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    31 Oct 2021 3 pm

    #ak_alphabets a to z

    Happy Halloween �� EC ! ��


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    Miles and Miles of Mistakes

    Not adorning an armor amongst those artrate apparitions is my mistake
    Not blooding banality whilst the barricades sunk bathic is my mistake
    Not crooning caelitis while cacophony covered the crust is my mistake
    Not dropping dormiveglia in deep dysanic doldrums is my mistake
    Not evading eons of ends in the elysian eternity is my mistake
    Not fading my forelsket in frantic frore is my mistake
    Not gulping glaucous glee while greenery glides away is my mistake
    Not heeding honestus in this hallucinatory horizon is my mistake
    Not imitating imaginations among irrubesscō inklings is my mistake
    Not jading my journeys while they were jotting jittery is my mistake
    Not keening kalopsia amongst kaleidoscopic kinds is my mistake
    Not layering my love with lies and lores is my mistake
    Not magnifying mortala when mortals mourned is my mistake
    Not nurturing nocents while nihilistic notions piled is my mistake
    Not orbiting oracles while odes surpassed originals is my mistake
    Not pondering plots when philosophies plagued is my mistake
    Not quoting queries amidst quiescent qualms is my mistake
    Not raising my rhythm among those roaring ringings is my mistake
    Not sugarcoating syllables amidst sacrilegious soliloquies is my mistake
    Not trailing trademarks of trouville while treating triggers is my mistake
    Not uttering urgensies with unconditional love is my mistake
    Not volunteering to verléieren for their vainglory is my mistake
    Not wielding a weapon while they wrecked the world is my mistake
    Not xeroxing xenials when they xeroxed extremities is my mistake
    Not yielding to yestreens but yearning for yeoubi is my mistake
    Not zipping zeal while zoning to zemblanity is my mistake

    // I did not confess my compassions
    That's my only crime in this corrupted cosmos
    I remained a poet in this post-apocalyptic plateau //



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    9 Oct 2021 3.35 pm

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    The Zenith of Poetic Euphoria

    I love the ambience art that articulates the arduous amendments into aesthetic ambrosia
    I love the brio burble of byzantine balladry that embalms the buxom air enlightening embers
    I love the clangour of classics declouding the caligo that cantrips the catharsis of caelum
    I love the deiform daydreams that accentuate the deeds and desires to deesis anabiosis
    I love the effulgent emission of komirebi encircling the realms in ethereal enchantments

    I love the floresta of flowerets framing faraway hiraeth that fixates my fantasies
    I love the glossy garments and glittery garlands that poetry adorn my ardent soul
    I love the halo of halcyon days laying and layering on hallways of whilend hallucinations
    I love the intense inklings of the mind ignifing the incandescent indwells of the soul
    I love the jocund journals of jovial as well as jarring hearts pirouetting the purpose of life

    I love the kaleidoscopic thoughts overcoming the kalopsia of moments and oracling knowledge
    I love the lonesome mangata lightening the tapestry of deepening doldrums as a solasta
    I love the metanoia marvels of wandering monks and meandering nefelibata soaring high
    I love the nubivagant nuances prancing through the welkin of nomadic aislings
    I love the oratory obeisance of a solitary soul to the dawning era of renaissance

    I love the phosphenes pondering within budding twineyes unfurling in my poesy
    I love the quivering notations revolving around the strings of my rhythmic passion
    I love the reflection of reminiscence wavering as prismatic beams on the face of agelast
    I love the susurrus swish and swirl of ink that has harmonized with the rhythm of my respire
    I love the theurgy of solitude embracing the scintilla of sensibilities evoking eunoia

    I love the undivided attention of a moment transpiring as ukiyo, prevailing in tranquil
    I love the voracious ventures of a wholesome vagabond swirling through the frames of time
    I love the wakening warmth of aurora lighting up hopeful hues slumbering in shadows
    I love the xanthic tint of parchment longing for promising engravings to beam upon ages
    I love the yodelling syllables of a metamorphosing poet yearning for the ears of just

    I love the zenith of poetic euphoria, the everlasting zeal of a poet, the eternal elixir of imagination


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    18 Sept 2021 4.04 pm

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much ���� 2nd Hattrick!

