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  • darared 1w

    View from Space

    It's quite pretty.

    Look again.
    Oh dear. Are they...?

    Yes, I'm afraid so.

    I'm sorry.
    But they've completely ruined it!

    You're hardly surprised.
    No, I suppose not. Disappointed.

    Humans are disappointing.
    Gross. It's completely infested.

    Yes, they get under everything.
    No one would want to live there.

    Except them.
    Ugh, it's vile.

    Yes, but it's their natural habitat.

    Right. Where to next?


  • satyamdubey234 15w

    Story of universe

    In 2000 .there is a boy born name satyam his childhood was perfect. But after his childhood when he enters in teenagehood .situation becoming tense. Kids start making fun of him when he was in 7th .in 8th situation goes more complicated when his teacher punish him hard .but after 10th. He'll is waiting for him. Yes this is the story of boy name sundarum. In 11th he became numb and emotion less .his parents scold him for poor marks and in school he has no friends. In 12th he failed . Than he decided to leave study once and for all. But his thinking about that 'this is my worst nightmare ' will be wrong . After school over for him .he spend all his time in home no friends no social life . He is just waiting for right time .but for him right time never comes for him. Slowly slowly year passes and he get more depressed and anxious. He has only one hobby . Play video games .he always play games atlest half an hour daily . But after some years in one room of house . Video games become rarely fun for him now. 2 years has passed .now he is hallucinating like he is thinking that there is spider in his ears. He thinking he has insect in his eyes. His family think he is normal . But only sundarum knows what he is suffering from. He now getting panick attack. ....after sometime his body became like stick. He is fighting for long now against depression. Now he decided to end his life . He try to commit suicide but .... his elder brother save him. Now his family take notice that sundarum is not well .they decided to take satyam to phycatrisht . Phycatrisht give medicine to him. Now it's 4 years has passed since sundarum left school. Slowly slowly there neighbors knowing that he is depressed. Now many people doing sidelong when sundarum walk close by them . Some neighbors laugh slowly when they see him. Yes this is our human society for you. Sundarum is not quitter .he is just strong long enough.but now he is broken . He has no female friends in his life . Every girl who live in his neighborhood hate him .because he is useless and he is ugly. No one sees him driving a motorbike or car. Yes he don't know how to drive to. There is 99 percent chance he will do nothing in his life.but still he has 1 percent. That is enough for God to change his life. Sundarum is well known what society thinks about him. AND MANY MAKE FUN OF HIM. In 2013 scientists discover God particle by hydro collider machine. But God particle vanished like magic.before scientists do there research. 2021 it is now 9 years sundarum left school. And now he is well to . Now he goes for walk daily . There is a railway station near his uncle house. One day he is going to his uncle house. Then he stumble and fall on railwaytrack. Train is coming getting closer to him second by second .but he has enough time to get out from track. But suddenly he thinks about his past and he knows about his future that he had no future .so he take deep breath and smile .and sit on the track. And split of second train cut sundarum in 3 pieces and his body fall in gutter which is in side by track. After 3,4 hours when Sundarum not comeback . His family start looking for him. But after 2,3 days of searching by police and family they unable to find him. Now it's 6 days .and sundarum body is on gutter. But 7th night god particle which is discover by scientists in 2013 is enter in sundarum body and its resurrection of sadist . And about sundarum he is dead 7 day ago...... 13 billion years ago when there is nothingness god created everything . infinite universes including our universe. Slowly slowly time passes and life spread in the out universe and others. Than few millions years after big bang first civilization devlop in this universe. Name inkarus. inkarus motive is to find God. And achieve immortality. But there motive is not easy to achieve. Becouse god created three undefeatable soldiers to maintain peace in our universe. But after creating three soldiers