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    Be grateful to Allah

    Remember your lord Allah and be grateful to him

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    Be patient

    Be patient with your lord Allah
    Learning your religion and finding the depth meaning in it requires a patience. Knowledge requires patience. You don't find meaningful things in life just by studying it in one day. Therefore knowledge requires patience.
    Be patient and do not give up!!!

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    To Be In Someone's Gallery Is Cool,
    But To Be In Someone's Prayer Is Priceless.


  • sakinahozaifa 2w

    Allah almighty

    you created darkness, to illuminate light
    you created happiness, for worst conditions to fight
    you created miracles to cut down deep sorrows
    you created present to plan for tomorrows

    you've bonded people, with love and care
    you've created emotions, for a bond to share
    you've kept some rules, for our balanced lives
    you've invented solutions, to ease our strives

    you are the creator of this beautiful place
    you are the inventor of this universal space
    you are the planner of our little fate
    you are the tutor, you've selected our traits

    we're very small to know your plans
    we're very weak to work on our own
    we don't have the capability to fight against our fate
    so now we've left, everything in your hand

  • amatullah_bm 2w

    Islam has 5 pillars which are Shahada, Salah, Zakah, Sawm and Hajj.
    We all may have faults in one or two or even all pillars of Islam.
    Give more attention to one of them without neglecting the others.

    Put your energy and time to learn and perfect it. Whether it's your obligatory Salah or your obligatory fast or your giving out share of money and wealth or your Aqeedah and belief in Allah and His prophet or performing Umrah or going to perform hajj (still needs preparation physically, mentally and financially too.)

    The point is when you try to grab everything all at once at the end you end up giving it up. Small baby steps always always works. Keep performing the 5 pillars of Islam as usual but build more time and energy on perfecting one of them for this 30 days period.

    Allah says: Surah Al-Maun, Verse 4:
    فَوَيْلٌ لِّلْمُصَلِّينَ

    So woe to the praying ones,

    Surah Al-Maun, Verse 5:
    الَّذِينَ هُمْ عَن صَلَاتِهِمْ سَاهُونَ

    Who are unmindful of their prayers,

    Allah talks about the quality and value of your Salah. He reprimands those who do not take heed and be mindful of their Salah.

    You won't be mindful of an ibaadah act if you truly don't try to perfect the quality of it.

    Thus taking the baby steps of perfecting that one pillar by gaining knowledge on it, without neglecting the other pillars.

    The result is that you'll get trained into it and become perfect at it, bidnillah.

    Learn something new about it and unlearn the wrong information you knew about it. There are so many wrong concepts we know and do and there are so many right concepts waiting to be learnt yet we don't know.

    Thoughts of the day.

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    This Ramadan try to improve your ibaadah acts by perfecting that one pillar of Islam without neglecting the others.

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    Ya ALLAH❤
    Jaane anjaane mai joh Galtiya hui ho usey
    maf karna,
    Aur har pareshani se dur rakhna...

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    What Is Love ?

    When You Wake Up From The Deep Sleep Just To Talk To Him When He Desend To The Lowest Heaven Just To Listen To You


  • sakinahozaifa 4w

    Khuda par yaqeen rakh ai bande
    Us-se behtar sahaara dena wala aur koi nahi
    Aik baar aankh band karke yaad to kar
    Us-se behtar tera madadgaar aur koi nahi

    Tu kyu bhaagta hai un logo ke peechay
    jinko aik na aik din to chale hi jaana hai
    aaj unho ne wafa kar bhi li
    To maut ke waqt to saath chhor hi jaana hai

    tu yaad uss rab ko phir kyu nahi karta
    jisne aakhirat tak uske saath ka wada Kiya hai
    tu aik baar dil se dua to kar
    uske siwa meherbaan aur koi nahi

    tu rota hai unn logo ke saamnay
    jo tere liyay kuch nahi kar sakte
    tujhe rona hi hai to uss rab ke aagay ro
    jinse zyada kareem aur koi nahi


  • mehreen_aslam 4w

    I strive to keep it all inside, then I pour my heart out to him and then it heals!


  • amatullah_bm 5w

    A shoe resembles a life of someone.
    Do not make assumptions and conclusions of a scenario that happened and you ultimately give out a judgement.

    There's always always a valid reason behind something. We just don't know it!

