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  • alxita 85w

    -- Nocturne --

    The night comes, now I seclude within the home
    Granting no privileges for it narrates its epitome
    Decrying our presence as it resonates darkness
    Depriving of vision, we flee to our own brightness

    For the night will not contemplate upon our weeps
    For its dominion ceases respect as it creeps
    We sing our own rigged tale of entrapment
    As we continue through the night, with or without predicaments

    We chant as we're cocooned in our own bubble
    An opaque bubble, which we're oblivious like rubble
    Since rubble is not a normal jigsaw puzzle to solve
    We go on with our music, as our bodies devolve

    #poetry #pandemic #covid19 #covid #nocturne #night #bubble #cry #sleep #cocoon #absent #light #hope #darkness #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 104
    May 31, 2020, 10:29 AM (GMT+8)

    1. This is related to the current COVID-19 Pandemic.
    2. Tomorrow will not be a poem this time. ��
    3. Tomorrow as well will be June! A whole month of posts await! ��

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    We sing our own rigged tale of entrapment, as we continue through the night, with or without predicaments

  • alxita 85w

    -- Icing of the Cake --

    The cake full of their inane, ripped-apart souls
    While the kettle whistles, it achieves what's a goal
    Aggrandizing their power for which they defy
    Abusing for what's called greed, equality's denied

    The cake, settling down from sojourning in the oven
    Cooling down the temperatures as hope descends
    Now, for time calls the end of quieting the innocents
    Since they've settled as well, sugarcoating will extend

    Now, putting the icing so later people won't know
    Of what was a debacle in which trusts have gone low
    So, they won't judge, and continue on unnoticed
    Wondering as to what it is, behind is the malice

    The icing of the cake, palliating a long history
    Now it remains hidden, cutting its transparency
    Since the latter society will not notice ever again
    Will the cycle repeat as well? Hopes may descend

    #poetry #history #propaganda #society #cake #icing #sugarcoating #hiding #secluding #dark #fiasco #life #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 103
    May 30, 2020, 10:12 AM (GMT+8)

    Note: This poem is rather a continuation to my former poem "Kettle", posted here on April 28, 2020.

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    Icing of the Cake

    Now, putting the icing so later people won't know, of what was a debacle in which trusts have gone low, so they won't judge, and continue on unnoticed

  • alxita 85w

    -- Pastel --

    Everyday, flashing colors irradiating its passion
    Flamboyance recognized, all in a competition
    From the darkest of them all, to cyber neons so bright
    All constellate into a fiesta for the night

    Though, at some point, eyes tend to strain from stress
    Seeing all them at once will put into pain more or less
    Without having a rest, we still go on by the party
    Without losing our brains, we still do so endlessly

    At some point, I withstand from the puissant moods
    Turning back to the naturalism I hide beyond the hood
    A pastel room for which it treats with conciliation
    A room for solitary peace without interruption

    Turning back from flamboyance to a simpler display
    Of what is minimalist, having less to really say
    Keeping and reserving the harmony once in a while
    For it preserves our sanity, as we reconcile

    #poetry #colors #bright #luminosity #radiance #soft #peace #harmony #sanity #tranquility #calm #preserving #mirakee #life #alxita_may_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 102
    May 29, 2020, 7:49 AM (GMT+8)

    For utter interest, I will group my poems/works based on date, so there will always be a tag called like this: #alxita_may_twenty (my name_month_year)

    Also, posted this early for my cousin and I will binge-play again! �� Anyway, enjoy your read! ��❤

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    "Keeping and reserving the harmony once in a while, for it preserves our sanity, as we reconcile"

  • alxita 86w

    -- Fleur de Lis --

    Her mom used to tell her stories during childhood
    Now, twelve years passed, all went behind the hood
    Wallpapers of her room which they gather all the time
    Longueurs are the old memories worth just the dime

    Where is mom now? Lying below the fertile soil
    Instilled is the grave heralding the turmoil
    Of what was a terrible night that caused her casualty
    Neither calm nor natural, devoid of benignity

    The girl has forgotten for what was their vault
    Of crystalline fragments of memories told
    Frozen upon the present's arrival, nowhere to go
    Now is it a metaphysical museum beholding so

    Sometimes, we forget our own golden memories
    Having such significance upon us without knowing
    We ignore it by the days that overshadow upon them
    Ending up to sing a tale for their liberty with a requiem

