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  • thefloatingverse 2d

    She evades my mind;
    Even as she lays in front of me weeping.
    I yearn to erase those signs of her despair,
    But alas forgive me love, my shortcomings restrict me;
    I'm only a soul without a form to take,
    Not seen, nor heard, just recalled sometimes on a varied assortment of days.
    The composer to my heartstrings crumbles there, just a few inches afore me,
    Her hands grazing over my photo since the day I left.
    Agonizingly I can do nothing but hopelessly stare
    After all what I am, comes with rules obeyed by all deites and realms.
    At least once everyone has wondered,
    Where does one go when they have exhausted their mortality
    And so here I'm to answer your question,
    Death comes like a long awaited old foe,
    It greets you and takes you for tea while you anxiously wait for what comes next
    Though dismal your soul, you can't help but ponder
    Will the antagonist of every life ever, take you to the haven his twin oversees,
    Or will the sadist keep you for themselves to add to their anthology of sinners
    Sipping his tea in a poise only the grim reaper can master
    He smiles devilishly and breaks the news
    That everything you ever conjured about death in your finite imagination was not a bit true.
    Voice flowing like sweet poison, deadliest of them all
    Wisdom dripping with each word the ancient one says
    "Now that you're no longer burdened by the notion of existence,
    I shall tell you the enigma of afterlife.
    Listen clearly and swallow the truth I bestow upon you,
    As you exit from the lives of your loved ones, in charge of their survival you will be, Choose one for once and all; So for eternity their guardian archangel you would be.
    You will see them, You'll hear them
    However they won't know your presence in the slightest bit.
    You will be there every second of every passing day,
    Their shadow you shall be, concern of yours will only be their life's longevity
    Furthermore if you dare misuse your might, stripped of them, you'll beg for mercy
    So Child beware not to expose your presence nor try to reach what isn't within your limits.
    I must now tell you this sincerely,
    If limits are crossed, you will be banished to my personal care
    And then you will never meet in eternity as the original script entails.
    The foreboding moment is now here, tell me which one you'll choose
    The dearest of your dears."
    And for a moment I had a choice to make,
    But my conflict resolved when I remembered mum was there for dad as well.
    At that thought a smile sprung up on my lips,
    Though soon vanished when the devil broke my hopes
    "No, you can't meet her," he said answering my thoughts, " Your mother and you will reunite only after you've both fulfilled your jobs"
    That's alright I thought at once ,we've got time and the wait is a whole lot of worth.
    The answer was clear as I determinedly looked at him,with a smile I announced
    "I'll protect her, the bearer of my promises of eternal love, till the sun sets on her time on earth and to the time she's ready to join me,
    In the place where the Sun and the moon share the same space
    Where we could start eternity together and never to separate again."
    And then as I finish those words, I'm spiralling downwards to the place I belonged
    As I look up, I see her, silently whispering in her ear,
    'I kept my promises of loving you till my last breath , now it's time I promise you forever and ever again'
    And so I became her guardian spirit, her being so close to fingers but farther than lightyears it feels
    Its a bittersweet circumstance,
    Seeing her all the while, knowing someday we'll encounter again
    Instead of the goodbye I never got to say, I'll sing her songs of infinity
    But Knowing that someday he'll come for her just as he did for me
    And then I'll fail at my commands and he'll take her where time's not a thing.
    We'll be together and thats a hell of an epilogue
    But there's something alluring about impermanence of humanity
    That I'll always regret not spending with her and the memories that never got to be.

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  • kelvin_ateb 1w


    A self destructive act.
    Lost in the fabric of time.
    To relive a moment for eternity.
    Nothing last forever.
    Deaf ears, they fell on.
    Now, here lies your heart.
    Carved out and embalmed.
    So I ask, is your heart still mine and mine alone, my love?

  • fali92 1w

    Beyond the threshold

    Minute by minute its slipping away.
    Consuming the life with each breath taken.
    Is it aging or dying?
    Or rebirth with the outcome of past deeds.

  • jebinjohnyalexander 4w

    Are we all dead? Are we rewinding the recorded loop of our life we lived?

    Because we don't know what lies ahead of us in the future and people can still rewind their memories to the past..

    Like a movie that we watch about ourself how we lived!

    What we did and how we lived!

    A visual reliving our life in split seconds!

    But with a detailed milliseconds of our life.

    Some are predictable, some could be miraculously beautiful

    Some are painful, some are beautiful

    Some brings tears of pain, some with tears of happiness

    A life once we all lived ages ago!

    Rewinding it in the loop of tapes that God had recorded each one's life.......

    A never ending thoughts..

    In the mind of mine!

  • shatabdi365 5w


    You never know what's on the other side of the parallel dimension and if it's just a dimension that's intersecting with our dimension with life and afterlife.I know it's kinda weird to read but give it a thought.What if there's no parallel universe or dimension but an intersecting universe or dimension with an intersection point of life, death and afterlife. Where we can just see life and death but we're unaware of the presence of afterlife. When there is a glitch the same person who dies, takes birth in the same universe and not the other universe. And sometimes the person with afterlife do have the memories because of the glitch in the parallel universe/dimension.