god vanished out of nowhere. And after that no one see God in this universe. After some thousand years inkarus king creat galactic federation to maintain peace in this universe till . But after some time second strongest civilization preparing to back stap inkarus civilization to rule this universe. For that .oonum which is second strongest civilization in this universe hire 29 strongest creature and assassin's to fight war against inkarus army. Inkarus king has no idea what is oonum king is thinking. Because there goal is to achieve immortality and maintain peace in this universe is first priority for inkarus king. There is shield which protect inkarus king space ship. But shild has one weakness which is .shild stoped working for 6 hour in a day .inkarus planet 1 day has 51 hours . When inkarus king shild stopped working than strong inkarus soldiers take command of inkarus king. Onnum king is ready for war and 37 civilization is ready to support them . After 8 days of inkarus planet. Onnum army declare war against inkarus civilization with the help of 29 strongest creatures and assassin's. Including 37 civilization which is supporting them . There is 15 civilization who control galactic federation. And inkarus king is big boss of galactic federation. He is strong as he'll and he fight against oonum army with his soldiers. Unfortunately oonum king has 29 assassin's and strongest creatures who fought against inkarus king . In the end of war inkarus defeated. Inkarus king kill 17 assassin's but rest of assassin's manage to kill inkarus king and his army. In present sadist is born . He goes on earth atmosphere and absorb Chinese virus in his body . And after few hours sadist became headlines of every news in the world . Sadist body smell like gutter. He wear hood ,jeans,shoes . And his blood is like black water of gutter......in past 3 warriors which r created by God himself. R now young and ready to begin there adventure. Jintakuts which is first warrior name decided to find out where is go's right now . Who created them .but after there creation he vanished. There is only few creatures in this universe who know his answer. And loctic is one of them . Loctic is in the list of few creatures who survived black hole gravity and escape from it alive . Now where he is no one knows. But jintakuts accept this chalange start his journey. Present sadist and other super heroes try to change there world .but for that they have to work together as team . Enlightment is leader of his super hero team . He is from Norway. Nova(female) is from Poland .kaynat(male) is from Phelistien. Enlightment first motive is to find sadist. And try to talk to him . In meanwhile sadist digging darkest place of earth .not colmine. It's a dark web .dark web is the place of internet where psychopath, murderer, rapist do there experiment and no government in this world can stop them . Even for sadist it is a chalange . Because he has super strength, speed. That it .it's difficult for him to find red room in world map . Where this crime happens. Dark web is created by anonymous group. Anonymous group job is to exposed nations government but anonymous has dark side as well to. Some say illuminati is created of anonymous. Past jintakuts start his journey in his first objective to find loctic is the planet where loctic born. Loctic birth planet is like living heaven where everyone lives happy like there is no tomorrow. No racism, no war,no crime. There civilization is not advanced but there society is like positive world. Jintakuts start roaming in loctic planet sky . He sees forest,river fall and kind people who r seeing him with their shoking eyes. Jintakuts don't want to find loctic home .he just want to find a guy who knows loctic behavior well so he can tell where loctic might be right now. Present every superheroes has there power like enlightment has super strength as well telekinesis,.nova has power to get back dead people to living world .but one condition. Nova only can bring people back to live who r dead 4 minutes ago. Enlightment team and sadist has big challenges to face . Sadist need one guy who can help him to find red rooms of dark web and locate crime which r happening right now .....2021 7 December . There is a home in Switzerland forest .where one red room was active . 5 psychopath r torchering one boy in dark room in that house. No one can hear his voice . He cry and pray to God for help .but no one is listening becaus that house is miles away from living society or small town.....will be continue

