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    4 Nov 2021 5.25 pm
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    I made up myths and I'm going nuts
    Anyway HAPPY DIWALI everyone ����

    Thank you so much ��@writersnetwork made me happy !

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POD �� @miraquill Love ��
    Whoa so unexpected and made me super duper happy !!

    Sending Love and Light to everyone, Keep Inking ♡(●♡∀♡)

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    Spring is a Poetic Utopia

    And the womb of Gaia yearned for light
    that stretch longer, post buried-off frore
    In anticipation of gleaming komorebi
    her heart pumped purple prismatic to
    white wintry drops of nepenthe
    While galestorms were sashaying slowly
    to tumultuous cloudscapes,
    from the womb comes crocus flowers
    with the hope that spring is nigh
    Then her daydreams becomes snowdrops
    to welcome susurrus syllables
    as a shield to storms

    Soon snowtides recede and carpets of caespes
    covers the crust nurturing the womb
    for flourishing future of flora
    Her pride and peace became hyancinth
    to allure Apollo, of which
    violescent veils convey forgiveness
    Her spirit accompanies lost souls to heaven
    with budding iridescent irises,
    a sweven of rainbow
    And it's time for the yellow trumpets
    to adorn the solitude of spring,
    when the bellwether of zephyr leads Narcissus
    to tail echo only to end up drooping
    into the shimmering silhouettes of self-love,
    later to reborn as daffodils

    Her love was a poignant poem
    lured onto thorns by mountebanks,
    her heart bled crimson cries and
    grew rosebeds to waft fragrance of true love
    Her perseverance thrived as peonies
    on the crown of floral carpets,
    lending spells of longevity to lorn hearts

    Her notions became the necklace of blossoms,
    golden showers of chrysanthemum
    with magnetic spells of melody
    Her voracious desires became vivid dreams
    in vibgyor hues to give birth to orchids all over
    like an ornament of oath
    Her zest and zeal became beauteous anemones,
    petals of which cradle folklores in flamedrops
    Her reveries and remembrance blooms carnations
    in chromatic colors, her offerings in achromatic
    and her reminiscences as pink-eyed petals

    Her metaphors weren't immortal but moribund,
    they coiled until their casket and their
    undying love blossomed to bulbs of tulips
    Her adoration and admiration for luminosity
    sowed seeds of sacrilege and reaped helianthus,
    whose gaze glides across the welkin tailing Helios
    At last when vespertine vapors swallow the day,
    her tears become leal lexicons rooted in abbysal arcs
    and turns into mellitus lotus and mazarine waterlily

    // Spring triumphs as Lumina oscillates Terra
    Osculant and oracling odes of flowerets
    Serving an Utopian dream of a poet

    ~ Mayhaps,
    Spring is a Poetry Penned in Pollen //


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    2 Oct 2021 1. 55 pm
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    Basic shades of RED are 20 /
    & Coz Red is m y favorite color /

    Thank you for EC ❤️ Thank you so much for the read and love everyone. I love you all here ❤️
    Thank you so much for Repost ❤️ @writersnetwork
    3rd Hattrick !!
    Red POD ! Whoa ��❤️ I love this the most ������
    Thank you so much @miraquill & everyone who loved this !

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    20 Shades of Red

    Red ~
    I wasn't even five winters old when I first fell in love with red. Beauty, from then was, etched on those tints and shades of red, as if, while every color passed by, red lured my attention and all attraction.

    Cherry ~
    Kindergarten was a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues yet the bento box with cherry slices sticked to my taste buds. Adolescent days had me fantasizing of cherry kisses that his lips would brush on mine.

    Rose ~
    I was a toddler springing with bees and butterflies in the park when that scent seeked me. Blossoms that enchanted me with dreamy redolance and beauty was red, a hue that sparked within me such vigour and passion.

    Jam ~
    Playdates and picnics baskets with Grandma's special fruit jam thwarted homesickness to a limit. After her, someone special also has his favorite jam strawberry, while my favorite part was stealing bites of his breakfast bread.

    Merlot ~
    Autumn roasted verdant dreams and toasted hopes on grilled grief and nights had me etching my heart onto parchments. Verses soaking merlot memories and dripping metaphors were addictive while amor was so far away.

    Garnet ~
    Purging pyre polished the stone heart into glittery garnet just like my heart that pains in flames and later let all the light inside. Grieving was prohibited, for glory awaited at the end of trials.

    Crimson ~
    Sunset ribbons red over the horizon, cloudland blushing a robust rouge. That was my first kiss. Twineyes in the drowning twilight, cried crimson to the careless waves yearning caresses. That was my first heartbreak.

    Ruby ~
    Pale skin infected with infatuation, some butterflies fluttered near hip bones and ruby pimples sparkled on my cheeks while my heart slipped at his feet. Later on at late nights when sleep evades me, I grind some ruby and chew some philosophy.

    Scarlet ~
    Though A letter in Scarlet print was stamped for shame, it synergized to pride through flipped pages. Dawn welcomed my days only when he spreads some scarlet sindoor on my forehead, and that's where pride glows.