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    ✿// Beauty is upon you

    / Beauty is upon you, Oh beholder of benevolence
    What sensibilities sails your boat, sets your soul free /

    Ardent adoration of your heart, keeping art alive in crevices of you
    Archangel of abundance, love that never fades as much as it flows
    Benevolence of "the butcher, the brewer, the baker", a spiritual selfishness
    Balding banality and blooming bewitching blues, like Beethoven's symphonies

    Caligo clutter ceiling the bluest of the skies and seas
    Consequence of clarity, crystalline clearance of chaos
    Dreamscapes of a wandering monk, an iota of wholesome
    Draping desires over despair, a bait for brimming balladry

    Echoes of extremity and shadows of sublimity
    Enriching extravaganza or enamoring enthusiasm
    Fernwah farewells, felicitating transient Trouville
    Flourishing flora and fauna, an escape from endanger

    Glory of gossamer while fog smooches forestry
    Galestorms raging, ganges glowing, gaiety and grieving
    Hornbills hollering, hallucinations of a faraway hiraeth
    Hitherto hidden conscience, spiralling sparks of epiphany

    Instincts fueling imagination, surrendering to surreality
    Ink that enshrouded the entire galaxy, universes are specks in verses
    Jaded frames of amorous hearts, floating in forelsket
    Justice that's blindfolded and impartial impressions

    Kalon glazing embers of entity, meraki on mind
    Kaleidoscope of shades that lean to the land of lights
    Lonesome tranquility, liven squares of sanity
    Lavishness of simplicity, like lavender on lissome leaves

    Maimed magnificence ethereal, overpowering perfection
    Mutating mindsets, the winged victory of Samothrace
    Noori of notion enwrapping thoughts like a halo
    Neon lights of phosphenes scattered in Eigengrau

    Origami of aesthetics and orchards of original beaut
    Orchestra of peace, subtly playing and swaying kindness
    Polar stars that polished wishes and painted palettes of dreams
    Pigments of pondering, nuances of mastery

    Quills that hold the valour of thousand swords
    Quietude that swoons in to mitigate cacophony
    Rays of rising Aurora, rivulets of patience
    Ranting raindrops on the rooftop of loneliness

    Sirens luring salvation, unexpected surprises of stupor
    Stellar stars and silence embracing the scarry moon
    Theurgy of solitude and threshold of singularity
    Thousand suns glowing on the threshold of enlightenment

    Umbra of morale and unwavering resolutions
    Uncharted territories of fate, reveries of renaissance
    Villanelle of vagabonds, oneism on board
    Victory in letting go, armoury of ambrosia

    Wanderlust souls waltzing in bonfires
    Wavelengths of wisdom, whispers of hearts
    Xenia of reciprocasy, universal homes and
    brotherhood blood
    Xerox of solemnity amidst scavenging vengeance

    Yestreen twilights dawning in daydreams
    Yonder residing evergreen sovereignty
    Zenith of zeal, riding the waves of euphoria in mind
    Zealous zephyr of Utopia embracing ebullient soul

    // Beauty is upon you, Oh beholder, I repeat
    What sensibilities sails your boat, sets your soul free //


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    10 Aug 2021 10.10 pm

    I didn't use any color name :-) but it's complicated !
    ( 2 Ms wasn't intended )
    Okay thank you so much for EC ��
    Thank you so much for like @miraquill

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    / Terrain tints and verdant shades /

    Aeonian soul amongst fleeting luminosity
    Aureate glow overshines bland depths
    Binding darkness spread tints of void
    Bondage the color of bones, crushed hope

    Claymugs ground spirits in coffee bean tint
    Cultivates faith fragrant moon beam bliss
    Dancing clouds and dizzy rain warm shades
    Dazzling stars serenading peaks veiled with snow

    Emeralds and rubies, jewels under the waves
    Endnotes on pamphlets, the color of trust
    Giftwrappers and glitter, glued to unsent letters
    Glowing candles, the color of burning doubt

    Hues of Vangogh's sunflowers in vintage vase
    Hurts and heals barren blues of lost love
    Inking prayers in blood with an oath of forever
    Inching closer to the grave hidden in verdant

