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  • happy__me 199w

    A GIRL is a
    Princess of her father!
    Queen of her husband!
    Mother of their children!

    She is not a piece of materail to fulfill our thurst!
    But a godgift who deserves to be worshipped!
    Love her because she simply DESERVES it!

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    She was just 23 when stepped her feet into the world of crime!
    The night was soo violent that the dawn was completely mourned!...

    They tied her trust!
    They raped her confidence!
    They killed her soul!

    She was not the wishing well to satisfy the thurst of concupiscense!..
    She was not the loser but was a great fighter who made them suffer!.
    Lighting candles don't make her soul rest in peace..
    But..burning the mindset of those idiots with the same candles surely does!

    Lets tie their thurst!
    Lets beat them black and blue..

    It can't bring her back..but will surely save many!!