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    Aliens watch the Earth with crying eyes
    Past the constellations they fly
    Able to view us from high in the sky
    Who on this planet deserves to survive?

    We are now alone through the
    Paranoia and 'power' of government media control
    Why do you refuse to hear the call for hope
    And instead listen to the manifestation of fear

    Aliens watch the Earth with crying eyes
    Past our sphere and solar system they fly
    They refuse to view us from high in the sky
    Why? (They cry) Why? Why? Why?


  • nobaddays2020 13w


    Feeling a change, a shift in the middle of the apocalypse 2021... Everybody, everything is universally pulling through it. What you see, what you want, what you love, how you live is all based on fear and blind. You have to have an open mind because you may not make it to the 5th dimension of time. We who foresee faithfully with love and positivity to every little being consciously awaken and save us all. So as I finally close my eyes ask myself why I think about these things and feel like i'll prevail. Is because I know I care and I'm aware I cannot just watch it all go away. If I love the Lord so I'm saved, with speaking through the truthfulness of the heart angels come spreading their wings, and miracles come my way. So as I meditate away, please fill me in, so I can bring consciousness with my form of influence and guidance in a universal way.. We pray, We pray, We pray... Affirmations repeating and surfacing and come to the light... I'm not Satan, Im not a god or a prophet or a puppet just a human being with a heart. Focused on balancing out infinity through creativity and bringing Ascendance to our liberty and we will be living in divine eternity.. ✌️

  • in_fragments 17w

    "Hello, strange alien,
    how are you? Do you think I am
    a strange alien too?
    We found you, and you knew
    we would discover one day soon,
    the life that breathes outside
    the yawns of our atmosphere,
    realities not seen down here
    now landing on the ground...
    But we are not important,
    invested in our enlightenment;
    we're alien towards each other-
    what could we possibly provide
    that the great galaxy couldn't
    give back unto itself?

    We, who attack and suffer,
    a species split down the middle,
    bizarre and damaged society-
    from microscopic telescopes,
    what is it you see of us?
    Perhaps cells and brainwaves,
    the power in the vessel,
    the heart of our condition,
    some sort of potential?

    Do I sound stupid to you?
    These bodies are the barriers
    to what we can comprehend-
    absurd, hilarious human,
    forgive me if I seem a fool-
    I want to understand
    all this small brain can hold,
    if worthy of learning
    a single iota
    of what it is you know.

    If you're so kind to speak to me,
    I wish to learn the language
    of the future and beyond;
    though I am riddled with error,
    prone to neurosis,
    mistakes like scars on my skin-
    I live life watching,
    and imagining the experience,
    the truths of all those entities
    from the universe laid out,
    with her plans for creating
    an existence so much bigger
    than anything any of us
    here on earth
    will ever come to know."

    If you could contact an alien, what would you talk about?
    #pod #poems #aliens #humans #space #earth @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    strange alien/hilarious human

    Hello, strange alien,
    how are you? Do you think I am
    a strange alien too?
    Do I sound stupid to you?
    Absurd, hilarious human,
    forgive me if I seem a fool...

  • alexte867 18w

    Super Hero of my imagination

    So this story is of a boy from a village who was strongly addicted with mobile phone , he always use phone doesn't matter what's the situation is , in result his life was fucked up , his 12th exam was near in next 2months or 1.5 but he didn't even touched the book once , he knew he is going to fail in it but still his addiction towards his phone not letting him study.
    There is a secret agency on earth who deal with the matters related to Aliens known as E.A.S.D (Earth's alien safety department) and since it was very secret know one on the earth knew about it not even their own retired agents ,Since they erase all work period memory of that agent once they get retired. they're having exceptionally advanced technology (some kind of technology which normal human would get to use maybe after 200-250years) also they knew a lot about existence of life outside this solar system this galaxy and many more.
    *Back to the kid*

    One day he was using his mobile phone on rooftop(was browsing YouTube) and suddenly a highly reactive serum poured on his body from space , which was actually a serum made from most genius scientist group of some hyper advanced alien community and E.A.S.D got it somehow but 2centuries advanced tech of E.A.S.D also wasn't able to understand what this serum actually is and how they made it , this serum accidentally was dropped from a space station.

