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  • mohanwrites 91w

    Of Cuckoos and Dreams

    Two dark cuckoos
    Married and all
    Living in a forest
    High above on the branches.

    As time passed
    They were blessed with an egg
    Papa cuckoo was very thrilled
    Mama cuckoo had already started knitting.

    "I want my chick to be stout and handsome
    With brightly coloured feathers all over his body
    When he shows off his colours and dance,
    Every eye must envy and adore him- I want a Peacock as my son"
    Prayed mama cuckoo all day long.

    "My son must grow up into a strong bird
    A bird thats soars high up above the clouds
    He must have strong talons and powerful eyes
    I want an Eagle as my son"
    Dreamt papa cuckoo and grinned widely.

    At last when the time had come
    The shell had cracked up and split
    Out came a black little cuckoo
    Cooing and flapping helplessly.

    As he grew up into a young cuckoo
    A rather dark but beautiful one,
    He was neither coloured brightly like a peacock
    Nor had strong talons like an eagle.

    Papa cuckoo said he could never be famous until he soared high up
    Mama cuckoo asked him to dance when it rained
    They were too busy trying to make him an eagle or a peacock
    They couldn't realise all he wanted was to sing.

    The cuckoo started to wag his back whenever it rained
    And glided over the canopy all day long
    He forgot he loved to sing, and that he had to
    And so did his own chicks.

    The cuckoos that were born after, they never sang or cooed
    They were too busy training to glide and dance and what not
    The forest lost its natural sweet voice
    And no one could make out the forest from barren lands.

    It's never about what someone wants you to be
    But about what lies great inside of you, and what you wanna become
    See, a peacock can't coo
    Or an eagle can definitely not sing
    Be what you are, and show them
    What you can and will be.