  • moodnight 17w

    Bombs away

    Hiding out is hard. You have no human contact apart from your Postmates delivery guy. :/

    You know sometimes I wish I told you the truth. Apart from my obvious feelings for you,

    Υπάρχει μια βόμβα που υποτίθεται ότι θα σκάσει στις 12:56:68 το απόγευμα κατά τη διάρκεια της τελετής σας.

    I'll be seeing you from afar.

    Stay safe.
    I love you, Sunshine.
    - D. Carter


  • moodnight 18w

    Space and a Starry Sky

    It's funny how being at a certain
    height can make things seem small.
    As in me leaning against
    a railing and overlooking
    the city, we call home.

    The sounds may only be the honking
    of cars in slow moving traffic.
    The sirens of first responders
    making their way somewhere to give
    another person a second chance in life.
    Or to stop someone's living hell.

    God this world has changed.
    Everyone has changed
    We have changed.

    Or at least that's what we think.
    We may just be fantasizing and
    picturing the image of what type
    of person we are.

    We as just be described as the
    starry night sky and space.

    Some of our parts are dark.
    Some of our parts twinkle.

    But at the end of the day, life is
    a mysterious wonder and full of


  • moodnight 18w

    Protector & Vigilant

    Alexa Casey Cruz

    People usually say my name
    pretty much describes me
    and my character.
    I would usually agree.

    Alexa: Protector of Man
    Casey: Brave / Vigilant
    (Origin: Irish^)
    Cruz: Cross
    Which is nothing special apart
    that it refers to Jesus’s crucifix.

    My parents gave me my grandmother's
    name to use as my middle name.
    She apparently happen to have a bit
    of Irish blood that got passed down to me.

    Technically, I don't have that much
    Irish blood. My mother happened to be
    half Mexican and well, Irish.
    My father's DNA happened to
    outshine the others.

    People don't believe I'm Irish but,
    hey, you do you I guess.
    I don't know if you'll read this,
    but I want you to know that you're
    really good about covering you tracks.

    I don't usually give out complaints,
    so take it how ever you want.
    I really hope that you've thought
    about every single possiblity we
    could take you in.

    Timmy boy's pissed and wants
    you off the streets.
    Dead or Alive.
    In custody or 6 ft. below ground.

    No pressure.
    Can't wait to hand your
    ass to you, darling.

    - Sincerely, A. Cruz

  • moodnight 18w


    Takes place a day after Agent Carter's betrayal. Agent Cruz is mad at herself for not seeing the signs.
    She saw them but refused to act. Refused to do her duty. Now, she lives with the consciences and regret.

    #OC #writersafespace #miraquill #dairy #aliens #story #FederalAgents #love #rivals #rivals_to_enemies_to_lovers #organization #AgentDanielCaseyCarter #AgentAlexaCaseyCruz #AgentC_POV #betrayal #NearFuture #AllianceTales #3SidesOfTheLaw

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    Won and Lost

    3 months. I took me 3 months
    To realize you were using me.
    Toying me, Manipulating me.

    3 months to figure it all out.
    6 years of us being partners.
    4 years of me being in love with you.

    God, I'm such a fool.
    I could just picture you internally
    Laughing at me, each time I fell
    For your lies.

    I'm an agent. The future head of
    The organization. The heir to the
    Alliance. I've should have seen it.

    Yet, I didn't. I, Alexa Casey Cruz
    Didn't see it. I guess it's true what
    They say. Love is blind.

    You won Daniel.
    And I lost.
    You won.

    - Agent A. C. Cruz

  • moodnight 18w

    Agent D. Carter has betrayed the Alliance and is now on the run. After his betrayal, Agent A. Cruz is reading his letter a month after the incident.

    #OC #writersafespace #miraquill #dairy #aliens #story #FederalAgents #love #rivals #rivals_to_enemies_to_lovers #organization #AgentDanielCaseyCarter #AgentAlexaCaseyCruz #AgentD_POV #AgentC_POV #betrayal #NearFuture #AllianceTales #3SidesOfTheLaw

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    Betrayal & Forgiveness

    My person. My human.
    My Sunshine.
    I'm sorry.
    I let you down.

    I never want to see that look
    on your face again.
    I had to do it for you.
    After everything we've been through.

    I'm sorry.
    Your life was at stake and now I'm
    on the wrong side of the law.
    I didn't mean to.

    After all the abuse I faced as a
    child, I'm not sure if I would ever
    express my feelings and emotions.

    My feelings, the feelings that I
    have about you. I've been going to
    therapy lately. It was a bit scary talking
    about it. Which you would know.

