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  • madinah_writes 1d

    Poetry stained on my lips,
    Fire burning through my hips.
    Arguments drive in broken friendship.
    Torment paints you odd to worship.
    God's forgiveness you crave.
    Till regrets pushes you to grave.
    Life moves on,
    Words rolls on.
    What exactly have you gain?
    When there's nothing at your domain.
    Here after comes,
    Your grave is full of worms.
    Then, what would you tell your Lord?
    When the world has fallen behind to mud.
    The one that breaks friendship is lost.
    It's the best religion on earth, he's worst.

  • madinah_writes 4d


    What differenciates the garden and the graveyard is what you plant in it.
    Seeds or bones are nothing, but it would resurrect again.
    This is the picture of AFTERLIFE.
    It would definitely come.


  • naqsaif 3w


    "Flirting with insanity was one thing; when insanity started flirting back, it was time to call the whole thing off".
    ~Rohinton Mistry.

    Sometimes insanity is all that sanity isn't.
    Great people embrace insanity with a pinch of humor. Be that person.

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    In this life
    And after,
    Till eternity
    I hope you can endure
    All the despair
    And the sanity.


  • thethought_fox 6w


    Ticking Time bombs we all are
    Since the time our feet
    caressed the ground.
    Awaiting an explosion
    that sends us shooting
    towards Zenith where we arise,
    Now as stars we grace
    the sky, watching our people
    Distant and God-like
    Until we burst into stellar dust.
    Finally free, insignificant,
    mere dust, finitely infinite
    Forever to roam the dark expanse.
    ©Sanjana Varma

  • sarah27 8w


    Just let me catch my breath
    Beating through my chest
    Is this about to be my last breath
    Terrified and helplessly awaiting my death
    Someone rescue me
    I'm laying on the floor
    I think I'm about to walk through after lifes door
    And maybe thats why I'm laying on the floor
    I caused this and now I must suffer my own despair

  • tiwarianushka17 11w

    Something was strange. The cold breeze brushing past my face had numbed my senses and the scent of a distant lover unsettled my inner storm. The floor beneath my feet seemed nebulous like clouds. Or maybe it was cloud.
    I wonder how I am experiencing all this. I remember crystal clear that I died. Yes, I did... But how is this possible!
    I could see someone approaching me from blurry horizon.
    Is this you...? No, ofcourse not, it's impossible. You can't be here.
    "Why not? So, this means you no longer miss me."
    How can you even think of it. I can never forget these eyes of yours, which screams how much they love me. I can't forget this smile, gently reminding me of promise of our forever. Or this person who is my whole world.
    "Finally you agree it's me."
    But you...you died 2 months ago. Whatever this is, I am out of the world right now. If it's a dream I wish, it stays forever. All I want is you. All I need is you. I can't even think of breathing without you. But you don't love me; how dare you leave me alone. No worries, what if you left me; see I came here for you. Remember we promised from earth to heaven we will never let go of each other.
    "Yes, I remember very well. You are the reason I am dead."
    Me?! What did I do? Even in my wildest dream I would never think of it love.
    "You forgot. You forgot that I never died. How can I die if I live within you. But you killed us both. Even if one of us wasn't their how you forgot the value of other. I'm watching you form 2 months, how you die every day. And you call it love. No dear, I am still alive in you. You just need to embrace yourself. My eyes still have that love for you, go see the mirror. And when you cry my love, our love flows in form of tears. It's the pain that I feel everyday. Watching you in pain gives me the feeling much worse than hell. Promise me to love my love more then I love her. Take care of her. Make her happy. For her one smile, gives me happiness of a lifetime!"
    I promise... I love you. I love... I...
    "I love you more."

    Where am I? What's this place? Who are you?
    "I am Dr. Singh. How are you feeling now?"
    Doctor... why I am in hospital? Where's he?
    " He? Ma'am no one's here. You were in comma. You had an accident few months ago. And from then you were asleep. You almost died. This is a miracle. Let me call your family. They will be so happy to know this. "

    ...Accident, no it wasn't an accident. I jumped off that bridge to reunite with you. But you won't even let me die peacefully.
    So, here I am living the life you want me to live. You wanted us to live. I feel you when I breath. I hear your heart beating within mine. I don't know it was afterlife or I was dreaming. But I promise I'll keep my promise.


    I don't know it makes sense or not, but still��
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    @rimi_ojha Tried!��

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    Life. Death. Afterlife.


  • _gkishu 12w

    drenched in the odour of daisies,
    the land feels cold,
    fading pulses echoes,
    compiling a vague beautiful rhythm.

    It feels like a lament is being written,

    had a delusion that the path from death to the dead would be like a labyrinth,
    it turned out to be a single way voyage,
    there is no returning,
    but things are coming to a warm end,

    closing the eyes,
    as they still lack the courage to see reaper in eyes,
    loosening up the body, knowing he will hug tight,

    in the middle of the field,
    we sat together for a while,
    left the baggage,
    and walked in eternal life.