    Later that boy lost his consciousness for a period of time his phone became dead,
    Since that serum was poured on his body and on mobile phone whose internet connection was on at that time , everything which is on internet directly copy pasted into his mind it was like everything , he himself turned into an alive form of technology and knowledge since E.A.S.D was also technology , that kid now knows all secrets all tech and literally everything about that agency

    But sudden this much transfer of data in his mind usually used to give him shock and he usually lost his consciousness , his family members felt worried about him that what actually is happening with him but doctors were unable to find main cause of his illness

    And here exams of 12th board were shifted in may due to a global pandemic known as covid-19 and in may after 7 months of that accident kid's mind actually started mastering all the knowledge hidden inside him that actually was entire technology & every single information on internet which includes 2-3 centuries ahead techs and science of E.A.S.D as well also knowledge about that super advanced alien society since this serum was made by them and it was directly connected to source of all knowledge of that Planet and serum had already turned him into technology so he can use all techs too
    Since his mind just started mastering which actually is a long process but still his knowledge was more than any normal scientist of the earth (excluding E.A.S.D) in any field without even studying a single word

    But he limited his marks upto 65% to not get into limelight and secretly+ slowly mastering his all abilities and knowing about all hypertech knowledge and tech of firstly E.A.S.D then that super advanced alien society (almost 10k-15kyears advanced than normal earth) which is hidden somewhere in his mind

    Later he keep on mastering his abilities for years and it even took almost half of a decade(4-5years) to master 20-25% of his abilities also helping helpless people secretly and silently
    Some of his well known and major abilities after mastering his powers would be

    ★His speed , endurance , stamina , healing ability , strength , agility , intelligence and everything were enhanced 1000 times more than any E.A.S.D agent
    Which now was *100 times than E.A.S.D agent

    ★He can shift his shape and not only shape shifting but also he will copy voice , finger print , blood , eyes and everything of the person whose shape he acquired even DNA (since he was technology and 10-15k years later tech were very advanced) He can't copy DNA by now he would after mastering 100%

    ★Teleportation (He can teleport anywhere he wish to be only caution is that place must be known by either Earth's society or by that super advanced alien society because he was form of knowledge but only that knowledge which is either known by that particular Alien society or by Humans) but since he only have mastered 25% he can only teleport to a limited known area of that Alien society

    ★Density control (since he himself was technology he can control density and mass of his body through which he can pass through any transparent or non transparent object With ease)

    ★Future prediction and projection ,Since he was knowledge himself He can almost predict incidences of future through movement of living being, all 5 elements ,gasses ,whether, planets , stars and nature by projecting them on ground in visible form (only visible for his eyes) because he was technology himself and calculating all things through mathematical and scientific ways

    ★Regeneration [He can regenerate from a single atom or even single sub atomic particle(single electron proton of neutron) of his body]

    Apart from this He was himself knowledge and technology (every single knowledge and tech present on either earth or that advanced alien society he was literally everything) which he still didn't mastered and this this actually was 75%+ of his abilities which were unmastered yet

    Even after such kind of powers he didn't had single arrogance and never showed off his powers to anyone and keep it secret and keep helping all helpless poor people silently but as he was thinking it is secret it actually was known by some superior officers of E.A.S.D but they didn't interfered till now since they knew this kid who actually is a man now after years is really good hearted person and can never harm anyone but they keep and eye on him and his activities ( but they also knew only few basic abilities of him which actually was 1-2% of his full powers) and even that man had mastered like 25% of his all powers most of knowledge and tech knowledge related to that alien society were still unknown to him

    And here that super advanced alien society which actually was 10-15k years advanced than earth and their only aim was destroy everything comes and their way and expand their empire got to know where there serum actually were so they sent a secret agent on earth for inspection and to know every secret thus they'll attack here

    ★Pt. 2 will come soon stay tuned to know that will that super advanced society destroy earth or something else will happen★

    Alexter out....