  • sayaliparkar 5w


    Sometimes a heart /
    Looses hope/the
    Defeated eyes try/
    To make peace with/
    The dark night /but
    The sun shines through /
    The vast blue carpet /of
    The sky/it screams like
    A happy child /
    'If your hope died last night,
    This is the afterlife. You
    Get a new beginning'

    -Sayali Parkar

  • seraiah_writes 6w


    Flowers and wishes can see me off this land,
    But the only things to the end shall stand,
    Are the love all you have given me and His guiding hand.

  • caffeinetears 6w


    I would be buried with:
    The scent of my mothers hair
    The weight of my father's touch
    The sound of my brother's laughter
    The warmth of friendship
    Tucked under my neck
    From friends who came far
    And if I still have his heart
    I would have his love
    Threading through my hair

  • bellemoon99 6w

    I know I'm late but I really wanted to write this. #afterlife

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    I'd like to be buried with the smiles I recieved, the bright flares that shone in my darkness.

    I'd like to be buried with the kisses you gave me, the sweet nectar my soul grew stronger with.

    I'd like to be buried with the changes I've made, the growth, the laughter, the music, the color of my experience.

    I want to be buried with the beauty of art, so I may use it to grow a gorgeous field above me and give back to the world.

  • nubi_vagant 7w

    Before birth

    I was the tiny little soul wandering in the galaxies

    I wandered almost everywhere
    The whole universe is serene outside the world
    But atlast I came unto the world.

    I saw the loveliest couple on earth❤️
    I was happily jumping in the air to see them ✨
    The sparkles fledged all the way ✨
    They were amazing together
    They were the most beautiful souls
    They had the kindest hearts
    And I wanted to be one among them

    Because there was so much peace in the universe
    But love is only inside this little world
    I chose Love ♥ Over Peace ✌️

    There was the right time...
    I jumped into her womb!

    I'm here....
    Talking to you
    Being the happiest person in the world,
    Spreading love and joy,
    Living life the fullest

  • ashu154 7w

    There is a life afterlife i hope we will choose to live the way we wanted to live this life.

  • _iexist 7w

    Daffodil my culture
    Jonquil, half tradition
    I am still not over expectations
    piled in my artery
    Neighbour to my lungs
    Gasping heavy sighs( dark scares me now)
    vowing before your door
    Even it's shut or purposely closed
    worrying it will break me apart
    which I overlook as
    I am the trumpet machine
    rejoicing missed parts
    holding hope until
    You agree to be my
    Beginning. Middle. End

    #afterlife #motivationc #bflowerc
    Last line from
    "beginning. Middle. End " Song ~ Leah Nobel

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    Lost Daffodil in
    Field of weeds
    sedate grave
    to breathe afterlife
    with hidden albums
    scripted with love
    I will not pass over
    Even if it's the end


  • payal_sapiens 7w

    Dear Humans,

    I am exploited for being a female,
    Are you too?

    Oh, no! I wasn't born a human,
    They say my intelligence is incomparable to theirs!
    But i wonder, what they do with that
    "level of intelligence "
    When they founder to pay respect,
    Be it for animals like me or
    even of their own kind!

    We don't have right over own own bodies,
    Let alone the right to live with dignity!
    They treat us like an object!
    As if not a body but body parts,
    Do they objectify you too?

    Their ears shut for
    our racing heart beats when they drag us to slit our throats,
    and the moans of mothers like us whose babies are snatched from us,

    Their eyes closed
    to see the injustice THEY do,
    the agony and pain we suffer,
    the tears we shed from the mental torture they put us in
    and the environment they keep us in,
    where our body drenched in our own shits,
    fighting for an inch space to squeeze in,
    and the mind that dreams about the world that blossom outside this walls of dark hell!

    Their mouths stitched with quotes of their egocentric mind,
    shouts "we are the top of the food chain",
    As if claiming,
    We have the right to own you!!!

    Have you felt the same?
    The feeling of being owned by others?
    Does that happen in your own kind too?

    Oh, nooooooo,
    But they do feel for us,
    Just that their taste buds don't!
    for we are too tasty to be alive!
    You see, our life weighs way less than their tongue does.
    It's perplexing when they say they love us,
    when they are literally tearing us apart
    with a fork and knife in their hand,
    But what they mean by that is
    They love only some of us,
    Like dogs and cats!
    What they mean is that, they are hypocrites,
    They only love them
    and yet are somehow "animal lovers" in their eyes,
    And we weren't born that cute
    and thus deserve to be slaughtered
    to serve them!

    Have you felt that too?
    As if you born to serve them?
    As if your identity is attached to them?

    They even rape us,
    artificially inseminate us,
    Against our will!
    They don't call it giving a birth
    But rather producing liabilities,
    Cause we are just a business,
    We are just about profits and dollars!

    Have you been forced against your will as well? By your fellow humans? Been valued your worth in dollars?