    You have two options:
    1. Ask because you care and want to help
    2. Ask because you are curious

    The choice you choose will determine whether the shoe should be explained to you WHY it doesn't fit.

    This is reflected in Surah Kahf in the Quraan.
    The story behind Al-Khidr and Musa Alayhi Salaam.
    Musa despite being a Messenger, he couldn't understand the reason behind Al-Khidr's actions.

    You can clearly see how impatient he was. Whenever an act was done , he would comment to it and ask. Whereas he was asked to be patient.

    At the end, we learnt how every act that was done that seemed illogical had a very brilliant and convincing reason.

    The message is:

    We are very fast at giving assumptions and judgements over situations. We plan the script and add whatever drama we wish to add. However, the question is: "DO WE KNOW WHY IT HAPPENED?"

    Majority would say yes they know. In fact they know a portion of the truth whereas the truth is the bundle.

    Before you add ABCDEFGHI....Z on someone's life, think back and reflect on finding the REASON.

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    Do not make assumptions and conclusions of a shoe you never wore.
    There's always a reason why the shoe doesn't fit.
    Find it before you judge it.

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    Assalamu alaikum shab e mehraj
    Bahut bahut mubarak ho aap sabko
    Allah ta'ala se dil ki gehraiyo se dua hai
    Ke aapko ahl-e-khana ko
    Imani .roohani.jismani
    Seht-o-tandrusti enayat farmaye
    Aur tamam dilli Tamannaye puri kare
    Hume aisa banda banne ki taufeeq de
    Jis par allah aur uska mehboob dono raazi ho
    Humein iss baat ki shukrana karne ki taufeeq de
    Ke hamare rab ne humein
    Aapne mehboob ke ummat mein Paida kiya

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    Do you heard about AYESHA from Ahmedabad?

    You must be, if not she committed suicide on 25th last month releasing a video as her husband tortured her brutally.

    is MENTAL TORTURE a big think?

    Okay we'll get into this later.

    Have to seen dove's new Ad

    Is there a Correlation between the two?

    Okay lets take one more example:
    Few days back one family came to my house for my rista.
    My father told me to apply BB Cream to look white and he said

    "Apan ko kisi bhi halat me apne aap ko pasand karvana hi hai iss bar. Aur unhone aap se pucha ki ap shadi ke bad padhyengi ya job krengi to apko "haan" nahi bolna hai, apko bolna hai jese apke ghar me hoga me vesa karungi"

    That uncle asked my father-
    Shadi me aap kitna karcha karengy?
    Or apni beti ko kya kya dengy?

    Ahh! Can you now see the correlation!

    Every girl has been told:

    "Bardast karna seekho"
    "Ladki ghar se dulhan banke jaati hai par vapis अर्थी mehi aati hai"
    Etc etc.....

    1) First correct this "BARDAST" meaning and set a limit.
    2) Dont push your daughter's into a Marriage where her worth is not weighted
    3) Accept "TALAAK" as an option. Do not think what others will say.
    4) take "Pre-Matrial counseling" to fill those missing gaps.
    5) Compromise and adjustments are part of every relationship but that's not a thing of only one partner.
    6) As a parent , Make your daughters Believe that you'll be there no matter what.

    As a girl what can you do?

    1) Observe thoroughly
    2)Talk straightforward
    3)check whether there's possibility of Compromise! If yes, is it from both the sides?
    4) Do not marry someone when you're heart is saying No.
    5) where DEMANDS are first, you first and last option should be always NO
    6)You can never be without an option remember that and allah is with you.

