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  • alifrey 13w

    At Ease

    Fog has lifted, sky is no longer hazy.
    Thoughts in our head now, don't seem so crazy.
    Sunrise in the morning and all it's colors.
    Beauty in a child's laughter, curious in all their wonders.
    Strolling downtown on a weekend day for some veggies and fruit.
    Taking selfies in the mirror, feeling ever so cute.
    At the end of the day, peace and ease fill your soul.
    All because your addiction is no longer out of control.

  • alifrey 13w

    Short Comings

    The Step says simply that God will remove my shortcomings. The only footwork I must do is "humbly ask," which for me means asking with the knowledge that of myself I am nothing, the Father within "doeth the works."

    For some it's gluttony, food is their addiction
    Make up and selfies, too vein, to hide to their reflection
    Covers up the shame and guilt from somewhere within
    Hating self inside dating sites and adultery, men and woman
    Bottle and pills drowns sorrows for some.
    Taking another life off this earth, selfish and aggressive
    Others must have control and monitor,
    Violent and possessive.
    Breaking the law, violent crimes keep them from running.
    Once you admit your mistakes, you can God to forgive your short-comings.

  • alifrey 14w

    Daily Reflection 7/18

    "Now my gratitude seems to be directly linked to humility. As long as I have the humility to be grateful for what I have, God continues to provide for me."

    I have found the humility in my life, I've been searching for, these are what I am grateful for, which the Lord keeps blessing me with each day.

    My lovely Grandma who works hard and enjoys her animals and plants
    Humor and sarcasm all put into my Uncle Lance.
    Working in a field full of emotion and strength.
    Come to us for help when they are going to break.
    Freedom I have, following God's plan and direction.
    Love of my life, provides me security, devotion, and affection.
    Two little people, bring me joy, even a far.
    Stability for them to come back home to, pretty soon a car.
    Couple of girl friends, chatting each day.
    Always make sure each of us are doing okay.
    Legal lawyers who do their best to advocate for me.
    Last but not least, grateful for my sobriety

  • alifrey 14w


    Alcohol flows through me like an addict to crank
    trauma and genetics is what I have to thank
    blue and red behind me my clean record was over
    Next day brings consequences DUI and sober  with nowhere to hide I shut down and cried
    felt cheated in wrong no explanation why
    devil in my brain take the next drink
    no God around for clarity no morals to think
    now I sit clear-headed brand new reality
    nothing means more now than sobriety

  • alifrey 14w

    One Day At A Time

    Walked into a room and thought what a joke.
    Traditions and steps, all took turns as they spoke.
    What an order they thought, we're all addicts at the core.
    Serenity prayer at the end, keep coming back once more.
    Hear stories of heartache, trainwrecks, and probation.
    Jail time, sentencing, there's always a violation.
    Blessing start happening with sobriety they claim to speak of.
    It's all graceful and lovely like the wings of a dove.
    Losing all they have to offer, we welcome them to stay.
    The desire to stop drinking, the

  • jereme_palos 58w

    Written entries . Part three ( # 3 ) . < < A lot of reading . >> Reflective .

    A writer does not have to write with the highest

    level of literacy and vocabulary within every

    form of writing .

    An orator does not have to speak with the

    highest quality of oration within every

    conversation and speech .

    As within an AA ( Alcoholic ' s Anonymous ) or

    within an NA ( Narcotics Anonymous ) course ;

    Denial of the fact that The Holy Spirit does exist

    is additional evidence that HE does exist , A soul

    of whom speaks and says that The Holy Spirit ,

    God or The Son of The Living God does not exist

    ; The soul is providing additional evidence

    toward that fact that HE ( The Holy Spirit ) does

    exist , Science has proven that fact that God

    does exist . 2 Timothy 3 : 5 . Please read 2

    Timothy 3 : 5 . 2 Timothy 3 : 5 - Having a form of

    godliness ( goodness ) and denying the power of

    good that came from , originated and is

    energized by The Holy Spirit , Good or goodness

    is from The Holy Spirit . Good or goodness =

    Good or goodness . Flesh and sin = flesh and sin .

