 67w

    "Saranggola" is a Filipino word for kite.

    ~~ Saranggola ~~

    Buto't balat, lumilipad
    Ako'y sa labas, 'yong saad
    Nakahinto sa pintuan
    Gusto ko'y kapayapaan

    Bakit may babala pa dyan?
    Ulat mo'y 'di pakikinggan
    Saranggola'y nasa langit
    'Wag nang kayang magmaliit?

    Ilang beses uulitin?
    'Di kailangang saloobing
    Sutil, gusto ko'y liwanag
    At pribasya ngayo'y basag!

    Ngunit lumipas ang oras
    Kapayapaan sa wakas!
    Dahil dito, s'an ka na ba?
    Ikot mundo, s'an talaga?

    Wala! Gitna ng kawalan!
    Napahamak sa salita
    Kung sumunod ka sa utos
    Tulong 'di na nagmalimos!

    Susunod, sumunod ikaw!
    Kung 'di, langit ay 'di bughaw
    Sa payo at utos sa'yo
    Ligtas buhay! 'Wag maligno!


    Skin and bones flying in the air
    I'm outside, and I hear your heed
    You have stopped just by the doorway
    Oh, I just really want some peace!

    Why in need to warn me this time?
    Your heeds I will not listen to
    My kite is flying in the air
    You don't need to belittle me

    How many times should I repeat?
    I don't need your sole attitude
    That's stubborn, what I want is light
    And privacy that's now broken

    After that, but now time has passed
    Finally for once! Peace at last!
    Because of this, where are you now?
    Your world's rolling, where're you really?

    Nowhere! The middle of nowhere!
    Lost and doomed by the words you said
    If you have listened to their heeds
    You could have never begged for help!

    Next time, you should listen closely!
    If not, the sky would not be blue
    Advice and commands said to you
    Saving your life! No scary times!
    -- SUMMARY --

    This metaphorizes the fact that children should learn to follow upon their parents' advice or commands, since it may prove to even be life-saving for them!

    "Buto't balat, lumilipad" (Skin and bones flying in the air) is actually a short, Filipino riddle which describes a kite.

    -- NOTE --

    Yes, early post!

    This is the first time to write a Filipino poem! The first part is Tagalog, while the second part is an English equivalent to it. It may not be directly translated as I slightly altered and lengthened some parts, so that each line has 8 syllables!

    #kite #danger #advice #parents #listen #follow #safety #life #child #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 13, 2020, 9:02 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 67w

    ~~ Kaffeeklatsch ~~

    ������������ ������������

    Sweet redolence
    Coffee served

    Dear oh dear! The stone paths down the road, soused by the transparent raindrops, it has all dried by the time the final rays of vermillion sunset shone. Separated by the windows, and the fancy details add up to the seemingly melancholic, yet fresh experience.

    At the same time, I recognize myself in an abstract swing, up and down, delighted and crestfallen, North and South..

    Oh sweet redolences! Along with your strong, yet pleasing senses, tingling among the minds, how you make us cherish each passing second. I've learned that a time without clamant cries is actually beneficial. I've learned that even the most formal gatherings may turn into an informal, friendly one.. Oh, if you've come back one day, please inform me!

    Pulchritudinous senses, gossip just at a healthy amount, coffee serving the tastes craving for it; I must say, even if "something" repeated may be less satisfying, "nothing" is never satisfying.

    The distances that have separated us is quite unimaginable, but sometimes, a delay of something is always better than a total cancellation.

    When this ends, can we reconcile once again? To the sweet redolences that have connected us long ago?
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses any relationship's hardship during the pandemic which causes their physical separation. This expresses their longing to go back once again to the past times.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | kaffeeklatsch (cof-fee-clatch)
    Derived from the German words kaffee- (coffee) and -klatsch (gossip)
    It is an informal social gathering in which coffee is served.

    2 | redolence - a pleasant smell
    3 | souse - to make wet
    4 | vermillion - vivid reddish-orange
    5 | clamant - marked by loud cries especially in protest
    6 | pulchritudinous - gorgeous; vivid

    #coffee #gathering #relationship #melancholy #memory #reconcile #pandemic #bond #love #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 12, 2020, 11:43 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 67w

    ~~ Shall I compare thee to fire? ~~

    Shall I compare thee to the fire?
    When meadows go beyond desire?
    Hath gone igneous, and thy hills
    Turn to trenches and deluged wills

    Shall I compare thee to the fire?
    To gain wisdom as you grow dire
    Power, thistles gain with swiftly
    Thy face seeps the blood raucously

    Shall I compare thee to the fire?
    See the light and thou may admire
    Pitied by the old self quaintly
    Hath become the devils so free