    Wine ~
    When winter passed without a summer or spring in reserve, dusks lead me astray and some bottled wishes swished in an oval glass to bring me back to the land of undead. Winedrops that parched my momentary thirst knows how deep my drought rooted.

    Brick ~
    I was twenty two summers when I held his arms and stepped into our cottage in the hills. The brick walls smeared red of our raging scent and tapped our whispers. Those winter bricks sang lullaby to my loneheart clutching to a faded silhouette.

    Apple ~
    I wasn't going to fall for temptations in this birth and you shouldn't have too. Yet history repeats itself but altered in a way, in the place of single serpent, venomous tongues tracked you. And I couldn't say no when you pushed a poisoned apple into my hands.

    Mahogany ~
    I was sweet seventeen, scared and shy, eyes searching for alphabets sewed into stories slumbering in mahogany shelves, when his gaze crossed mine and we fell into a new story. Scenery turned sweet to sour while memory remained sweet.

    Blood ~
    A hue is innate to me within, running circles while blooming life into me. Blood red races as a tapering ivy, branching off beliefs, illuminating illusions and igniting musings. If passion has a color it would be blazing red.

    Sangria ~
    First grey clouds on our skyline didn't fade away but gifted some purple patches. They lay fuming betwixt frowns and tears. Eventually cascading as burnt red anger. That was our first fight, the one that we couldn't resolve afterwards.

    Berry ~
    I was as ripe as a pink berry, and kisses were never enough. Some cravings yearned for more than sweetness. We danced through blue to red and reached purple and sour desserts sated souls. One bite of berry and I'd think of your marks on my soul.

    Currant ~
    And I hide behind black and grey shadows when my own love scares me to death. Red also meant danger, so I lay under the veil of tinted melancholy, my love growing in the shade. My red wasn't really red, it was a mirage of black.

    Blush ~
    And he never wrote Poetries about my smile or sang songs about my dimple. When the last of my blushes sank, I realized that he did nothing but made my blushes bleed.

    Candy ~
    I was twelve springs young and ignorant of the taste of kisses but my dreamboat chewed on bubble gums as if obsessed of it. He replaced the flavor of candies and gems and sowed some red seeds that tasted of his breath.

    Lipstick ~
    Life was too short to stay wilted forever. As the spring of love dried up leaving lipstick smudges as signature of heartbreaks, I gulped some red and saved the rage to ensure my fight. Because even if love ends or not, life sure goes on.


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    I'm late, but I did it �� #ak_2_jk

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    1 Sep 2021 6.12 pm

    | To the melody who calms the chaos
    Happy Birthday JK / this one is for you |

    Omgush POD ������ for This one ���� ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Finalllyyy @miraquill I don't know how to thank you, this is a part of my purple heart ���� Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm beyond overwhelmed ���� Today is���� @writersnetwork Thank you so much ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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    An Artist in Love

    Love is not magic but a  m a n g a t a 
    Of soul, which is 
    A potpourri of reverberating  m e l o d i e s
    A pale silhouette gleams in silver glitters
    Unbeknownst to themselves

    Amidst the stygian blues and unfolding blacks
    You are the only star that  s i n g s
    In a rhythm, melliflous to mutuals
    You've pushed yourself 
    To move, to mend, to motivate
    Make way to the skies of forlorn
    You're hope with  w i n g s 

    Mayhaps even the dawn isn't deemed
    Worthy to witness the glow 
    as you  b e g i n  to tread a path 
    Thorns awaiting to prick and pierce
    Fangs hiding behind the  f o g 
    Prying to hurt you, blurring to veil you 

    Oh but darling you're a  m o o n b o w  to mist  
    A sparkle of mirabilia, that blessed your wings
    Letting universe etch you 
    As a  d e c a l c o m a n i a  of delight
    Your aura waves to form a fogdog 
    On cloudy palettes of  p a i n t 

    You're an abandoned art of neon light 
    No time could pull curtains of  d e j a  v u
    While each moment with you 
    Is a new  h e a r t b e a t  of love

    But alas, you don't know
    How many hearts your voice has  t o u c h e d 
    If only you could count the drops in an ocean
    To eternize the hourglass of  your  t i m e 
    If only the madness could retract itself
    To become the melody unearthed
    If only the noices could nullify
    To raise the  e u p h o r i a  of calm

    If only this dowie doldrums could cease 
    I'd hope to soak a gleam of your love 
    To enwrap my  p a s s i o n 

    An art that has neither rhyme nor rhythm 
    Only love and love to  g l o w 


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    1 June 2021 1.11 pm


    Writer's Heart ~

    My heart is so heavy with truths untold
    Often drizzling and pouring inky rain
    My stories uproot my pains, words unfold
    Slicing my void, soldering my complain

    My poesy, scented in gruesome grief
    Aligning lexicons lamenting loud
    My letters, laurels to aparitif
    Appetite hunting metaphors confound

    My writings are odes to woebegone days
    Slithering down the walls of memories
    My tales are forlorn dreams reviving ways
    Seeking hiraeth, wanderlust reveries