  • niveditaaa 13w

    The day after I killed myself
    I woke up in the same room
    I could see myself lying peaceful in the bed
    Bedsheets stained with blood
    Saw my mom crying in the corner of my room
    I tried to wipe her tears
    but I couldn't
    I went downstairs to see my dad
    with his wrenched face reading my diary
    I could see my brother sitting next to him
    His face glittered with hope
    to see his sister once more,
    I could see people at my door,gathered together to discuss on my departure.
    I feel so light, but somewhere
    I was weighed with regret
    Somewhere I forget
    to see my people and their love
    Somewhere I was too involved to myself
    becoming blind to see around me
    There I can see god
    But i am not able to reach to him
    I stood steadily...
    And I wished to undo this,
    to get that second chance.
    But I was too late for everything and everything....!

  • pain_thru_pen 15w


    We got separated in this life.
    But, we'll be together in our afterlife.

    The path which led me to you,
    The fate which was meant to be sued,
    Got our back in its time,
    didn't even got the chance to set the destiny of our love in futures dime.

    Our souls which were combined,
    Got separated by prospect's consign.
    But, I'll wait for you untill I die,
    For our separated souls to tie.

    I don't wanna be without you in God's beautiful pandemonium.
    But, with you my soul will be happy to get tortured in Satan's abusive coliseum.

    You are mine,
    You'll always be mine,
    I'll gather the courage to face the fate this time,
    Gonna wait for my last breath to bind with you in afterlife.

    @pain_thru_pen ����

    Thank you @moon_pearl for the repost ❤️❤️
    #lovepoem #afterlife #romance #painofseparation
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    Gonna wait for my last breath to bind with you in afterlife.


  • stevenlgoosby 15w

    The Spirit Views

    I believe there is war in the afterlife I believe that
    The greatest war is in the Afterlife

    One may rise and fall in defeat in this life,this is
    One may even appear to win in this life,
    this also be true...

    However I sincerely believe there will be war in the afterlife

  • ekansh_original 15w

    Hey Reader!!
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    Have a great day!!
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    Life After Death?

    Is there a life after death?
    Do we get shifted to some other world, which we named "heaven" and "hell".
    Are there more replications of Earth?
    And every birth and death is the transition of souls among them.
    And do these transitions, if happens, are carried on by our maker or is it autonomous?

    Is death the ultimate end?
    If it is, then what is it actually?
    An immeasurable space of utter darkness,
    A shallow personification of emptiness, or nothing at all ?
    Does the last breath, that escapes our slightly parted lips, is capable to cease our existence?


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  • naykinephantom_ 17w


    Ungrateful, they teased me,
    saying this is chronic shite,
    my heart is freakin' quivering,
    confined betwixt narcotics,
    the seizures grunting frame,
    i crawled out of this world,
    terror driven and grooving,
    over the facts of ragnarok,
    my soul got pierced, saying,
    i am fine by luck and logic,
    what's the matter with me,
    maybe my heart wants this,
    a clutch of hope, a kiss too,
    the appreciation of tragedy,
    someone to fuckin' say it,
    that anomaly is fine to do,
    a person, all ears and eyes,
    to hear my verses of doom,
    so that the death will knock,
    to have me over, peacefully,
    that's what's wrong with me,
    my story isn't a cup of tea,
    it's a god damn acrimony,
    taste it, savor every mouthful,
    and just get it over with.


    #damned #afterlife #migraine #seizures #eastisup #twentyonepilots #smokingkills #deathfromabove #fuckthesociety #iwritesins #mirakeewrites #writersnetwork #abnormal #bane #fuckit #getoverme

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    I smoked hell and heathens,
    Now it's time to smoke the saints for good.

  • pragatigarg 18w


    Yes it's the inferno
    Where darkness walks alive
    Where evil thrive
    Sins get life
    Yes the nine circles of hell are deep inside
    Where devil resides
    Since the beginning of time
    No knows what's in there
    Until one dies
    For only the dead walk past the gates of underworld

  • _kind_heart 20w

    We are born as different being, we live our life, basically meet various people in our life including that special person with whome we spend most of our life that is our soulmate, we enjoy, we cry, we laught, we try, overall gain different experiences and then with all those experiences we die. So this is how one journey ends right? but what after that, i know i am asking something which is a common question to the world and do not have any absolute answer
    that's why i am taking my chance to guess some theory,

    well, what i feel is, in shorter sense we incarnate into other being, with no memory of our past life and this has happened maybe billions of time and still remains is billion more and you never know your current life number in that long queue.
    (you must be thinking, many have said that before, what's new)

    New is,I said we incarnate but maybe we incarnate in different time frame possibly past or maybe future ahead and one more thing, do you remember i talked about that one special person who we meet and spend our life with, maybe that person is actually us. Maybe that is our soul born back in time and grew up and now meeting the new incarnated soul of our.

    lets take a short example:-
    A person named (E) born in 1865 dies after spending 65 year of life in 1930, after that he incarnated back in time maybe 1860 named (I) and at the age of 25 that is in 1885 marries to (E).

    Maybe thats why we call the other person SOULMATE because, they actually shares the same soul (which never dies).

    extending this theory further maybe who so ever we meet in our life or see around are just US born (or i should say incarnated) in various time frame.
    (i don't know, i am just saying but this thought of mine really boggled my mind )


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    Read it once !!

