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  • velvetonyx 149w

    All Woman

    I am a real woman
    The majority of society's lies
    From my thick ankles to my sexy eyes
    I am a real woman.

    Feel my curves
    Plump and luscious
    See my backside
    Round and curvaceous

    My warm folds are jasmine scented
    These love handles represented

    From my full thighs and spacious hips
    To these pouty, swollen lips.

    I'm all woman; a plus sized beauty
    Ample, Voluminous, Commodious, Roomy

    I am phenomenal
    And blessed is he
    Who'll be able to sample
    My luxury.

    ©2014 VelvetOnyx

  • chauhan_sheetal16 186w

    "SHE IS YOU"

    She is an invigorator,magic creator
    She's born with immense soul
    Her heart knows nothing of verge
    Serving rest was her only goal
    Her heart believes, in the "soul" happiness dwells
    Inside the eyes of every woman,
    "Strength", i know far too well.....

    Wedding bells than rang too soon
    Children ripped from her womb
    Early morning alarms sounds like classroom bells
    And all the lies she is forced to tell
    Inside the eyes of every woman
    "Strength" i know far too well...

    She makes ugly look alluring, impossible looks hopeful & obtainable in her shadow
    Demanding smile she sometimes fake, with no take
    Embrace her tears but eyeballs swells
    Inside the eyes of every woman
    "Strength" i know far too well.....