    I paint poignant portraits within my soul
    I pen tales of wretched hearts, hard as coal
    // For what is heavier in this world
    Than a writer's heart ?
    Deeper than ocean beds
    Higher than mountain peaks
    Wider than vast empyrean
    Louder than Love //
    A writer is an amalgamation of several souls
    Arresting Amateurs, Beguiling Beethovens,
    Clandestine Coelhos, Delightful Dahls
    Everlasting Emiles, Forsaken Fridas
    Galvanized Goethes, Historic Hugos
    Intuitive Ibsens, Jarring Joyces
    Kaput Kafkas, Longing Lessings
    Mysterious Miltons, Nostalgic Nerudas
    Opulent Orwells, Promising Picassos
    Quintessential Quasimodos, Radiant Rowlings
    Sojourner Sylvias, Terrific Twains
    Uber Updikes, Vagabond Vangoghs
    Wishful Wordsworths, Xenial Xinrans
    Yonder Yeats, Zealous Zolas

    // A writer revives rusted memories into ruby refrains //


    AH Thank you so much for Repost @writersnetwork ����

    POD !! ������������❤️
    THANK YOU SO MUCH MIRAKEE @mirakee ����
    Khamsamida Everyone ����
    Satisfied ��❤️

    WN, Mirakee and Mirakee World ... Triple Hit ��❤️��
    June 1 - Such a Beautiful Day ❣️❣️❣️

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    7 May 2021 12.59 pm

    Etheree - 10 lines of 12345678910 syllables
    Reverse etheree- 10987654321 syllables

    My Lighthouse ~

    Of my hope
    Please accept my
    Love and gratitude
    For lighting my pathway
    For guiding me to the shore
    Your ever graceful shine found me
    I was lost in the shadow of doom
    Alone in the ocean (of) utter despair

    My sail was smooth in the initial stage
    As if waves were wishing bon voyage
    I was unaware of the dread
    Following my tail, so close
    Hungry humongous waves
    Encircled my ship
    I lost an oar
    Fighting the

    Struggled to
    Find direction
    I was losing hope
    I clutched my life jacket
    Tears tasting the salty sea
    Fearful of fate's decree, fatal
    Lost sailor's souls sang soliloquies
    While I prayed for a glimpse of bottled hope

    Cacophonous chaotic waves rose high
    Signaling approaching tornado
    Ship rattled with gigantic waves
    My syllables screamed for sight
    Withered in forlorn hope
    My metaphors drowned
    My verses wailed
    Till I found
    House of

    My love
    My saviour
    Guarding angel
    Lend me rays of light
    To find the distant shore
    Brought me safe with single oar
    Ebbs took away despair and doom
    My syllables bloomed in your spotlight
    Metaphors reborn, my verses breathe life


    @writersnetwork @mirakee LOTS OF LOVE ♡♡♡♡♡

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    2 March 2021 1.30 pm

    Thank you so much for repost ❤️ @writersnetwork
    OMG... This is a huge surprise ! �� Means a lot to me ��
    Thank you so much for POD ❤️ @mirakee

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    Embolden the Endangered life 
    Save and Secure Sanctuaries
    Play on the Harp of Harmony
    Let the Waltz of Wildlife go on


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    Thank you so muchforPOD @mirakee ��������������
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��������������

    ~Summer Lovin' ~

    Dear Darling

    My window pane reflects the blinding sunlight
    Eagerly arriving to meet my smile as I stay still
    Pondering on the words and verses you left with me
    My one smile is all the sun solicits but I have to say
    Your name echoing in my mind stole that right ages ago

    Sunflowers singing melodies on the spring field
    Yearn for adoration but my heart is dripping honey
    To the rhythm of your song playing back in a loop
    Darling those daffodils are jealous of the glow
    Your smile dolls me with and don't you laugh again

    Summer shine is resplendent yet without you
    Its one shade paler yellow, one shade darker blue
    Bees and butterflies pry my ecstatic wildflowers
    " Wherefore art thou? " Oh blushing blossom !
    Lend me another spring to cherish mi amor

    Can we go back to the days of orange sunrises?
    The taste of citrus kisses still lingers on my lips
    Delighted by the warmth of glowing embers
    You passionately painted on my dainty petals
    My blooming love withstanding every season

    Can we go back to the nights of firefly lights?
    Where every curves rivaled the crescent moon
    Your fingers mastered every note in the music sheet
    Cherry flowers showering on our frames reminding
    Grape fields of another life we lived ever after

    Can we go back to the enchanted days of romance?
    Where mornings were embellished with your kisses
    Dancing together through the ticking time and
    Evenings enriched by balladry with your signature
    Those dreamy blankets of wishes are still embracing me

    Darling can we go back to the summer we met?
    The season of our dreams has my soul captured
    My mood triumphs on the lazy rays of the blazing sun
    Reciting a summer song, I water those marigolds
    For when you come again, they receive you in full bloom

    Another day passed in delightful solitude
    Another night crawled in savoring tranquility
    Another week breezed in cherishing seclusion
    Another year rushed in celebrating melancholy
    My heart stubbornly holds on to your sunshine love


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    Summer Lovin'

    // Darling these summer rays are blushing
    Every time your memories kiss my cheeks //


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    Sow forgiveness
    Grow humanity
    Reap love