    Evil = evil . Flesh and sin are not evil . Flesh and

    sin are internal ( internal behavior ) and external

    ( external behavior ) via behavior . A belief does

    not alter a fact . Science has proven the fact that

    The Holy Spirit does exist via the fruits of the

    spirit documented within the book of Galatians .

    Chapter 5 within the book of Galatians . Please

    substitute The Holy Spirit in the locations that

    the word spirit is written . The Holy Spirit truly

    does exist whether a soul believes in him or not .

    A fact is that The Holy Spirit does exist . A

    creative story - Person A : Does the holy spirit

    exist ? Person B : Yes , the holy spirit does exist

    and that would be a historically documented

    fact .

    A creative story . Person A : Does the holy spirit

    exist ? Person B : Yes , the holy spirit does exist

    and that would be a historically documented

    fact .

    The counter debate is actually a debate toward

    The fact that The Holy Spirit does exist .

    There is not any counter debate .

    The counter debate provides further and

    additional evidence toward the fact that The Holy

    Spirit does

    exist .

    Similar of the scenario within an AA or NA

    course .

    #Apologetic .

    Please have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas . ( ^ __ ^ ) .

  • jereme_palos 58w

    Written entries . Part two ( # 2 ) . << A lot of reading . >> Reflective .

    The Son of The Living God endured Matthew 5 :

    10 - 11 and provided additional evidence of the

    gospel . Matthew 5 : 10 was a verbal counseling

    and blessing received prior to Christ enduring

    the crucifixion . ? He was also blessed within the

    scenario of the alabaster jar ; the scenario

    happened prior the event of the crucifixion .

    The Son of The Living God spoke and provided

    the beatitudes , was eternally anointed via the

    alabaster jar being poured on him and then

    endured the event that was previously taught to

    happen . The alabaster jar could have been

    anointed upon The Son of The Living God so the

    pain He would endure within the next

    historically documented event known ( whipped

    , beaten and scourged ) as the crucifixion would

    be reduced . ? She was medically and spiritually

    anointing him , spiritually and eternally blessing

    him , psychologically preparing him , grieving

    alongside him and reducing the pain that The

    Son of The Living God would endure within the

    next event . ? Christ Jesus expressed

    tremendous self control and self restraint

    during the scenarios within the event of his

    crucifixion ; He held divine power and could

    easily activate that power . An example of the

    power he could have activated was displayed

    after the completion of the crucifixion ; the

    giant earthquake . Christ Jesus could have

    activated a giant earthquake instead of

    enduring the crucifixion .

    The Holy Spirit endured the crucifixion so

    eternal life would be provided and so devout

    believe of eternal life would increase . The Holy

    Spirit was also closing , finishing and completing

    the supernatural and eternal court case ; he was

    multiplying and storing eternal wrath ( turning

    the other cheek and providing the tunic ; this

    was taught so a persecuted person would win

    within the court system ) within the event of

    eternal judgment . In addition , He was

    performing an act of atonement due to the

    previous judgments that he had been involved (

    Noah , Moses alongside Aaron and the wicked

    pharaoh , Sodom and Gomorrah , etc... ) within ;

    alongside atonement of the event held within

    the future discerned as eternal judgment . The

    Son of The Living God provided a supernaturally

    royal amount of evidence that eternal life does

    exist . He provided this evidence via the

    crucifixion , resurrection and the ascension ,

    alongside the miraculous gift of sobriety . A

    miraculous gift provided during Pentecost , ( the

    book of ACTS ) as evidence of Christ Jesus '

    ascension . The gift of sobriety is evidence of

    The Holy Ghost ' s royal power , eternal

    existence and supernatural victory . The Holy

    Spirit was prior Christ ' s crucifixion and The

    Holy Ghost was around the events of the

    entombment , resurrection and ascension ?