  • sarahlove 20w

    The ultimate end

    The best thing in life is that this life is not the ultimate end . There is a better place named paradise hopefully we will end up there ♥️

  • thefloatingverse 22w

    She evades my mind;
    Even as she lays in front of me weeping.
    I yearn to erase those signs of her despair,
    But alas forgive me love, my shortcomings restrict me;
    I'm only a soul without a form to take,
    Not seen, nor heard, just recalled sometimes on a varied assortment of days.
    The composer to my heartstrings crumbles there, just a few inches afore me,
    Her hands grazing over my photo since the day I left.
    Agonizingly I can do nothing but hopelessly stare
    After all what I am, comes with rules obeyed by all deites and realms.
    At least once everyone has wondered,
    Where does one go when they have exhausted their mortality
    And so here I'm to answer your question,
    Death comes like a long awaited old foe,
    It greets you and takes you for tea while you anxiously wait for what comes next
    Though dismal your soul, you can't help but ponder
    Will the antagonist of every life ever, take you to the haven his twin oversees,
    Or will the sadist keep you for themselves to add to their anthology of sinners
    Sipping his tea in a poise only the grim reaper can master
    He smiles devilishly and breaks the news
    That everything you ever conjured about death in your finite imagination was not a bit true.
    Voice flowing like sweet poison, deadliest of them all
    Wisdom dripping with each word the ancient one says
    "Now that you're no longer burdened by the notion of existence,
    I shall tell you the enigma of afterlife.
    Listen clearly and swallow the truth I bestow upon you,
    As you exit from the lives of your loved ones, in charge of their survival you will be, Choose one for once and all; So for eternity their guardian archangel you would be.
    You will see them, You'll hear them
    However they won't know your presence in the slightest bit.
    You will be there every second of every passing day,
    Their shadow you shall be, concern of yours will only be their life's longevity
    Furthermore if you dare misuse your might, stripped of them, you'll beg for mercy
    So Child beware not to expose your presence nor try to reach what isn't within your limits.
    I must now tell you this sincerely,
    If limits are crossed, you will be banished to my personal care
    And then you will never meet in eternity as the original script entails.
    The foreboding moment is now here, tell me which one you'll choose
    The dearest of your dears."
    And for a moment I had a choice to make,
    But my conflict resolved when I remembered mum was there for dad as well.
    At that thought a smile sprung up on my lips,
    Though soon vanished when the devil broke my hopes
    "No, you can't meet her," he said answering my thoughts, " Your mother and you will reunite only after you've both fulfilled your jobs"
    That's alright I thought at once ,we've got time and the wait is a whole lot of worth.
    The answer was clear as I determinedly looked at him,with a smile I announced
    "I'll protect her, the bearer of my promises of eternal love, till the sun sets on her time on earth and to the time she's ready to join me,
    In the place where the Sun and the moon share the same space
    Where we could start eternity together and never to separate again."
    And then as I finish those words, I'm spiralling downwards to the place I belonged
    As I look up, I see her, silently whispering in her ear,
    'I kept my promises of loving you till my last breath , now it's time I promise you forever and ever again'
    And so I became her guardian spirit, her being so close to fingers but farther than lightyears it feels
    Its a bittersweet circumstance,
    Seeing her all the while, knowing someday we'll encounter again
    Instead of the goodbye I never got to say, I'll sing her songs of infinity
    But Knowing that someday he'll come for her just as he did for me
    And then I'll fail at my commands and he'll take her where time's not a thing.
    We'll be together and thats a hell of an epilogue
    But there's something alluring about impermanence of humanity
    That I'll always regret not spending with her and the memories that never got to be.

    #death #guardianangel #soulmate #promises #afterlife #eternity #love #goodbyes #hell #heaven #mortality #sun #moon #tedtalkswithdeath #truth #oldfriend #restricted #wait

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  • kelvin_ateb 22w


    A self destructive act.
    Lost in the fabric of time.
    To relive a moment for eternity.
    Nothing last forever.
    Deaf ears, they fell on.
    Now, here lies your heart.
    Carved out and embalmed.
    So I ask, is your heart still mine and mine alone, my love?

  • fali92 23w

    Beyond the threshold

    Minute by minute its slipping away.
    Consuming the life with each breath taken.
    Is it aging or dying?
    Or rebirth with the outcome of past deeds.

  • jebinjohnyalexander 25w

    Are we all dead? Are we rewinding the recorded loop of our life we lived?

    Because we don't know what lies ahead of us in the future and people can still rewind their memories to the past..

    Like a movie that we watch about ourself how we lived!

    What we did and how we lived!

    A visual reliving our life in split seconds!

    But with a detailed milliseconds of our life.

    Some are predictable, some could be miraculously beautiful

    Some are painful, some are beautiful

    Some brings tears of pain, some with tears of happiness

    A life once we all lived ages ago!

    Rewinding it in the loop of tapes that God had recorded each one's life.......

    A never ending thoughts..

    In the mind of mine!