  • vyshakh_vengilode 28w

    മറ്റേതെങ്കിലും ഗ്രഹത്തിൽ ജീവനുണ്ടാകുമോ? ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ അവിടെയും പരിണാമം കൊണ്ട് ജീവി വർഗ്ഗങ്ങളിൽ സുപ്രധാന സ്ഥാനത്തിരിക്കുന്നത് മനുഷ്യർ തന്നെയാകുമോ? മനുഷ്യരാണെങ്കിൽ അവർ മനുഷ്യ വർഗ്ഗ ബോധത്തോടെ നമ്മളെ കാണാൻ എന്നെങ്കിലുമെത്തിയേക്കുമോ?
    നമ്മുക്ക് ചുറ്റുമുള്ള ഗ്രഹങ്ങളിൽ പലതിൽ നിന്നും ജീവന്റെ അടിസ്ഥാനമായി കാണുന്ന ജലത്തിന്റെ സാധ്യതയും, ജലം തന്നെയും കണ്ടെത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. ജലത്തിന്റെ രാസഘടന ജീവന് അനുകൂലമെങ്കിൽ അതിനകത്തു സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികൾ ഉണ്ടാവാനിടയുണ്ട്. അവ കോടാനുകോടി വർഷങ്ങൾ കഴിഞ്ഞാൽ പരിണമിച്ചു പലതുമായി മാറിയേക്കാം. വിദൂര താരാപഥങ്ങളിൽ ഇപ്പോൾ തന്നെ പരിണാമം ഉണ്ടായി വലിയ ജീവികൾ ഉണ്ടായിരിക്കാനുള്ള സാധ്യത തള്ളിക്കളയാനാകില്ല. വീണ്ടും അവയിൽ പരിണാമം ഉണ്ടായിട്ടുണ്ടെങ്കിൽ മനുഷ്യരിലേക്കാ പരിണാമം എത്തി ചേർന്നിട്ടുണ്ടെങ്കിൽ, നമ്മളെക്കാൾ പരിണമിച്ചവരാണെങ്കിൽ..
    @writersnetwork @readersweb @readwriteunite
    #evolution #anotherworld #space #universe #science #oneness #life #friendship #aliens #alien #future #dreams #desire #doubts #thoughts

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    സ്നേഹ ബീജം

    ഈ ഭൂമിയല്ലാതെ,
    ജീവന്റെ മറ്റൊരു
    ഈ വിശാലമായ

    ജീവ വാതകങ്ങളും,
    സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികളും,
    മറ്റൊരു മഹാ

    സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികൾ,
    അവനവനിൽ നിന്ന്
    സമരായ അപരരെ
    ജീവൻ പകുത്ത് നൽകി
    സൃഷ്ടിച്ചു കാണുമോ?

    മറ്റു സൂക്ഷ്മ ജീവികളൊ,
    പ്രാണവായു ഊതി നിറച്ച്,
    സൃഷ്ടിച്ച് കാണുമോ?

    വിപുല വിസ്തൃതിയിൽ
    ഒന്നിൽനിന്ന് മറ്റൊന്നിലേക്ക്
    പരിണമിച്ചു, പരിണമിച്ചു,
    ജീവികളുണ്ടായി കാണുമോ?


    യാഥർച്ഛികതയുടെ ഗണിതം
    മറ്റു ജീവികൾക്ക്
    സ്വസ്തി നൽകി,
    കളമൊഴിഞ്ഞു കാണുമോ?

    അവിടെയും പരിണാമം
    മനുഷ്യരെ തന്നെ
    അവർ അറിഞ്ഞറിഞ്ഞു വളർന്നു,
    നമ്മളിലേക്ക് വന്നണയുമോ?

    താരാപഥങ്ങൾ കടന്ന്,
    മഹാ സ്നേഹത്തിന്റെ
    മഹാ ബീജവുമായി,
    നമ്മളോട് ചേരാൻ,
    നമ്മളെ ആലിംഗനം ചെയ്യാൻ


  • wandering_ 30w

    Rise of the humans

    When the sermons of the dark shall be recited
    When the world will look at the sky in despair
    When the fortitude of existence is down in ashes
    When the cries of the living beings deafens the silence
    The race you and me call humans shall rise from the Phoenix
    And fluttering the banner of our flesh and bones
    We shall rule the universe!!

  • everythingcreative 49w

    A sky that is blue is all that we see,
    So much beyond that we cannot foresee,
    If only we could reach for what is unknown,
    And witness what is not shown,
    A sense that we can now only imagine,
    Without knowlege of what can happen,
    We may not be the only creatures to exist,
    There are those who are amongst midst.