    Christ had The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost

    intertwined within his personal soul ; during the

    crucifixion , entombment , resurrection and

    ascension ? Within The Son of The Living God ‘s

    physical and earthly ministry ( around and over 2
    , 000 years ago ) he was provided a baptism by

    his cousin John The Baptist . During a number

    of historical events ; The Holy Spark within

    Christ Jesus was increased .

    HE could have had The Holy Spirit and The Holy

    Ghost intertwined within his soul ? Additionally ,

    during the large earthquake ; the 2 separated

    into the tomb and into heaven ? Afterwards and

    during the resurrection , they both reunited

    within Christ ' s personal body and that resulted

    in the large stone in front of the tomb being

    moved ? The Holy Ghost is the resurrected

    version of The Holy Spirit ; The second Holy

    Spirit or The revived Holy Spirit ? The Son of The

    Living God is The second Adam ; The revived

    Adam or the reincarnated Adam ? The Son of

    The Living God is a portion ( an eternal spark

    and flame ) of the eternal spark and flame that

    resides within The Father . ? The Holy Ghost

    captures the miniature spark ( interwoven

    within the body : thought process , conscience ,

    soul and spirit ) also known as the internal

    mirror reflection of The Holy Spirit ? The Holy

    Spirit within a person transforms into a Holy

    Ghost and the intertwined combination (

    miniature spark or mirrored reflection ) of The

    Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost within ( the thought

    process ) are transported to the eternal

    judgment that results in eternal life ? The

    eternally saved souls of whom were provided

    eternal life are living within heaven . ? The souls

    of whom did not receive eternal life are waiting

    the resurrection and the holy judgment of God '
    s righteous anger alongside his eternal justice ;

    the supernatural lake of brimstone and fire ?

    The Holy Spirit around and within the spark

    transforms into a Holy Ghost ; The Holy Ghost

    within heaven
    captures and transports the newly formed

    combination toward the judgment alongside

    heaven .

    Does reincarnation exist ? I do not have that

    knowledge although I would not doubt that

    reincarnation exists for a number of

    sparks ; not every spark . Unless a person

    considers and believes reincarnation being

    gifted eternal life
    within heaven . ? Reincarnation within present

    earth ? Reincarnation into heaven alongside the eternal

    body gifted by The Holy Spirit ? Re birthed into

    heaven and provided eternal life after the event of
    judgment ? Spiritually and physically re birthed

    onto earth ?

    Re birthed , reincarnated , transformed during

    the eternal ceremony or provided the eternal

    body after

    the return of The Son of The Living God ? The

    rapture and awaiting The Son of The Living God ‘ s return

    alongside the eternal judgment is a primary

    tenet of the belief .

    Reincarnation could also have been a counseling , apologetic and evangelist ‘ s discussion

    provided by
    The Apostle Paul as a way to convert and guide

    non believers toward believing ; could have also been

    finding friends and entertaining them with

    intellectual conversations about a man of whom

    was proven

    to exist although he was physically deceased .

    The man given the title of The Christ could gift sobriety because he was The Son of The Living

    God and
    held The Creator within him ; he could perform

    miracles . A little bit more than a trinity :

    The Father , The Son , The Holy Spirit , The Holy

    Ghost , 1st Adam , 2nd Adam . 1st Adam and

    2nd Adam
    are the same ? Eve was within heaven while

    Christ Jesus walked with The Apostles ?

    Additional .

    New born baby that did not physically live

    through child birth ?

    A supernatural and spiritually reversed birth .

    Baby welcomes the parent ( s ) into the Kingdom

    of heaven .

    Baby is on the inside of the kingdom of heaven

    and doors open :

    Inward , upward , outward , sideways and

    diagonally .

    Birthed into heaven after the baby was and is

    rebirthed into heaven .

    Birthed into heaven after the event of eternal

    judgment ;

    after the return of The Son of The Living God .

    Adam and the 2nd Adam are the same exact

    Adam ?

    Eve was waiting in paradise while Adam was

    walking alongside The Apostles ; while Adam

    ministering with The Apostles .

