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    A girl named Jasmine,
    lived in a small town
    She was a happy girl
    & spoke whatever she wanted.
    She did not have many dreams, she just wanted to write till her last breath, she liked to know about different civilizations, traditions.
    She was fond of reading different books in the library, especially reading about historical things.

    H̳E̳R̳ R̳O̳O̳M̳ (A̳T̳ N̳I̳G̳H̳T̳)

    It was raining lightly. She was standing in her room thinking about something. She goes away but even after a long time passes, she does not sleep & keeps on changing sides.
    & then all of a sudden she hears a sound in her room & then she looks out of bed in fear & looks everywhere & she sees a shadow behind the curtain of the window & suddenly trembles with fear.
    In a low voice she says who.... who's there?
    & then as soon as looks up at the face she sees red bloody eyes & suddenly there is silence, she just keeps looking at the same shadow's eyes in silence & says in a low voice....what .....happened to you?....this blood....blood in your eyes....or....deep pain .....
    & then she faints

    A̳F̳T̳E̳R̳ T̳W̳O̳ D̳A̳Y̳S̳

    She regains consciousness & slowly opens her eyes & finds herself in an unknown castle & then feels panic. Cold air used to enter the room, after sometime she slowly gets up from the bed, only then she hears the sound of the door opening of the room & again she sees the same eyes which she saw last time.
    This time those eyes were clear, she did not see any blood or pain in them & she asks who are you? and....how I am here? & suddenly becomes silent.

    He goes to her. & says to her don't worry, you are safe here & how did you reach here?, you will get the answer of this question after some time, but for now you know this much, my name is "Ozain Nightfogg" & I'm the owner of this castle.
    Just then the door opens & a servant comes in room with breakfast.

    Ozain - Miss Jasmine now you have breakfast, I'll see you in the evening, if you need anything, you will ask Aslan (his servant).

    Jasmine - But tell me how I am......

    Ozain - Shhh....If some questions are answered ahead of time, they create more questions & confuse you

    I̳N̳ E̳V̳E̳N̳I̳N̳G̳

    Ozain returns to the castle & goes to Jasmine's room but Jasmin is not there.

    Then he goes to the garden where Jasmine was looking at the flowers by touching them with her soft hands.

    Ozain - Good evening Miss Jasmine

    Jasmine - A girl is alone in a castle with a stranger, how can this evening be beautiful for her, surrounded by so many questions.
    I want answers to my questions or else I am leaving right now.

    Ozain - Cool down miss Jasmine......
    You cannot go anywhere at this time, this place is unknown to you.
    You don't know anything about this place

    Jasmine - & the person I'm talking to is also a stranger to me.

    Ozain - (Smiling) I will tell about myself, but first you should know the answer to the question that is most important to you…..how did you come here?

    You again made the same painting of a prince & you went to back in 1530 while you were making that painting……when you were also a princess.

    This is your second birth and i am still living my first life

    Jasmine - (surprised) but.....

    Ozain - I know what your second question is....that's how I know it?
    (Taking a long breath) The characters with whom the end of the story is written, even after being deeply wounded, never detach from that story.

    Jasmine - Tell me clearly what you are trying to say?

    Ozain - Doesn't it happen that whenever you try to write a love story in your diary, you try to give that love story a happy ending, a meeting, then why that story remains incomplete, Why do you get lost in your previous life?

    Why did your pen never complete a love story?

    Jasmine - Because no pen in this world has written love in my destiny.

    Ozain - Yes....because the incompleteness of some stories becomes the unbreakable bond of new love stories....which is not in everyone's fate.

    Now I am the waning love of unstoppable times, whose incompleteness is free from the shackles of remorse

    Jasmine - who was your girlfriend? And...and who am I...yours....
    why do I remember all that

    Who am I?
    Am I really the one you are calling yours...maybe yes

    Ozain - Long time ago when my mother got sick, at that time more than one doctor's medicines were getting ineffective....and mother's pain was increasing day by day.
    Then one night a very old man came and said that my mother's life could be saved if the blood of an animal that had been recently hunted by a wolf was brought.

    And in the middle of the night, the army saw the corpse of an otter (which the hunters had not eaten) in the forest surrounded by thick fog, they brought it to the palace and handed it over to the old man

    And he put four drops of that beaver's blood in my mother's womb... and within a few moments she woke up screaming and suddenly fainted again.

    Seeing which everyone was terrified, but the old man said that tomorrow morning with the first ray of the sun, she would also come to her senses, but he warned everyone that do not show her sunlight for a week, otherwise the child in the womb may suffer serious harm

    The result of which….as soon as he said this, the old man calmed down and left the castle.