    Shall I compare the fire to thee?
    Brumous yet true, now pay the fee!
    Thou art astray from the green hills
    Turned to trenches and deluged wills
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses the eventual self-realization among people who've been led astray from their morals, and have turned immoral in the long run because of situations.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | thou - archaic form of "you", as the sentence's subject
    2 | thee - archaic form of "you", as the sentence's object

    3 | thy - archaic form of "your", used before words starting with consonant sounds
    4 | thine - archaic form of "your", used before words starting with vowel sounds; also used as "yours"

    5 | art - archaic form of "are"
    6 | hath - archaic, third-person form of "have"
    7 | igneous - related to fire
    8 | deluge - to overflow with water; flood
    9 | raucous - being noisy harshly or high-spiritedly
    10 | quaint - different in a way to cause curiosity
    11 | brumous - foggy

    #fire #realization #archaic #flood #truth #reality #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 11, 2020, 1:02 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 68w

    ~~ Evening Epiphany ~~

    I don't really want to sleep because I'll stay strong
    Don't really want to sleep because I'll stay strong only
    Really want to sleep? Because I'll stay strong only today
    Want to sleep because I'll stay strong only today's evening
    To sleep because I'll stay strong, only today's evening strikes
    Sleep, because I'll stay strong, only today's evening strikes me
    Because I'll stay strong, only today's evening strikes me tragically
    I'll stay strong; only today's evening strikes me tragically now
    "Stay strong," only today's evening strikes me tragically, now I
    Strong.. only today's evening strikes me tragically, now I foresee

    Only today's evening strikes me tragically, now I foresee.. afterlife

    Today... and tonight... life falls shy
    Now I foresee afterlife..
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses the fact that even people with the strongest bodies and mentalities may eventually face a life-changing event upon them, unavoidable, and possibly permament.

    -- NOTE --

    Had to do something else, thus the delay!

    Also, I tried a very new, intricate writing style in which each of the first line's words will respectively be the first word for the next line; a new word is also added at the end, so that each line has exactly 10 words.

    #night #situation #lifechanging #life #experience #mentality #sleep #strength #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 10, 2020, 6:02 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 68w

    ~~ Bound by the rhymes ~~

    It felt the same.
    It was to blame.

    Beleaguered by rhymes in all frames and directions. What else can I do, other than synchronize among the millions doing so? Set agaze by the artificial views, synthetic and dim; aphotic and asphyxiating.

    If freedom was a responsibility, then long ago I was iconoclastic enough to fight for it. Long ago, I have already set past the finish line if it were a responsibility-

    Sadly, some gullible lives would like or are forced to be subservient, appealing to the minute blood drops of the golden heritage; corrupt and fallacious enough to stuff their evils inside.

    "I wish you can hear our voices."

    I wished, as I spoke, and I spoke; the words go down their drains.

    Feeding off mud.. Oh.. the smell of dead flowers down the stairway of life. Up there is the mighty throne lurking in darkness and showing off aureoles. How dear, oh dear!

    Seemed pleasant enough to be attracted like metallic objects to the corrupt magnets, and nowhere to go, other than be bound to the rhymes of them. Their rhymes, stringent and strict to the utter disgrace; wilting off tears and leaves.

    "We can only feel freedom, if those demons go behind bars."
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses about a very corrupt government and carelessness to their citizens, who yearns for a revolution. An example are the slogans on the background image.

    "Bound by the rhymes" is a metaphorical phrase for mandating people as unworthy or "worthy" in an inferior capacity.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | beleaguer - to surround with armed forces
    2 | aphotic - very dark
    3 | asphyxiate - to deprive of oxygen
    4 | iconoclastic - not conforming to generally accepted beliefs or practices
    5 | gullible - easily fooled
    6 | subservient - useful inferiorly
    7 | fallacious - marked by fallacy
    8 | aureole - halo; a radiant light around
    9 | stringent - marked by rigor and strictness

    #protest #humanrights #corruption #freedom #peace #society #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 9, 2020, 11:41 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 68w

    -- NOTE --

    "Noitulove" is "Evolution" spelt backwards. This is also the first full poem I've made for 32 days now.

    I have also heard news of a plane crash in Kerala, India, perishing at least 18 lives! Deepest condolences to the families affected by this! ��
    ~~ Noitulove ~~

    Classify our skin colors by our shade
    But never will all rodomontades fade
    All eyes maudlin as it slyly leaks pride
    Now viral online, now viral worldwide

    Seek for lavas, and algid words you seek?
    Unctuous enough, everywhere to speak
    Others candid; expect their vile rebound
    And all storms a day to hot rocks all bound

    Affairs and disharmony grows by us
    All night, and limelights we carelessly lust
    To dusty minds, spiders dangling along
    And disaster leaks like the dams gone wrong

    Now serves right when our places all explode
    The poor's poorer; corrupt stays in abodes
    Look how dollars all float in gasoline
    One spark, and set ablaze solely unseen

    Let's go back to where colors are classified
    And a death for scorn is identified
    A system encoded within our minds
    Hard to break off, but easy to speak blind

    To end, we are just circling around where?
    The lines wearing off to show; we don't care
    Evolution goes backwards every day
    And what else to excuse, what will you say?

