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  • manisha_agrawal 3d


    With a desire to learn and grow,
    She stepped out and went with the flow.

    With a desire to explore and tour,
    She kept moving and endured.

    Now, with a desire for peace and pause,
    She wanna go back home and drowse..


  • garimasolanki_99 9w

    STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!

    Stop! Stop! Stop!
    Lots of ways, which one to opt?
    Some ways are straight,
    Some have lots of TURNS till the gate,
    Some come back to the start,
    And some have "NO ENTRY" board in the middle half.
    Just think a little bit,
    Because there are jumps and pits.
    To make the journey NONSTOP and exciting,
    Stop! Stop! Stop!
    First think which way to opt.


  • aryan786 12w


    ज़िन्दगी में दो बार लोग हमें थपकी देते हैं !
    एक बार हमारी कामयाबी पर,
    और दूसरी बार नाकामयाबी पर।
    फैसला आपको करना है
    आप को कोन-सी थपकी चाहिये .......!!


  • hjs_tales 18w

    Wrong choices!

    Ya, they often sucks even the best games.


  • anjuzzzz 18w

    Kaash tumhe pata hota.....
    Ki mujhe
    Kaise laga


  • haarika 22w

    Have a number of wishes mounting up the height of the Moon... Even the insecurities :) Balancing becomes the game of the life. Be like a child within and play it as your heart whispers!

  • carzy_me 23w

    Gosh the last line❤️...now I feel like pretty much myself

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    She knew the dark secrets
    From their with ins
    And was dumbfolded
    At their sins

    How cruel can the world be!?
    The fog shattered, for her to see
    She played dumb but acted smart...
    Even lies can't tear her apart

    They underestimated their prey
    Who played with hunters,

  • chaotic_silence17 24w


    You gazed into her bright onyx eyes,
    You grinned at her sweet little smiles.
    You felt comforted by her warm words,
    You found home in her open arms.

    But don't you wonder baby that she might be deceiving you all?

  • unbeknownst 29w


    How can you be so perfect. Aaisa kuch tho hoga jo aapko nahi aata hoga...

    Haan!!! Tumse naraaz hona...


  • muneeb_gulzar 29w


    My Eyes kept searching the crowd,
    Until I found my reflection in her eyes.

  • soumyatiwari02 33w

    "पथ प्रगति का"

    हिम्मत, मेहनत  से बनने वाला,
    हौसलों की उड़ान भरने वाला,
    आसमान से भी ऊंचा है!!
    यह 'कांटो' से भरा "पथ प्रगति का"..।।

    चुनौतियां हैं, संघर्ष भी है
    शांति का इसमे स्पर्श भी है,
    लक्ष्य है, विश्वास भी है
    जीत का इसमें एहसास भी है..।
    समय के साथ चलने वाला,
    जुनून की ज्वाला में जलने वाला,
    नियमो का पक्का है!!
    यह 'सपनों' से भरा "पथ प्रगति का"..।।

    धैर्य है, बलिदान भी है
    हर तरफ आत्मसम्मान भी है,
    गलतियां हैं तो सीख भी है
    परिश्रम से भरी चीख भी है..।
    घमंड को चूर करने वाला,
    दुखों को दूर करने वाला,
    बाधाओं से लड़ता है!!
    यह 'उत्साह' से भरा "पथ प्रगति का"..।।

    त्याग है, तनाव भी है
    छालों से छलनी पांव भी है,
    उलझन है, घबराहट भी है
    चमकते भविष्य की आहट भी है..।
    मंजिल की आशा रखने वाला,
    सही-गलत को परखने वाला,
    सत्य का साथी है!!
    यह 'सच्चाई' से भरा "पथ प्रगति का"..।।

    अनुशासन है, अनुराग भी है
    प्रतिभा से निर्मित चिराग भी है,
    दर्द है, पसीना भी है,
    हंसकर आंसू पीना भी है..।
    जीवन को दिशा दिखाने वाला,
    हर मोड़ पर कुछ नया सिखाने वाला,
    एक सुहाना सफर है!!
    यह 'अनुभव' से भरा "पथ प्रगति का"..।।
                                           ✍️—सौम्या तिवारी


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    "पथ प्रगति का"

    ✍️सौम्या तिवारी

  • pravi0431 34w

    And when you lie awake
    With a million thoughts
    Just close your eyes
    And take a walk
    To the farthest dream
    In the deepest parts
    Hold it tight
    If you feel content
    And Let it go
    If it makes you weak

  • julie__ 38w

    I knew today would land me in a fog,
    before I even looked outside at the blanket of grey hanging to the ground.

    The dogs are my only reason to move,
    walking their curosity,
    I wish to smell the Salty sea air as intensely as they.
    I am trapped in my own body, my face, my tears, heart beat and longing enveloped by natures mysteries.

    Allowing myself to feel for only as the fog decides to rise,
    taking my emotions high above to disappear
    It wraps up my cries in silence, a cottony web.

    As the sun charges the fog from the beach and my heart-mind,
    I wait until my throat is as raw,
    seagulls cry my chorus, dogs howl.
    Wind carries us all away for the moment...