    Jaded frames of dreamcatchers swinging
    Jostling wind chimes to the breeze shaded time
    Kneeling on the altar of force, confessing dark
    Kalon wrapped peonies in tincture of promise

    Lost kites and popped bubbles, color of magic
    Lissome grass blades, buds last color of rainbow
    Morning gale the gown of autumnal tear drops
    Mystic strokes of pistachios and perseverance

    Mending hearts in patches, faded tiles of care
    Milky straws vacuuming happy pills of sugar
    Nocturnal tides drowning chaos in infinity scarf
    Nimbus clouds and nightmares drip honey 

    Old cassettes in pastel boxes, mix tape of mood swings
    Oil shaded lamps on the bedside of progress
    Popcorns and sandgrains, emptying pleasant waves
    Pirouette of star dust on gleaming windowsills

    Questions, the texture of torn fabrics and forlorn
    Quietly screaming lost love on blank walls of cage
    Rage the drops of blood, overflowing wineglass
    Rings and stones, infinity etched on rocks

    Songs of rainbow, scribbles of rust
    Seashells and pearls, the color of fantasy
    Tryst with a wandering monk wearing peace
    Tripping on fogs of existence, shade of mist

    Undying breath of sprouts and wings ethereal
    Umpteen prayers on shooting stars
    Vignettes of murky bleak portraits on walls
    Vague swirls of viridian heartaches tangle

    Worn yet strong boat of life, floating on blues
    Wayfarers dreams are sepia tinted slides 
    Xenias reciprocating words and deeds
    Xylan cells and nerves blooming buds 

    Yards of smiles reaped on forgiveness
    Yarns of gold, spinning bonds on hold
    Zigzag running palm prints of skinning fate
    Zealous zephyr on frenzy, molten lava lights

    // Terrain tints and verdant shades
    A mundane piece in naked strokes //

    / Those messy palettes and bloody fingerprints
    Pain carved on aeonian soul to etch melancholy /


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    / Z to A - persona + wardrobe - Alliteration/

    Wardrobe of her World ~

    Zephyr caress the zorbeez robes in tangerine hues, humility and humanity at the zenith
    ~ a Zen monk

    Yellow weaves of Youghal lace adorns the yearning soul of a guru to whom world yields
    ~ a Yogi guide

    X-rays of nightmares in a hollow body of mutants, a cloak of misfortune and mystery in a xyst
    ~ an X men

    West wind tickles the woolen coats of a wanderer, a hang watch in waistbag and a warm blanket in backpack
    ~ a wayfarer

    Velvet veiled gowns and velour suits rests in her closet, her hands on the bow, heart on a vow
    ~ a violinist

    Unleashing her virtue and vigour she packed ultrasuede ensembles in her suitcase and her passion, an ukulele
    ~ a unique persona

    Tapestry of daydreams weaved in textiles of amorous beauty - her precious possession, she treads
    ~ a tourist

    Scintillating silks of harmony in hold the entire soul of her, orchestrating a seraphic symphony
    ~ a singer

    Roses of reminiscence, reticella laced attires, she springs with a brimming heart, for her Romeo
    ~ a romantic lover

    Quaffing the ale of ethereal empyrean and beyond, questions encircle her being, quite yet quick
    ~ a quantum soul

    Polaroids of still life moments, an array of albums as prelude to her passionate life, and plush fits, her world shrinks to a picture
    ~ a photographer

    Odes and oracles converge, ottoman silks and ornaments of speech, narrating an odyssey
    ~ an orator

    Nameplates and nemesis urge her to attain more, she flys high, evading nets with notions and novellas
    ~ a nefelibata

    Music awakens her, food for her soul, muslin weaves in magenta shades, and her muse
    ~ a musician

    Love is the embodiment of soul, its eternal attire, linen threads and lilac lace of luck, sometimes lost at life
    ~ a lover lost

    Kaleidoscope of visions and kite-like vibes, knitted dreams, she seeks knowledge
    ~ a kalon beauty

    Jubilant waves of change, she outshines everyone, cwtching the jewel of soul
    ~ a jewel