    Time will not stop upon our selfish requests
    For it tells us to move on, hoping for what's best
    The memories of her mother will lie as the treasures
    Saving the last teardrops for the ending that's assured

    #poetry #sadness #family #mother #love #life #goingforward #movingon #memories #golden #stories #thoughts #room #fleurdelis #melancholy #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 101
    May 28, 2020, 10:18 AM (GMT+8)

    (Fictional story)

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    Fleur de Lis

    "Time will not stop upon our selfish requests
    For it tells us to move on, hoping for what's best"

  • alxita 86w

    Thank you so much for the 100+ likers out there!! Really happy for spending your time in this! ��

    -- Petals I've Shed --

    Now, fervent roses lying upon the centerpiece
    Enswathed inside, longing of ephemeral liberosis
    The coruscations of vermillion daylight won't reply
    Upon the humid tears evaporating as complied

    I stand, as the solivagant of this scurrilous lands
    Standing bright for the dying ones who can't
    A surreptitious genesis of liberty we longed for
    Reaching back to the millennia of our ancestors

    Of igneous freedom conversing upon our deeds
    Opposing against their wills of appalling greed
    The iconoclasts repelling againsts incarceration
    Standing unwavered upon demagogues of indoctrination

    Inexorably glinting as the prickly rose of the darkness
    With the warm light embosoming on what is happiness
    Remaining the jubilance from the subzero winters
    For what's right for all, we are the lone survivors

    The monotonous petals gather as the orchestra
    Chanting the encomiums for the tears in dystopia
    Lamprophonies irradiating through the darkest chasms
    Willing to thaw the ice of their unequal nepotisms

    Petals I've shed, deeming as the tears of the night
    Tenebrific nights come upon the windows of light
    Hope's still with luminosity, and not for the darkness
    The rose will remain invariant, longing for sacredness

    #poetry #hope #standing #bright #light #rose #liberty #happiness #freedom #equality #luminous #survive #petals #nature #life #thoughts #mirakee #darkness #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 100
    May 27, 2020, 10:12 AM (GMT+8)

    Here it is! The 100th poem I've written here in Mirakee! Hope you enjoyed it? Thank you to everyone for the amazing support ����
    (Tagged everyone as much as I can ��)

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    Petals I've Shed

    "The monotonous petals gather as the orchestra, chanting the encomiums for the tears in dystopia"

  • alxita 86w

    -- Just A Replica --

    For the day still acquiesces upon the happiness
    For his bonds still stood unwavered more or less
    Now, the jejune paisley pillows lying upon the sofas
    There, she sits, a billion thoughts in an abulia

    Misused for the intentional desire of his
    But for hers is such an abomination unappeased
    Altruistic joys were thrown like the crumpled paper
    A replacement for him, nothing is done better

    Just a replica, her body and her gleeful wishes
    Broken like the flower vase where the flower ceases
    Bedridden, as the melancholia tries to estrange
    The face hibernating as it attempts to assuage

    The forlorn ecstasies hijacked for his desires
    In such a relationship, love went haywire
    Replicas and replicas of what he used to use
    For he's the trojan, of manipulating others imbued

    #poetry #love #manipulation #hijack #trojan #relationship #desire #influence #emotion #understanding #fake #lies #life #alxita_may_twenty #mirakee

    Poem no. 99
    May 26, 2020, 10:32 AM (GMT+8)

    Ho ho ho! One more poem to go!
    If you don't know, how and why so?

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    Just A Replica

    "Replicas and replicas of what he used to use
    For he's the trojan, of manipulating others imbued"

  • alxita 86w

    Note: This is a revised poem written on Feb. 21, 2020.

    -- Windy Day --

    The virescent area, blank of civilization
    An old, wooden house stands in the dormant glade
    The accompanying wind blows its susurrations
    Along the waters with the lily pads that wade

    Warm days greet the house with a good morning
    A glimmering morning to thaw the cold of the night
    Sunlight sweeps away the darkness while we're adoring
    The sceneries encompassing the innocent lands

    There, the flowers and trees synchronizing in the breeze
    The sweetest zephyrs that still never cease
    And the house with its emptiness stands still
    Lying undisturbed as the winds continue its deep shrills

    #poetry #nature #scenery #landscape #grass #trees #sunlight #house #home #empty #water #flowers #warmth #mirakee #life #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 98
    May 25, 2020, 10:25 AM (GMT+8)

