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  • dk1111_ 12w

    Don't share if someone leaves you keep that secret otherwise..
    The person who is with you will do the same...

    That's what the people are..

  • srikys 71w

    There is no rule that skinny to marry a skinny not fat with fat it's all about how u look at them .He found cuteness in her so he has myriad love towards her .It's just soul needed for love not the body .....
    Never underestimate anyone due to there body
    Stop body shaming if u do it's just ur soul ashamed off..!

    "MIGHT BE A MEN OR WOMEN ALL ARE SAME BRO'S" _______________________________________________________
    Hope you agree this if so do comment agreed
    #bodyshaming #stop #underestimate #love #soullover #chubby #cute #cutness #stopbodyshaming #fat #lovelimtless #allaresame #bro @poornimagowda @rani_shri @rozella @hugar_naveen @reghuwel_mj

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    She is fat ,he calls it chubbyness
    This made her to fall for him .....


  • unknown191 74w

    Nothing is constant...
    I repeat ....


  • adorable_heartbeat 81w

    #allaresame#f**ktheonewhocreateexpectations #love

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    Second one

    It really hurt when u couragely decide to give a second chance to anyone n things r then happen as we r in repeat mode......
    All ignorance, less priority, misunderstanding....

  • kaatrin_mozhi 85w

    திறமை இருந்தால் ஒருநாளில்
    திசையெல்லாம் உணதாகும்
    உரிமை என்றும் உணக்குண்டு
    உரக்கி கேட்டு பெற்றுகொள்
    யாசித்தல் என்னும் நிலை வாறின்
    யுத்தம் ஒன்றை உருவாக்கு
    தாய்மை இருக்கும் காரணத்தால்
    ஆளுமை என்றும் உணகில்லை
    சரிசமம் என்று கூறிக்கொண்டு
    பரிதாபம் மட்டும் உன்னிடம் ஏன்?
    மனிதம் மட்டும் போதும் பெண்ணே
    ஆண் பெண் இரண்டும் பாலினமே..


  • goodvibes 123w


    Divided by skin colour, united by blood colour

  • geetika_bajaj 155w

    All are same

    Morning, Evening and Night
    All are same.
    Everytime I want to move forward
    I keep shattering into pieces
    They say
    I wont listen to them
    I wont understand
    They always shout on me
    My only question to them
    "Do you understand me?
    Do you feel my pain?
    Do you know everytime you shout on me, something breaks inside me?"
    No, they wont...!!!!

  • akansha_borua 181w


    If there's no barrier in the blood banks!!
    Then why do we've in our mentality?
    Who created barrier in our society?

  • kundanraj 213w


    इंसान हो इंसान के काम आना ।

    लहू उनका भी लाल है लहू आपका भी लाल है
    फिर क्यो आपस मे मजहब का रंग दिखाना
    इंसान हो इंसान के काम आना ।

    चाँद उनका भी वही है चाँद आपका भी वही है
    फिर क्यों आपस मे शरहद का एहसास दिलाना
    इंसान हो इंसान के काम आना ।

    कुछ के पास कार है कुछ के पास खेती के औझार है
    फिर क्यों आपस मे अमीरी गरीबी का राग सुनाना
    इंसान हो इंसान के काम आना ।

    कई के हाथों मै किताबे है कई के हाथों मे मजदूरी के छाले है फिर क्यों आपस मे ग्यानी होने का पाठ पढ़ाना
    इंसान हो इंसान के काम आना ।

  • cliche_thought 230w

    I am sorry I am dark

    Lost I am in the dark bellied clouds
    Waiting for someone to pull me down
    Stretching my hand as far as I could
    Captured there, with a frown.
    I screamed and screamed
    For someone to come
    To take me away
    And accept my scum.
    My dark skin is my fault
    OK? I am sorry I am dark
    Let me live the way I am
    Why to judge my scar.
    I know I am beautiful
    What's wrong if not white
    I am also the child of the same God
    Whom you worship with pride.
    I will destroy those clouds
    Alone I will stand on my claws
    To this judgemental world
    I will flaunt my flaws.