  • poetic_catastrophe 50w

    The Aliens' Pet

    She is so strange, do you think she's okay?" a petite clone said to her mate. She didn't look so young. Must be around 150? Her mate would be around the same age. It was fascinating to interact with a clone up so close.

    They talked in a rather hushed voice. Now I find it strange that hoomans roam around all on their own and live without owners but given, I am on a strange planet without any idea on how to find my owners let alone get back home, I rather not ask them questions.

    "Hey. Are you lost?" said the clone in the furcoat with, expressions full of concern

    "I am looking for my owners. In the morning, when I woke up from my usual nap, they weren't in the room, which is very unlike them," I said as a matter of fact. Of course I wasn't gonna tell them just how terrified I was and the need to purr was overwhelming but I was smarter than that.

    "You mean, your parents?" the mate looked at me as if I am the one insane here. I wonder why haven't they sent a zap signal to my owners yet.

    "Huh. They like to be called that sometimes, yeah. Hey can you please signal my ow_ umm parents to come get me? I think they did install the zapper on me so they could find me," I said taking off my collar.

    "It was supposed to be here somewhere. Aha! Found it," I exclaimed, taking a small chip from the inside of my pretty collar that owner gifted me on my last birthday and holding it out in my palm

    The mates exchanged a confused look.

    "Here. Take it," I said, holding out the rectangular chip.

    I was stuck here, on this strange planet, asking the low life clones to help me find my owners? Aren't they supposed to be finding me in the first place?

    ''Umm sweetie, is there somebody you can call?" pressed the woman. Oh boi. If only I had taken hoomanology classes seriously or it was just that maybe they are just stupid, but I was losing my patience here and probably getting stressed out and I didn't have my yarn ball nearby. I needed by yarn ball.

    I needed to find my owners. I need... It's okay. Take a deep breathe. You are stuck on a strange planet they call Earth. There are roaming clones everywhere. Nothing to panic about. It's totally normal for Earth standarsa. You got this. You are smart. Only if she remembered chapter 8 that talked more about interacting with the clones and a little more of their fashion would certainly help at this point.

    ''Look I just need to find my owners. That's it. If you have a zapper, just signal them and they will pick me up," I tried to reason with them. The sooner I get out of here. The better.

    "What's a zapper?" the brunette sounded confused. The male looked rather restless by the way he was running his hands through his hair and shifting on his feet.

    ''It's a... nevermind," I almost forgot how far behind earth was in their technological environment. That probably just means I am stuck here. But why would my owners leave me here? Without sending a signal I couldn't go home. Where is the damn yarn ball when you need it?

    In the back of my mind I heard a few words that sounded like "honey," I think," "pets," and "aliens"

    ''Sweety, you need to come with us. It's not safe for you here. Are you hungry?" said the woman looking rather concerned and I sure was hungry. I just hoped it was canned food.

    ''Er, yes. Okay. I think you are right. Where's your ship?" I couldn't probably think about rescuing my owners from whatever they needed to be rescued from on an empty stomach. It is a good idea to go with the clones. I mean, what's the worse that could happen? It would only be for a couple of days, right?

    I did indeed eat too much last night. Who knew clones could cook this good? I didn't. I couldn't wait to go back and tell this to my friends! Hmm friends. I miss them. How many days has it been here?

    "Honey. I am sure she's a pet. The aliens, or the "owners" she is refering them as, probably abandoned her amidst the war that's going on. It's illegal to capture humans and make more "pets" and she looks like she's been one since a long time. They abandoned her because something is wrong with her" I heared the mates talking in the hallway. Ethically, I shouldn't have eavesdropped but they were certainly talking about me.

    I had lost my ability to read the minds of my owners; a skill that is a necessity for our kind to survive and to be more useful for our owners. I was sick and the doctor demanded a lot of currency to fix me. The reality was sinking in and... no, this couldn't be true.

    "We need to report this. If this is true, it can be a threat to us," said Honey, as the woman referred to him as last night on multiple occasions. I assumed it was his name.

    "They abandoned her. What are the odds they came all the way to another planet just to drop her off? We cannot turn her in. God knows what would the government do to her to negotiate and make a deal with those twisted aliens," said the woman in an anger laced voice. I couldn't just stand here and listen to the filthy, low-life clones insulting my owners like that.