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    Windy Day

    "And the house with its emptiness stands still
    Lying undisturbed as the winds continue its deep shrills"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Flawful --

    Despite claims that you're boldly flawless
    Your faultiness remains nonetheless
    Uncannily, where did such words come from?
    I can't see evident proof, even at such atoms

    Who's to be flawful is the one to be prey
    Sad indeed, it'll become one's utter dismay
    Parts of your fragile body can't even stay
    You'll resolve by finding new parts to pay

    How do flaws stick with you all the time?
    Questions I'm oblivious to, but needs no dime
    Of clarification as the answer's obvious
    But himself's being ignored, how it's so devious

    No matter how much glamour you put on it
    What's the point if it breaks before you sit?
    To praise the so-called work you've made?
    But all those with faultiness will just fade

    The so-called work is ironically you
    Your flawfulness tells the whole story too
    It must've been fixing is not worth a tool
    Only to be solely making you a pitiable fool

    Though you're here at night, you glow too dim
    Too dim that no light's seen from your rims
    Hopeless, since with glamour, you'll get enticed
    A long way of ridding flaws, for joy will suffice

    #poetry #flaws #errors #mistakes #correction #right #truth #breaking #fragile #life #society #thoughts #personality #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 72
    May 6, 2020, 11:13 AM (GMT+8)

    1. This is a revised version of one of my former poems written on Mar. 11, 2020. ��

    2. The character in the picture is Phosphophyllite from "Houseki no Kuni" or "Land of the Lustrous". That anime was just sheer brilliance and beauty ����

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    "Who's to be flawful is the one to be prey; sad indeed, it'll become one's utter dismay"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Water Has No Diamonds --

    Water may just be your old, typical needs
    Redundancy from drinking it as we won't heed
    Just your typical, colorless liquid for everyday
    Oh, you'd rather have fruit juices for the day

    Or, even the highly renowned diamond of the meadows
    Scintillating its shine beyond the lands so low
    Your eyes show the dollar signs as you fantasize
    Its sheer price and glamour that'll make you enticed

    But, conceive a scenario of yourself in the deserts
    The lonely, scorching, sandy wastelands it asserts
    Will the diamonds be of purely astounding price?
    Will water though, remain too dim to be relied?

    Just consider the lifelessly scorching heat
    As you walk through the nothingness as it beats
    Your consciousness, disturbing your felicity
    Sophisticated decisions will resolve audibly

    But, look again at your crystalline diamonds
    Is its sheer beauty and shimmer are what you've reckoned?
    As the desperate panacea for the whole situation
    But with no evidence to back with, as for the intuitions

    A deserted land of no people whom you'd sell
    Those ravishing gems as another story to tell
    The water was ignored, you'd gratefully mourn
    For the loss of inanimate happiness, just to be scorned

    You've never realized that the water will save your life
    If not for those, you'll be suffering from nature's strife
    Your wants are merely exclusive to the useful
    Yet similarly useless, for the souls will not be rueful

    Water, also, has no diamonds to bountifully offer
    Not a single milligram of the crystal is present, never!
    But since water will be the life-saver for your melting body
    Better drink its luxurious contents eternally

    #poetry #water #diamonds #worth #price #paradox #value #life #situation #desert #decisions #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 71
    May 5, 2020, 5:16 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: This poem is deeply inspired from TED-ed's video detailing about the "paradox of value" on Youtube . Go check out their video! ��
    This also turned out to be a lengthy piece, hehehe. Appreciate the ones who genuinely read the whole thing! ^_^

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    Water Has No Diamonds

    "But since water will be the life-saver for your melting body, better drink its luxurious contents eternally"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Mostly Cloudy --

    Though the raindrops did not vanish this night
    You will sing another comeback with immense might
    Pouring a reckless downfall drenching the town
    As it does not leave a mark untouched by its frown

    I was painfully deceived by your numb fabrications
    From verbal lexicons I was slapped with verification
    From the unknown, which it doesn't hold legible
    As a candidate for truth, it remains negligible

    But it solely deemed a gloriously public audience
    That truths were slain from its humble innocence
    Marking the ideology for the day, as the worship
    Promulgated as the factuality that minds will sip

    Now I come back, with the fears from your ambience
    With unequal treatments shouting with malevolence
    Your words have become the punctures of the night
    Truths will never be the statements most right