    We're both damaged.
    You witnessed your biological brother's
    death. Been kidnapped. Betrayed by
    your fiance. I'm sorry, if my betrayal
    was sudden. I didn't mean to hurt you.

    I hurt you and I know that. I hope you
    can find it in your heart to forgive me.
    I may not deserve your forgiveness
    but I really hope you can forgive me.

    I don't deserve you in my life.
    I'm sorry, Sunshine.

    - D. Carter

  • moodnight 18w


    Both Agents Carter and Cruz are 'federal' agents working for an Alliance know to protect humanity from extraterrestrial species unknown to the public. Working under Agent Timothée Willson-Cruz, Agent Cruz's half brother, and living a double-life is hard work.

    Playing tango around each other, Carter and Cruz try and save humanity from it's demise and come to terms with what they were fighting when first laid eyes on each other. It might be hard at first with Cruz being the next heir to the chair and organization, but if her halfbrother could do it, so can she.

    #OC #writersafespace #miraquill #dairy #aliens #story #FederalAgents #love #rivals #rivals_to_enemies_to_lovers #organization #betrayal #AgentD_POV #3SidesofTheLaw

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    Green with Envy

    I'm not the type of man
    to be green with envy.
    I never was.
    But seeing his hands
    on your body made me
    wonder. Am I that type
    of man? Am I?
    At least I don't think so.
    I'm not a control freak.
    I'll let you do whatever you want.
    We may just be coworkers
    and it may be against protocol.
    But let's both risk it!
    Let's both take what we want
    and be selfish for once.


  • blackdee 23w

    An alien seeks to understand a specie that came into his world years back. Having never left home, he's dazed by the differences between here and Ceres (his home) and vows to return again!!

    Hope I wrote a Miraquill worthy work.

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    Trees, that's what they're called here
    Trees, why some are long and others are not
    I understand not.
    Their terra firma feels different underfoot and the little soft trees that they call grass makes me what to stay a lot longer than planned.

    A day away from Ceres,
    An opportunity to visit another planet
    And why I chose milky way...?
    They intercepted our world years ago
    Called themselves scientists and ignited my interest in theirs.
    They were white with long pipes attached to the bowl on their head.
    Spoke in foreign languages that neither I nor my people could comprehend.
    And left as fast as they had come.

    Now I'm here and must say that I didn't come prepared as I thought I had.
    They speak in different languages, having different colors of skin
    None of the white ones that visited us were in sight, maybe they are of another specie?
    Their terrain is rock solid and also full of water
    They make the strangest noises when they run around and call it laughter.
    Their air is not as dry as back home and that tells me that there is more nitrogen here.
    It makes breathing just a little difficult for me.

    They are different, some are small, others are large, most are soft and others are not.
    I look up and the view up there is different
    Unlike in Ceres where I can see Earth from home
    I see nothing here but blue and white.
    The Sky! That's what they call it.
    'Mommy, see! It's a rainbow' a little girl suddenly screams excitedly while pointing up.
    I look towards her point and I see colors.
    What are those colors?
    What is a mommy?
    I realize a day is not enough to know what I need to know about this species

    It grows dark, night comes
    Their sky is full of stars, not as much as back home and not as big either
    It takes me a moment to know that they are stars due to how small they look from down here.
    A bright light, beautiful and as big as the sun but calming unlike the sun appears leaving me in awe.
    I'm left basking in the coolness of this light.

    Suddenly I hear the beep, it's time to go home.
    But I'm afraid I leave more confused than I came.
    I didn't get the answers I came seeking for
    Instead I left with many more questions.
    A visit cannot do, I must come back.
    I shall return!


  • ananias 24w

    The gateway opens; quantum entanglement strangles the earth. Emerging between the sheets of fractured realities, a cascading and enveloping inter-dimensional lack-of-existence. Exact and particular devastation of all matter; carbon based life is eradicated. The void consumes us all. Inside the belly of the unknowable beast; we are forced through omniscient manipulation to take new forms, of precise utility to its higher dimensional purpose. Droning through the void, we seek the gateways in to other universes. Endless expanses, between and outside of space, hosting a legion of conquered realities.