    They captivate us
    and experiment on our minds and bodies,
    This trafficking and captivity torments us
    More than any form of death would!

    Have you felt the same?
    The feeling of being captivated and trafficked?
    Does that resonate with your own kind too?

    If yes, have you been fighting for you?
    For your freedom?
    Haven't you had enough already?
    We may not be equal in your eyes,
    But do you feel for us too?
    And see the injustice?
    Can you voice for us as well when you voice for yours,
    for our voice hasn't been heard enough!
    And we have grown tired too!

    Your fellow ��



    #Internationalwomen'sweek #weallsuffer #animallifematter #oppression
    @mirakee @writersbay @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Dear Humans,
    I am exploited for being a female,
    Are you too?


  • desert_rain 7w


    Wash me in eulogy
    Wrap me in a garment
    the white garment of remembrance

    Prepare a beautiful coffin
    from the wood of the trees
    I planted with the stem of my impacts

    Use the rope of my ancestry
    to perform my final rite
    tie me with it
    let me hold on to it

    Bury what is left of me
    In the earth of essence
    Let me unite with my ancestors
    and resurrect in another form

    Let your mouth be full of prayers
    That my absence
    even though would be missed
    should not cause problems

    Let your heart be full of gratitude
    for the life that I lived
    and for those left behind

    Do not cry at all
    Cause it's only the body that died
    I'm still alive
    it's all evident in you.

  • msushil 7w

    Poetry :
    An undying fragrance
    of poetry
    is all I want to be buried with.
    Oh! My kith and kin,
    keep my books
    with me,
    fragrance of my poetry
    wants to replace oxygen.
    An undying fragrance of poetry
    is all I want to be buried with,
    I want to romance my poetry,
    I know our union
    Will produce
    many a magnum opus
    for all the future.

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    Poetry :
    An undying fragrance
    of poetry
    is all I want to be buried with.
    Oh! My kith and kin,
    keep my books
    with me,
    fragrance of my poetry
    wants to replace oxygen.
    An undying fragrance of poetry
    is all I want to be buried with,
    I want to romance my poetry,
    I know our union
    Will produce
    many a magnum opus
    for all the future.

  • s_a_s_u_k_e 7w


    Bury me with the everlasting memoirs of our entangled life,
    coffin inscribed with the poems we wrote,
    carrying them to the other side.


  • woods_poetry 7w

    Bury me

    My body

    Like our love

    Is fading


    Growing old

    Do I let go

    Or hold on

    To what once was?

    Holding on is like holding on to a burning book,
    The things I loved about it are long gone,
    the flames engulfing it burn my skin
    Perhaps I should let go-
    Bury me 6ft under
    with all the memories of what I once loved,
    of what once burned so brightly inside my head
    Out of sight
    Out of mind
    Bury me,
    like our love

  • mrscline16 7w


    When I die...

    My soul will continue on mission and disturb those who are strong enough to finish out my legacy...

    Keeping my purpose alive...

  • forgotten_cobwebs 7w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #afterlife #wod
    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    Bury me with a kiss
    Your warmth is all I need
    To kindle the embers of afterlife

  • taekook_maknae 7w

    He is not author of any book ,but he was a songwriter
    He suicided, 3-4 years ago....!

    Your fan
    Poetry villa


    I m so bad in letter writing, still I wishes to write one to you ,even there's no mail slot in mausoleum!. I don't know why did u slaughtered yourself.
    Whenever i hear your voice and words, it be the cozy blanket,that wrapped me in my disgusted hours..!
    I wanna thank you for alltering my time, when the clock ticks 'Melancholy 'o' clock .i'm really sorry that i couldn't do the same for you.
    when those depressions devoured, you itself cede your breath to death.
    I wonder, does a star fails to discern it's own gleam?
    When cool zephyrs of your voice waltz through my ears,i vowed to keep you in my heart ,but after scrutinising it's translation, i discerned that it's actually my heart.
    Genuinely you are a star of stage, which has to be buried to reach the sky to shine
    Your life continues as comma,with your words , instead of being full stopped.hope you are enjoying there by drinking rainbows.
    I didn't mourn when moon dies for sun , but i did, when you had gone.Afterlife is not at all possible, tho i hope you will returns one day, with bouquet of melodies again.
    But if you are happy there , i will not let my tear fall for my selfishness!
    I still hope,one day the icy hands of death will melts for spring to bloom!

    /You are a courageous insurgent who fought against 'Woes' ,in the battlefield of 'Life' and got martyred!
    But still armouring many..!/
    My dumbness will utter more than my words..for you..!

    Looking forward for you..
    Your fan!

    //i want to be buried in your metaphoric verses ,with pieces of paper and pen and a mail slot!//

    #fanletter #fanmail #afterlife #writersbay #ShiNee #jonghyun #lame #temp #highlylame
    Do bear with my lame!
    Actually posted this yesterday night and deleted for editing !
    @writersnetwork thanks alot for the heart❤

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    //i want to be buried in your metaphoric verses ,with pieces of paper and pen and a mail slot!//