    So, I'll bedraggle in the night's torrential storms
    Mostly cloudy was the forecast, backed by certified norms
    But it all ended, said by euphonies of your dominance
    That forswore from the oath, said along the menacing dance

    #poetry #rainshowers #thunderstorm #anger #disdain #lies #untruth #cloudy #sadness #forecast #night #life #society #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 70
    May 5, 2020, 11:59 AM (GMT+8)

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    Mostly Cloudy

    "Mostly cloudy was the forecast, backed by certified norms, but it all ended, said by euphonies of your dominance, that forswore from the oath, said along the menacing dance"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Candle Wax --

    Shining lucidly in the empty, bitter darkness
    Suffusing its rays of yellow and vermilion brightness
    Irradiating the areas of life crept by sadness
    And thawing other people's rigid callousness

    She is like the candlelight shining so bright
    The halcyon unwavered by rhapsodies of the night
    Bedaubed are the radiant hopes offering such sight
    Without such a source, it'd be such a bewailing fright

    But, she may seem so lovely and caring to others
    But unknowingly, she's forgetting another matter
    To which a thousand times she would slip over
    Still, she manages to continue with her light of luster

    Yet, she is already starting to compromise her body
    She's melting down for the light she blooms so heavily
    That it is blinding her own visions with dichotomies
    Potentially disrupting her functions inadvertently

    But, she's not willing to stop besides the extreme pain
    The candle wax dripping off her as she doubtlessly strains
    Through pressures, she's hoping, for her light they'll attain
    Whilst the dying self, she'd no longer be of such disdain

    #poetry #hope #happiness #brightness #candle #light #wax #selfharm #compromise #dim #loss #halcyon #life #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 69
    May 5, 2020, 11:54 AM (GMT+8)

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    Candle Wax

    "Through pressures, she's hoping, for her light they'll attain, whilst the dying self, she'd no longer be of such disdain"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Raindrops --

    Water vapor condensing up high
    Waiting for it all to fall down from the sky
    As precipitation occurs in our place
    Raindrops all hit the ground like a race

    Looking through the doused window
    Gentle breezes wave the trees so slow
    As they continue to trickle down the panes
    Of glass, as sunlight already subtly waned

    Each colorless drop, imperfectly perfect
    With its own impurities and defects
    But each has that mild pulchritude
    That resonates with the nature of solitude

    Like tears hitting the drenched soil
    As the sky's water that cleanses the spoiled
    Pacific and soothing is what it feels
    As the calm rainshowers make my soul heal

    Just a relished chrysalism induced by the rains
    Of such admirable lull from the coruscating strains
    Shining above a while ago but was beclouded
    By what would feel as downfall from the sun rays faded

    I gladly adore watching the raindrops fall
    Down the road, the grass, the trees so tall
    As sunlight comes back and dries them all off
    Another, endless cycle they will mindlessly cross

    #poetry #rainshowers #rain #soothing #calmness #nature #tranquility #peace #clouds #downfall #thoughts #light #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 68
    May 4, 2020, 6:39 PM (GMT+8)

    (Revised version of an old poem written on Jan. 12, 2020 ��)

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    "Just a relished chrysalism induced by the rains, of such admirable lull from the coruscating strains"

  • alxita 89w

    -- So I Died --

    I fell off the abysmal cliffs with survival in obliquity
    Weeping for help as I'm bleeding so profusely
    Upon the undeniably steep cliffs are those sounds so jagged
    That it'd reach the top as distorted voices so ragged

    But, since those distortions are unrecognizably cryptic
    People would slightly ignore as they'd remain ecstatic
    Unwilling to let out a single thought to the body
    As they remain deaf, ignorance as well accompanies

    Like the dead body lying on the unsettlingly bloody floor
    But they won't care, as callous as they'd show more
    It's just a body like the ragdoll, so what'd they expect?
    Except they're forgetting to give sympathy and respect

    So I died, what a laughable scene to admire
    Not a penny of pity can be shamelessly acquired
    So I've ended, they'd still not care for more
    Memories lie there, as the atmosphere remains sore

    #poetry #ignorance #life #society #mirakee #writersnetwork #respect #unwilling #death #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 67
    May 4, 2020, 1:18 PM (GMT+8)

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    So I Died

    "People would slightly ignore as they'd remain ecstatic, unwilling to let out a single thought to the body, as they remain deaf, ignorance as well accompanies"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Art Museum --