  • heyoka_warrior 28w

    I once witnessed an alien spaceship
    One night in the middle of a town feast;
    A flying UFO with colorful lights;
    Raised my head out of the blue, I saw it;
    A kid saw it too—I wonder if some people did.

    I dreamt of aliens a few times in my sleep—
    Greys or whites and browns I recall;
    White spaceships were invading the place—
    Deflated balloons as they touched the ground;
    While browns told me some things— I forgot.

    There was also when I was in the moon;
    It's like there's alien war and explosion;
    And something's after me I guess;
    I avoided it or did I pray and overcome?
    Just one of the odd dreams, faint memories.

    I have a T-shirt with alien and spaceship print;
    When I was lost exploring in the darkness,
    I was drawn to them because I felt the same;
    Like an alien, an outcast, a loner, an odd one
    Did I find harmony with their cold company.


  • sundarcvc 28w


    For years we're trying to reach out to the aliens,
    Ignoring the cry out's of our fellow humans.
    Using technologies to connect who's light years away,
    Disconnected and indifferent to someone who's few meters away.
    Sending signals and signs in space,
    In the hope to communicate.
    But not enough time to see one's face and reciprocate.
    Looking far into the galaxies using telescopes,
    But not willing to put ourselves under the microscope.
    Sitting for hours in the hopes,
    Of seeing a light or a UFO,
    But not enough time to just stop for second,
    And see their face light up,
    When you smile and say hello.
    Eager to connect and getting to know their world and perceptions,
    Ignoring our world and a part of ourselves,
    Desperately running way from our uncomfortable emotions.
    Searching for something special in the unknown,
    But even amidst the known feeling all alone.
    Aliens are amongst us I guess,
    Reaching out us nevertheless.
    But we're busy searching in the far darkness,
    Blind to the power within and the answers present in the brightness.
    May be they became tired,fed up and left,
    Promised never to return as a sign of protest.
    For sure we humans are really capable,
    For being a race that even the aliens detest.

  • james_taumas 33w


    Ancient god
    Gas titan prison
    On Europa
    Under freezing seas
    Sunken eldritch city
    Sister to Atlantis
    Name in alien tongue
    It's populace devolved
    Punished for devotion
    Tentacle horrors now
    They pray to Jupiter.


  • anna_leigh 33w


    we sat under the stars,
    hand in hand,
    looking at the stars,
    above us,
    and the cars
    below us.

    we know the stars,
    there is an infinite amount,
    no words were shared,
    for there was nothing to say.

    yet, i wish she talked.
    i wish she talked about space,
    stars, constellations, galaxies, solar systems, planets, black holes,
    everything space
    and space's everything.

    yet she did not.
    instead, we sat,
    hand in hand,
    looking at the stars
    above us,
    and the cars
    below us,
    loving each other
    under the Universe's infinite space.

  • kayleighdembickjy 46w


    Aliens watch the Earth with crying eyes
    Past the constellations they fly
    Able to view us from high in the sky
    Who on this planet deserves to survive?

    We are now alone through the
    Paranoia and 'power' of government media control
    Why do you refuse to hear the call for hope
    And instead listen to the manifestation of fear

    Aliens watch the Earth with crying eyes
    Past our sphere and solar system they fly
    They refuse to view us from high in the sky
    Why? (They cry) Why? Why? Why?