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of God . ?

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of The

    Holy Spirit . ?

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of The

    Almighty . ?

    Adam was a galaxy within the endless omniverse

    ; a lesser version of The Father . ?

    Adam was a lesser and younger version of God

    The Father .

    Adam reappeared so the eternal and

    supernatural court case would be completed ;

    would be finished .

    The ( already dissolved within the lake of fire )

    devil committed the wicked act twice .

    Adam was physically , personally and directly

    persecuted at least twice by the ( already


    within the lake of fire ) devil .

    Adam and Eve have endured persecution since

    the scenario and event historically documented

    within the book of Genesis .

    Additional evidence was obtained and the (

    already dissolved within the lake of fire ) devil

    was found

    as temporarily guilty and eternally guilty . ?

    The ( already dissolved within the lake of fire )

    devil committed 1st , 2nd and 3rd degree

    homicide ;

    Adam and Eve as well as the 2nd Adam . ?

    Adam reborn , rebirthed , reincarnated ,

    reappearing , rematerialized . ?

    Adam was the only reincarnated being to ever

    exist . ?

    Eve was the eternal spirit ( within paradise ) of

    whom outpoured and sent The Eternal Dove to


    while he was being baptized within the water ;

    John The Baptist was baptizing him . ?

    The 3rd appearance of Adam is the Return of

    The Son of The Living God and the event of eternal

    judgment alongside the eternal reward ceremony .

    Poetry , entertainment , theology , spirituality , evangelism ,
    counseling , apologetics , creative writing .

    A number of souls could be reincarnated as :

    clouds , space clouds , stars , moons , shooting

    stars or

    weather within space . ?

  • jereme_palos 58w

    Written entries . < < A lot of reading . > >


    Strong and see your prayer be created before

    your eyes in this Life or The Next One When We

    Are Physically Alongside Him... He Is Always By

    Your Side... Closer To You Than The Sunlight,

    Than This Post and Even Closer To You Than

    Your Heart Can Beat . Do Not Worry... You Got

    This . #Prayer . #Faith . #Live . #Love .

    #Happiness . #Wisdom . #Purity . Eternal

    happiness can only be obtained when one

    chooses to guard their heart and have it be

    guarded by others... but you still must guard it

    yourself . #SeekLife .

    100% supportive of free and equal .

    100% supportive of equal rights .

    100% supportive of human rights .

    100% supportive of The Legal System .

    100% supportive of PETA .

    100% supportive of Defenders of Wildlife .

    100% supportive of Wounded Warriors .

    100% supportive of Air1 .

    100% supportive of abolitionism .

    100% supportive of sobriety .

    100% supportive of vegetables, vitamins and

    water .

    100% supportive of responsibility and maturity .

    100 % supportive of health and safety .

    100% supportive of babies .

    100% supportive of The Constitution of The

    United States of America .

    100% supportive of God and a chaplain within

    the school curriculum .

    Guidance .

    Write to decrease the crime rate .

    Pro life and pro choice .

    Primarily pro life, then pro choice .

    Be both .

    Both , yet pro life .

    100% Supportive of CPS and CPA .

    That is always present .

    Language does equal behavior .

    Cross and Jesus did not accomplish much ? The

    cross and Jesus have provided sobriety to many .

    Multiple proven and documented miracles

    within reality . The Holy Spirit does exist . The

    Holy Spirit does gift personal freedom .

    Sobriety is a true blessing , gift and miracle of

    God . Please request that blessing .

    Viewing and hearing of a false Christ provides

    evidence of The Holy Scriptures... Whether the

    person is applying reverse and societal

    psychology , trolling , or not psychologically

    healthy . Persons claiming and pretending to be

    Christ are only providing evidence of The Holy

    Scriptures . A devout believer being bullied due

    to personal faith is additional evidence of The

    Holy Scriptures . Stop the bullying .

    Matthew 5 : 11 . Scenario of a devout believer

    being bullied proves the Holy Scriptures . Speak

    up, stand up, and speak out about the bullying .