    - riya

    #fog #wod #pod #afteralongtime #lost #feelings #emotions #heartfelt #longlost

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  • tia_writes_ 38w

    Special one

    Woh mera sabse pyaara dost hai..
    Main jaab bhi sabse jyada dukhi hoti hun
    Main usse call karti hun
    Or uskesamne roti hun
    Mujhe rote hue sharam nhi aati
    Woh kehta hai tum baccho jaise roti ho
    Aur phir woh gussa karta hai
    Woh bolta hai tumhe bhaut log millenge
    tum roya nah karo
    Tumhari ankhe bhaut khubsurat hai
    Aur isme main annsu dekh nhi sakta hun


  • capricious_quill 40w

    For the uninitiated, a pangram is a sentence that consists of all the letters of the alphabet.

    / Ps- I took for quite some time and was overwhelmed to see your love and concern about my disappearance. Seriously, my ' real world friends' have never cared when I happened to take off for longer. Seems like you virtual people are my real friends ������❤.
    I know the etiquette is to have something like " will be back soon " on your bio, but since I didn't do it, I owe y'all an explanation.
    Well first of all, my mother suddenly packed me off to my granny's house, which , though lovely, is a place where using any apps is in vain. It's off the grid of internet connectivity. So, I uninstalled all apps and went there. Upon return, I had a tiny entrance exam knocking at the door ( don't ask how it went ����). So didn't install anything . Once it was over, I had to fill up a few forms related to college admissions ( yeah, Covid granted every 12th boards student " pass" status without the conduct of exams of course) . Meanwhile, the habit of writing that I had built up at a slow yet steady pace during my few days here, wore off and hence I didn't have the motivation to come back here.
    But today I felt that I was really missing you guys, and have got to read you, thus I reappeared.
    I want to do justice to all your pretty works, and thus will read everything slowly. Thanks again for all the love ��.

    Pps: As I already said, I lost the rhythm of writing, and henceforth, would be writting stuff which is sure to be even more balderdash than they usually are. So , you have been warned ��.

    Ppps: I once tried installing Miraquill and didn't find it in Playstore. Is it just me, or did it really vanish as well?

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersblock #pangram #afteralongtime #ceesreposts

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    Writer's block had me vexed with quality over quantity, until I joyfully zeroed in on a pangram.


  • circadium_nocturna 42w

    I'm sorry, Babe.

    You reek of venom,
    I'm already drenched in poison.


  • rutuja_vasave 48w

    Open letter to My Love

    Hey there,
    I know I don't have to write you letters cause I could text you the same but I don't think I could express it all. So here I am writing another letter a more realistic this time.
    I know we are having a lot of issues now and not everything is as smooth as it was earlier. But I guess it's better to have a bumpy ride with truths rather than a smooth one with lies. I already have so much to tell you but I'll go with your pace. I know I have hurted you way too much but I really want you to believe me in this one.
    I'm a hot headed girl with needs of my own and I'm sorry that you were not my first guy but I will assure you that I have never been involved with a guy emotionally.
    I'm yours, I love you and only you. I heard my heart stifle a beat for the first time we talked. Every time I read a romantic novel I get lost in my own world, our world to be more precise. I start day dreaming about the moments spent with you. Right from our first phone call to those late night calls and sleeping with the calls on. From being the bridesmaid and groomsmen to being the love of eachother and I want this chain to go on and on and on.....till the day we exist. I love you......all of you. I can't give you my first but I will give you my last, and my love and my everything.
    I want to relive all those cozy moments, those heated and passionate kisses,those warm hugs, those mindless banters, those deep discussions about anything and everything. I just want to live every moment with you.
    I want that person I've loved so much back. The one who made me feel loved when no one would stay around me. The one who stayed up the whole night to make sure I was fine. The one who has always tried to understand my situation and inspite of all the reasons around for you to leave me , the one who decided to stay strong beside me. I want you, just you.
    Just know that you're one hella strong person to ever bear with all the things I make you go through. Thank you for staying with me inspite me being psychotic. Thank you for babying me ( yes I always say I don't like to be treated as a child but I do love it when you make me understand things like a child and care about me just as if I'm a kid and your responsibility). Thank you for still giving it a try. Thank you for everything you have done till date.
    I love you so much and I'm always gonna love you dear even if you decide that you can't put up with me still I'll be there knowing there was a person in my life who changed me for good.
    Yours always❤️


  • tia_writes_ 50w

    When i hear about betrayal,
    I think about you
    When i go to know about happiness,
    I think about you
    When i don't feel anything,
    I think about you
    When i feel all the emotions in one go,
    I think about you
    When i miss myself,
    I think about you
    When i miss you,
    I think about you
    When i listen to a sad song,
    I think about you
    When i read a poetry,
    I think about you
    When i run my ink,
    I think about you
    When i see my old pictures,
    I think about you
    When i see the new me,
    I think about you
    When i see my smile,
    I think about you
    When i see my tears,
    I think about you
    When i see my past,
    I think about you
    When i see my present,
    I have your memories and i think about you
    When i see my future,
    I want you in it and sadly you are not there and again i think about you


    This life is nothing,but you.
    Its all about you, its all about you

    Even my words can explain how much i miss you........❣️


  • muneeb_gulzar 53w

    And She was my moon,
    but for her I was just one of her many stars.

  • missdubey 57w

    Late night thoughts....

    Why is he so nice ?
    How the hell he understands me so well ?
    He gets it by my texts that i'm sad , how's that even possible........ ❤️