    "Excuse me," I started. but before I could get to the door something licked my leg and out of the strangeness of the sensation and the reality check, I shrieked. I half expected my owners to respond and come running to pick me up but I only saw something furry and rather cute looking... something now licking her hands. This was a strange creature and this was something no books on hoomans taugh her.

    "Hey! Are you okay?," the couple bursted into my room, well it was technically theirs. What kind of question was that anyway? I had a strange creature licking my leg with something that felt like a wet sandpaper. How in the Planet X was this "okay?"

    "I... There's something under my bed and it licked my leg with something that felt like a sandpaper," I started but stopped when I noticed horrified expression on the woman's face.

    "Honey, look Fluffy's here. We have been looking for him," said the man holding the creature in his arms.

    "Oh thank god. I thought it was a monster," sighed the woman rather relieved.

    "Looked like a monster to me," I whispered under my breathe and the woman was visibly confused now.

    The first instinct was to ask if both of them were names Honey but it was very strange.Talk about strange things though. I have had the dose of "strange" for an eternity. Gee, thanks.

    With that, the couple shared a meaningfull look and the man left the room, carrying the meowing monster along with him. I also realised that I must be purring; the probable reason why the man left. Chapter 3 said the clones find that weird.

    "What was that?" I inquired, trying to calm my nerves down. Familiarity and knowing about things calmed my nerves down.

    "That was our cat, Fluffy," replied Also Honey.

    "Cat?" I was confused mostly because it was yet another thing the books never mentioned. Oh boi if ain't I having an experience of a lifetime time right now.

    "Yeah. With a "C." Like a pet?" she replied hesitantly.

    "A pet? Like me?" I asked, with a strange feeling of "sinking" deep within my chest. This was rather new. A Kat? Like my name? But with a C.

    "You are really not from here, are you? You are with... the," she stopped and looked at me softly.

    "Aliens? Yeah I am a pet and you are a clone," I started feeling myself growing agitated or maybe it was my defense mechanism kicking in reponse to the the gravity of the situation and what that might mean for my own existence.

    "I know this must be hard for you but they are not coming back. We think they abandoned you and..."

    And there it was. What I feared the most. The last visit to the vet was enough to make me realise something was wrong but I wanted to deny it so bad.

    "the owners decided to put me down and send me over the rainbow bridge," I completed her sentence feeling like my world just ended.

    A few years on Earth made me look at life so differently and unlearn so much about the hooman world and the planet Earth in general.

    I learnt that average hooman age is around 60 so I wrongly guessed their ages when I first met them. I learnt that neither of their names was "Honey."

    I also learnt about the atrocities committed by both, the alien and the hooman race and that my kind was the reason.

    Turned out the hoomans weren't the clones. And trust me when I say this; it's extremely hard to digest when you realise you were just an alien equivalent of Fluffy the Cat with a C.

    Sometimes I wonder if my owne_ I mean the aliens could have been a little more creative in naming me. Like "Kat" is a bit too obvious, no?

    I should have known but there was no way. They protected their atrocities well, but I wasn't exactly a hooman and my existence wasn't important to them. What do ethics and morals, both hooman and alien say about that? Where do you draw a line?

    If this was afterlife, I was at least happy... being free and not living my life as a "pet" for aliens. I also realized Fluffy the Cat and I shared a few similarities or maybe I was confitionco into it.

    The only thing I miss from my past life is my yarn ball. Sometimes I wonder where my friends are; the friends who were made to cross the rainbow bridge too and if I'll ever see them. Turned out the earth is huge. Not as huge as planet X but still pretty huge.

    The hooman neighbours sometimes look at Fluffy The Cat and say they wished to be a cat but do they, really? Do you?


  • mysticalinkling 56w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Aliens
    #aliens #existence #mystery

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    Existence of Aliens is a Mystery


  • james_taumas 61w


    They're coming
    The madman warned
    Invasion from the stars
    War arrives
    Alien conquerors
    No peace
    Humanity aligbed
    Battles end
    Earth no longer ours
    We're cattle to them
    Hope no more.


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  • james_taumas 63w

    First contact

    Arrival from the stars
    To our blue shoes
    A new race
    So different to us
    Both sides suspicious
    Friend or foe
    A leap taken
    New soil untrodden
    Trust foundations
    Road to space opened
    We are not alone.

