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    Yeah, it was the very first time
    i had seen so much blood
    gushing out from my body
    to be very precise
    "my genitalia"

    I was panicking
    dazed and confused
    In that blood red paranoia

    You didn't know?
    I was a pretty shy kid in school
    Soft-spoken, dumb, lost, disturbed
    A coward

    I was 7 years old
    when the ladies of my commune
    took me to a tiny, dark room
    where i was told about a lot of
    unheard, unspoken, unseen things,
    things a 7 year old hardly needs to care for

    they asked me to lie on that messy bed
    circling around me
    someone grabbed my hands
    patted my head
    covered my mouth
    spread my legs
    pulled down my under pants
    And breaking that circle
    vividly i saw my grandmother
    with a blade and a tattered piece of cloth
    in her hands
    Closed my eyes

    feeling a stinging pain between my legs
    Feverish i woke up feeble
    To the sound of the ladies
    congratulating my mother, aunt, grandmother

    "She has been circumcised"

    Imagine a 7 year old girl in that situation
    hating her ultimate state of existence!
    Unsure of what was wrong with her?


    Then my mother came
    explaining, comforting and lying
    the whitest piece of truth
    - there is or there was
    a certain piece of flesh in my body
    that is or that was sinful and filthy
    which the God didn't liked

    [The supreme creator of the entire universe
    the divine God himself
    the creator of earth, moon, mount everest, man, blue whale, dinosaur, stars
    Had a problem with
    a tiny bit of flesh
    At the most inappropriate part of my little body?]

    The thing is
    There is no such thing as "Consent"
    in force feeding religion and it's distorted practices
    or be it sexual orientation or caste
    you were born with it
    you die with it

    It is everybody who were once somehow cornered by somebody
    at some junction of life
    repeating the same action to the other somebody

    And they all spend their entire lives
    standing in a 'grey' area
    No black, no white, no wrong, no right
    Peforming - genital mutilation, violence, mass murders, rape, infanticide, massacre, taboo, sacrifice, genital mutilation
    like a puppet - calling it
    "The will of God"

    So, that was
    "The story of my circumcision"

    That felt like, as if -
    All the prophet of righteousness
    were chanting the name of God
    In a casino, betting Derby
    drinking beer and a pork leg
    Screaming to death
    cussing, cursing
    that my "clitoris" is or was a

    ©Simon bhusal