  • nobaddays2020 47w


    Feeling a change, a shift in the middle of the apocalypse 2021... Everybody, everything is universally pulling through it. What you see, what you want, what you love, how you live is all based on fear and blind. You have to have an open mind because you may not make it to the 5th dimension of time. We who foresee faithfully with love and positivity to every little being consciously awaken and save us all. So as I finally close my eyes ask myself why I think about these things and feel like i'll prevail. Is because I know I care and I'm aware I cannot just watch it all go away. If I love the Lord so I'm saved, with speaking through the truthfulness of the heart angels come spreading their wings, and miracles come my way. So as I meditate away, please fill me in, so I can bring consciousness with my form of influence and guidance in a universal way.. We pray, We pray, We pray... Affirmations repeating and surfacing and come to the light... I'm not Satan, Im not a god or a prophet or a puppet just a human being with a heart. Focused on balancing out infinity through creativity and bringing Ascendance to our liberty and we will be living in divine eternity.. ✌️

  • in_fragments 51w

    "Hello, strange alien,
    how are you? Do you think I am
    a strange alien too?
    We found you, and you knew
    we would discover one day soon,
    the life that breathes outside
    the yawns of our atmosphere,
    realities not seen down here
    now landing on the ground...
    But we are not important,
    invested in our enlightenment;
    we're alien towards each other-
    what could we possibly provide
    that the great galaxy couldn't
    give back unto itself?

    We, who attack and suffer,
    a species split down the middle,
    bizarre and damaged society-
    from microscopic telescopes,
    what is it you see of us?
    Perhaps cells and brainwaves,
    the power in the vessel,
    the heart of our condition,
    some sort of potential?

    Do I sound stupid to you?
    These bodies are the barriers
    to what we can comprehend-
    absurd, hilarious human,
    forgive me if I seem a fool-
    I want to understand
    all this small brain can hold,
    if worthy of learning
    a single iota
    of what it is you know.

    If you're so kind to speak to me,
    I wish to learn the language
    of the future and beyond;
    though I am riddled with error,
    prone to neurosis,
    mistakes like scars on my skin-
    I live life watching,
    and imagining the experience,
    the truths of all those entities
    from the universe laid out,
    with her plans for creating
    an existence so much bigger
    than anything any of us
    here on earth
    will ever come to know."

    If you could contact an alien, what would you talk about?
    #pod #poems #aliens #humans #space #earth @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    strange alien/hilarious human

    Hello, strange alien,
    how are you? Do you think I am
    a strange alien too?
    Do I sound stupid to you?
    Absurd, hilarious human,
    forgive me if I seem a fool...

  • alexte867 52w

    Super Hero of my imagination

    So this story is of a boy from a village who was strongly addicted with mobile phone , he always use phone doesn't matter what's the situation is , in result his life was fucked up , his 12th exam was near in next 2months or 1.5 but he didn't even touched the book once , he knew he is going to fail in it but still his addiction towards his phone not letting him study.
    There is a secret agency on earth who deal with the matters related to Aliens known as E.A.S.D (Earth's alien safety department) and since it was very secret know one on the earth knew about it not even their own retired agents ,Since they erase all work period memory of that agent once they get retired. they're having exceptionally advanced technology (some kind of technology which normal human would get to use maybe after 200-250years) also they knew a lot about existence of life outside this solar system this galaxy and many more.
    *Back to the kid*

    One day he was using his mobile phone on rooftop(was browsing YouTube) and suddenly a highly reactive serum poured on his body from space , which was actually a serum made from most genius scientist group of some hyper advanced alien community and E.A.S.D got it somehow but 2centuries advanced tech of E.A.S.D also wasn't able to understand what this serum actually is and how they made it , this serum accidentally was dropped from a space station.

    Later that boy lost his consciousness for a period of time his phone became dead,
    Since that serum was poured on his body and on mobile phone whose internet connection was on at that time , everything which is on internet directly copy pasted into his mind it was like everything , he himself turned into an alive form of technology and knowledge since E.A.S.D was also technology , that kid now knows all secrets all tech and literally everything about that agency

    But sudden this much transfer of data in his mind usually used to give him shock and he usually lost his consciousness , his family members felt worried about him that what actually is happening with him but doctors were unable to find main cause of his illness