    There lies the museum of one's canvas arts
    In which all of events and emotions did their parts
    Objects, abstract images, everything they'd express
    So vividly, it shows off with doubtlessness

    A lane of the picturesque beauty so speechless
    That I'd be gazing at its sheer brilliance with happiness
    As I'm seeing such a grandeur to be gloried for
    Such a feat to be astounded at all factors

    A trip down the thousands of hues being painted
    As magnificent art that will not be solely tainted
    As for the generations to come, they'd see a masterpiece
    An art of equanimity with all the feelings set free

    #poetry #art #colors #museum #future #history #beauty #hues #paintings #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 66
    May 4, 2020, 10:31 AM (GMT+8)

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    Art Museum

    "As for the generations to come, they'd see a masterpiece, an art of equanimity with all the feelings set free"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Indoctrination --

    Society is unwavered, as they fool themselves
    With erroneous ideas they'd gratefully yelp
    At the sensitive ears enunciating its deemed will
    When it fact, it can put everyone at a standstill

    Lacking clear convexity as it won't reveal the truth
    Like the winds passing through the gaps of the tooth
    Like the demagogues in their lawlessly famed suits
    When the backbone of the truth doesn't even have its roots

    Effacing traces of the solely weeping facticities
    Only to be seeing vestiges of its veracity
    Lame, as the deemed "truths" run with blind certainty
    Leading them nowhere, only to be casually fooling

    Lava seemed just like the rutilant water
    Spring is often twisted with the crystal winter
    Anguished cries seemed to be one's fake roleplays
    Afterlife just seemed like some visions of grey

    Vacillating slightly as they continue their indoctrination
    Unworthy visages marked by the soulless susurrations
    Injecting chemicals into the minds of the innocent
    To their divine Gods, they will blindly condescend

    #poetry #society #indoctrination #blind #manipulate #life #false #nowhere #fooled #truth #mirakee #pod #factual #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 65
    May 3, 2020, 1:19 PM (GMT+8)

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    "Like the winds passing through the gaps of the tooth, like the demagogues in their lawlessly famed suits, when the backbone of the truth doesn't even have its roots"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Psithurism --

    Lying as the quiet, untroubled day passes
    Candid feelings painted among the canvases
    The dogmas unifying the virescent lands
    Along with the fauna that never lives so bland

    Winds rustling over the soft, grassy plains
    At my active body, as if I'm the star of the rains
    Blowing over the the trees living through generations
    While leaves detaching off like some pure dandelions

    The sunlight glints, lighting the shadowed areas
    For the many, it seems like a harmless utopia
    With no lacunas expressing the emptiness
    Attenuating the pain through the shining peacefulness

    A lovely psithurism soothing the glorious sense of sound
    Without it, we'd not hearing the beauty all around
    The day calmly passes, until the start of the night
    Singing its charismatic hymns before its routine of goodbye

    #poetry #nature #trees #rustling #leaves #day #light #winds #calmness #peace #life #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    @preetkanwal @splendiferous @anvaya @kay_tee @writersnetwork

    Poem no. 64
    May 3, 2020, 12:20 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: Psithurism is a word, meaning "the sound of rustling leaves of the trees"

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    "The day calmly passes, until the start of the night, singing its charismatic hymns before its routine of goodbye"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Magnolia --

    Chirping birds accompany the cherished flowers
    Giving such an aura, to the soul it empowers
    Singing its echt euphonies bringing the living light
    To the low-lying lands irradiated by the sunlight

    A spectacular display of the embellished colors
    Gladly synchronizing with the zephyrs of candor
    Beneath the clouds or the marquees, they still survive
    As they bloom fragrantly, scenting it as they thrive

    An enclave of the Nature's unsung beauty
    Magnolia flowers efflorescing so purely
    Marking the constant life in the sacred sanctuary
    The pulchritudinous landscape singing mellifluously

    #poetry #life #magnolia #flowers #nature #beauty #colors #vivid #landscape #environment #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    @splendiferous @anvaya @kay_tee @soulfulstirrings @sruchi12

    Poem no. 63
    May 2, 2020, 11:49 AM (GMT+8)