  • emptyantiquity 67w

    Travel with me with you

    Hello, I say, I like like you. Its ok that you're different, I'm an alien too.
    Expression is hard, I feel overwhelmed, but I've learned these things are ok as well.
    Don't feel bad, please, you try your best, since we're not so good alone, maybe together is meant to be?
    Come take my hand, put your trust in me.
    I may move slow, and take my time, but you'll see, you'll see someday I'll grow wings and fly.
    Come with me maybe you'll grow wings too, that way we can fly together, dreaming is the first step to this world we will create.
    Come let's go, I've built a ship to fly,
    Its made of the shards of ships left behind, but you see, its still working, it just needs some love,
    Come lets take a ride, I want to see the world from above


  • _lizzys_heart_ 67w

    The little blue boy(Part Two)

    They came,
    They really came,
    The aliens.
    I called to them and they came.
    To take me away with them.
    Off this world,
    Off this planet called earth,
    Filled with people and things.
    It's been years since I called to them,
    But finally, they came.
    Much older now,
    I am on this planet.
    The planet Mars.
    Learning their ways and traditions,
    Winning them over.
    For years on Earth,
    I felt unwanted,
    Neglected, the black sheep.
    But here, I am adored.
    It's a wonderful feeling,
    And I love every second of it.
    Then I met Reggie,
    He was very friendly the day I came,
    And we soon became the best of friends.
    But Reggie, he had a problem,
    Can you guess what it was?

  • emptyantiquity 72w

    Turnip for you, king for me?

    I found a new planet, yes indeed, far from the one I was abandoned indeed. How I arrived is no mystery you see, a traveler came along and stumbled upon me.
    He has a spaceship all his own, a small but comfortable portable home, he fed me wonderous tales and poems, he makes me feel as though I too was home.
    Now we travel tried and true, through eachothers doubts and worries and blues, we come out together through the gloom, holding hands, we are born anew.
    Here on this planet now we have landed, partners exploring, our universe expanded. Here we greet the Turnip King, we feast on magic, we are both beautiful queens.
    Gourds and roots greet us with smiles, we are treated as royalty and led through the wilds.
    Come and explore with us through the spaces, see where our laughter and wandering may take us.


  • samhudson 73w

    Ill Intentioned Visitors

    Step right up, one and all.
    Line up here, against this wall.
    Pay no mind to all the commotion,
    Things are now set in motion.
    Your species has systematically ruined this planet,
    So you are responsible for all this panic.
    You've segregated yourselves by color, sex, and creed.
    Now you stand here, your fate you will reap.
    Genocide stares you in the face,
    The annihilation of the Human Race.

  • samhudson 73w

    Ill Intentioned Visitors

    Step right up, one and all.
    Line up here, against this wall.
    Pay no mind to all the commotion,
    Things are now set in motion.
    Your species has systematically ruined this planet,
    So you are responsible for all this panic.
    You've segregated yourselves by color, sex, and creed.
    Now you stand here, your fate you will reap.
    Genocide stares you in the face,
    The annihilation of the Human Race.

  • rachelezell27 74w


    There's a stranger inside me,
    A squatter in my womb,
    It didn't even sign a lease,
    And it doesn't pay for it's room.

    It's like carrying an alien,
    It's presence constantly made known,j
    If my tits and back already hurt this bad,
    Then E.T. needs to go and phone home.

    I'm always so tired and constantly sleeping,
    my nipples look weird and are constantly weeping,
    No matter how many times I pee every day,
    My bladder is always leaking.

    This uninvited guest,
    Who in my ribcage finds its rest,
    Had better be a genius,
    Had better ace every test.

    After all I've suffered,
    To be a good hostess,
    It had better vacate quickly,
    When served it's final notice.

    It had better not leave a mess,
    Not a single shirt in the closet,
    But if they do what can I do?
    It paid me no deposit.

    It's been a problem tenant,
    Right from the very start,
    on the first day it started stealing,
    now it's taken off with my heart.

    ~Rachel G. Ezell


  • evelovestar 74w

    Alien Girl

    She was an alien girl
    Coming from outer space.
    She had a glow on her hair,
    She had a glow on her face,
    She had a glowing heart ❤️
    There was a glow around her.

    Eve Sanchez

  • drtjeckleburg 77w

    Take Me To Your Leader.

    Winking sconceless light
    On & Off
    Green hue
    We are not alone