    Be a continual eye witness . Bullying is not

    healthy .

    The fruits of the spirit written and documented

    within the book of Galatians can be clearly seen

    within the behavior a person and within self .

    Additional evidence that proves The Holy Spirit

    does exist . Please be responsible . Eternal life

    does exist .

    The writings of Apostle Paul documented within

    the book of 2 Corinthians chapter 13 : Verses 5 -

    11 . Personal examination of the faith , eternally

    gifted promise of salvation , personal behavior

    and The indwelling of Holy Spirit . Please

    substitute the phrase Christ Jesus with The Holy

    Spirit . Verse 5 : Examine yourselves to see

    whether you are in the faith; test yourselves . Do

    you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you —

    unless , of course , you fail the test ? Verse 6 :

    And I trust that you will discover that we have

    not failed the test . Additional evidence that The

    Holy Spirit does exist . A believer can observe

    whether another person retains the fruits of the

    spirit documented within the book of Galatians

    via a person's behavior . Galatians 5 : 22 - 26 .

    100 % supportive of The Exodus Road . 100%

    supportive of a healthy environment. 100%

    supportive of sobriety . 100% supportive of fire

    safety . 100% supportive of responsible

    education .

    100% supportive of NAMI .

    Biblical story .

    Christ carrying the cross and walking to the

    mountain .

    A viewer deeply grieves , mourns and weeps .

    An angel speaks and the viewer discerns the

    angel’s voice .

    “ He of whom presently carries the cross and

    wears the crown of thorns gifted every thought

    process “ .

    Christ stumbles to the ground with the cross.

    “ They are going to find out soon because He

    shall be resurrected and return upon clouds of

    glory “ .

    “ The 2nd Adam . The Christ . The Holy Spirit .

    The Son of The Living God shall return and arrive

    with eternal glory “ .

    The angels , Christ , and the crowd grieved ,

    mourned and wept together .

    After the angel finished speaking and providing

    counsel .

    Christ stands up , picks up the cross , continues

    walking and then stumbles .

    Simon appears , helps Christ up and carries the

    cross with him .

    Simon was the good Samaritan and good

    neighbor that helped Christ .

    An angel ?

    Melchizedek ?

    John The Baptist reappearing to help Christ ?

    Joseph appearing to help Christ ? Christ’s

    earthly father .

    Joseph appearing to help Christ ? The son of

    Jacob .

    Jacob appearing to help Christ ?

    Job appearing to help Christ ?

    Joshua appearing to help Christ ?

    Moses appearing to help Christ ?

    Elijah appearing to help Christ ?

    Elisha appearing to help Christ ?

    Isaiah appearing to help Christ ?

    Abraham appearing to help Christ ?

    Noah appearing to help Christ ?

    Enoch appearing to help Christ ?

    Caleb appearing to help Christ ?

    Lot appearing to help Christ ?

    Adam appearing to help Christ ?

    Methuselah appearing to help Christ ?

    Daniel appearing to help Christ ?

    A cured and recovered Simon the leper

    appearing to help Christ ?

    Simon was Christ ’ s warmth and reduced the pain

    He was enduring .

    Christ was enduring pain and Simon reduced the

    pain endured .

    Simon was a mixture of emotions and thoughts

    that were within Christ .

    Simon and Simon Peter the apostle .

    The father arranged Simon to appear .

    The father was comforting and counseling

    Christ Jesus with Simon .

    Christ would have endured harsher torture if

    Simon The Cyrene had not appeared . Written by

    Jereme Joel Palos .

    100% supportive of Amnesty .

    Prayer alters every thing and item because of

    the thermodynamic ( physics ) verbal heat

    energy released while praying . #Science .

    Short Story :

    Does The Holy Spirit exist ?

    Yes , The Holy Spirit does exist and that would

    be a fact .

    Gay Straight Alliance . LGBT and Straight

    Alliance . Straight and LGBT Alliance . Human

    Rights . Equal Rights . Equality . #TheHolySpirit .