    Note: This is now my 100th post in Mirakee ^-^. Thank you so much to all the ones who've spent at least some time reading, liking, commenting, reposting, and supporting my works. I really, really appreciate it and I could've never grown this much without you all ^_^! I've tagged some of the most supportive people to my works on top who've helped me start this journey and improve, and the ones who've constantly liked and enjoyed my works (I will tag the rest in the comments)! But still, to the others who've not been mentioned above and in the comments, still many, many thanks to you all as well!! Have a great day!! ��������

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    "Magnolia flowers efflorescing so purely, marking the constant life in the sacred sanctuary; the pulchritudinous landscape singing mellifluously"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Bittersweet Candy --

    The girl walked insensitively in her attire
    As the gloominess around her slowly grows dire
    Pertaining to the sinister glares of her eyes
    As if the flowers she'd stare at will wither and die

    But, she is not the blood-red devil in reality
    What's behind her mask is the pitiful history
    Of suffering that greatly abolished her sanity
    Leaving behind the bitter aftertaste for eternity

    She was once the sweet candy we'd admire
    But the reckless spirits turned her joy into pyres
    To be igneously burned as her face grows apathetic
    Numbed by the extreme pain by the spirits so satanic

    The bittersweet candy marking insensitivity
    A saddened reality said by frozen tears of agony
    Wordless as she'd continue down the bottomless road
    Tainted as it turns into her case-hardened abode

    #poetry #hell #callous #soulless #candy #bittersweet #tainted #sadness #agony #anger #wordless #history #life #reality #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 62
    May 1, 2020, 1:53 PM (GMT+8)

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    Bittersweet Candy

    "What's behind her mask is the pitiful history, of suffering that greatly abolished her sanity, leaving behind the bitter aftertaste for eternity"

  • alxita 89w

    -- When The Rivers Would Flow --

    Dear long-lost partner
    Where are you now after
    All the years that've passed
    Our hearts and memories, both glass

    Crass attitudes, insecure attitudes
    Secure when together, broken when never
    Fly like feathers, dry in the deserts
    Use when better, throw away bitter

    Remember those rather faint words?
    Not when it's hiding in the visions blurred
    Oh darkness, why do you betray
    The little innocents, you say?
    The incapable, yet capable
    The disabled, yet one of the able

    Remember those golden times
    When we would always enjoy life
    Wake up, eat, go, sleep, when time
    Is always the best, we would strive
    To always find something to cherish
    And rid of our impurities and blemish

    Oh, those sweet, happy memories
    Take years to make, since
    We aren't always feeling this way
    But we'd hope that our actions will pay

    But what happened to you?
    What happened to that unbreakable smile?
    What happened to our irreversible bond?
    What happened to the lovers we used to be?

    Why did it happen?
    Did I do something wrong?
    Did I break your rule?
    Did something unfortunate happen?
    Tell me, what exactly it is
    Tell me, tell me, tell me

    But, that person already left
    It stopped functioning
    Already a long time ago
    Monochrome took over
    Black and white reality
    Cries, tears flow in agony

    When those times would flow
    Like the waters rushing down the rivers low
    All I can say is,
    Unfortunate disaster ruined it

    #poetry #love #heartbreak #relationship #abandonment #cries #soul #rivers #flowing #happiness #sadness #agony #life #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 61
    May 1, 2020, 12:20 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: The second stanza of the poem was used to form my poem "Insecurity" which was posted on March 26, 2020. This poem was written on Dec. 20, 2019.

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    When The Rivers Would Flow

    "When those times would flow, like water rushing down the rivers low, all I can say is, unfortunate disaster ruined it"

  • alxita 89w

    -- Blind to See --

    Tonight, I stand here, cold is my inner
    But the delicate society does not shiver
    As they felt nothing but their numbness
    As ignorant as they'd seem, having blindness

    Tonight, if I cry and release all my tears out
    They'd painfully not know what it is about
    They'll run around the bush as dumb as they are
    But the bush called "me" can even show from afar

    Why is it that ignorance flies so high?
    Such an enigma indeed, I can't deny
    That it makes people so unworthily good
    At not knowing things covered by the hood

    Yet the hood is clear, but they're that blind
    They're already here, but they wouldn't mind
    Ignoring a person being snapped by life
    So much that they can't escape, alive

    #poetry #life #ignorance #unworthy #enigma #shadows #weeps #torment #blindfold #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 60
    May 1, 2020, 11:53 AM (GMT+8)

    (Old poem written on Mar. 1, 2020)

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    Blind to See

    "Tonight, if I cry and release all my tears out, they'd painfully not know what it is about"