    **jiski jaha kismat hai,
    rista wahi hota hai.
    Talaaq ke bad bhi,
    Dubara nikaah hota hai**


  • muslimin 6w

    Hey, you ! stop scrolling for a second, I've to tell you something , you know, dark times can happen, bad days can happen,it can happen to be misunderstood, to be judged badly , to be treated like an animal, to be bullied and to no longer trust anything ,But I want to tell this you are not alone , Allah swt is always with you. Life always put you in front of obstacles, but don't throw yourself away, you're amazing and you and Allah only know how much effort you're doing to walk your path of life, don't chose suicide, it never can bring peace, after watching that news of ayesha ,the suicide one, I can't sleep, tears rolling down, I wish if I can hug her and can tell her she's not alone, even your battle is too little compared to others if I can assure her, if I can tell her how sweet she's, if I can tell her about the love of Allah , how much Allah loves her, I wish I can save her, but now we all can do is emphasize her, because she died, if she didn't think of that we people will treat her differently, we don't value of a living person and this is a harsh truth, dead people get more flowers than the living one, we only talk good about death, not when they're alive, roses for dead and thorns for the others, if she would live this life we would mock her, harassed her, bully her, taunt her, calling her charalcterless, just because she's divorced, this is truth of this so called high class, highly educated society. We literally pushed her to do that, people will definitely lead her to commit suicide, I am not defending her, But just trying to show the mirror, what would we do, we'd never appreciate her or sympathize her if she's not dead, instead we'd make her life like a hell, so she don't have one reason to suffer this hell anymore, she'll think the real hell is better than this maybe, we never used good words to people we don't know what kind of battle some people fighting in everyday maybe one kind word is the reason for someone life, and one abusive word is a reason of death, we don't realize that, one word can destroy someone's life in a second, we're so selfish always thinking about Me Me and Me, why don't we think about We, just turned it around it'll become Me to We. but all I can say suicide is not the solution, suicide in not the end of the pain, it just passes it on. In today's world mental health is the most neglected one, people laugh over it, it's stigma of this society, if someone dealing with mental issues it means he/she is mad or some, we're so cruel and we don't understand others pain until we have them. Some people compared depression with lack of faith in Allah, so uneducated people, being sad is different from being depressed, It is a disease , and you can be depressed instead being a true believer , after having full faith in God. It's just unfortunate how people think, and the worst disease of the society is dowry, shame just shame on them who think woman as a ATM machine, some demands dowry, some intelligent people do it another way, think her as bonus salary ,But the intentions and the mentality are the same, but in a polished way. ☺.Suited booted highly educated beggars.
    May Allah grant patience to her family and friends and forgive her Ya Allah ��

    Never ever think of suicide it's from shaytan, the worst enemy of ours
    " And do not kill yourselves (or one another) ,and Allah is to you ever merciful "
    Al Quran 4:19

    So a motivation for me and you ,whoever reading this and struggling silently don't be afraid ,the sun will shine again in your life, flowers will bloom again , and the smile will return to your lips, I hope you can find the serenity you seek, and the happiness you deserve , I hope you can find a good job, I hope you can find the love of your life, I hope you can always wake up with smile on your face, I hope that oneday you'll be able to fulfill your dreams that you has as a child, and that Allah give you the strength to fight your battles and shaytanic thoughts , I hug you my friend, and I wish you much luck for everything.

    God didn't promise day's without pain
    Laughter without sorrow or sun without rain
    But Allah did promise strength for the day ,
    Laughter for the tears, and a light for the way,
    Just don't give up, I still believe there is so much more to life than these dark moment of weakness, let your tears run dry, don't suppress it, your heart will up with lights soon again, I know mine will , hope and mercy of Allah keep me going , My only guide, and The best one, Ain't He???

    Sorry for this long and boring lecture come post, but I want to share my feelings that's all, if anyone will benefited from this I'll be blessed.May Allah grant us ease and patience in our hearts and protect us from Evil thoughts. Sorry for my grammatical errors, I'm not in that state. Please don't hesitate to tell my mistake..

    After a Long time ,but this time I want to share this, I can't resist myself for doing, I hope everyone remembers me :)

    #heartbreaking #ayesha #suicide #mentalhealth #dowry #allah #allahlovesyou #kindness

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    Suicide is not the solution,
    it's not the end of the pain.

    Please read the caption
    with lots of attention


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    #Allah #dua
    By unknown writer

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    Ya Allah
    Never make me helpless infront
    of anyone except you.

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    #Allah ap dounou ko jannat-ul-Firdous
    Ataaa karai ��
    #Miss uh both��

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    My parents taught me
    Except how to live
    Without them.

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    I love Allah because he Forgives me
    Even when I can't forgive myself
    And I love Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) because he cared for me
    Even more than I cared for myself...

  • she_writes47 9w

    ہر بات پہ تمہارا یہ کہ دینا کہ
    دلوں کے حال تو اللہ جانتا ہے
    اسے آگے نہ خود کچھ کہنا
    نہ مجھے کچھ کہنے دینا
    دل کی بات کو دل میں چھپے رہنے دینا
    اب عمر بھر بات کو بس اتنا نہ رہنے دینا