    Inking stardust on a stellar sky, gleaming over nocturnal life, in her veins is color blue, inscribing imaginations
    ~ an Inara

    Holistic hues of desire splashed on the canvas of life, she paints a holy heaven
    ~ a haven of colors

    Gardens blossoming in spring, awakening the growth of a soul, adoring the garment of nature
    ~ a gardener

    Fragrance in the wind, fragile blossoms surrounding, fashionista of a kind, fusion of flavours
    ~ a florist

    Embodiment of Elegance, embellished in golds and silvers, enchantress in ethinic wear
    ~ an empress

    Dashing and delightful, breathing life to dormant dreams, doleful and dainty, dancing to drums
    ~ a dancer

    Cuddling clouds of white and coloring the welkin in neon, some crumbled notes and coins
    ~ a cloudwalker

    Blues and greys combine, silky silhouette sways, enchanting the audience in the tale of blackswan
    ~ a ballerina

    Array of stars make way for her abode, adorning angelic white, and devoting life to art
    ~ an artist

    Wardrobe of Her

    Halcyon days weaved Habutai silk gowns for her, part hailing happiness, part haunting horrendous... nonetheless left her heavy heart longing for a hiraeth

    Eagerly awaiting phobias in Eolienne,corded curtains, entailing her endeavors, emerging to erase her efforts to embark on an enlightening journey, tempting her to elope with ego... whereas she ensures to engage in embodiments elegantly with energy, envisioning a future well enlivened

    Reveries reformed themselves into raging Russel cords, reminiscence running in warp-wise lines, entangling with her reflexes and veiling her reflection... hitherto rests those rare records of her rosy life, recollections of rains and rainbows reviving in riveting rhythmic refrains

    // She's a Ballerina of Beguiling blue nights
    Inamorata of the Balmy Moonlit sky
    Inking Blissful verses, a Buoyant star //


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    ABC of Life

    An edge of life, it seems like a cliff
    But more there is the path ahead
    Curiosity isn't enough, courage it demands
    Determined one should be in life, to turn
    Every dilemma into success, a miracle
    Fortune is not to blame, or mere fate
    Give the entirety of yourself to your passion
    Hold your head high and walk the road of success
    Illuminate the path you tread with your dedication
    Justifications, you aren't obliged to give
    Know yourself and your people will follow
    Learn every path in your life, every nook and corner
    Man is not just a man, but a man of his words
    No one will dare to question you once you accept yourself
    Own the self that desires to achieve greatness
    Praises isn't that gets you high but the heights
    Quests in life are like a labyrinth, solve it you must
    Revive the dreams sleeping in your memories
    Say goodbye to anything that tries to pull you down
    Take chances, so you never regret it later in life
    U - turns are allowed, utilize it, if you wish to go further
    Vengeance you must steer clear of, embrace patience
    World is wide and vast in front of you, hide no more
    Xerox you aren't of anyone else, be and stay original
    Years ahead will show how life will reward you
    Zeal is all it takes to live life the way you want to


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    Zeal is all it takes to live
    Life the way you want to


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    Abecedarian poem


    Another life I will forget you love
    Believe it or not this one is my afterlife
    Clouds pass from one place to another
    Dear, I was just like those passing clouds to you
    Even after sharing everything that could be shared
    From secrets in the dawn to silence in the dusk
    Gates of our hearts closed on each other
    Have you ever thought how this will end ?
    I don't think you know how much this breaks me
    Just let me know if you still want me to be with you
    Knowing your heart now beats for someone else
    Listening to you slowly whispering to them at night
    Making love being a ritual that has neither mind nor soul
    Not once did I expect to be the one kept in the dark like this
    Only thinking hopefully that you will return to me at last
    Perhaps that, right there, was my only fault in life
    Questions I have in my mind don't matter anymore
    Right now, I just want to let go of you and everything of you
    Since when did you find a stranger in me ?
    To know how distant you got away from me, it hurts
    Unknown to you, I was always following your heart
    Virtues all lost, this relationship is not going anywhere
    Why would you hurt me like this ?
    Xenial bond, never was this, so let's end this now
    Yesterdays will always keep on haunting me
    Zenith I have reached of this unfaithful life !


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    Another life I will forget you love