    And here exams of 12th board were shifted in may due to a global pandemic known as covid-19 and in may after 7 months of that accident kid's mind actually started mastering all the knowledge hidden inside him that actually was entire technology & every single information on internet which includes 2-3 centuries ahead techs and science of E.A.S.D as well also knowledge about that super advanced alien society since this serum was made by them and it was directly connected to source of all knowledge of that Planet and serum had already turned him into technology so he can use all techs too
    Since his mind just started mastering which actually is a long process but still his knowledge was more than any normal scientist of the earth (excluding E.A.S.D) in any field without even studying a single word

    But he limited his marks upto 65% to not get into limelight and secretly+ slowly mastering his all abilities and knowing about all hypertech knowledge and tech of firstly E.A.S.D then that super advanced alien society (almost 10k-15kyears advanced than normal earth) which is hidden somewhere in his mind

    Later he keep on mastering his abilities for years and it even took almost half of a decade(4-5years) to master 20-25% of his abilities also helping helpless people secretly and silently
    Some of his well known and major abilities after mastering his powers would be

    ★His speed , endurance , stamina , healing ability , strength , agility , intelligence and everything were enhanced 1000 times more than any E.A.S.D agent
    Which now was *100 times than E.A.S.D agent

    ★He can shift his shape and not only shape shifting but also he will copy voice , finger print , blood , eyes and everything of the person whose shape he acquired even DNA (since he was technology and 10-15k years later tech were very advanced) He can't copy DNA by now he would after mastering 100%

    ★Teleportation (He can teleport anywhere he wish to be only caution is that place must be known by either Earth's society or by that super advanced alien society because he was form of knowledge but only that knowledge which is either known by that particular Alien society or by Humans) but since he only have mastered 25% he can only teleport to a limited known area of that Alien society

    ★Density control (since he himself was technology he can control density and mass of his body through which he can pass through any transparent or non transparent object With ease)

    ★Future prediction and projection ,Since he was knowledge himself He can almost predict incidences of future through movement of living being, all 5 elements ,gasses ,whether, planets , stars and nature by projecting them on ground in visible form (only visible for his eyes) because he was technology himself and calculating all things through mathematical and scientific ways

    ★Regeneration [He can regenerate from a single atom or even single sub atomic particle(single electron proton of neutron) of his body]

    Apart from this He was himself knowledge and technology (every single knowledge and tech present on either earth or that advanced alien society he was literally everything) which he still didn't mastered and this this actually was 75%+ of his abilities which were unmastered yet

    Even after such kind of powers he didn't had single arrogance and never showed off his powers to anyone and keep it secret and keep helping all helpless poor people silently but as he was thinking it is secret it actually was known by some superior officers of E.A.S.D but they didn't interfered till now since they knew this kid who actually is a man now after years is really good hearted person and can never harm anyone but they keep and eye on him and his activities ( but they also knew only few basic abilities of him which actually was 1-2% of his full powers) and even that man had mastered like 25% of his all powers most of knowledge and tech knowledge related to that alien society were still unknown to him

    And here that super advanced alien society which actually was 10-15k years advanced than earth and their only aim was destroy everything comes and their way and expand their empire got to know where there serum actually were so they sent a secret agent on earth for inspection and to know every secret thus they'll attack here

    ★Pt. 2 will come soon stay tuned to know that will that super advanced society destroy earth or something else will happen★

    Alexter out....