    Accept the fate, but we are just blank fools
    No peace applied, we go by our own rules
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses the fact that we get more divided and disharmonious as more situations unfold globally. This exacerbates the already divided society, caused by our own wrongdoings.

    I can only cite a few examples of real-life events I implied in the poem:

    The third stanza's ending lines are a reference to the the Three Gorges Dam situation and floods in China; the fourth stanza is about the Beirut explosion, while the fifth stanza is about George Floyd's death.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | rodomontade - boastful speech
    2 | maudlin - showing emotions obviously or tiresomely
    3 | algid - cold
    4 | unctuous - hypocritical
    5 | candid - showing truthfulness
    6 | rebound - a reaction to setback, frustration or crisis
    7 | affair - matter; concern
    8 | limelight - a center of public attraction
    9 | scorn - open dislike toward someone/something

    #society #situation #global #pandemic #racism #flood #beirut #lebanon #georgefloyd #divided #disharmony #peace #mirakee #alxita_august_twenty #alxitadailythoughts #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 8, 2020, 5:50 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 68w

    ~~ Bodies to Bury ~~

    ¹Irenic enough, and ²ayahuasca as my only ³catholicon in life, another body of mine to bury as the rocks weather slowly in the endless tears of the sky.


    Eight, seven, six, five times all ⁷nixed
    Four days, thirty sighs, two, one jinx

    Irregularly, as I flow along the currents of the river irregularly. ⁸Disconsolate as the overcast, ⁹disparaged as the atomic.

    Two replicas of mine to bury; three times have I patterned my words, but four ¹⁰epiphanies that I'm a jagged soul. Five hopes multiplied by zero efforts equates to no result.

    Lethargic enough, and I still am burying myself in the grounds, three times, four days, five, six, seven, eight.. Counting ceaselessly because each number is just the same, just as how each day is the same.

    Nine injunctions was I told, nine injunctions never ensued. Nine times to be punished, nine bodies to bury tonight.

    Nine bodies, in a single melodic mess.
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses a person's hopelessness in moving on in life.

    "Burying oneself's body" is a made-up metaphor of changing your behaviors and outlooks in life, when it will never really benefit in the case of a person suffering from depression.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | irenic - favoring peace and moderation
    2 | ayahuasca - a South American hallucinogenic brew, which is claimed to heal past trauma
    3 | catholicon - something that cures all ills and problems
    4 | taciturn - unwilling or disinclined to speak;
    5 | injunction - command; order
    6 | ensue - to strive to attain
    7 | nix - to reject
    8 | disconsolate - cheerless; downcast
    9 | disparage - to belittle scornfully
    10 | epiphany - a sudden realization

    #depression #hopeless #life #person #mentalhealth #cheerless #body #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 7, 2020, 11:09 AM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 68w

    -- NOTE --

    This is a submission to dear @_rainfrost_ 's current challenge! Thank you for hosting such challenge ��
    ~~ August ~~

    The plumes of August are gold and orange. As it has soared to this city, its colors have overcome the sky and everything seems a little more beautiful.

    The ¹zenith of summer ²zephyrs ³effervesce with harmony, as the tides slightly crash down the shoreline. Is that us? The ship inside the glass bottle sitting down the sandy lands?

    How scenic the landscape is just around and beneath our minuscule views. Even the movie scenes cannot equate to the ⁴saccharine feelings this view takes us with; just like the August breezes that sway the palm trees along.

    Still, we are a ship, stranded inside the bottle, and the air is the same air we breathe. Beyond the glass is the genuine feelings we'll ever perceive. Vague enough, should we escape outside? Beneath the plumes and clouds of gold and orange ending down to the ruby colors?

    Let's flee. Be free, as the ⁵infinitesimal ship, to sail forth to the ceaseless seas we all perceive, beneath the fervent firmaments and around the tropical landscape.

    // August, and a sunset with you. //
    -- SUMMARY --

    This expresses the feeling of freedom and warmth with your loved one and making the best out of a lovely, scenic day.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | zenith - the highest point of
    2 | zephyr - a gentle breeze
    3 | effervesce - to show liveliness
    4 | saccharine - marked by tediously emotional feelings
    5 | infinitesimal - very small in size
    6 | fervent - very hot; of great intensity
    7 | firmament - expanse of air; sky

    #august #warmth #love #relationship #clouds #sky #sunset #beauty #sea #beach #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod #rf_licon_ch

    Aug. 6, 2020, 10:52 AM (GMT+8)

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