    With the first ray of sun in the morning, the mother regained consciousness as the elder had said. Everyone was busy around her to take care of her, then the father said that the queen has to stay in this room for a week, all the windows and doors should be covered with curtains.

    But no one in the palace knew that the memory of the mother was lost because she had not spoken a word since she regained consciousness... and everyone kept thinking that maybe she is still nervous.
    And one afternoon when my mother was sleeping alone, she woke up from a dream and went towards the window and opened the curtain… and as soon as the sunlight fell on her womb she screamed and fell unconscious.

    Then the doctor was called, he said everything is fine, dizziness / or fainting is common for pregnant women

    (After a few moments of silence) More days passed and the day of my birth arrived.
    After my birth, when I was in mother's lap, suddenly blood started flowing from mother's eyes and drop of her blood fell on my lips.... and seeing me, mother's eyes were closed forever

    Jasmine - You became the reason for your mother's death...maybe...that's why you are Dracula....
    The one who drinks human blood from whom everyone hates

    Ozain - Jasmine....I may be the reason for hatred but...but I am not my mother's murderer....Because

    Jasmine - (with holding Ozain hands) Because the animal whose blood was applied to your mother's womb was hunted by a 'barbarian goth' who used to drink the blood of humans after entering the dead bodies of wolves and killing them....your mother was pregnant that's why the smell of her blood got that barbarian goth but that day was moonlit night due to which that barbarian goth couldn't get the soul to enter the body of a wolf

    Ozain - And that's why my goodness is alive because even after my mother's death, Dracula's evils did not completely dominate me....
    No matter how scary I become.... my mother's love doesn't let my heart get away from humanity....
    She is silent but her loving soul is with me every moment

    Ozain - Now that devil has returned not only to drink the blood of innocents but also to shed the ocean of blood

    Now I have to hand him over to death… or else he will create a tragedy of blood

    Jasmine - no....not at all....you can't kill him....because his death by your hands will make you more dreaded...who will again be bloody thirsty

    Ozain - No he can't bear the heat of my blood...he will surely die

    Jasmine - But I have the reflection of the sun in me... with just a drop of my blood, will die him

    Ozain - You know its cost....your life
    you know i won't let this happen

    Jasmine - Try to understand Ozain....it will be my luck that I sacrificed for the lives of many.

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    Bloody terror everywhere....and blood-soaked corpses....
    Innocent running for life....
    Innocent children screaming seeing blood in front of their eyes.
    Pregnant women begging for the lives of their unborn children.

    And suddenly there is a thick darkness and the terrifying cries of wolves start coming, as if death is about to dance on its own wounds.
    And this is exactly what happened….The scary wolves started drinking the blood of innocents mercilessly….The voices of the innocent screaming were heart-wrenching.

    And then the dreaded devil with a bloodied face moves swiftly towards Ozain between the two: a fierce battle ensues....and the devil spits out infected blood from his mouth and....

    Jasmine - (shouting to Ozain) She sprays infected blood on her body

    And suddenly, in Jasmine's body, a holy reflection of the sun appears, the purity of which Satan cannot bear.

    And the skin of his body starts fraying like the old ruins, the paint of the walls of the palace starts coming off… and he starts dying by screaming loudly.

    Ozain -(screaming) Jasmine....my Jasmine what have you done
    You embraced death for a bloody Dracula...(screaming) I am a sinner...a great sinner...who could neither be worthy of your love nor could draw your life from death

    Jasmine - No you are not a sinner... but you are that golden reflective imprint of love surrounded by bloody conspiracies that has settled forever in the hearts that all called you "the shadow of the devil". Whose every beat is now indebted to you

    Now like a disciplined father, you have to be devoted to each and every duty of your son like peoples

    Now this is your Jasmine last wish

    Taking her last breath in the arms of her lover, kisses her lover for the last time and falls asleep in the heaven of his eyes forever.

    The sun is still his weakness...but the moon...the moon always shows him a glimpse of his Jasmine
    And for her, he expresses his heart's feelings in few words....

    "I'll write the ocean & your thirst increase
    I'll write fire & all your pain burn
    I'll write the night & you sleep in the arms of peace
    I'll write rain & your lips get wet
    I'll write the page & your words remain in it
    I'll write the ointment & your pain flow in me
    I'll write autumn & your wither falls
    I'll write the time & your happiness stay forever
    I'll write Jasmine & your touch make my soul smell
    I'll write cerin & your heart melts
    I'll write the mirror & see your reflection
    I'll write a dream & you ​achieve me

    His longing is not for love but is always inclined to the sacred patriotism of the sacrifice indulging in the spiritual dedication of his beloved.

    He still loves her devotion to death.
    the immortality of their love is infinite".

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