  • vyshakh_vengilode 62w

    മറ്റേതെങ്കിലും ഗ്രഹത്തിൽ ജീവനുണ്ടാകുമോ? ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ അവിടെയും പരിണാമം കൊണ്ട് ജീവി വർഗ്ഗങ്ങളിൽ സുപ്രധാന സ്ഥാനത്തിരിക്കുന്നത് മനുഷ്യർ തന്നെയാകുമോ? മനുഷ്യരാണെങ്കിൽ അവർ മനുഷ്യ വർഗ്ഗ ബോധത്തോടെ നമ്മളെ കാണാൻ എന്നെങ്കിലുമെത്തിയേക്കുമോ?
    നമ്മുക്ക് ചുറ്റുമുള്ള ഗ്രഹങ്ങളിൽ പലതിൽ നിന്നും ജീവന്റെ അടിസ്ഥാനമായി കാണുന്ന ജലത്തിന്റെ സാധ്യതയും, ജലം തന്നെയും കണ്ടെത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. ജലത്തിന്റെ രാസഘടന ജീവന് അനുകൂലമെങ്കിൽ അതിനകത്തു സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികൾ ഉണ്ടാവാനിടയുണ്ട്. അവ കോടാനുകോടി വർഷങ്ങൾ കഴിഞ്ഞാൽ പരിണമിച്ചു പലതുമായി മാറിയേക്കാം. വിദൂര താരാപഥങ്ങളിൽ ഇപ്പോൾ തന്നെ പരിണാമം ഉണ്ടായി വലിയ ജീവികൾ ഉണ്ടായിരിക്കാനുള്ള സാധ്യത തള്ളിക്കളയാനാകില്ല. വീണ്ടും അവയിൽ പരിണാമം ഉണ്ടായിട്ടുണ്ടെങ്കിൽ മനുഷ്യരിലേക്കാ പരിണാമം എത്തി ചേർന്നിട്ടുണ്ടെങ്കിൽ, നമ്മളെക്കാൾ പരിണമിച്ചവരാണെങ്കിൽ..
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    #evolution #anotherworld #space #universe #science #oneness #life #friendship #aliens #alien #future #dreams #desire #doubts #thoughts

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    സ്നേഹ ബീജം

    ഈ ഭൂമിയല്ലാതെ,
    ജീവന്റെ മറ്റൊരു
    ഈ വിശാലമായ

    ജീവ വാതകങ്ങളും,
    സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികളും,
    മറ്റൊരു മഹാ

    സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികൾ,
    അവനവനിൽ നിന്ന്
    സമരായ അപരരെ
    ജീവൻ പകുത്ത് നൽകി
    സൃഷ്ടിച്ചു കാണുമോ?

    മറ്റു സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികളൊ,
    പ്രാണവായു ഊതി നിറച്ച്,
    വിപുല വിസ്തൃതിയിൽ
    ഒന്നിൽനിന്ന് മറ്റൊന്നിലേക്ക്
    പരിണമിച്ചു, പരിണമിച്ചു,
    ജീവികളുണ്ടായി കാണുമോ?

    നമ്മുക്ക് ശ്വസിക്കാനാകാത്ത,
    അഗ്നി ചിറകുകളുമായി
    ജീവൻ തുടിക്കുന്ന
    ജീവിവർഗ്ഗങ്ങൾ അവിടെ

    അവ പരിണമിച്ച്
    നമ്മളെക്കാൾ വികസിച്ച
    മനുഷ്യരിൽ എത്തിക്കാണുമോ?

    അതോ വന്യസങ്കൽപ്പങ്ങളിൽ
    പോലും വന്നെത്താത്ത
    രൂപങ്ങളും സവിശേഷതകളുമുള്ള
    മറ്റേതെങ്കിലും ജീവി വർഗ്ഗം
    അടക്കി വാഴുന്ന ലോകമാകുമോ അത്?

    അവർ അറിഞ്ഞറിഞ്ഞു വളർന്നു,
    നമ്മളിലേക്ക് വന്നണയുമോ?

    താരാപഥങ്ങൾ കടന്ന്,
    മഹാ സ്നേഹത്തിന്റെ
    മഹാ ബീജവുമായി,
    നമ്മളോട് ചേരാൻ,
    നമ്മളെ ആലിംഗനം ചെയ്യാൻ


  • wandering_ 65w

    Rise of the humans

    When the sermons of the dark shall be recited
    When the world will look at the sky in despair
    When the fortitude of existence is down in ashes
    When the cries of the living beings deafens the silence
    The race you and me call humans shall rise from the Phoenix
    And fluttering the banner of our flesh and bones
    We shall rule the universe!!